Cassie Goes To Pot Using the Rhythm Method

May 7th, 2010

This is Cassie.  It is actually CasSeeSee for those of you who are keeping track.

CasSeeSee is very gifted at potting up flowers.

She is very gifted a lots of things.  She has been working in the plant industry since she was fourteen years old.  Cassie can answer just about any plant question that walks in the garden center door.  I frequently page Cassie when I am stumped about a plant question (which is about eighty percent of the time) and this young woman always has an answer.  She knows everything from what chemicals to use to kill woody vegetation to how to pot up an orchid.

She is also getting ready to start nursing school.

And she works a second job as a greeter at Wal-Mart.

Cassie loves being a greeter at Wal-Mart.

She loves it soooooo much.

Her favorite days are the days when she leaves her full time job at the garden center to work an eight hour shift as a greeter at Wal-Mart.

We all need to have things to look forward to.

Cassie is also very artistic when it comes to assembling pots.  And she has a few rules that she follows.  I call her rules the rhythm method.  Cassie does not feel that I should call it the rhythm method.  But she is not the one writing this blog is she?

One of Cassie’s rhythms is to pot by threes.  This is an easy method and especially good for small containers.  Divide your space into thirds and stick three different flowers in the container.  It is good to choose a ‘spiller’ a ‘filler’ and a ‘thriller’.  But sometimes your spiller is your thriller and sometimes your filler is a spiller.  So the best thing to do is just pick three flowers that you like.  In this container, Cassie used wave petunias, delicate euphorbia and pink and yellow lantana.

Cassie has another standard rhythm which involves a tall background surrounded by shorter equally spaced items.

This layout is pregnant with possibilities.

Which is another reason why I call it it the rhythm method.

Cassie used the same layout for this container.  She used a canna as her tall backdrop.

A canna.

Cassie used a Canna!

She used a bulb for a background!  A bulb!  Do you not see the genius in that?

Then she employed the rhythm method for the surrounding material.  Verbena flowing out on either side with a white vinca and yellow… marigolds?  I’m not sure what that yellow flower is.

Here are the two pots that Cassie was making while I was photographing her.

She used a giardillia as her center piece, but she off centered it a bit because that girl is always pushing the boundaries of pot making.  In fact, a giardillia is a perennial!  A PERENNIAL PEOPLE!   Cassie put a perennial in a container!  She placed red petunias around the edges, added a black sweet potato vine and then sprinkled in some small yellow zinnias.

Then she sat the pots down in this very unattractive corner and I snapped a photo thinking I would come back in a few minutes and move them to a more scenic area for another picture, but when I returned a few minutes later – the pots had sold.

That is how good Cassie is at potting up flowers.

Here’s one that I potted.

It is totally random.

I was just feeling the blue nemesia and found a few more blue things to throw in there with a white trailing lantana.

Here’s another one I potted up.


Totally random.

Liz potted this one.

I love this container.

Red on red on red.

Liz has also been working in the garden industry forever.


Her grandfather is the owner.

I think that Liz’s pots clearly indicate her years of experience.

I am not sure who did this pot.  It kind of has Darla written all over it, but I can’t be positive.

This one has a lot of rhythm going on.  It looks like it should be in a magazine.

Very beautiful.

Liz did this one too.

It is a very rhythmic pot.

A tall white cleome in the center surrounded by four tall cleosia.

And then she edged it with two sweet potatoes and two wave petunias.

Very orderly and very beautiful.

This is Grant.

Grant is a Stanford grad.

He is currently a law student at NYU

We have no idea why he has spent the past two summers working at the garden center.

But we like him.

And we like to make fun of him.

A lot.

There he goes.

He just wants to get back to that cash register and away from all of us females and our flower problems.

Here is Jan, Erin and Darla discussing some flower problems.

Darla is the one in the center.  She is the store manager.  Her son and two of my sons are on the same baseball team.  We are going to be seeing a lot of each other this summer.

Jan is a hands on girl.

She works in the greenhouse with Erin.

And she walks faster than anyone I have ever known.

Erin has the long blond ponytail.

She runs the greenhouses.

She also has her own flower farm and sells them at the local farmer’s market.

Erin takes care of flowers all day.

And then goes home and takes care of flowers all night.

She also had a dog named Lily that always barks at me.

I like Lily.  I try to talk to Lily.  I try to be friends with Lily.

But Lily doesn’t like me.

It looks like they have resolved their flower problems.

It is safe for Grant to come back out.




Poor Grant.

It’s got to be hard on a guy to work with a bunch of women in a flower store.

But he did come back for a second summer.

There must be something that he likes about us.


  • Nadine:

    Cassie, Jan, Darla, Erin and Liz’s pots all look very lovely. But, um, hellooo Grant.

  • All these natural-looking women and a Stanford grad hanging out for the summer. This shouldn’t be a garden shop in the middle of Kansas, this should be a coffee house in Haight Ashbury! I mean, all this talk about pot, no less…..EFH

  • Cassie C.:

    I just love pictures of myself! :)

  • Emily:

    Those are lovely. The flowers and the boy. Your pots are still much better than any effort of mine, Rechelle. Plants and I don’t get along very well.

  • Jeanne:

    Fantastic post!! Ummmmm, how do we get more posts about Grant?

  • Amber:

    I wish I lived closer so I could come a buy some of these beautiful potted flowers!!! But I’m the least “green” person on the planet. My mom gave me an ivy plant once and told me there’s no way in the world anyone can kill an ivy. It died. =)

  • Um, yeah, nice pots, but I’m totally on the Grant team as well.

  • Cheyenne:

    Hi Grant! *waves* Rechelle, I think you’re bringing out all of our inner giggling schoolgirls. Anyway, love all the pots. I love to plant flowers, but feel like I never know what I’m doing. I’m sure I’ll be referencing this post next time I want to put together an attractive pot for the front porch.

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    Enjoy nursing school, Cassie. Been there, done that. Helpful hint – when you’re learning to do catheters, practice at home by pretending a beer bottle is your male patient. Of course, you have to empty the bottle of beer first – the beer also helps your practicing. Wine bottle would also work, but emptying it by yourself might not help your precise and sterile technique.

  • Um, could you please blog more about Grant? He’s such a cutie!

  • Well hello, Grant! Oh and the flowers are nice, too.

  • Is it wrong that I want that pansy t-shirt?

    Love the flowers a whole lot, I can never buy those pre-planted pots. I love them, but then I get them home, and one or two of the plants dies in it leaving me with a funny looking half-dead pot monstrosity in my front yard.

    This year I am all about seeds and waiting for the prennials to come back. So far so mediocre.

  • Absolutely GORGEOUS flower arrangements!

  • Martha B:

    Grant can be your blog’s equivalent of you-know-who’s Marlboro Man.

  • Kay in KCMO:

    Grant. Well.

    Rechelle, please remember to take your camera to work when the temp. reaches into the 90s, okay? After all one never knows what might happen to a certain person’s shirt.

    Love the flowers. Is there such a thing as a flower that can’t be killed by over-watering or under-watering? I think I’m doing one then over compensate by doing the other then everything dies.

  • Mindy:

    Wow, very pretty flowers. I liked your blue pot. :)

  • Nadine:

    Martha B, I was planning on stealing Grant away from his big-city life (I bet he has a nasty sushi habit), moving him to my ranch in Oklahoma, buying him lots of Le Creuset and KitchenAid mixers and forcing him to blog for money.
    Don’t steal my dreams!

  • I used to work in a greenhouse. Lots of sun (best tan I ever had), lots of creativity, lots of fun, but oh my aching feet.
    Great post!

  • Kay in KCMO:

    LOL @ Nadine. Coffee spewed on keyboard. Must employ Q-Tips to clean.

  • LucyJoy:

    I love all the pots & the flowers! How lucky you are to work at a garden center!

  • Melissa:

    Is it bad that I would much rather look at Grant than the flowers? I was pleased to see that I’m not they only one! Please, more pictures!!

  • hahaha Great post, Rechelle!! :)

  • Clayvessel:

    Nice Midwestern garden center. Ever been to the Great Northwest?

  • just a farm girl:

    I LOVE YOUR POT!!!! Cool blue and fragrant! And not random at all! I agree Cassie has a knack…lovely lovely pots. Its raining and cold and ready to snow here in Wisconsin and I was supposed to go flower shopping TODAY..waaaaa

  • Patricia:

    Those pots are unbelievably beautiful ! So is Grant !

  • Action Squirrel:

    1. This post was very funny. And informative!
    2. Please add a “lastest posts” widget!

  • Rechelle:

    Clayvessel – I have been to the great northwest once when I was about nine years old. I have an aunt that lives in Seattle.

  • Mmmm a side of Grant with my coffee please this morning??

  • tess:

    Wow I bet yall sell tons on the saturday before Mother’s Day!
    Those pots are gorgeou!!

    • Tess – Mother’s Day is our busiest day of the year. I will be working too – it is all hands on deck. We get crushed to bits.

  • Did someone say POT?

  • Andrea:

    My friend Elaine has a dog named Lily, and that Lily doesn’t like me. Every other pet I have ever met likes me, but Lily just barks and barks.

  • Jimmy:

    Hey Rechelle,

    What an inspiration!

    So here in the UK we have a BBC radio program that has been running for decades, called Gardeners’ Questions. It’s very sedate and prim and proper – with archetypal British gardeners sending in their questions to a panel.

    Now we have seen quite how much a plant guru you are (the flowers are stunning!) how about helping us out there with you own version of Gardeners’ Questions? May I start by asking what I can do, without resorting to the use of dodgy chemicals, to grow chilli plants on a window ledge, free from aphids?

  • When are you going to petition NBC for your new show idea? The Grantchelor? Women from all over Kansas can live in the greenhouse and compete weekly for Grant’s Orchid. Bring this plant back from certain aphid death. Sprout some decorative grass BLINDFOLDED! In a gardener’s smock!! (HAWT!!!) It would be EPIC!

  • WOW!!!! All those gorgeous flowers make me want to go outside in this 60mph wind we are having and pot some of my pretty plants!!!

    Really…they are all quite gorgeous!!! I love them!

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