Is This An Okay Outfit to Wear to My First Mammogram?

June 4th, 2010

Is the conservative navy of this ensemble appropriately fighting the contrived edginess of the skirt? Does it exude forty but not THAT forty! Does this outfit seem to say, “Listen you X-ray tech person you!  You can squash my boob into a machine, but damn it! I still care about my accessories!”

I need to feel like more than a number when I walk into this ordeal.

Will this little number help?

I have a good friend who has been fighting breast cancer for years. Every time I see her she asks me, “Have you had a mammogram yet?”

I always say no.

After today – I will finally be able to say yes.

“Yes!  I got the freakin’ mammogram!  And I wore the navy tank with the denim skirt!”

I think that she of all people – will understand.


  • Cute enough for me! And good on you for getting your mammogram!

  • They’ll probably further accessorize the skirt with a lovely paper half shirt frock thing anyway so no worries.

  • When I went for my last smashogram they gave this top that had like 9 arm holes. I had no idea how to put it on and the poor tech couldn’t stop laughing when I came out with two arms, two legs and my head through the holes asking what I was supposed to put in the other ones.

  • Good god, stop being so adorable ^_^

  • Outfit is fine. Just don’t ask the technicians if they charge by the pound. They don’t think it’s funny.

  • Carol:

    You’ll be taking the jewelry off. And no deodorant!! (I’ve been getting them for a long time since my mom is a 2 time breast cancer survivor.)

  • Joel Wheeler:

    OK I’m just lol-ing at your new homepage header banner.

  • When the mammographers see your edgy outfit, they’ll be like, “OMG! Why is this baaabeeeee getting a mammogram? This girl is waaaaay too young to be here!”

  • Congratulations. I’m happy you went for a mammogram, and I’m sure you’ll agree it wasn’t that bad ;-) I think you picked a great outfit.

  • I want all the details, a mammogram virgin’s “first time” should be special. Ask them if you can light a candle.
    Also, are you going to enlist your kids in the beer taste test? You know, like the milk taste test??

  • sd:

    Very snappy outfit. However, I would have chosen wool socks, long johns and my warmest sweats. I swear they keep the exam room at 55 degrees in all seasons.

  • Linda C:

    We want details when you get back.
    O` and those paper tops don’t fit no matter how flat or round
    the “girls” are.

  • Considering I make sure to shave my legs and paint my toenails for my yearly gyno visit, I suppose I should put some thought in to what I wear for boob smashing. I haven’t had a mammogram yet, and to be honest, I don’t want to!

  • I agree, a lovely scented candle is in order, warm hands are nice too.
    Good luck, my last one left me with bruises!

  • Great post on Woman’s Colony.

  • Anything easy to get out of and back into. At least at the least one I had, it was a real cloth(!) frock thing instead of the disposable napkin-sized paper thing they usually give out when you’re going for a procedure of some sort. It’s the little things that make a difference.

  • Martha in Kansas:

    I love the daintiness of putting on the paper top when really it’s just me and the tech, who will see it all anyway. How proper we are! Congrats on getting this done!

  • I’m thinking a little glitter and a feather boa would give it that extra “look at me I got a freakin’ mammogram” touch…

  • Looks good! Much better than I did I’m sure…

  • Kathy J:

    Good for you – everyone makes such a big deal out of this when it is no big thing. HOWEVER I do talk about mammograms in my Anatomy class and tell the boys they are lucky they don’t squish testicles the same way – makes them very squirmy. Also (sorry if this is TMI, OK not really) did they put the little sticky things with the little piece of metal shot on the nipple? Boys don’t like to hear about that either!! They also get squirmy when you talk about testicular cancer and self examination (did you know that self examination of your testicles makes you gay? Neither did I!?!?!) Anyway I have a former student who had testicular cancer as a senior, he did lots of subbing at our school this year and told all the kids in my class that he would be happy to talk about his experience and how important it is to detect it early – what a way cool guy!!

    Always pays to get your mammogram in October (breast cancer awareness month) because where I go there are door prizes during October – all pink of course!

    I like that feeling when I get the mammogram results that I am good to go for another year – my Mom had breast cancer so I know you don’t always get that message. BTW she is just fine and dandy 10+ years down the road.

  • Patricia:

    You Go Girl ! You Rock that mammogram !!

  • Kim K. in Western PA:

    I have a mammogram scheduled for Tuesday. Don’t know if I can compete with your cute outfit though. I despise mammograms even though I know they are important since I have already had a lump removed and my mother is a breast cancer survivor. Good for you setting a good example for the rest of us!

  • Christine from Canada:

    My favourite thing? When the technician grabs the side fat (which is attached to my back fat) and r-o-l-l-s it around to the front, incorporating it, along with my boob, onto the slide.

    Good times.

  • Kay in KCMO:

    Hope everything went well. Give us the scoop!

    I’m flat as a pancake and the technician really has to *work* to get anything into the machine. That’s fun. My next one’s in Feb. Can’t wait. :p

  • My 2nd mammogram is long overdue. I have to say that the first was kinda anti-climatic. I mean I’d heard all about the squashing and smashing and P.A.I.N. Well, it really wasn’t bad at all. No pain, just an awkward position for a few minutes. For once in my life, I was thankful for tiny ta-tas.

  • Great outfit!
    Too great for a mammogram.
    I hope you went out for a nice lunch afterwards…

    It the tech knows what she is doing, mammos’ aren’t that bad.
    BUT if you get a tech who isn’t likin’ her job much that day, one with the attitude ‘if I have to touch one more BOOB today I’ll scream!’, the test can be awful. Painful. Humiliating.

  • Susan O.:

    I always take a couple of aspirin or ibuprofen before mammograms/pelvic exams. Helps some.

  • Carry:

    I’ve got a friend who has put out the call as well. I have one more year before I hit 40 so I told her that next year will be the year.

  • I turned 51 this year and have had at least 5-6 mammograms as part of my annual checkups. Maybe it’s just me – but it’s NO big deal. Takes a few minutes – you have to hold an odd pose for 30 seconds or so and you’re uncomfortable for the same amount of time – and that’s it. The techs are all very nice because they know women are nervous about them. I just do not understand why everyone tries to make it a scary painful thing.
    Your outfit is cute, but um….you wont’ actually be wearing that while you’re getting the mammogram ma’am :)

  • Carey:

    Shame we can’t go wearing fuzzy slippers and glamourous, yet comfy loungewear & robe. Cocktail?
    Or maybe really offer up a spa-like activity of it. Mammogram, followed by massage & pedicure? Hmmm, then again doubt that’d be covered by insurance….

  • Jennifer:

    I’m glad you’re going–and going in style.

    I am a believer in the idea that a man designed mammography machines, but they’re what we have–and they’re important. You’ve also reminded me that I’m due to schedule my third mammo.

    Anyway–as MelissaD just wrote, the uncomfortable awkwardness is fleeting. And you get to wear cute little pasties to boot!