CasSeeSee Gets Promoted.

June 11th, 2010

CasSeeSee would like for me to announce to everyone who reads this (disjointed, negative, bitter, hard to read, outcast junior high girl who writes about Ree Drummond to get ‘hits’) blog that she was rated as a ‘solid performer’ in a recent performance review at her job as a Wal-Mart Greeter.

Shortly after she received this excellent rating, she was promoted to Wal-Mart cashier!

CassCeeCee showed little sorrow over leaving her old job as a Wal-Mart greeter, a position she had previously claimed to love sooooooooooooo much.  Her new responsibilities will make her life much harder. She will now have to keep track of two cash register systems. One at Wal-Mart and one at the Garden Center.   I have no doubt that CasSeeSee will sort out a new cash register in no time and manage to keep both systems distinct in her mind.  It may have taken Wal-Mart six months to realize that CasSeeSee was a solid performer, but I have always known it.

Go CasSeeSee!


  • km:

    Congratulations Cassie. We knew you had it in ya !

  • Jennifer:

    Yea for her! It’s always great to see hard work recognized.

  • Cashier today, tomorrow CEO! Way to go, Cassie!

  • Anonymous:

    You need to embrace the Ps..we can be your biggest supporter..if you embrace us…

  • Anonymous:

    or your worst….

  • Peggy in TN:

    Anonymous. You are creepy. Apparently you don’t know bloggers can track back and see where comments come from. You think you are hiding behind your anonymity, but you are not. Just saying.

  • Anonymous:

    Hmm..sorry..I didn’t mean to be creepy. I was just saying, instead of dissing on the 2Ps site, she should go post there, and get to know them. I’m sorry I didn’t leave a name? ok…you’re being weird. what is creepy about it??

  • Oh Cassie – see? Nothing good comes to those that work hard! Hasn’t Rechelle taught you that yet? : )


  • jamoody:

    I would think learning/remembering how to operate two different cash registers could be a serious pain!

  • <>

    AS IF !!!

  • Kiara:

    I went over to that link where everyone was bashing you and got mad just reading those comments! Even though I haven’t been reading your blog for very long, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy it and look forward to every post. I LOVE your writing style, it’s hilarious! I like the content too (yes, even when you bash PW!). Maybe it’s because I’m an atheist too and it’s hard to find people who will really speak their mind about their non-belief and poke fun at the many discrepancies of religion. So please keep up the good work and just know that at least one person (and most likely oodles more) appreciates you!

  • joanie:

    Saw some lovely posts at 3 Ps by “My name is Lana.
    Pronounced: {Lan’-nuh}”

    the most accurate part of her name is “nuh” as in “NUH brains”.

    What a nasty piece of work she is.

  • Mandy:

    Is that a scrapbooking forum? So you’ve managed to piss off the homeschoolers and scrapbookers? Rechelle, FTW!

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    Hooray CasSeeSee!

  • Cassie C.:

    I’m slowly but surely taking over the company!

  • Jerad:

    Super congrats Cassie! Hope things just keep going up for you!

  • Jerad:

    And Rechelle, I love that you’ve gotten to the point that you enjoy writing a disjointed, negative, bitter, hard to read, outcast junior high girl who writes about Ree Drummond to get ‘hits‘ and when people say such things you don’t feel the need to say anything in response other than “PPPPhhhhbbbtttttt”

  • annmarie:

    Rechelle, do you have an favorite funny blogs you read? I was just wondering and thought I would ask.

  • Mindy:


    lol I wouldn’t be too insulted by people who can’t understand a writing style that isn’t meant for fourth graders. I honestly laughed at how many people used the word disjointed.

  • Ted Powell:

    Off-topic, but cute: Kids say the darndest things.

  • jalf:

    @Anonymous: have you considered that your “advice” applies at least as much to yourself and your forum?

    Perhaps, instead of dissing on Rechelle’s site, you should just go here and get to know her?

    After all, she’s the one posting original content. You’re the ones bashing and criticizing. So wouldn’t it make more sense for you to come to her, than for her to come to you?

    Just sayin’

  • Anonymous:

    I’ve read her for yrs. No need to tell me to read her.

  • Anonymous:

    also, do you know how many people read 2ps? thousands. how many read this blog? Your advice to literally thousands of Ps is stupid. She is the one pimping her blog. Not 2Ps

  • Tim:

    For what it’s worth, I hadn’t heard of Ree Drummond until I started reading this blog, so the hits from me aren’t at all related to the posts about her. I suspect that she’s picked up a good bit of traffic from the atheist community (like me!) and retained it due to a good sense of humor and a very engaging writing style.

    Ah, internet drama.

    And I’m probably a bad person for stoking things, but looking at the writing styles present in the Anonymous comments, it appears to be more than one person (unless that one person has a pretty inconsistent writing style, which is possible – I’ve got a few friends that are that way, and I’m pretty sure they’re not collectives). Easier to pull it off by posting anonymously.

    How fun!

    • Tim – If Ree’s writing style ‘engages you’ you must be engaged very easily. Trust me, if you have any kind of brain at all she will wear thin in about six weeks after you realize that she only has about seven stories. She just writes the same thing over and over again.

  • Samantha:

    Congrats Cassie C. Every job worth doing is worth doing well….yeah I bet you already knew that.

  • Cassie C.:

    Excuse me, Anonymous, you’re stealing my thunder.

  • Tim:

    Heh, it wasn’t Ree’s blog I was talking about. I was a bit unclear – it’s THIS blog I’m engaged by. Minor proofreading fail!

  • jamoody:

    @Cassie C. – LOL! You tell them girl!

  • WVKay:

    Keep on rockin with your bad self, Rechelle!! I’m so glad you came back.