JEEEZZZUUUS! These Guys are Totally On To You!

May 11th, 2010

So what do you think? Is it really all about a good pair of shoes and a little mind over matter?

And which ancient Greek scribe cut the jet ski out of the storm on the Sea of Galilee story?

Because that was a MAJOR oversight!

Do you suppose the disciples were this cute?  

Did they also have charming accents as they enthusiastically tried to explain themselves in a foreign tongue?

Because if so – it really puts the whole 5,000 people following them around the fertile crescent into perspective.  

You haf to beeleef you can do veez shfings.  It’s not like eemposseeble.”

“We try to get like sewing machine…”

“If you don’t actually believe that you are going to walk on that water – it’s not going to happen for you.”

“It’s not about miracle , it’s just – go for it.”


Dang it!  

I thought I was actually watching a MIRACLE!

Thanks for sending it Jordan!


  • THIS will be the next new sport of the Olympics! Just you wait and see….. LOL Maybe Bruce Jenner could be their coach???

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  • Goofy and they are so serious! However, they ARE cute, especially with the accents!
    Thanks for the silliness.

  • Wendy:

    hell if the disciples were that cute I would have followed

  • Hallie:

    Looks like fun! I can watch cute guys doing all sorts of silly stuff–endlessly.

  • Roman:

    Super cute.

  • LucyJoy:

    It looks like fun! I would liked to have seen them walk back out of the water so we would know, definitely, that those first few steps weren’t in very shallow water…

  • Awesome! And yeah, can I just eat them up? So damn cute and killer accents to boot.

    You know my crazy friends and I will probably try this… I beleef! : )

  • Joe L.:

    i think it’s most likely about putting a platform just under the surface of the water to run on, then fall off the end. And making several attempts without the platform to give the air of authenticity

  • annmarie:

    oh dear, they are really,really,really cute, both to look at and to listen to – thanks for that !

  • I’m also thinking this is a promotional stunt (for the shoes perhaps). It has all kinds of signs of it being fake. They are trying to distract us with the details of the shoes, the weather, etc. I guess I just don’t have enough faith.

    Here’s the closest thing to walking on water…

  • GA in GA:

    Looks like my fellow cynics have already stated my concerns.

    But they are cute young things with wonderful Euro-accents . . .

  • Action Squirrel:


    Great viral campaign idea.

  • tess:


  • Are you people seriously saying that this isn’t real??!?!?!?!?

  • Meanie:

    Yeah, I don’t really care if it is real or not, I just want to see more! I do, however, think it would be more convincing if they wore *tighter* wetsuits, if possible. Or perhaps removed their shirts. Or said my name followed by “baby” that would convince me….ummm what were we talking about?

  • jo in oz:

    @ meanie.
    good one. you made me giggle.

  • LucyJoy:

    I’m not saying it’s not real, ’cause I want it to be real! I’m just naturally skeptical…They are *really* cute!

  • That was SO well worth the time to watch. Loved it!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  • NC Gal:


    I’m sorry, what was the question? LOL

  • Glad I’m not the only one who noticed that A) when they succeed, they always run about the same distance out, B) there’s a difference in the way the waves play over the area they run across in a couple of those clips, suggesting a platform just below the water, and C) when they do sink, it’s a very sudden thing, rather than a gradual failure of feet-pushing-against-the-water. (As a fan of Kung Fu films, I think they would have been better off to use wires!)

    On the other hand, and speaking as an entirely straight man, they *are* completely edible, aren’t they?

  • Kathy:

    What is all this talk about walking on water…. oh my they are *cute* and, he had me at “beleef!”

  • Clayvessel:

    And they need wetsuits because…????

  • Action Squirrel:

    @Michael Mock, I noticed the same thing. I assumed the pond is very shallow till then, or is maybe a flooded beach area, and they ran out to the edge of that. But the platform idea makes way more sense.

  • Patricia:

    The only miracle happening there is the cuteness of all those big boys…
    The accents don’t hurt either…

  • Patricia:

    PS – I agree with ‘meanie’….maybe it would work better if they did it in speedos !!!!!! ( JUST KIDDING PEOPLE )

  • sandy:

    The only way I will believe that this is real is if they all die for me and come back to life two days later………..seriously.

  • Rechelle! Please tell me you saw “The Daily Show” last night (May 11th)!!!???

    “God Smacked: Jason Jones meets a pastor who teaches mixed martial arts and an evangelist who breaks inanimate objects in the name of Jesus.”

    As a Christian, I’m embarrassed, but I thought you’d get a kick out of it :)

    • Shelley – I watched it. Very strange. Very, very strange.

  • The whole Europeans enthusiastically explaining things in english (points for alliteration) is my absolute favorite part of living in Europe.

    Like I said, I saw that and immediately had to send it to you :) Glad you like!

  • Jennifer:

    I just enjoyed checking out the cute guys! I’ll have to review it again more carefully–you know, for the sake of science.
    Only just listened to my intuition and checked back at your blog–so happy you’ve returned to writing.

  • Jennifer:

    Ah–the first time I watched the video got stuck before they “happened” to show the shoes. Advertising strikes again.

  • Anoria:

    Hello. Just dropping by to point out that I’m TOTALLY ON TO YOU playing possum with your blog a few months ago (was it really only April?) and… um… definitely thought to check back before this. Of course I did. Yeah.
    I went back to reading Pioneer Woman after you disappeared, with a much more cynical eye than I started out with. Your influence stuck with me even when I didn’t remotely imagine that you might have come back to blogging after a nice relaxing hiatus.
    So yeah. You’re bookmarked again. Be happy?

  • Jimmy-boy:

    Bit gutted. Really wanted this to be true (I made a great believer once!). But…you can see a submerged board come up behind the runner from 13 to 16 seconds into the clip. Darn!

  • Skeptics Guide to the Universe talked about this this week…

    Starts at about 44 mins.

    Rebecca mentions that the guys are all good looking too…