The Glass Houses At Kew Gardens

April 15th, 2010

One day (and one day alone) during our trip to Europe last summer, I marched my family away from the chaos of London for a day trip to Kew Gardens. Even though my husband and I both love gardens, he was morose the entire time we were there. Spending our entire day at one attraction meant that we we were clearly not maximizing the use of the London Pass and we were completely unable to spaz from one site to the next at the frenzied pace he preferred.  In spite of having to drag my gray, sodden, corpse like, usurped, husband around a gorgeous, sunlit garden, I had a lovely time. Here are some photos of the unbelievably beautiful glass houses at Kew Gardens. I’ll put up another post with more information on this park and how we inadvertently got our four kids drunk while we were there soon.


And the gardens are nice too!


  • lamitchell:

    Some of those photos could be postcards – nice job!

  • Brooke:

    Absolutely beautiful! Were you tempted to throw anything while you were there? Like, perhaps, your corpse-like husband? :)

  • Hee hee. That sounds just like my husband. Lovely pictures…the world is full of so much beauty. This is a nice blog-post to wake up to!

  • GA in GA:

    “my gray, sodden, corpse like, usurped, husband”

    Are we married to twins, who were separated at birth??

    Gorgeous place! Glad you had a wonderful day!

  • tess:

    That is a fun post to look at and read while having morning coffee!

  • Beautiful photos. Reminds me of the Botanical Gardens here in New York.

  • Beautiful! Looks like somewhere that I should put on my to do list before I leave this life. Thank you!

  • This place looks absolutely beautiful, but I gotta tell you – I really wanna know how you got 4 kids drunk! Can’t wait to hear about that!

  • How could anyone be morose in this gorgeous setting and the weather, could it have been any better???

  • Mindy:

    You take beautiful pictures. Hopefully the amount of wonderful pictures you got will eventually overwhelm the unfortunate time you had on that trip.

  • M.R.:

    Ah, thank you for the memories of the Kew Gardens. That was a highlight of the trip to London that I made with my mother — 20 years ago. We made a day of it — taking a boat trip to get there (and then the train/tube back) — and walking, walking, walking around the wonderful gardens. The rhododendrons were in bloom while we were there. And I bought some great books while I was there — one whole book just on hellebores!

  • Rechelle… Thank you for re-opening your blog. I don’t think I could stop blogging either.

    The blogging world needs to hear your voice.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  • Jayne:

    Beautiful……….. I could have spent days there!

  • OpenMind:

    Please tell me you dragged them to Maids of Honour for lunch?!!

  • Gorgeous! I’d love to make it there…some day. And my “gray, sodden, corpse like, usurped, husband” better put on a happy face about it or he can walk back to London. : )

  • Sandy in MI:

    Beautiful photos! It brought back memories of my honeymoon trip to London almost 14 years ago. The building in the third to last photo I don’t recognize at all. I wonder if it’s newer?

  • Wow!!

  • Rechelle,
    The photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for continuing on.

  • Your pictures are great! In 1990, my husband and our two daughters and I travelled through New Zealand and Australia. The girls were 4 and 6 years old then. We took the 6 year old out of kdg and taught her ourselves. It worked out great but we are both former teachers and aren’t into homeschooling and were glad to get her back into school when we got back. We were gone for 2 and a half months. We rented cars. We were close to divorce after the 2.5 months. I’m glad we went but it was really hard being in a car with the husband and kids for that long.

  • That place looks gorgeous. I would like to be inside if/when it was raining. I bet that would be neat LOL.

  • Pam:

    Your photography skillz are mad, Rechelle! Beautiful!

  • LucyGolden:

    OH my! Lovely!

  • Jimmy-boy:

    (trying not to sound smug…well…)… Delighted you enjoyed Kew Gardens – they’re one of our best attractions, don’t you know! But seriously – glad you enjoyed: they are lovely, and there is something really special wandering round the big glass houses, thinking about the Victorians who had the vision to build them and fill them with plants from the colonies!

    Lived next to a guy who had just spent 3 years as a paid gardner there at Kew. While the salary was crap, one of the perks was a little Victorian cottage in the garden that he got to live in. How cool was that?

    Can I just say again – very nice to see you back on line Rechelle?

  • Great photos! It looks absolutely beautiful. I like that glass taco-looking building!

  • Erp:

    The one not recognized looking like a taco is the Davies Alpine House opened in 2006.

    Kew is amazing and so is its country extension at Wakehurst.

  • Rechelle glad to see you back. Lovely pictures. I don’t have any pictures from any of the trips I took to Europe. Guess that means I have to go back :)

  • It is nice to see you back at blogging.

    Kew Gardens is gorgeous, I am hoping someday soon to go back to Europe and explore such pretty places.

  • Christine from Canada:

    I have started LOATHING going on trips with my husband. Not because he is morose and sullen, but because he is happily oblivious of me. New York City: so eager was he to see EVERYTHING that he walked ten paces ahead of me, arms swinging, smile on his face — unaware that I wanted to friggin’ STOP and smell the roses (well, being NYC, it’d be more stop and look in the shop windows). He reminds me of Disney’s Pinocchio on the first day of school, where Geppetto has to hold him back by his suspenders. I swear: one day I’m just going to duck into a store, and scare the living shit right out of him.

    Don’t get me started.

    Nice pictures. (Harumph!)

  • km:

    Shandy? Sherry Trifle? Mimosas? How did you do it?

  • sandy:

    When I was in London many, many years ago, I was a poor/backpacking college student. I missed out on so much! Thanks for posting the pics….your children look like they are a lot of fun!

  • AnnB:

    AGAIN, those travel stories must be shared….are you writing? Get moving sister………

  • Liz:

    Love the Kew Gardens photos! Truly, the gardens in England are amazing. I hope you get a chance to go back, sans children (and hubby, if necessary to have a good experience!). Some spouses travel well together, and others are better off sharing the traveling with sisters or good friends. Would love to hear more of your travel stories, if you can bear to tell them.

  • Jaki:

    Those pictures are breathtaking! The sky! The clouds!

  • My hands-down favorite is the last one…the one with people I recognize in it! The other photos…the photography is lovely, but it DOES look like a postcard. That last one says…WE WERE THERE.

  • Gorgeous! Absolutely breathtaking- so glad you’re willing to share your talent!

  • “I’ll put up another post with more information on this park and how we inadvertently got our four kids drunk while we were there soon.”

    Let me guess… you asked for apple juice, and received cider?

    (Put me down as another who’s very glad to see you sharing your life with your “imaginary friends”.)

  • km:

    I forgot about cider. That would make sense. Did you know you can get Bulmers cider (it’s called Magner’s) in the US here?
    Yummy in the hot Summer.

  • No, but I’ll look for it. I live in an urban area, so I can find any of the common brands; I don’t imagine Bulmers/Magners will elude me for long.

  • Jaime:

    Loved Kew Gardens too… it’s fab!