First Spring Salad 2010!

May 19th, 2010

I harvested my first tender salad of the year!

And made some wilted greens.

The whole sordid tale is up at Farmhouse and Garden.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words over the past few days.  

And for giving me the ‘okay’ to be completely random.  It will still seem kind of ludicrous to me to go from a bumpy heated debate on the validity of the resurrection to a post with the title – CHECK OUT MY AWESOME RADISHES!  All I can figure is that you people must have stomachs made of iron.


  • Sally:

    When I woke up today I thought, how can I act happy if I feel so down? And my mind went to you, and your desire to be honest and not hypocritical. It helped me to better understand your struggle. There is a delicate balance to living between one’s ideal and the reality of life. Sometimes I long so much for the ideal that it hurts, and I want to scream at the people around me, “How can you just lumber along like everything is fine?!?” And I can’t decide if my longing is correct and true, or if it’s just another manifestation of my desire to control everything in my realm.
    ….Either way, I commiserate in your struggles.


  • Either our stomachs are made of iron or you’re a good writer we can all relate to no matter what the subject. I’m gonna go with the latter.

  • Martha in Kansas:

    I’ve always just called it subject whiplash.

  • Mike K:

    Yeah for random. Imagine a genuine human genuinely being genuine. Ah, refreshing. Like the first evening breeze on late august evening.

  • GA in GA:

    Am green with envy of how beautiful and lush your lettuces are. The heat here is already getting my early lettuces. And powdery mildew has attacked my zucchini.

    Lucky for me, one of the dear little ladies brought the local CD zucchini and crookneck squash yesterday. No, it is not required but I sure love her veggies!

  • GA in GA:

    After reading the wilted lettuce post, I am hungry. And it is not lunchtime yet.

    But I still love your take on a food blog post. Even if I am hungry, after reading and LMAO while reading.

  • Nancy:

    Your garden is AWESOME! I’m hooked on gardening,too – it feeds my soul. Many,many thanks to you for this blog.I’m hooked! You are refreshingly honest and so freakin’ NORMAL….or maybe I just relate to your posts and it makes ME feel normal. Either way, love it!

  • Ted Powell:

    Sally wrote: There is a delicate balance to living between one’s ideal and the reality of life. Minutes before reading this, I had come across this illustration of “wings of your dreams” vs “ocean of reality”.

  • Kait:

    Mmmmm. I love love love a good radish and they photograph very well. :)

  • Anna:

    Maybe you don’t realize it yet but your life and your thoughts are the same as a whole lot of us who have had to deal with the same issues.
    And gardening cures a whole lot of stuff. Except back aches which they tend to cause.

  • Randomness is good for us out here who are easily bored…keeps us on our toes. Plus the whole vacation from hell…..I thank you for that as I had my own with 3 kids/adults and a husband who wasn’t listening to me….I cried finally, and that stopped him. After your tale at least I knew I wasn’t the only one. No one can be up and happy all the time, and your blog is refreshing.

    Not to mention that I am totally jealous of your garden!!

  • Carry:

    I like random, as long as a story was not left unfinished. I hate wanting to know what happened and find the subject totally changed…

    And I’ve enjoyed your writing style. Keep it up!

  • Gayl:

    I agree; I enjoy your ever changing focus. I love it when you introduce a book, your family, your garden, decorating ideas, marital conflict, vacations, and discuss your religious conversion. It’s interesting to see the things that I can relate to and those which are outside my realm of thinking. It’s not boring, it’s just the way life is. We are all different, and that’s a good thing.

  • km:

    I have a blog recommendation for you. I love this lady and she too is random. She also has the “sheesh!” teeth gritting with the husband:)

  • Cheyenne:

    Looks really yummy! And, I’m loving your new header, hahahahaha!

  • I’m now really hungry for wilted lettuce! Your garden looks so pretty!

  • My blog has always been random. I see nothing wrong with randomness.

    I’m on a low carb eating experience so lettuce is good. Love the blue bowl!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  • Mackenzie:

    I love the garden posts! I grew up in the country, but find myself living in the city now.. the only garden I can grow is a little patio tomato plant on my apartment balcony. Maybe I’ll get a window box for lettuce.. it certainly looks delightful :)