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So what do you think? Is it really all about a good pair of shoes and a little mind over matter?

And which ancient Greek scribe cut the jet ski out of the storm on the Sea of Galilee story?

Because that was a MAJOR oversight!

Do you suppose the disciples were this cute?  

Did they also have charming accents as they enthusiastically tried to explain themselves in a foreign tongue?

Because if so – it really puts the whole 5,000 people following them around the fertile crescent into perspective.  

You haf to beeleef you can do veez shfings.  It’s not like eemposseeble.”

“We try to get like sewing machine…”

“If you don’t actually believe that you are going to walk on that water – it’s not going to happen for you.”

“It’s not about miracle , it’s just – go for it.”


Dang it!  

I thought I was actually watching a MIRACLE!

Thanks for sending it Jordan!

Prom Fashion 2010

May 9th, 2010

It takes a few seconds to load – but I think it is working now.

For any prom dress junkies – there are even more photos up at Farmhouse and Garden.