Giving Tums to Your Tomatoes

May 28th, 2010

Beware the disembodied hand that holds the blossom end rot tomato!

To read a fascinating post on how to prevent this wretched scourge from attacking your tender tomatoes (and peppers and eggplant) visit Farmhouse and Garden.

Oh just do it!

Just GO already!


You don’t want a disembodied hand crawling around your garden do you!


  • You can grow tomatoes?
    I am, like, sooooooo jealous.
    Weather man says we will have a hard freeze tonight and it’ll wipe out my lilacs and the poor little things aren’t even budding!

    I may have to stop reading you blog if you continue to cause me


  • I bought tomato plants today! And peppers! Sorry…no eggplant.

  • We just have two small tomato plants sitting on the front porch. As soon as they grow a bit will be potted and placed on the back deck where they will get much sunshine. Not doing an actual garden because the deer destroy pretty much everything around here so we would need to put in a VERY high fence to keep them out. Sorry about yer maters.