And So The Garden Begins…

April 21st, 2010

Och Aye!  Getting my garden going this year was a mite harder than last year.  Last Spring I was digging into virgin earth.  Soil that had yet to sprout a weed.  New raised beds that had never suffered the scourge of  bindweed, ragweed, milk thistle, johnson grass, hoary cress, musk thistle, pignut or quackgrass.

But this year was different.  I walked out to my garden on a fine Spring morning to find it’s virgin soil densely covered with the brazen embrace of a multitude of virulent weeds.

Filled with righteous indignation (and only after procrastinating for as long as I possibly could) I began to tear the weeds from the once pure and undefiled soil of my tender and innocent garden.  They came loose from the ground in my vice like grip – their lifeless roots dangling and bare, pale, weak and freshly impotent. I threw them in my wheel barrow and carted them to the compost pile where they could no longer ravage this fair garden of mine.

So far I have planted lettuce, spinach, mesclun, onions, and herbs.  I hope to get some potatoes in the ground today.

And you!

You dastardly weeds that dare to creep back and defile once again my sweet patch o’ prairie earth.

I will be watching you!


  • Weeds!
    The bane of my existence!
    I envy your garden.
    I can’t plant for another month. as the frost has not yet gone out of the ground….*sigh*

    I’m so glad you are back!
    I love your blog!


  • jamoody:

    I’m right there with you….I tried to put it off as long as I could, but I finally got started….now finishing is another matter all together.

  • I throw away weeds. Weed seeds are long-lived. If you put them in your compost pile, and then put the compost on the garden, the weeds will just germinate again.

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    I feel your pain.

  • LucyGolden:

    Ugh! Weeds…I’m having my husband dig mine out (with a majority of the rock-hard soil) with his excavator so that I can start fresh. How’s that for lazy?!

  • kathy b:

    I see a positive use for all those trees being planted on your property. We use the leaves from our trees to cover the garden area in the fall. A thick layer of leaves keeps weeds down and then in the spring I dig them into the soil and rake off any excess. Those weeping trees???? Kinda wierd!

    Kathy b

  • Lovely garden! Except for all the weeds ;-)

  • Nadine:

    I wish I had a garden! I also wish I had someone to keep it up for me. I don’t have a green thumb, I have the thumb of plant death.

  • Have you planted asparagus yet? You must! There’s nothing like seeing asparagus stick up out of the ground, and there’s nothing like eating fresh asparagus fro the ground, either!

    It’s akin to planting trees, however, since you won’t reap the rewards until a few years down the road. But, like most things you have to wait for, they seem to be sweeter for the delay.

  • Peggy in TN:

    My husband and I bought all the materials yesterday for him to build me a raised bed like yours. I guess this means my garden is a virgin this year! :) I printed a copy of your garden on the day before you were leaving blogdom and I was really glad I did. I am even happier though that you are back and we get to see new pictures of your garden and beautiful home.

  • I’m with Lori – green with envy because planting is still at least a month off here. (I usually do most of my planting Memorial Day Weekend. *sob*)

    Wandering Chopsticks has a point, but I always make sure I pull my weeds before they get to the seed point. Never had a problem with weeds from the compost. The grass that likes to thread it’s tendrils in however…

  • pottermom:

    We’re harvesting our first tomatoes this week. The lettuce is going nuts (need to eat more salad for sure!) and the herbs need to be cut back just so they don’t take over the whole garden….
    Nothing like the south (until the August heat hits that is)

  • Wandering Chopsticks – I wasn’t sure what to do with them. I finally put them in their own pile behind the compost. At the garden center, we throw everything in the compost pile, including the weeds, but I have heard before that you weren’t supposed to compost weeds.

  • I have a raised bed that I had to put in because our soil is like concrete, and luckily, it only had 2 weeds in it when it came time to plant. I can’t say the same for the rest of my partially landscaped backyard. I don’t mind pulling weeds too much, as long as they aren’t the prickly kind.

  • Kay in KCMO:

    Rechelle, it’s been my understanding from years of watching Victory Garden that if your compost pile gets warm enough the weed seeds will essentially cook, thus rendering them sterile and they won’t germinate. Now, I say this not having watched VG for some time and I might be talking out my tuckus. When in doubt google.

  • Holy Smokes, that imagery is pretty vivid! I’m blushing!

  • Jaime:

    I remember a day when we had a FABULOUS garden together!

  • I remember a day when we had a FABULOUS garden together!

  • Holy Smokes, that imagery is pretty vivid! I’m blushing!

  • I remember a day when we had a FABULOUS garden together!

  • Holy Smokes, that imagery is pretty vivid! I’m blushing!

  • Holy Smokes, that imagery is pretty vivid! I’m blushing!

  • Holy Smokes, that imagery is pretty vivid! I’m blushing!