Batting Slump Ends With Busted Thumb

June 9th, 2010

We are knee deep…

Make that chest high in baseball season right now.

I assembled the boys on the stoop for a photo of the start of the season and you can see for yourself just how thrilled they were to cooperate with me.

Well… these two weren’t too bad…

But my eldest and my youngest…?

With them it’s a whole different ball game.

Our whole family loves baseball.  Even me!  My boys started playing it when they were still in diapers.

Holding foam bats in fat baby hands.

Swinging at cloth balls in the living room.

They all bat left even though only two of them are left handed.

“It puts him one stop closer to first base.” is what my young husband told me years ago, when he first started throwing pitches to my newborn, Calder.

And yet, in spite of all those years of ‘training’ and also the hours and hours that Drew spends every day in the side yard throwing up a wiffle ball and hitting it over the roof of the barn, my third son has been in a serious batting slump this season.

He just could not…

Hit the ball…

He managed to get walked pretty consistently, but we are not a family of stinking walkers!

Get out there and HIT THE BALL!

C’mon Drew!


So this Saturday at a tournament…

In ninety seven degree heat…

The bases were loaded…

There was one out…

And Drew approached the plate.

We all got a sinking feeling in our stomachs.

It was getting to the point where he was losing confidence in his ability to make any kind of contact.

But we cheered him on anyway.

“You can do it Dewey!  Crush it!  Send it Drew!  Just hit the freaking BALL!”

And he did.

He smashed it to center field!

Rounded first…

Rounded second…

Grand Slam!

Batting slump officially OVER!

But just a few innings later, he slammed his catcher’s mitt into a kid as he was running to home plate.

And when he was still hurting the next day, the Country Doctor took him up to the clinic to put a cast on his thumb.

We couldn’t be bothered to get an X-ray, but it might be broken.

Which could mean that Drew’s baseball season is over.

But we are trying not to think about that.

Because this boy here…

He loves to play baseball.


  • I can’t get my boys together for a photo either. The 15 year old has to be bribed to smile these days.

  • I hope Drew’s thumb heals quickly! My son played tackle football this past fall, and we found out about halfway through the season that he had been playing with a dislocated shoulder. It was all I could do not to wrap him in bubble wrap before he went back out on to the field!

    And forget about getting him to sit still for a picture. I’d have a better chance of getting a shot of Bigfoot or a UFO.

  • Nancy:

    I love baseball too! Your story reminds me of when I was growing up. We were always at the ball field watching somebody’s game (I have 3 brothers), and if we weren’t there, all the kids in the neighborhood had a sandlot game going on all day long! What great memories. I could smack the ball pretty good back in the day! ; )

  • My girl kid was hit by the softball in nearly every game and three practices. Oganizeded bullying.

  • Axelle the french reader:

    This is a very beautiful post. Thanks for sharing it.

  • PJinIL:

    Your boys are all so handsome!!! My 3 boys played baseball when they ere younger, too. I love kid baseball, not so much MLB, too boring.

  • Kay in KCMO:

    Walking is good! It shows patience at the plate, something that most major leaguers refuse to develop so Drew’s doing good! He’s a sophisticated player. Really! It doesn’t matter how you get on base as long as you get there. OBP is where it’s at.

    ps: It’s super awesome that he hit the grand slam; can’t imagine the high that would be.

  • LucyJoy:

    Wonderful post; wonderful family!

  • I do appreciate his willingness to wait for a good pitch, but in his league, it is easy to get walked. The pitchers are rarely able to strike a kid out. So you gotta go down swingin’ or the game gets boring really fast. We want a hitter not a belly spitter??? Is that how that rhyme goes?

  • sandy:

    I have goosebumps.

  • Sandy – I tear up everytime I read it. I’m glad I am not alone.

  • annmarie:

    My daughter just finished her softball season here in Florida. Her team made the playoffs, but lost 4 games into it. I love baseball but my son won’t play, so we have gotten into the softball and it’s fun, too.When they are in a slump it is the worst. I loved this post. I was choked up at the end. Ugh! I just looked at that last picture again and it got my misty eyed again.

  • Kristin:

    Hope his season isn’t over…that last picture is wonderful. If his father hadn’t been the CD, do you think that vet who sponsors the team would’ve taken care of the thumb for you?

  • Heidi:

    My son played baseball, basketball, football and wrestling and where does he break his finger? A kick ball game in 6th grade PE. Needed two pins put in. One month later – the day before his second surgery – his sister breaks her thumb in a softball game. While we were in the exam room at the hand surgeon’s office AGAIN with her I could hear the nurses laughing at me out in the hall.
    I spent the summer carting around two kids with casts on their hands and getting lots of suspicious looks from strangers.
    Fun times.
    I’m glad your boy’s batting slump is over but that broken thumb’s gotta hurt.

  • km:

    Well look at these fine boys ! I have two, you have four. When I think of all the dirty socks you’ve seen and flatulence jokes you’ve heard I can see why you abandoned Jesus:) One must crack under such pressure !
    Seriously Rechelle- what a great looking bunch of kids. I’m sure you are very proud of them. How do you keep up with the schedule(s)?

  • jamoody:

    I always heard it as “We want a pitcher, not a belly itcher! We want a batter, not a broken ladder!”

  • Way to go Drew! May your thumb mend swiftly and you bat be the menace we know it is.

  • Ugh!! I hope he’s feeling better soon. Even if he doesn’t get to play it’s good that he got out of his batting slump. He’ll always have that grand slam to remember for this season.

  • Ashley F.:

    Good for Drew! Glad that he squeezed in that grand slam right before the injury. Now he needs to heal and have a triumphant come back!