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Propping Purslane

April 1st, 2010

I work at a garden center where my primary job is to wrestle the cash register to the ground three or four times a day. Usually the cash register wins. I also load trees, drop shovels at the most opportune moments, and make up astute sounding responses whenever a customer asks me a question about anything that can’t be answered with ‘dig the hole, insert the plant, water, wait, water again’. So yesterday, when my boss sent me to work down in the real greenhouse because they were one soldier short, I was jubilant!


I will get to work with PLANTS!

At Last!!!

I will get foist my distal extremities into the damp and bracken earth and bring forth the squirming quagmire that is called LIFE!

And so I turned my laser like focus from mine forsworn enemy hitherto known as cash register and I marched untoeth the greeneth housen.

And Lo.

Prop purslane.

I did.

This is Jan.

Jan and I propped purslane.

This is Joanne.

Joanne and I also propped purslane.

This is the cat.

The cat did nothing.

This is one half of my boss.

She also did not prop purslane.

But I am sure she could if she wanted to.

This is just another part of the greenhouse.

It has nothing to do with purslane.

And this is Jan and Joanne propping more purslane

Please note the cat in center.

It is still doing nothing.

That cat has the best job ever.