Propping Purslane

April 1st, 2010

I work at a garden center where my primary job is to wrestle the cash register to the ground three or four times a day. Usually the cash register wins. I also load trees, drop shovels at the most opportune moments, and make up astute sounding responses whenever a customer asks me a question about anything that can’t be answered with ‘dig the hole, insert the plant, water, wait, water again’. So yesterday, when my boss sent me to work down in the real greenhouse because they were one soldier short, I was jubilant!


I will get to work with PLANTS!

At Last!!!

I will get foist my distal extremities into the damp and bracken earth and bring forth the squirming quagmire that is called LIFE!

And so I turned my laser like focus from mine forsworn enemy hitherto known as cash register and I marched untoeth the greeneth housen.

And Lo.

Prop purslane.

I did.

This is Jan.

Jan and I propped purslane.

This is Joanne.

Joanne and I also propped purslane.

This is the cat.

The cat did nothing.

This is one half of my boss.

She also did not prop purslane.

But I am sure she could if she wanted to.

This is just another part of the greenhouse.

It has nothing to do with purslane.

And this is Jan and Joanne propping more purslane

Please note the cat in center.

It is still doing nothing.

That cat has the best job ever.


  • Frankly, I hold to the hope that if I live a good life and advance my soul, after I die, I’ll be reincarnated as a cat.

  • I envy you your job with the plants!!!!

    And that CAT – I hope it isn’t pooing in the plants, like MY cat does…


  • Seeee? That is bliss. I have a smallholding and that kind of stuff is what makes me happiest in life. I envy you being able to make money doing that lol. <3

    PS. My kittehs also do nothing. But love me. And for that they are the best things ever lol

  • I bet you all are going to start getting really busy. I can’t wait until we get our flowers to plant. Its too soon here.

  • Well, I guess if I need any purslane, I know where to go. Hilarious commentary to the photos.
    I love spring gardening!

    (long time reader, first time poster – I think!)

  • flutterby:

    Tell me about purslane. I think I have it growing everywhere in my garden and yard but I usually pull it out as it is much too vigorous. It is edible, yes?

  • Kristin:

    Propping purslane? Propagating? Propping up floppy purslane? Seriously…I’m very curious! Maybe the cat keeps all of the evil squirrels who would snip off your propped purslane out of the greenhouse when no one is around.

  • Kathy J:

    Had to go get pansies the other day for my affirmation of spring – they look great. My daffodils are going nutsy and look fab right now too – since they had about 1 million feet of snow on them all winter they ought to go nuts!!

  • What is purslane and if I have it at home, do I have to prop it? My forsythia bush is blooming, I need to get pictures before the storms destroy it. The tulips and iris are starting to come up, but I’m excited for my peonies to bloom again. I hope I can transplant them when we move.

    Ah, to have the life of a cat! Eat, nap, lie in the sun, repeat as necessary.

  • Rhonda:

    Ahhhhh Spring!

    Your job beats mine all to heck- sitting mind numbingly at a computer alllllllllllll day. Cat not included.

  • Becky:

    Looks like a fun job!

  • Maria:

    A cat? Doing *nothing*? As if! That cat is obviously in charge of the whole shebang, ruling all of you lesser beings, you puny humans with tiny brains, with the sheer power of his kitteh mind control. Don’t believe me, huh? Then why did you suddenly stop what you were doing that one time near lunch and wonder where the cat nip was being kept? Answer me that!

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    Did you root the Rhodies? Because I bought one Saturday – sorry, didn’t see you. But maybe I have a Rechelle rooted Rhody.

  • LucyGolden:

    Ummm…I love the smell of a greenhouse!

    When I grow up, I wanna be a cat – one of my own pampered cats…

  • Jenny:

    Propping – as in propagation, now I get it…duh!

  • ooh fun :-)

    all our plants that have already been planted are still indoors, because it’s too cold to kick them out. They’re not sprouting as well as they should, either. :-(

  • Nikki – No I did not root the rhodies. That is way above my pay grade.

    Maria – Yes of course you are right. What I saw as laziness was obviously just an incredibly competent overseer.

    Jenny – Yes – propogation. I didn’t know what it meant either. But I so do now.

  • Kay in KCMO:

    So, are Joanne, Jan and half the boss nice people? Is the other half of the boss a nice person? The niceness of the kitteh goes without saying.

    Ah Spring! Daffodils, purslane, and microbursts. Rechelle, what the heck is purslane? Does it flower? spread? climb? all or none of the above? what? Google is waaaaaaay over there…

    Here in KCMO this morning we had a microburst – trees toppled, roofs flung, and trampolines in trees all over the metro area. Okay, just one trampoline in a tree, but it wasn’t supposed to be there. It was extremely intense for several minutes and then it was over. Mr. and I were hoping that the windows wouldn’t come crashing in.

    Was there any microburst activity in Wamego? You might’ve been too far west for this. Trust me, you didn’t want any of it.

  • It’s is nice to have a lazy cat hanging out with you in the greenhouse. My kitty loves to hide under the greenhouse shelves.

    It is definitely time for Spring and ditzy, cute animals.

    Someone told me once that Spring had occured, but I am still waiting for it to hang on. Doesn’t the Earth know I have PLANTS to grow, and it is WASTING my time!

    The nerve!

    Oh well, good to see that I am not the only one who gets excited to do important things with plants.

  • Kimberly:

    Ahh you have a wonderful job. I would love to work with plants. ^Tree hugger right here. We had our token April snowstorm here today, but the girlies and I did go to the store to get some lil planters and flower seed to get our gardening started somewhat. :) Congrats on getting away from the cash register!

  • Revyloution:

    As someone with a serious brown thumb, I envy your joy of the greenery. Its a beautiful greenhouse.

    My wife does all the serious gardening, I just build all the contraptions. For a marriage that has few gender roles, the garden makes us look like a couple from the 50s. At least the greenhouse I built contributes to the delicious tomatoes we get to eat (sometime in August probably. We just had a huge late snow fall today)

  • GA in GA:

    I am so glad to see that Maria set you straight on the excellent job the kitty master was doing. I am in perpetual servitude to my feline masters.

  • Katherine:

    ok..what is purslane?

    Cats do best when we let then do what they want or don’t want to do

    hahahaha…delightful article and pictures

  • That is awesome! I finally planted a garden last summer and it was amazing. Frankly, I decided that even though today is Easter and I hate it, I would celebrate LIFE in light of spring. I saw this story online and thought of you:

    It is a beautiful story, and very hopeful in light of..ahem…the holiday.