I Wish Eugenie Scott Had Married Ladd Drummond

June 10th, 2010

I went to the bookstore after work today, to purchase a few new atheist books that people have been recommending to me.   I felt like I had to do something to counter the fact that three of my kids are at a Christian camp this week.  Yes.  They are in the wrapped up in the arms of Jesus.  Their grandmother (my mom) runs the camp.  I had to choose between allowing my children to be indoctrinated into the Christian myth for one week or breaking my mom’s heart.  I chose indoctrination.  I think that during the 51 other weeks of the year that my kids are under my influence, I can counteract any brainwashing they were subjected to during camp.

As I was walking around the bookstore to find my books, I do what I always do when I walk around bookstores these days.  I hide all The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbooks.  It’s just a uncontrollable urge.  Resistance is futile.  I can’t help myself.  If anyone really needs one of her books and can’t find one, you might try looking behind the huge Sports Illustrated College Football book as well as on the bottom shelf of the science section by the Field Guide to North American Birds.  I always feel very noble after I hide her books.  Like I have saved someone’s life.

After that, I found my atheist books.  I bought Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris, The Quotable Atheist by Jack Huberman, and also Crazy for God by Frank Schaeffer, which is not an atheist book, but an inside look at the religious right told by the son of two famous conservative American evangelists.  I don’t think the son ends up losing his faith entirely, but the book looked interesting anyway.

Mission accomplished, lives saved, I made my way to the checkout.

And that is when I SAW HER!


She was baking a cake!  The same cake that she attempted to make while we were visiting the lodge.  A cake that she claimed on the video that she had made so many times, she didn’t even need the recipe anymore.  But when I was at the lodge, she screwed the cake up and threw it in the trash.  Clearly she still needs the recipe!  Clearly I am suffering from some kind of psychotic delusion!  But I was not hallucinating!  She was really there!  It was like she was HAUNTING ME!  She was making that cake in one of those long tunic things she is always wearing and it was long and white and glowy and HOLY HELL!  SHE WAS HAUNTING ME!  Then she said that her daughters could make the cake from memory too. She followed that up by saying that for Mother’s day she wished her girls would do the laundry for her.  So I guess her daughters cook, clean, AND work cattle?  What do her sons do?  Play with Barbie dolls?  What the hell is going on in that house?  It just really hacked me off.

First of all, she is haunting me.

Secondly, she made a big deal about all the butter that she was putting in the cake.  Because Ree Drummond can’t go for more than twelve seconds on camera without saying the word, ‘butter’.


Then she pointedly assigned the cooking and the cleaning to her daughters as if they were the only children she had.

It just made me sick.

What is wrong with us AMERICA?

Why do we choose the worst of people to be our role models?

She’s so empty, dumb and pointless.  It’s like listening to a robot talk.

A Reebot.

I wish Eugenie Scott had married Ladd Drummond.

And then decided to homeschool her four kids.

And write a blog about living on a ranch.

Now that would be a blog worth reading!

And a woman actually worthy of following.

World’s stupidest book promo ever…

She gets her inspiration from THE PRAIRIE?
Inspiration for WHAT?
Is that where she discovered photoshop?
And designer cookware?
The video makes it seem like both her mom and her mother in law are dead with the melancholy photo flashback and the phrase, “She WAS a really good cook”.
What the hell is a ‘cube’ of butter?
“I’m teaching them important things in life, I figure.”
Yeah you are Ree – cooking and laundry… very important. Make sure that only your girls learn it. Never your boys. They will have wives to take care of them.


  • LucyJoy:

    You crack me up, Rechelle!

    Did you know Eugenie Scott has a FB fan page?

  • luces:

    I like you very much Rachelle, you’re truly funny.
    A year has 52 weeks though ;-)
    Maybe a year in Jupiter has 364 weeks.
    (I actually looked it up: a year in Jupiter has 619 weeks. But fair enough.)

  • luces – WHOOPS! Thanks.

    • Jessie:

      Honestly, after viewing her website and her videos, I truly see them working their cattle ranch. I wouldn’t suspect that people that have as much money as some on here seem to think they have, that they would be getting up at the crack of dawn and doing so much work. You said you visited them, were they really thaaaaaaat bad? They seem normal to me, at least from the blog. I know, I know, everyone is supposed to think they’re from little ol’ farming life, but what, exactly, was so horrible?

  • Erin:

    I have a feeling the PW “fascination” will run its course and be over within the next year – it can’t hold up…

    BTW a cube of butter is a pound – a pack of four sticks. Don’t think I’ve ever made anything that had all four in it, but I must admit that the last batch of buttercream icing I made for some cupcakes (to take to the nurses!) had 2.5 sticks!

  • Kait:

    I would love to know how she gets away with doing nothing but taking pictures while it looks like everyone else is actually working.

  • Joel Wheeler:

    Crazy for God is a great read. You’ll enjoy ALL of your book choices.

  • Erin – well then what she is saying makes even less sense, if that is even possible.

  • annmarie:

    Frank Shaeffer used to write for The Huffington Post. I really like him. Maybe he still does write for them, not sure. This post was funny. I didn’t watch the video because her voice makes me cringe. I like your description of her clothing.

  • Anna:

    I really want to take her blog off of my reader but the sheer nuttery that is her writing keeps me reading. Come on, how many pictures of that dog does anyone need? Where is her garden, where are the lesson plans for her kids….and oh I don’t know why doesn’t she tell us about the books she reads?

  • Priss:

    I thought you might be exaggerating what she said about her girls just a little bit for humor’s sake. Until I watched the video. You were funny, but the video wasn’t at all. It was SO offensive. I can certainly picture her target audience now if they are the kind of people that thinks this kind of crap is cute.

  • JBir:

    This is pretty hilarious, especially the book-hiding. No, actually I think the video was funnier.

    I still read her blog sometimes as well, mostly to marvel at the lemmings who are begging her to let them come and stay at her ranch. Some people say they will work there for free, simply in exchange for sharing the same oxygen that PW breathes. And yes, I think the Charlie pictures are increasing because I heard she was going to write a children’s book about him.

    ReeGirl: Try posting a variation of your comment over at PW’s site. I GUARANTEE you it will quietly disappear within an hour or two. So, who is “keepin’ it real”, hmm? Ree or Rechelle?

  • JBir:

    …and I see now that ReeGirl’s comment was on your other post. Oh well, I’m sure she’s reading this one too :)

  • Robbyn:

    Hey girl, have you noticed? If you line up pics of you and April and Eugenie Scott, Eugenie looks like she could totally be you guys’ older sister…seriously! :)

  • Laura:

    man, you have an attitude problem!

  • Nancy:

    So you accepted her hospitality and are trashing her? Very bad manners.

  • amy:

    I feel lucky not to have ever even heard of PW until I started reading your blog. And, luckily, she must not be popular with anyone around me because I still don’t know who she is. I’ll watch the video next…

    You’ll like those books. Schaeffer is frustrating for me, though. I enjoyed “Crazy for God” but really disliked “Patience With God.” He argues that god is too big to define but then proceeds to define god in terms of Jesus. The guy was too indoctrinated as a child, I guess.

  • Wow, that video was hard to watch. It should be titled,


  • Spinny:

    I just got back from 4 days of vacation away from all things computer.

    In reading through my google reader stuff, I immediately devoured your posts and especially enjoyed “The Oracle Known as Steve Makes More Demands” post. I was entertained and really wanted another post or two :-)

    The posts from the blog which shall not be named were not witty, or amusing. There were waaaaaaaaay too many pictures of that dog. Granted, he’s an awesome dog, but I think we’ve seen every possible angle of him that there is to be seen. And, I again found myself wondering how the blog’s mistress gets away with standing around taking pictures when everyone else within shouting distance is working their asses off.

  • Vickie:

    A cube of butter is ONE stick. Anyone raised on a ranch knows that. (JK)
    Anyway I can see why you still hate that PW. She is pure EVIL! And teaching her girls- who are older than the boys- how to cook. How dare she?
    Yes, the book hiding thing is kind of funny. Well, I take that back. It really isn’t funny. It’s just silly. Are you hiding Bibles as well?

    • Vickie – C’mon girl. Once and for all. Funny or not funny. You gotta make up your mind! I say funny. I SAY FUCKING HILARIOUS!

  • I barely made it through the video, and yet I recognized every.frickin.photograph in it. What’s next I wonder? Photos of Charlie the Wonder dog being studded out? A PW Barbie? Charlie plush to go with the Charlie book? Calf-nut scented cologne that would smell like you think her husband would in that one sweaty photo of him she always posts?

  • Vickie:

    Dang, girl. Your language is horrendous. Tsk.

  • Kiara:

    Have you ever seen the tv show “Mall Cops”? It’s about the security officers at the Mall of America and it airs on TLC. Yeah, it’s pretty lame. Anyway, Ree Drummond is on tonight’s episode. Apparently she was there for a book signing. I had never even heard of PW before coming to your blog and now she’s everywhere! It’s the Reepocalypse! Run for your lives!

  • nancy in ak:

    I’m not a big fan of PW anymore, but was it the chocolate cake that she was making on tv? I made it the other week and it was truly super good…

    • It’s hard to make a bad chocolate cake. Her cinnamon rolls taste like cardboard.

    • Aggie:

      See that’s the thing … that chocolate cake “recipe” IS REALLY SUPER GOOD …. but it’s NOT REE’S recipe or her MIL’s recipe either

      It’s OUR recipe !! Ree’s just making a whole lotta money off it !!

      and WE aren’t !!

      It’s a recipe that is part of AMERICANA … that chocolate sheet cake recipe has been made by THOUSANDS of housewives,moms, grandmas and aunts for oh, about 60 years now at least

      It’s called TEXAS Sheet Cake here, and I’ve had it about a friggin ZILLION times at picnics, bbqs, church dinners, school auctions, bake sales, my craft group, my best friends house, my house, my mom’s and my SIL’s It’s one of MY family’s FAV cakes

      Great cake but big whoopdee doo, Ree
      ANY mom or Grandma worth their salt has made THIS cake mucho times before !!!!!!!!!!

      • Concerned Citizen:

        Thank you Aggie! I was just warming up my typing fingers to say that exact thing — it is an ANCIENT recipe (like from the 30s) and it’s TEXAS SHEET CAKE and Ree didn’t “invent” it — it’s in many church cookbooks. It says a lot that I have eaten it and baked it IN OHIO and I’ve barely even driven through Texas.

        I’m pretty gobsmacked you can claim to inventing (or your MIL inventing) something so basic. I guess you can put it there next to very ordinary recipes for lasagna, toad in the hole (!), enchiladas, etc.

        I guess if Ree makes scrambled eggs, she calls that a “recipe”.

        It would be one thing if it was a cookbook for CHILDREN — I can understand it all being new for kids — or maybe new brides, but for “the rest of us” ESPECIALLY anyone from a rural family or one that cooks a lot, this is junior high stuff.

        I might add that in the video, she didn’t blend the cake batter enough — it was totally lumpy and would make for a very tough cake. I’m not even sure she greased the PAN, so GOOD LUCK getting the slices out.)

  • efrique:

    > Make sure that only your girls learn it. Never your boys. They will have wives to take care of them.

    Heh. When I was a lad (in the 70s), my mother taught me to cook and do laundry and mend a sock and sew on a button and … well, pretty much gave me just about all the skills it would take to look after myself.

    Which skills I needed every one of as a poor student when I moved away.

    And for which I continue to be grateful. While I don’t do the majority of the cooking, I make my children lunch almost every day and cook them breakfast when they want something hot, and I make some dinner once a week or so. I mended my son’s new sweater yesterday morning before school (good job too – you can’t see where he put a hole in it now). My son is learning some cooking now.

    Not teaching boys basic stuff like cooking and how to run a washing machine is turning out dependents who can’t cope. And the girls should be able to change a light bulb** and check the oil and water on the car and such.

    ** I was going to say “change a fuse” but you don’t need that much any more except in some old places… it’s all circuit-breaker switches around here now.

  • Erin:

    Ok I obviously don’t know my cooking terms…sorry, thanks Vickie for correcting me on the cube of butter thing – I’ve never seen it in a recipe, I just always assumed it was the 4 pack that (sort of) looked like a cube! I did a google search and apparently in some countries, a cube is one ounce of butter or something like that. That’s what people get by not using actual measurement terms.

    Sorry for my incorrect info Rechelle!! :-) I’ll have to watch the video – I was reading earlier on my phone and didn’t have a chance to watch it.

    • Erin – I googled ‘cube of butter’ and there are many different definitions.

      • Concerned Citizen:

        Even if Ree misinterpreted her mother-in-law, there is NO cake recipe ANYWHERE (no, not even Texas Sheet Cake) where you use only ONE PAT OF BUTTER.

        Cube does not = “pat”.

        It could be a stick or even a whole pound though. In the old days, butter didn’t come in sticks.

        My Nana used to say “a thumb’s worth of butter” for about a half stick.

  • SusanIA:

    I think I’ll start hiding the books where I live too!

  • chin:

    You are clearly jealous that you are not as famous as her…grow up…

    • Concerned Citizen:

      Chin — I’m not a blogger. I am not a cookbook writer. I’m not a resident of Oklahoma. I’m not a “farm/ranch wife”. I don’t live in the country. I’d rather be boiled alive than appear on a talk show.

      So how come I hate PW even worst than Rechelle? Because I HATE HYPOCRITES and I hate people who market themselves like media whores, but what I hate worst of all is people who make some sentimental garbage about themselves (to make money) by pretending to be “just folks”, when they are multi-millionaires.

      This woman just stunk up the place to me as the biggest phony I had ever seen. I never even HEARD of her blog until I already detested her based on her BOOK, which I got at the library (with a pile of other cookbooks by perfectly nice people).

      So dont’ say that about Rechelle.

  • J:

    Green isn’t a great color for you. Your 40 now. It’s time to let junior high go and grow up. The jealousy you are obviously harboring for PW is creepy at best.

    • J – I’m creepy? Hey! I’m not the one shoving my husband’s ass in front of the internet every day. Now that’s creepy.

  • chin – Oh, you poor odd thing…

  • Spinny:

    Why is criticism interpreted as jealousy? It is entirely possible to find someone ridiculous and disingenuous without being at all jealous.

    • A Reader:

      Hey, I’m all for objective criticism, and yes, I often think it can be misinterpreted as jealousy, but in this instance I think she’s reaching toward the subjective. Do I think PW is a huge phony? HELL yes I do. Would I find a smart, unforgiving critique of her funny? You bet. But it actually feels kind of strange how often she discusses PW, and her posts are hardly illuminating; they feel spiteful. This truly is blogging at its worst. PW might not have any substance (like about a million other bloggers out there**) but at least she isn’t consumed by hate. I think well-conceived rants make for enjoyable reads, but these are just ridiculous and poorly written. For the record, PW isn’t stalking you, you’re stalking her by hiding her books and constantly mentioning her in your blog. It may be bad PR, but it’s still PR for PW

      *And I think there might be a little truth in the anonymous comment that calls Rechelle “total fan girl.” From reading some of her posts, especially the ones about her visit to the Lodge, it appears she didn’t get what she wanted, so now she’s embittered*

      **Just a general comment: I used to keep up with several different blogs but I think I’m just going to stop reading them altogether. I’ve started to notice how blogging has become another cliquish outlet. Bloggers talk about how they’re friends and they meet up with other blogger and they make super schmaltzy comments on each other’s posts and send each other gifts – it feels like (I might be wrong here) if you suck up other bloggers like you and help your blog out. But the whole thing seems kind of weird to me. I don’t consider any blog post ‘real,’ in fact I assume most of them have acquired a persona or perpetuate a fantasy on the Internet. Really they’re just fake and incestuous, but then again, I (along with most other readers probably) don’t follow blogs for reality, ’cause I’ve got more than enough of that at home

  • Amy*:

    I never paid any attention to how she was teaching her sons…I think the girls will grow up to be kick ass women.

    For the record, I like your blog. I find your honesty refreshing.

    Oh and a cube of butter around here has always been a TBS cut from a stick.

  • Amy*:

    Ok I just watched the video and holy crap bajo over kill! Deliverance…..

  • Action Squirrel:

    The other day I went to the coffee shop I always go to, and they had changed their house blend. Instead of Kenya beans, they use Ethiopia now. ETHIOPIA!! WTF?? I put up with this for one, two, 10 visits, but at the 15th visit with Ethiopia instead of my beloved Kenya, I had had ENOUGH. I marched right up to the counter and informed the 17-year old overly-pierced barista that I was DONE. I was offended and horrified and I would NEVER be back and I told her exactly why.

    She blinked twice, staring, and slowly turned back to her other customers. When I left the shop, I swear she and the other baristas burst out laughing. But I am right and they are going to hell.

    I was back the next week, of course. I can’t help myself. I wonder if they recognized me. I should probably keep telling them how awful their coffee is, they’ll thank me one day.

    I still hate Ethiopian beans.

  • tess:

    lol!!@ hiding books in bookstores – that is rich!!!

    I think it’s great that your boys are spending a week w/Grandma at camp. I doubt they will get brainwashed. If anything, they will be more able to discuss and think on their own if they have had various opportunities and exposures. Most likely, it will be about playing and having fun and camp. All I remember from vacation bible school times as a kid is cookies and playtime lol!

  • bPer:

    Action Squirrel: LOL! Sweet.

    Do you change your disguise every time, in the hope that they will think that more people are objecting to those hated Ethopian beans? I hear that tactic sometimes works.


  • km:

    Rechelle, you are a nut! I’m dying laughing at you hiding her cookbook. Do you know I’ve never seen it in a bookstore yet. Although mind you I’m never in the cooking section.

  • Sue:

    Seriously, why is she not wearing a seatbelt??? If she hit a cow, she would be ejected. I also have made that cake and it is delicious. Also, moving the books, I agree, is fucking hilarious!

  • amy:

    @Action Squirrel: Unfortunately, it’s probably only the “baristas” that will understand your post. The disgruntled customers are scratching their heads right about now… Loved it!

  • susan:

    Indoctrinated. Can I hear an Amen? I am soooo glad you are not being namby-pamby in your posts and being more real. And of course, you are ALWAYS hilarious Rechelle. So glad you are still here.

    p.s. Isnt is MARVELOUS when your kids are away for awhile – albeit being brainwashed.

    • Susan – It has been really quiet around here and Mike and I don’t quite know how to handle it.

  • susan:

    Laura – be gone we dont need you.

  • susan:

    Oh, forgot to add Deb to my above be gone post. But then she already said that. Good.

  • susan:

    okay this is all I will write but PW needs bangs due to her HUGE forhead.

  • susan:

    I do know how to spell. FOREHEAD. ’nuff said.

  • J:

    Spinny, the criticism of her recipes or video is fine. It’s the constant PW bashing, the hiding of the cookbooks, etc…. that clearly shows Rechelle’s jealousy and immaturity. Seriously, how many people do you know that go on and on and on about someone as much as she does? And then to hide books in the store? That’s something my 7th grader would do. It’s time to get over the fact that PW didn’t think she was as fabulous as she does and move on with her life. What Rechelle doesn’t understand is that for as many people that are kissing her ass here there are more that are making fun of her and her obsession with PW other places. I found this blog through a thread where people were discussing her previous post about PW and her trip to her house.

  • I don’t know, I sometimes move Bibles to the fiction section. And then I giggle. Because parts of me are still 12, and I think that’s okay.
    Also, I can’t believe the daughters-only mother’s day requests. It’s not cute.
    I want to know what an actual cube of butter is! Can I melt soften the butter and then mold it into a perfect cube (size of my own choosing), then throw it in my cake? Just curious.

  • Anonymous:

    Disclaimer: I’m not a Pioneer Woman fan. I like her well enough, her site is cute and so utterly different from my own life that, eh, I like to read her blog. I’m not a christian. I would not ever homeschool my kids if I had them. I don’t even think Ree is a good writer. It’s just pretty pictures of cute kids and dogs, and of recipes I’d never make, because I like my arteries unclogged. She’s just… soothing, and nice. Like a movie you watch on TV because it’s pleasant, but you’re not expecting it to be art.

    That said, I don’t get it. I don’t get the vitriol. You were obviously a total fan girl. You wrote to her, and from what you say yourself, your emails were gushing (“omg, famous blogger talking to little me!”) then you go visit and are shocked that:

    a) she’s not exactly how she represents herself in her blog
    Huh. Who would be exactly like that? Of COURSE her life has more depth than the cutesy stuff she depicts. How stupid are you to not have noticed that? As far as I know, people aren’t that truthful in real life, why should they be in the internet? I don’t even think she lies; she just writes about the portions of her life that matter to her. Everyone edits, everywhere.

    b) she didn’t give you the golden key to internet superstarsdom. It’s quite obvious that is one of the reasons you went visit her and you were buttering her up via email. You wanted to learn how to do what she did. She didn’t play with you. Why should she? Because you wanted to? So, wait, you can have an agenda, yet she can’t?

    c) not everyone sees the “truth” as you see it (or even as I see it), and they believe that Ree IS Pioneer Woman, and only what she depicts on her site. As if stupidity was so shocking. Reality check: people believe what they want, and they like aspirational stories. The success of Twilight is yet another example of that.

    d) She’s a Christian. You’re not one anymore. She homeschools. You don’t. Different choices. You seem to have a very clear idea of the “truth,” and I don’t see the difference of that from the beliefs of fundamentalist Christians. New atheists do seem to have the very same fervent faith in their beliefs as the very religious do. It’s ironic.

    e) she’s rich. OMGBBQ. How dare she? You object to the fact that she claims to be “keepin’ it real” while she’s filthy rich. Oh my, how could rich people ever be “real” if they don’t mention their money all the time? In fact, she’s actually quite realistic on that aspect. First, ranchers have a lot of money in land. Not necessarily all that much to spend in the bank. Second, rich people do live like that. They don’t mention their money (how tacky would be that?), and they have difficulties, and most of them don’t have unending funds. I’m not saying she’s cash poor, and she never claimed to be, but to anyone with half a brain, even before her real identity came out, the fact that they had money was always quite clear.

    In the same way I read PW, I read your site, because the one thing I love the most about the internet is getting to know/understand more about people that are so different from me, people who’d never be my friends in real life. But I do kind of get her. I don’t get hate and vitriol at all.

    Also? Sorry to tell you, but whether you like it or not, her book is already a bestseller. I don’t think she minds that you’re hiding it in bookstores. It says more about you than it does about her (no, I wouldn’t buy that cook book myself. I like fruit and veggies and barely eat butter)

    • anonymous – you are an idiot. Did you come over from the fake scrapbook message board too? You do realize that almost all of those comments were written by one person don’t you? Very similar to what PW does on her site. I have been honest about all of these things of which you accuse me you dolt. I think you know where you can stick the fruits and veggies.

      PS – Ree Drummond has ZERO depth. Which is why she is incapable of displaying any on her site.

    • Concerned Citizen:

      Anonymous: I’m not a blogger (as I say above). My kids are grown, but I have friends who homeschool and I’m not troubled with THEM. I didn’t know Ree before she got famous, nor emailed her or went to her “lodge”. I’m not looking for her friendship or the key to anything.

      I’m a very ordinary person — not from farm country — not Ree’s age — not competing with her on ANY level. And I probably dislike her MORE than Rechelle.

      It’s not got anything to do with what you write. And I do know she’s already an internet sensation, a mutli-millionaire from the site (on top of her husband’s immense wealth) and I know the book is a #1 NYTimes bestseller, so another buttload of money there. (I do not myself bother hiding her books at the bookstore, because I know most of them are sold through Amazon.)

      My objection is someone putting themselves out there as a “ranch wife”, as a “fish out of water” — and for a long time, hiding her family name by calling her hubby “Marlboro Man” — and using deceptive photography so you couldn’t really make out the details of her ranch home (huge, lavish) — pretending to be “just folks”. I think that’s what drives Rechelle crazy too.

      IT’S A LIE. She didn’t create her site — she hired professionals (with hubby’s money). She can’t POSSIBLY keep house, homeschool, do farm chores, cook for 10 people, CLEAN UP, etc. — all without maids or nannies.

      As a graphics professional, I can tell you I seriously doubt she is taking all the photo’s — I suspect she takes only the casual “family” shots and the striking outdoor photography is done by a professional — and I KNOW FOR A FACT there is no way she does all the above (cooking, homeschooling, cleaning) AND Photoshops that many pictures each days (it’s HOURS of work) AND then writes and maintains the blog. It’s a pure B.S. lie.

      I also went through the site until the first post in May 2006, and checked aspects of her personal story (the whole “I met a cowboy in a smoky bar”) and I think you can prove the story has been “changed” numerous times, and the dates do not line up.

      She’s a slick marketer, and a rich “trophy wife” who had the bucks to create a very professional site with an “aw, shucks” attitude — and the incredible luck to pull it off in a blogging market that is full of similar sites (but by ordinary women who don’t have mega-bucks husbands). And she’s poised to make a ginorous fortune on top of all that, with a romance novel “based’ on her life AND a movie AND I am pretty well convinced the “lodge” was created so she could produce a cable video series right on the ranch.

      I just want people to know the truth before they drink the Kool Aid. I think thats’ what Rechelle wants. And I respect her for that.

    • Sandy:

      So well said. Great comment IMHO.

  • Sharon:

    The book hiding reminds me of hearing about people moving Sandra Lee (of the Semi-Homade fame) cook books to the Science Fiction section. Not hiding just moving. Too funny!

  • Spinny:

    Action Squirrel, that was the Best.Comment.Evar.


  • Anonymous:

    Wow, thanks Rechelle. That’s really kind of you. Hm, no, I don’t come from any site. Just a reader. I’m pretty sure you can tell that I haven’t commented before in this post, so you know it’s not a repeat.

    Yeah, of course you said all of those things yourself. It’s from your writing that I drew my conclusions. As I said, my post was because I was pointing out that it’s too much a fuss for too little.

    As for the comments… I don’t care about PW’s site comments. I tried to read them once, and they were boring. End of story. I don’t really get all the gushing about Ree, either, to be honest. But, as I said, people like the general idea of her life. My point was: so what? So what that people like something without substance? It’s not as if it’s anything new.

    Let’s see if I get it: Ree is a mastermind of self-promotion who’s actually a liar and shallow. Is she running for office? Is she asking for donations on her site? No? Oh. Yeah, I don’t care. As long as she brings the cute photos, and until I get tired of it, I’ll be reading. Until I get tired of trying to understand your vitriol, I’ll read you. Same thing. If it makes you feel any better, I do have adblock, so Ree is not making money out of me. There, there.

  • Spinny:

    J said: Seriously, how many people do you know that go on and on and on about someone as much as she does?

    I sometimes go on and on and on about the stupid things Glenn Beck says and does. It is NOT because I am jealous of him, it is because I find him ridiculous and disingenuous. I also cannot believe the number of people who fall for his line of utter bullshit.

  • Anonymous – Oh dear! Did I hurt your feelings? I am SO SO SO SORRY! NOT! JEEZUS! Stick the fruit in harder next time.

  • Linda C:

    How many ugly shoes can she post in one week!
    It’s the same thing over and over again.

  • J:

    Spinny, I agree with you on Glenn Beck. I don’t get him. Hey, if you can’t see the jealousy in Rechelle’s posts about PW that’s fine. I’m calling it like I see it. Rechelle herself has admitted in other posts of hers how she was a big fan of PW’s and was excited to go to her house. When she got there it wasn’t what she had expected, which was to become besties with PW. So because of this she keeps going on and on and on about PW and putting her down to make herself feel better. It just makes her look ridiculous, petty and jealous. She’s a 40 year old woman not a 12 year old little girl. Anonymous hit it with her post. It’s too bad Rechelle can’t see past her bitterness to actually see how she is making herself look. It says a lot about her character.

    • J – Why does Ree Drummond (your apparent hero) delete all comments that disagree with her? Oh! And you can stick it in your STICK HOLE TOO!

      • Pam:

        FYI- Ree Drummond doesn’t delete all comments that disagree with her, only those that are rude, tasteless and offensive, which is common practice on RESPECTABLE blogs. But YOU wouldn’t know anything about being a RESPECTABLE blogger, or what constitutes being a Respectable or ‘Classy’ person. You need to psychologically grow up. It’s sad that your kids are having to live with a wack job mother who is consumed by jealously and bitterness, that is so evident in your posts.

        • eclecticdeb:

          You are ABSOLUTELY wrong. PW deletes comments that she (or whoever is managing her image) don’t like. I’ve had my comments deleted, and belive me, they were neither rude, tasteless, or offensive.

  • PJM:

    Annonymous- I thought everything you said was astute and dead on! I’ve been reading Rechelle for a LONG time and you got it right.

    Rechelle responded just as expected- by calling you names and trying to irritate you enough to leave. Again, very mature. These comment sections have turned very 7th grade. “Be gone!” We don’t want you around here! Sheesh! I can just see the girls standing around in the hall jeering at the outcast who disagrees.

    • Hey PJM! How about this one. Stick it in your STICK HOLE! – If someone shows up on my blog and says cruel things to me, I certainly think I can respond in the same timbre.

  • Megan:

    Action Squirrel, Ethiopia has the world’s best coffee! The best! And I should know my daughter is Ethiopian and my husband brought back tons and tons of coffee from his trip to bring her home. Ethiopia forever!!

  • Jennifer:

    I really used to enjoy her site–living in NYC makes ranching look really exotic. I loved the photos of all the jobs they do on the ranch, and enjoyed the cooking. But I’ve really had it up to here with Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. I haven’t visited her site in a few weeks now–not sure I’ll go back.

  • km:

    And in the red corner……….. Rechelle ! ……………Let’s get ready to RUUUMMMBBBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have a pretty good uppercut myself if you need a heavy.

  • PJM:

    Rechelle, since you are so big on honesty maybe you should admit your hypocrisy in pointing out that PW deletes comments when you have done that many times here– as well as blocking people from commenting altogether. Just because you maybe haven’t done it yet today doesn’t make you holier than she.

    I am very sad for you, Rechelle. Sorry if this irritates you but I hope you do find peace.

  • Anonymous:

    I’m so very thankful that you kindly wish me sexual satisfaction! It’s quite nice. But, for your enlightenment, fruits and vegetables don’t really go there, honey. Even if you’re playing with a 9 1/2 weeks scenario, they aren’t shoved anywhere.

    Maybe a plug? Those are washable, and less likely to provoke accidents.

    I prefer to ingest orally my fruits and vegetables, without any detours on my (or anybody else’s) body cavities, but thanks for the advice and good wishes!

  • Anonymous:

    PS: I think we can all agree with one thing. Glenn Beck sucks. I’m glad we have a middle ground, there.

    Otherwise, I’m not posting anymore. Rechelle is right, this is her site, and I’m not into flame wars. I have my opinion, I’ve stated it, she disagreed, and that’s that. I can say one thing, truthfully: I’m sorry if I caused offense. It wasn’t what I wanted.

  • Axelle the french reader:

    MON DIEU !!! Rechelle … I used to laugh to a lot thank to your posts (except the one on PW, but we don’t care !) but I think I do prefer the comments !! I swear that reading all those comment, I LOVED the way you answer ! I’m sorry if I hurt some “well thinking” ! But it is so FUNNY !! I loved your last sentence “And you can stick it in your STICK HOLE TOO!” !!
    You’re teaching me bad americans words !!! I love that !!
    Thank you to make me laugh just by your expressions.
    Come on, people ! If you don’t like it, dont’read it but don’t lose your time to write all those acid comments.

  • Gwen:

    Omg, what is wrong with the PW defenders?

    We don’t like PW because we feel she duped people. She misrepresented herself as your average housewife workin’ hard on the ranch, “KEEPIN’ IT REAL”, when “keepin’ it real” is the LAST thing Ree does. Her entire persona is based on a LIE. And once you realize that someone has duped not only you, but millions of people, well, it’s really easy not to like that person.

    It’s possible to not like someone without being “Jealous!” of them. Far from it, I feel sorry for PW. I think she started the blog because she was unhappy with her life. I think she maintains it because she’s unhappy with her life. She doesn’t need the money. She needs the fame. She needs the glory. It fuels her MASSIVE ego. It makes her feel like she is missing out less on the LA scene and what her life COULD HAVE been. She couldn’t stand just being a dumpy aging racher’s wife. That wasn’t fulfilling her. She is your typical Narcissist, masking deep and painful insecurities by portraying her life the way she wants everyone to believe it is. Maybe, if she shows enough photoshopped pictures of her husbands butt to the masses, she can convince herself that she actually still loves him, and she married well enough, because other women say his butt is cute. Maybe, if she shows enough photoshopped pictures of herself, her ranch, and her kids, she can convince herself that she doesn’t hate her non-LA life, day in and day out, because other woman gush over her photoshopped “fairytale”. This is a woman who is constantly and very publically trying to convince not only the world but HERSELF that she has the “perfect” life. That she didn’t miss out on anything by not staying in LA. That she didn’t give up everything by having children immidiately. When in fact, if she was truly happy, she wouldn’t have the need to protest so much. She wouldn’t thousands of adoring idiots to constantnly pump up her EXTREMELY fragile ego. She wouldn’t have to delete EVERY SINGLE negative comment posted to her site. She wouldn’t have to photoshop her CHILDREN so people will find them more attractive.

    It’s all actually very sad when you get to the root of it.

  • Patti:

    Your comments about Christians and Christianity couldn’t have been more offensive — or maybe, coming from you, they could have been. If a Christian made these kinds of comments about an atheist, you (and many others) would have a screaming fit. However, said by you about Christians, those same comments are fine. I had heard about your site and came to check it out for myself. I need to go get something to drink now — need to wash the nasty taste out of my mouth.

  • I don’t understand why people like Patti feel the need to comment on something they find so offensive. If it’s that upsetting to their delicate nature, why not just hit the back button on their browser, or go pray or something?

  • Dear R
    I heard that Jesus is trying to channel you through Ree. Step lightly miss!
    Fondly, R

  • Kim K. in Western PA:

    Exactly the same chocolate sheet cake recipe my mother uses and gave me. My mother IS a terrific cook and what wasn’t passed on to her by her mother came from the Betty Crocker cookbook that she has had in her kitchen for 50 years. Yum. Rechelle, you crack me up!

  • Action Squirrel is my hero. (Megan I hope you ‘got it’)

  • Kristin:

    Ummm, I made that sheetcake as I’m in search of a chocolate sheetcake as good as my neighbor’s (guess I should just ask her for the recipe), & PW’s stunk. And I bake a lot, so I don’t think I screwed up. Made her cauliflower soup too, & it tasted like I’d imagine dirty dishwater tastes. Not trying to trash her, but I won’t be buying the cookbook.

  • Kristin:

    And Secular Humanism…there’s a philosophy I can respect!

  • Anonymous:

    Bless your nasty, shriveled up green heart Rechelle. I will pray for you and your children. I pray they never have the opportunity to read your horrible, envious rantings. I will pray for you that you resolve your mental health issues and find something worth pursuing to fulfill that empty black hole inside you.

  • Kelley wrote:

    “I don’t understand why people like Patti feel the need to comment on something they find so offensive. If it’s that upsetting to their delicate nature, why not just hit the back button on their browser, or go pray or something?”

    But Rechelle’s entire post is a comment on something she finds offensive! Should Rechelle hit the back button on her browser too?

    In answer to your (probably rhetorical) question: I think that people feel the need to comment on that which offends them for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the offending opinion puts us on the defensive, encouraging us to measure ourselves up to a differing perspective. Perhaps we over-personalize a general comment and interpret it as an actual attack against us individually. Or maybe we just wish for our own opinions to be seen and heard, for visibility’s sake.

    In any case, I do wish we could do all of our opinionating without the name-calling and exhortations to stick things in our holes. It gives the entire comment thread a train-wreck quality and prevents any actual exchange of ideas.

    My two cents: PW got old for me years ago. I discovered Rechelle recently and have enjoyed this blog and its comments very much. But the personal insults hurled here today are making me think twice.

    Call me a hippie, but can’t we all just get along?

  • I like how people say they’re going to pray for you, and in the same sentence say a bunch of ugly, hateful words. How does that work exactly? Does sky daddy say it’s ok to spew a bunch of hateful crap about someone as long as you pray for them to cancel out the hate? Why do I always hear how loving and kind and forgiving god and jesus are, but the majority of their followers are anything but? Hypocrites, much?

  • Anonymous:

    Why are Rechelle’s “opinions” easier to take than somebody who prays and believes in God and reads the bible? Why is it hateful to describe what you see?

  • Gwen:


    Because it makes you the ultimate HYRPOCRITE that’s why.

    Someone who prays and believes in God and reads the bible one second and hurls a bunch of judgement and insults the next is clearly demonstrating the proper Christian faith, dontcha think!?

    You are an example to Christians everywhere!

  • TH:

    Seems to me, rechelle, like it’s time for a medication adjustment.

  • bPer:


    I will pray for you and your children

    Ah, yes, the classic schoolyard “I’m gonna tell my daddy on you!” whine of a pathetic loser. Here’s a clue, loser – your threat has zero impact on an atheist beyond showing the depth of your delusion.


  • Spinny:

    Gwen: And once you realize that someone has duped not only you, but millions of people, well, it’s really easy not to like that person.


    That’s the reason I made the Glenn Beck analogy. His persona is just as fake. More dangerous? Yes. But just as fake.

    J, I think Rechelle’s trip to the ranch opened her eyes to the fact that “Keepin’ it Real” means “Keepin’ it Profitable.” I think she honestly thought the persona was the person (as I am sure most of PW’s fans believe). I think the realization that she’d been duped made her want to expose the deception to others.

    In my opinion, that doesn’t scream jealousy, it screams “Keepin’ it Real.”

  • Anonymous:

    God and Jesus are kind and forgiving. We are not. We are imperfect. We all are works in progress. I never said I was kind and forgiving. I make judgements every day about many things. If I did not I would be a lump of dirt wouldn’t I? I can make a judgement about Rechelle, pray for her but I do not need to forgive her for she has not done hurt to me. I try to forgive when someone does do wrong to me, sometimes I can sometimes it takes more time. I am a work in progress and imperfect. Christians everywhere recognize this about people and look to God and Jesus to be their examples. Not imperfect souls.

    • Anonymous – what you are failing to see is that my opinions about Ree Drummond and her plastic world come from the same place as your opinions about me. You need to remove the log from your own eye so that you can see the speck in mine.

  • Nadine:

    Original sin: making it easier for you to be a jerk since the garden of Eden.

  • Gwen:


    Why don’t you save your prayers for yourself then? You’re obviously as nasty and bitter as your claim Rechelle is, yet you’re completely deluded about.

    You need the “prayers” much more than Rechelle does.

    As a christian, shouldn’t you be trying to be following the “example” of your Jesus and God then by not hurling insults and making judgements on the internet?

  • Maybe god and jesus can’t see you when you’re hateful on the internet. Yes, I understand that humans are ‘imperfect’, but that doesn’t give you a pass to say whatever you want to someone and then say, “well, I’m gonna pray for you!”, like that makes it ok, because hey, you’re not ‘perfect’ like god or jesus. My understanding was that you tried to live by god’s example *all* the time, not just when it was convenient for you.

  • Kristy:

    Ho hum. Same crap, different day.

  • Sharon:

    I don’t understand why someone would bother to post on a site they find to be morally offensive. Oh yeah, what a way to set an example of a “christian”. That’ll win someone over.(NOT)

  • Kay in KCMO:

    What Gwen said.

    Like some others, I’d never heard of PW until I came here and out of morbid curiosity went and checked the blog. Like Gwen said, she’s desperately trying to convince herself that she loves her life. It’s a sad state of affairs. I wonder what it’s like to live with so much regret? Also, the constant repetition of the same images would seem to be some sort of cry for help. It’s like a little kid who asks their parent to read the same story over and over again: the kid might be trying to tell their parent something through that story, something that the kid can’t articulate. So what’s PW trying to convey by showing/saying the same things over and over again? Ideas? Anyone?

    And inviting a bunch of people to visit you and not feeding them properly (six eggs for eight people?) is not being hospitable. Neither is pulling out a video camera and proceeding to ask your guests their political views. Sheesh. For that last thing alone PW needed to be called out. Hard. Who does that? No secure person, that’s for sure.

    Lastly, I’m also a book hider; Ann Coulter is my usual target.

  • susan:

    ok- all I can say is Rechelle – your comments to the drivel being spewed by some is so hilarious and apropos.

    I really TRIED not to respond but your replies are SO dang funny .

    just noticed Kristy – if Rechelle bugs you then find someone else to visit.

  • @ Patti:

    “If a Christian made these kinds of comments about an atheist,…”

    They do, all the time. But we forgive them because they’re deluded and don’t live in the real world.

  • julia:

    So i came back, seemed like you had chilled a bit and was/am enjoying your writiing then RELAPSE. I’ll check back in a couple of weeks.

  • amy:


    Take a look at the origins of the bible from any source outside the apologetic bubble of the evangelicals sometime. You might gain some insight into why Rechelle feels some ire about wasted time.

    When one comes to the realization that one has spent years praising the Emperor’s gorgeous (but unseen) robes when, in reality, the Emperor has no clothes, it produces a little rancor.

    Excuse those of us who feel cheated by the fiction of christianity for our open disdain. If you choose to take that personally, that is your choice.

  • Action Squirrel:

    Whatever, Megan! Ethiopian beans give me soul cancer. Kenya all the way!

    Wait or was it Indonesia.

  • amy:

    @Keith: SORRY! Meant to say @ Patti! My bad :) So glad I’m living in the real world now. Don’t miss the delusional one at all. The truth has set me free. For real.

  • Priss:

    When I saw “stick it in your stick hole” I pictured Liz Lemon saying that. So clearly it’s hilarious :-D

  • Amy:


    The Sky Daddy (like that, btw) in the Old Testament was one mean MF. He ordered tribes of people to be executed because they displeased him. He condoned all kinds of atrocities. As long as you hate in his name you get a ticket to paradise…mmmm not much different than the ideology of Islamic fundies, huh?

    For all those of the Christian faith, read a couple of Marcus Borg’s books. He is is an American Biblical scholar and author. He is a fellow of the Jesus Seminar, holds a DPhil degree from Oxford University and is Hundere Distinguished Professor of Religion and Culture, an endowed chair, at Oregon State University.

    When a professor of theology and a Christian to boot, writes in one of his books that first year seminary students are taught that the story of immaculate conception is a myth, then you got to know something ain’t quite right with “The Good Book”.

    If people would start being discerning thinkers instead of sheeple this world might have a chance.

  • LucyJoy:

    Oh my! Love all the comments today. I needed a good laugh…I have tears rolling down my cheeks!

    Oh, yeah…Kenyan coffee rocks!

  • Ted Powell:

    Amy wrote: When a professor of theology and a Christian to boot, writes in one of his books that first year seminary students are taught that the story of immaculate conception is a myth, then you got to know something ain’t quite right with “The Good Book”. The factualness, or lack of it, of the Immaculate Conception is moot. This doctrine states that the Virgin Mary was conceived (in the usual way, btw) in the womb of her mother without any stain of original sin. Not even the doctrine of original sin was developed until the second century A.D., and that of immaculate conception came centuries later. Although various passages in The Good Book were used to justify each of these doctrines, the book does not directly assert either one. Is it possible that Professor Borg was actually referring to the virginal conception of Jesus in Mary’s womb, which of course is asserted in The Good Book?

  • Kate:

    Ugh. That video is bloody awful.

  • bPer:

    Amy, further to the quote that Ted cited, there was a study published a few months ago by Daniel Dennett and Linda LaScola about non-believing clergy. Prof. Jerry Coyne discussed it here if you want a briefer taste. One of the surprising things that came out of the study and subsequent discussion online was just how common it was for the faith of the seminarians to be shattered by exposure to true academic study of the Bible. Makes you look at all clergy differently, wondering which are hiding their atheism.


  • Mandy:

    I don’t think it was wrong for Rechelle to go to PW’s and expect to be treated as a peer. Instead she was humiliated by a freakin’ dingbat. If I had been Rechelle, I probably would have told that biznitch to fuck all the way off.

  • I don’t give a rat’s ass abt. P.W. never read her, don’t care to.
    I also have no desire to read anymore abt. what you think abt. her,how much you hate her, yadda, yadda, yadda, let it go!
    The best revenge is living well.

  • sd:

    When you “hide” a book in another section, doesn’t that just expose even more people to it?

  • All of ya’ll -

    go back to your respective corners, please.

    GOOD LORD! (oops! gave myself away, didn’t I?)

    I think thou dost protest too much!

  • Ted Powell:

    Speaking of Eugenie Scott… Skepchick Interviews Genie Scott:

    As you may know, our favorite dude Skepchick Sam Ogden hung out with Eugenie Scott of the National Center for Science Education a while back to discuss the evolution of the creationist movement, women in science and skepticism, and more.

  • jalf:

    To everyone who “prays” for Rechelle: that’s nice. I think I’ll sacrifice a slave or two for you.

    Maybe we can find a satanist to ask Satan to save you guys too. Wouldn’t that be nice?

    Because everyone loves it when you ask your God to intervene in nonbelievers lives.

    As for the PW thing? What exactly is wrong with posting what’s on your mind on your own blog? Even if PW is the best, kindest, most sincere and holiest person on the planet, is it a problem if Rechelle states that her impresison of PW is different?

  • Brian V.:

    What amazes this Baptist preacher’s plus half-century old son is how Rechelle freely expresses what is inside, how it is allowed to come out. All the i-dot’rs and nay-sayers and Christian rule tellers get it, straight as it is, so fine… long live free speech! @Ted Powell: thanks for the vid link. The politics of religion, their bully pressures in education are anti-learning, anti-knowing. What they want finally is for people to BELIEVE. No reason may prevail on hard wooden pews. So it is that gentle folk eventually start talking about vegetables going in places other than the mouth. Personally, having been churched and saved various times, I can tell you that using vegetables in the ways suggested here in earlier posts, is abusive, to the vegetable, that is…. No respectable vegetable wants some reason-hating Christian toying with it… what a waste of good zuchinni…

  • “I hide all The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbooks. It’s just a uncontrollable urge. Resistance is futile. I can’t help myself. If anyone really needs one of her books and can’t find one, you might try looking behind the huge Sports Illustrated College Football book as well as on the bottom shelf of the science section by the Field Guide to North American Birds. I always feel very noble after I hide her books. Like I have saved someone’s life.”
    Bwah HaHa!
    Seldom do I get to go into an actual book store but when I do?
    And it carries PW Cooks? I’m going to hide them. And anything written about Obama. Yeah! I’ll put him in the potty training section and Ree in the science fiction racks. No! Wait! PW will go to the foreign language section. A much more appropriate choice, don’t you think although science fiction applies to Ree and her ‘story’ too.

    It may have happened before.
    I’m not sure, but then I’ve never gone back and checked my replies at PW. A few weeks ago when she was backhandedly being mean about her brother in law and his kid (All the kids were in a pen with a calf on the fight. For some reason I’ll never understand, when the calf turned and put all the kids on the fence, Ree blamed Tim’s son. THEN a few days later, the kids were in a pen and the all the kids were being mauled by a big, salty calf. I mean really; that calf had them all down and was running over the top. Ree blamed Tim for the wreck. I am sorry. I lost control. I could not help myself. On the second post I HAD to comment. “PUT DOWN THAT DAMN CAMERA AND GO HELP THOSE KIDS!” I wrote. “WHAT KIND OF MOTHER STANDS BY WHILE HER KIDS ARE GETTING THE CRAP STOMPED OUT OF THEM TAKING PICTURES THEN BLAMING THE ADULT WHO IS BUSTING HIS ASS TO GET TO THE WRECK?”
    You have to believe I have never been that vehement in my comments to Ree Drummond and there hasn’t been many.

    Most of my comments are one line zingers: “Marlboro man’s ass is twelve inches out of that saddle and he rides like a sack of shit’ (well, he DOES ride like a sack of shit.) or “Close the gate and the cows won’t get on your lawn” and finally “You have not one but two large capacity washer and dryers and you put wet sheets on the beds?’. Those comments may or may not still be there. The PUT DOWN THE GODDAMN CAMERA AND GOT HELP YOUR KIDS is gone. I don’t know how quickly it got gone but hopefully a few of her readers saw it.

    I am sorry Rechelle but I COULD NOT watch the video of Ree.
    I saw a clip of her from one of the tv shows and I can’t watch her ever again. And you can’t make me. That smile is so phony. She does not move her mouth when she talks. She NEVER takes her eyes off the camera. Do you remember Ted Baxter from the Mary Tyler Moore show? Yeah. That’s who Ree acts like but I’m sure she is not putting on an act and her selfcenteredness makes my blood boil.

    If you want to see how good a real cowboy’s ass look in a pair of chaps (….which Ree pronounces as chaps..as is chapped lips. The proper pronunciation is SSSHAPS) please, let me submit one. While I’m at it, I can submit what a real cowboy’s hands look like and trust me, Ladd Drummonds hands are NOT the hands of a working man. His hands are softer than mine for cryin’ out loud!

    Lori, who is walking away, mumbling to herself about fake cowboys and fake cowboy’s wives……

  • Becky:

    Talk about mature adult conversation…It ain’t happening here either.

  • Becky:

    jalf, really? a slave or two? really?

  • Becky:

    Lori, you seem to have a lot of emotion invested in this. But do you really, really think that she would sit there and allow her kids to be harmed? Come on, get a grip! I don’t understand why folks never “got it” that the Drummonds already had money. I don’t understand why folks think PW should spill ever bit of her private life. I don’t understand why some folks can’t just get over the fact that she is successful. Who cares if she’s not being her true self? I don’t and if you do, then maybe a break from the net is in order. And by the way, I read her blog everyday. I know what I read is most likely not what truly goes on on her ranch. And guess what? I don’t really care! I really like the fact that her blog is all happy and positive. And please, I don’t need any bouncers asking me why I’m commenting. I’m commenting because I can, dammit! Comments are open on this blog, so therefore I am! I really think PW is actually makin a fool out of ya’ll. The more ya’ll holler about Charlie pics or MM biceps, the more pics she puts up, haha! The more $ she makes. And I think it’s funny as hell!

  • scd:

    Becky, I think you’re missing the irony that you can MAKE that comment here and the comment will stay when you can’t make a comment in a similar tone on PW and have it remain.

    And yes, I think Ree will stand by while her kids are in danger as she has demonstrated that repeatedly and daily. Farming/ranching is one of the most dangerous occupations there is. Check the statistics. It’s right up there with firefighting. We don’t let kids fight fires but we let them be ranch hands. I understand that working the ranch is a way of life and the whole family gets involved, but those kids are too young to be in some of the situations they are placed in. Some judgment could be used for when they should be in a pen with a bunch of rowdy cows with no adult closeby (in the pen with them). Also, the reason most normal people have kids working on their farms/ranches is because they need all the help they can get and can’t afford to hire hands. This isn’t true in the case of the Drummonds. If anything ever happens to one of those kids, it’s going to be one heck of a high profile disaster considering how well known she is and how many pictures there are on her website of those kids in situations that demonstrate a total lack of adult judgment.

    I remember when she ran a post about her older daughter in the rodeo riding a wild burro–that wasn’t even “ranch work” and the girl wasn’t wearing a helmet. That was dangerous and it was just for fun. Yeah, yeah, the rodeo is a way of life, too. Whatever. We don’t let kids roller skate on a quiet cul de sac without a helmet but we let them get on the back of a wild burro in front of a screaming crowd without one.

    On the other hand, I do love that her girls are right in there with the boys, learning to ranch just like they are. It’s the lack of any common sense and boundaries that is so disturbing.

  • Gwen:


    What’s funny as here is that you don’t have enough brain cells to see past the illusion. Good luck to you in life, you’ll need it!

  • “I remember when she ran a post about her older daughter in the rodeo riding a wild burro–that wasn’t even “ranch work” and the girl wasn’t wearing a helmet.”
    I do too scd.
    And the girl was crying hysterically before her ride and there was her mother, safe in the stands with a long range lens, making fun of her. Ladd was obviously in the poor girl’s face and it was Missy and Tim who stepped in, lightened up the situation and gave her the confidence to ride the burro. Why Ladd Drummond felt compelled to enter his daughter in the burro riding baffles me. It’s obvious, being the little man that he is, he has much to prove to the world….

    My kids have always been a part of our ranch.
    We aren’t big enough/profitable enough to hire help.
    It’s always been my husband and myself doing all our ranch work. I got babysitters only when my kids were newborn. After that they went with us and we kept them safe. We used to have an old carseat in both our tractors so the kids could feed or hay with us. They were safe and they loved it. The back of a pickup makes a good playpen as does a feed manger. When they, my kids, were the age of Ree’s youngest they were always at the branding and working chutes but in a safe place. When they got older they got in the middle things but we made sure the task was only just barely beyond their physical and mental capacity and there was always an adult there to intervene when things got dicey. What disgusts me is Ree’s oldest daughter in the alley, hot and sweaty and dirty getting kicked and stepped on by calves three times her wait, while the illustrious, brave, King of of the cowboys Ladd stands outside in a clean shirt, new leather gloves and a brand new straw hat. Despite what Ree says, that girls shows no sign of self confidence to me but rather an anxious young woman not really sure if or when she is doing the right thing. Working beside your kids teaches them much more than standing a back and watching and encouraging and protecting. When the calf was all over those kids it was obvious Tim was doing his damndest to get there and help. This shit happens very quickly and what probably started out as great fun turned into a mess. If it were my kids I’d have broken my camera and run to the rescue. But that’s just me. Ree, I’m sure, was, as always, dressed completely inappropriately and it’s very obvious she thinks she above such work. I’ve seen the woman’s hands. Trust me, she doesn’t do much physical labor…and she’s the American ranch wife poster child!

  • Why yes, Becky, I do think Ree would sit back and watch her kids get hurt. Her pictures prove it.
    I can see where you think I am emotionally involved and maybe I am. I don’t care how much money Ree Drummond has; I come from money and I married money so that is not my issue.
    Ree has a beautiful home. So do I.
    And yes, it does offend me her readers think Ree Drummond is what every rancher’s wife is when she is indeed, not and there doesn’t seen to much common sense in the world anymore and her readers lap up her little fantasy. And it offends me. Why? Because she is a fake.

    If you want a glimpse into a real rancher’s wife world, click on my website and take a look at the pictures. If you have any questions, please ask and I’ll explain. And I”ll be very honest and ‘real’ about it.

    • Concerned Citizen:

      You have some good points, Lori. I have some friends who are very affluent — mult-millionaires — they have several homes, boats, take fabulous vacations. We are still friends and I love them. Some have earned their money and some just lucked out, with inheritances or marriage. But I do not resent them for it.

      What bothers me about Ree is her LYING about it (by omission). Here is what would NOT have bothered me:

      If from the get-go, she had said “I’m Ree DRUMMOND…my husband LADD is from one of the oldest and most prominent ranch families in Oklahoma. We have, alone with his brother and parents, over 125,000 acres of prime ranchland, and we not only raise cattle for market, but we keep thousands of wild mustangs for the US government as part of our income. I’m very LUCKY AND PROUD of our heritage and accomplishments! The DRUMMONDS have an incredible history here in central Oklahoma.”

      “Here is a picture of my huge and ginormous ranch house. We just put in a fabulous designer kitchen with every bell and whistle; I sure am a lucky girl! Even though I grew up a pampered doctor’s daughter, in a mansion on a country club golf course, I never thought I’d have all this — 125,000 ares! — as an married woman. My husband, who sits on the boards of the 3 banks his family owns, is unbelievably generous and loving. Sometimes for FUN, I call him Marlboro Man but he’s just a goodhearted ordinary guy from an old and influential family.”

      “I love blogging, and with the help from a weekly maid service, and 2 full time nannies and some babysitters, I can maintain my blog along with a full staff of graphic designers, photoshop editors and assistents to answer mail and stuff. The guys in Tulsa who design and maintain my site ARE THE BEST. I owe it all to them that I am now making over one million dollars a year just in ad revenue!”

      “Oh — and by the way — I only lived in LA for college. A few months after school, my super wealthy boyfriend had the nerve to dump me! So I came home and hung around for about 5 years, until I narrowed my sights on a rich hubby — Ladd Drummond, the biggest catch in rural OK. It took a while, but I managed to rope and tie him when I got pregnant! His family carved out a piece of their 125,000 acre spread, and gave us a ready made ranch house and a big piece of the family business, so I could stay home full time and homeschool our 4 kids.”

      NOW — that is still spunky and upbeat, BUT IT IS TRUTH. Ree’s site is a LIE — lies on top of lies.

      That’s why I hate it. RECHELLE IS RIGHT.

  • Ted Powell:

    Becky wrote: … I don’t understand why folks think PW should spill ever bit of her private life. … Who cares if she’s not being her true self? … I know what I read is most likely not what truly goes on on her ranch. And guess what? I don’t really care! … Becky, I believe that you don’t understand. I believe that you won’t understand. So this comment is really to other readers who have joined recently enough not to have the background. It’s really pretty simple. My feeling—and from having read almost all of the comments over the last few months, I believe it is shared by a few people—is not that “PW should spill ever bit of her private life” as Becky suggests. It is not simply that what she reports about her life is required to be accurate. Rather, it is that when someone makes a big thing about “Keepin’ it Real” they should … you know … keep it real. Really.

  • Axelle the french reader:

    Lori, I would like to go on your website. Can you give it, please ?

  • Becky:

    Good one Gwen. lol!

  • Gwen:

    Thanks Becky! Now bounch on outta here back to PW’s photoshopped ranch

  • Lori E:

    Love the hiding books idea… I will start hiding the books on atheism! Thanks for the tip! :)

  • Becky:

    Bounch? lol!
    Lori, all I see from your comments are: I’m Lori, Look at me, I have a blog! That’s really all you are “really” concerned with. Look at me, I’m Lori, and I commented on PW’s blog.
    Ted, most folks, I think, when they visit PW realize she is wealthy, and realize, at least I did–you know me the person with few brain cells, that it’s not all really real. I get her humor. My take is that she is poking fun at a lot of things, especially life in general. I get her. And I think if you are offended because she’s not “keeping it real” then you might need to look into a new hobby. Like I tell my daughter, if you win a fight on the net, you are still a loser! Now, put into the fact that there are several thousand “hits” to her page that pays her $, and you are complaining about that, well, then jealousy comes to my mind, sorry, I’m just saying.
    Moving on to ya’lls complaints that she posts pics of her kids in risky business. Obviously ya’ll didn’t grow up in the country. I wasn’t raised on a ranch, don’t know a thing about ranch life, but my parents did raise pigs and chickens and farmed. I am thankful now for the things they taught me about surviving in the country. I was put in many risky situations. You have to have hands on training. Or else you will have a bunch of pansy arses. *Even though I wasn’t raised on a ranch and don’t know the day to day, I’ve got a few brain cells left to know that it is grueling work–please give me a break!
    Also, my thoughts on PW deleting comments. Did you ever think that- if she does that- it’s because she knows it will turn into a free for all ghetto cat fight? That’s just about what happens here. Ya’ll tear people down when they give their opinion. That crap gets out of control fast! Now, I love me some drama, that’s why I keep coming here over and over, lol. But dang, it does get old.
    And last but not least, I started reading this blog a couple of years ago. I like your writing Rechelle. I am still holding out that you are the MATURE, intelligent lady that I think you are. I’m still hoping the Jerry Springer type stuff goes away. But if it doesn’t, and this is the road you want to go, the reputation you want to have on the internet, then I hope it makes you happy.

    • judy:

      You are so right! Farm / ranch/ country kids are raised by loving parents but the life is one that involves risk! I used to ride my bike, alone, 2 miles in the country to my best friend’s home. No helmet, no cell (hey of course did not exist), no parent following along. Would I recommend that today in the same area? Maybe not. But you sure as heck can’t wear a helmet every time you are working on a farm or with animals, or swinging on the rope swing in the hayloft. Somehow this country has gotten to the point that it feels everyone must be protected from all risk. Read Free Range Kids. Becky, you have posted a most intelligent response!

  • Lori E:

    “My kids have always been a part of our ranch.
    We aren’t big enough/profitable enough to hire help.”

    “I come from money and I married money so that is not my issue.
    Ree has a beautiful home. So do I.”

    Is this the same “Lori” on both posts? If so, I am a little confused…

  • Ted Powell:

    Becky wrote: And I think if you are offended because she’s not “keeping it real” then you might need to look into a new hobby. Becky, I predicted that you would not understand, and you have borne me out. I wrote (emphasis added) that the concern “is not simply that what she reports about her life is required to be accurate.” You’re perfectly free to disagree with what I wrote, but you’re choosing to disagree with essentially the converse of what I wrote. But that’s ok. This is not a complaint. Neither am I offended.

  • gumshoe:


    “Also, my thoughts on PW deleting comments. Did you ever think that- if she does that- it’s because she knows it will turn into a free for all ghetto cat fight?”

    Actually, she deletes even extremely benign comments. Literally anything that might introduce the smallest speck of dust.

    And let’s not forget when she approved and published a certain homeschooling article, and then threw the author of the article under the bus when many (not all) of the Christian commenters started to take offense to it.

    She is obviously somebody whose affiliations depend on the direction of the wind, and that’s just not right.

  • cath:

    Rechelle…have you read any of Michael Pollan’s Books? i’m just reading the Omniovore’s Dilemma now and it makes me think of PDub and her poor hardworking ranch boys so much. They grow all this beef – she cares for the cows – and then whammo off they go to a feedlot to live in filfth, be force fed corn and fattened up to enormous sizes before they even have a chance to live. Do you think dear Ree would answer me if I enquired where it is they send their cattle? Are they buying into the great American obesity dream and skimming buckets of money off the top to live a high life?

    whoops…sorry…i didn’t mean to push you off your soapbox. it’s yours, and i enjoy reading you when you are on it

  • @Becky: Please, if you’re going to make fun of other peoples’ typos and repeatedly talk about your brain cells, at least use the proper contraction of “you all” as “y’all” (and “you all’s” as “y’all’s”, for that matter). The jealousy bit I’m not even going to bother with, since that’s the too-common refrain of those people without substance to back their countering opinion – when, as Ted points out, they actually attempt to counter the opinion someone else has offered, rather than what they thought they read or, more often, wanted to read into what someone has posted. I haven’t seen whatever photos there were of the calf putting the kids into the fence, as I do not visit PW any longer and haven’t in forever; however, I do know that while farming/ranching is dangerous and dirty work, I’d also rather think that a parent would act more like a parent when their kids are in trouble by taking some kind of action other than snapping away with a camera like a documentary producer. And to cut off the “you don’t know that she didn’t help” people: it’s pretty simple to tell that it was not any immediate move, or any at all, simply by virtue of the pictures of the incident while it was occurring. Logic 101.

  • Gwen:


    “Ya’ll”!? LOL!!!!!!!

    You said, “Like I tell my daughter, if you win a fight on the net, you are still a loser!” So, Becky, since YOU are fighting “on the net”, doesn’t that in fact make YOU a LOSER?

    My god you’re an idiot. An idiot loser to be exact. You’re daughter doesn’t have a chance. Poor thing.

  • okay in OK:

    Weird, every time I read one of your MANY articles about PW I get middle school flashbacks!

  • To Axelle the french reader:
    Yes Ma’am.
    I would love for you to see my pictures!


    “I do know that while farming/ranching is dangerous and dirty work, I’d also rather think that a parent would act more like a parent when their kids are in trouble by taking some kind of action other than snapping away with a camera like a documentary producer.”
    Thank you Annette! I’d like to have your eloquence!

    You are not confused, Lori E.
    What I come from and what I came to is more than plenty so there’s no PW jealousy here.

    Find a new hobby?
    But, but, I LIKE the hobby I have now Becky! Really I do.
    Thanks for the suggestion but, forgive me if I don’t take your advice. M’kay?

  • Do you want to see a REAL ranch woman?
    Go to my picturetrail photo site
    and open the album titled 2009 Brandings 2. On the left hand side, scroll down to the 4th photo.
    She has six children, ages 16 to 4.
    She does laundry.
    She is a fantastic cook.
    She’s handy with a camera.
    She is her husband’s hired man.
    In the photo above her?
    That’s her son. One of two. He’s been helping in the branding pens since he was six and an adult is ALWAYS nearby in case he gets into a wreck….

  • gumshoe:

    Lori, Now THOSE are unbelievably beautiful photos. No kidding, you should be selling them. I love the “Ranch Hands” and the little girl in the red coat. Priceless!

  • Axelle the french reader:

    Thank you, Lori, I went to watch your pictures too and I agree, these are very beautiful pictures, really.

  • Thanks Gumshoe and Axelle!
    I take a lot of pictures from the back of a horse.
    I pay a lot of money to insure my camera equipment but still had a company refuse to renew my coverage a few years ago.

    I see photos to ag magazines and to rodeo cowboys.
    Business has slowed down a lot in the past couple of years.
    Digitals are affordable and so is photoshop. It was a good run though.

    Thanks again!

  • Ree cracks me up! Especially when she comments on other blogs under an assumed name, I mean….it’s so obvious. What surprised me was how insulting she can be in those comments.
    I’m hoping for a Pioneer Woman realty show! Seriously! We could see what she and her girls really do in the course of a day.

  • Anna:

    Darlene, where did you read her comments on other blogs? I would love to read them!

    Rechelle…. I thought I was the only person in universe who hasn’t bought into the PW hype. It was such a relief to come here and find other people who also question Ree and her blog. Will come back for more!

  • Anonymous:

    Since Rechelle has became an atheist she has lost all her morals,brains,and language skills. Does her children talk the way she does? Thank goodness her mother is there to love on her children and give them some hope.

  • Sharon:

    I wish Anonymous had other things to do besides post on a site he/she doesn’t like or agree with.

    I never knew losing or changing your faith had anything to with your brain and language skills. Seems to me it shows you are actually using your brain and having thoughts yourself, not just following along with whatever propaganda is put out there.

  • Priss:

    Hey Anonymous, when you criticize folks for their language skills, it’s best to not include sentences like “Does her children talk the way she does?” Not that you had any credibility anyway, but that kind of put you into below zero territory.

  • jamoody:

    That’s always a favorite thing of mine…reading other people being holier than thou when it comes to grammar, and making ka-tons of grammatical errors in the process!

  • MMM:

    Hey, glad you are back writing and in a good space. But, still find PW totally boring along with comments about her. but, I guess it’s like certain of my family members–I can’t stop harping about them and my stories and comments are generally pretty damn funny–if interesting only to a few people.

    Keep writing, but try some other topics.


  • Katt:

    Even though my computer doesn’t have sound, I could still see the stupidness squirting out of her mouth on to her children.

  • Visitor:

    Please stop writing about how you hate Pioneer Woman like you said you would. These are posts that seem like therapy for you, and therefore belong in a private, personal diary. They really aren’t fit to be posted on a blog.

  • Matt:

    One thing your children could learn this week is the heart of Jesus, which consists of loving people and having mercy. You may be disgusted with someone else’s lifestyle but keep in mind, it doesn’t add a day to your own life or anyone else’s. People will choose to read Pioneer Woman regardless of what you say much like you’ll be an Atheist regardless of what Christians tell you. However, I will say this: I understand that you want your kids to believe what you do–what parent wouldn’t?–but I wouldn’t discredit the teachings of Christ, because the people at the Christian camp may be teaching your kids some useful virtue that you may not be teaching yourself.

  • Matt – like what? To believe in fairy tales? To condemn to hell people who have different religions or are homosexual? No Matt. Any ‘virtue’ that Christianity teaches, is easily attainable without a ridiculous myth attached. Logic and reason lead to far more virtue than any fable ever did.

  • Visitor – The blog is my personal private diary. I just happen to keep it on the internet.

  • MMM – You can choose my subject matter when you start to pay me. Which I guess… explains the non-stop commercial that is Pioneer Woman.

  • Pam:

    Constructive criticism of another person is acceptable. Going around and hiding their books in a store? I’m shocked that a grown adult would publicly admit they behave in such a ridiculous fashion.

    If you don’t like her, don’t read her blog. You claim she doesn’t “keep it real” – okay, fine. I never picked up on that from what I’ve read of her, but whatever. Why not just stop reading it instead of sitting around fuming about how much you dislike her and then posting various gripes about her and her blog. Act like an adult and get over it. However you intend it, it comes off as bitter and a bit creepy.

    • No Pam – It is actually you who are creepy. People who lack a sense of humor usually are. Frequently pallid and immobile as well. I suggest you find another hobby, one that gets you outdoors and into the sunlight as obsessing on Ree Drummond is not really a healthy pasttime.

  • hahaha…. does anyone else find it hilarious how absolutely terrible rechelle is? I found this website when I was googling something about PW, whose blog I just recently started reading.
    I read many many blogs and I’ve never found one so full of hate, negativity, and rudeness as rechelle’s.
    Rechelle, if you’re so concerned with “keeping it real” and using this blog as your personal diary, then why do you care so much about your blog’s traffic and statistics? I mean, isn’t that what you hate Ree for? For having tons of traffic, fans, comments, interest, and blog-generated revenue? It really makes no sense to me. I know that you’ll probably just respond to this comment with the typical “UP YOURS” or whatever other charming insults you use, but seriously, you need to stop. take a look at yourself. and evaluate.
    I hope that you can eventually stop generating so much negativity. Seriously, the world doesn’t need any more, its got enough already. Plus, karma’s a bitch.

    • Rechelle:

      Yes Elizabeth – my insults do tend to be charming. And I also enjoy how folks like you always have to do the ‘rally cry’ and attempt to stir up the masses to gang up on me. What is up with that? Why can’t you just stand on your own with your thoughts?

      • I’m not attempting to get people to gang up on you, just wondering if others find your desperate jabs at Ree Drummond funny like I do. No, I’m not really into trying to turn groups of people against someone (although, you seem to really enjoy doing it), just trying to stand up for what I think is right.
        I also think its funny how you didn’t address what my comment was about. Its ok though, I wouldn’t have expected anything more from you anyway.
        Finally, I don’t really know what you’re trying to get at with the “why can’t you stand on your own with your thoughts” statement. If I didn’t have my own thoughts to contribute, then obviously I wouldn’t have felt the need to comment in the first place.

  • judy:

    Just curious, if you dislike Ree so much, why would you ever go to the Lodge?? Why spend time with someone you hate, unless to advance your own blog??

    • Rechelle:

      The only response that springs to mind is ‘Judy, Judy, Judy.’ I hope it helps!

    • susan:

      Judy, if you had been following Rechelle you would know that up until her visit she felt a connection with Ree. The visit proved to be disappointing in that what she thought was there was a sham. Rechelle has much more depth than PW and the shallowness and fraud she saw was disappointing to say the least. Au contraire to PW’s mantra of keeping it real.

  • whitney:

    Shame on you, why would you go to her home/lodge and then trash her. Maybe you should be attending camp with your children.

  • PM:

    Wow. Still carrying on here like children I see.

    I just have to say that I crack up every time I read a commenter point out how Ree Drummond deletes comments but Rechelle doesn’t because apparently Rechelle has more *integrity* about such things. I’ve been reading this blog long enough to know that Rechelle has deleted lots and lots and LOTS of comments. How would anyone know if she does unless you read every day and know what disappears? I know that plenty of mine have disappeared and they weren’t necessarily hostile, but by deleting select comments, Rechelle can color the final result of the thread to her fancy. Rechelle has deleted plenty so let’s- you know- keep it real.

    • Rechelle:

      PM – I rarely delete comments, but as I have stated before and will now very tiresomely state again. I occasionally delete comments under the following circumstances.

      1. When they are pointless and mean
      2. When they are pointless, boring and mean.
      4. When they are pointless, stupid, boring and mean.

      Your comment falls under the last category, but I am letting it through because you seem to be in need of extra attention today.

      By the way – I am happy to allow mean comments through my filters that demonstrate even the tiniest bit of wit or intelligent language skills. I don’t mind a personal insult that if cleverly crafted. Sadly, PW defenders seem to uniformly lack this ability. Her blog has destroyed their minds.

      • PM:

        Well, I would differ with you here since I have seen comments that we’re certainly made with a point and not an insult deleted. Select comments in a thread deleted while others remain (your responses) can tilt the conversation in another direction making the deleted commenter’s remaining comments look more hostile then when seen in their original context. Maybe you *rarely* delete comments now, but if you would be honest you would admit that in the past it was a lot more common than rare. Just keep it real, Rechelle. Tired of the hypocrisy.

        • Rechelle:

          PM – Me things you doth protest too much. I rarely delete comments. There is one commenter that I regularly deleted just because she drove me batshit and was a bit more judgemental christian homeschooling nincompoop (emphasis on poop) than I could bear. She used my blog to grandstand and to promote her agenda. I am starting to think that you are her since I am pretty sure she is one of the few people that would have followed me closely enough to actually track any comments that I may have deleted and also you seem to have a very personal ax to grind. If you are her please remember, it is your responsibility as a Christian to shine the light of Jesus to the world, love your enemies and forgive those who persecute you. God is watching you dear. Even when you ARE IN THE SHOWER and SITTING ON THE POT! Now go read a good book dear. Something that will break the blog tractor beam. I suggest a hefty dose of Bart Erhman as he is particularly good at breaking hypnotic spells. Good luck!

        • Rechelle:

          Well – I’ll be jiggered! You are the judgemental Christian homeschooler who drove me batshit! I just looked up your IP number and you match up with the following personas… PM, PJR, and Clayvessel who has her own blog at potsnpies.blogspot.com. You need to figure out who you are girlfriend! That way I can more quickly delete your comments when they show up!

          • Can I just say that the commentor formerly known as Clayvessel caused me to become so irritated that I left the worst comment ever! I was so happy to not see her name in the comments anymore. But I’ve been duped! Crap!

          • Jo:

            @ PM, PJR, Clayvessel,

            You are SO totally BUSTED!

            Hilarious – what a fucking loon.

          • PM:

            Took you long enough.

            Like you never do it/ have done it.

            The point remains, you’ve deleted plenty of comments to sculpt a thread in your very own image and are not at all as “real” as you claim to be but a mean-spirited hypocrite who can’t handle the truth. Delete the comments that hit too close to home if you will. Some of us aren’t bamboozled by your bullshit or hurt by your mud slinging.

          • Rechelle:

            PM aka Clayvessel aka PJR – Aren’t you supposed to ‘turn the other cheek’ in instances such as these? I will also be expecting your cloak in the mail since I am now asking for your shirt. Also – I don’t think that Christian homeschooling moms should be using the word ‘bullshit’ in the blogosphere. God would not be pleased. Now dear – go find yourself a nice little Christian book to read to calm yourself back down. Something uplifting – maybe a little Janette Oke chaste prairie romance? Love ya!

  • kim:

    Geez guys, get a life, will ya?

    Ree’s fun, her pix are great, I love her sense of humor, and the site is a hoot to visit. I don’t care about her depth, or her Christian faith, or whether she has a nanny or not. Who cares?

    I check her site each day just like a lot of you watch DWTS and American Idol on TV, LOL. Now, how deep is that?

  • Cheryl:

    You know what’s gonna happen, don’t you? Your kids will grow up to be born again right wing Christians. Lighten up, and let people believe what they want, whether it’s crazy or not. Cheer up, the Pioneer Woman’s girls will grow up to be atheists or they’ll be casting a circle at the next Womyn’s Meetings.
    And really, who the hell cares? What does it matter?

    • Rechelle:


      It matters. Speaking up against things that are wrong matters. As has been stated too many times to count, the problem with deciding to ‘live and let live’ or as you say, letting people believe what they want’ is that we then still have slavery, women have no rights, children labor in factories 18 hours a day, etc,etc, etc. So you can be as lazy as you want to and insist that it doesn’t matter and I will speak up in your place.

    • Rechelle:

      Sorry to continue to rag on you Cheryl, but your comment has hit me in the exact wrong spot. On your behalf, I just asked my son Drew if he was going to grow up and be a right wing fundamentalist. He scrunched up his face and said, “What’s that?” Then he said, “When I grow up, I’m going to host a Hawk Talk radio show” referring to his beloved KU Jayhawks. I suppose it is possible that my smart, charming sons will turn to the dark side, but it is going to take a lot of de-education, manipulation, and lies to make it happen.