On Thinning the Radish Patch

May 4th, 2010

If I only pluck only the weakest seedlings.

Am I some kind of monster?

If I pick only the biggest seedlings?

Am I an idiot?

I dream of crispy radishes

Tender garden greens




and Cream

But even the memory

Of last year’s feast

Cannot help me decide

Which seedlings

To kill.


Photo of my FIL Joe with his radishes.  Joe struggles with thinning his seedlings too.


  • I can never bring myself to thin the herd. The seedlings are always identical in size, so I can’t choose. I just let them fight it out, let the best seedling win.

  • That reminds me… I need to thin mine out tomorrow too! I just pull up every other one.

  • Chris:

    Ah I know the feeling, to make more you must do with less…

  • Another Lee:

    It has taken me to age 45 to get a thick enough skin to thin seedlings! It still pains me, but at least I can do it now. I finally learned that they ALL die if I don’t thin.

    But I still whisper “sorry” while I’m doing it.

  • Boz:

    “I dream of crispy radishes”



  • I only just did this with my tomatoes. It felt…. wrong lol. I am hoping there is a noticeable difference for doing this or what’s the point??

  • Kind of reminds me of what I need to do with some of my Facebook “friends”….EFH

  • Boz – “I dream of crispy radishes… weirdo” is my new header slogan… thingy.

  • M.R.:

    I don’t have anything to say other than that I wanted to click the “Like” button for this one.

  • MisterGee:

    I love the new header slogan thingy. Boz, could you do a song about crispy radishes in the Boz Skaggs style? Now that would be wierd, Boz.

  • I like the new slogan!

  • Mary:

    This is just lovely.

  • LucyJoy:

    You can always toss the ones you pull into a salad…Mmmm!

  • AC:

    I do not care for
    radishes; I planted none
    in my home garden.

  • Boz:


    thanks for using my quote rechelle

  • So I just thinned out some tomato and eggplant seedlings (in pots in my window sill) and wouldn’t you know, overnight I accidently locked the cat IN with instead of outside of the office with said seedlings. Now I have to see if they can make a comeback from being chewed to nubs. Asshat cat.