April 4th, 2010

Four years ago on Easter weekend I started writing this blog.  I’ve decided to stop writing it now.  Thanks to everyone who has managed to hang onto this roller coaster ride for longer than they probably should have.  I wish you many great stories to read and many great stories of your own to tell.




  • Awww! Sorry to see you go. I know it’s been quite a ride lately. I’ve truly enjoyed the time reading you. And of course – you know where to find us if you change your mind!

  • Best of luck Rechelle… I’ll miss your blog.

  • Wow. Something happened here. Everything’s gone.

    I hope you’re okay and you didn’t kill all of your good work because of the pressure others were exerting on you. I hope you’re in an emotionally good place.

    I wish you nothing but good luck and I hope we’ll hear from you soon.


  • We’ll miss you.

  • suzetta:

    You have a great gift for writing. I hope you find what you’re looking for, and have a beautiful life!

  • I’m not sure if I’ve ever commented before but looks like this is my last chance. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing all that you have.

  • jo in oz:

    I agree with Suzetta – you have a gift for writing. I really loved reading your blog. I’m very sad to see it go.

    I’ll cross my fingers we’ll “hear” from you again, some other time and some other place.

    I wish you only the best.

    All the way from Australia.

  • Nancy in AK:

    I’m very very sad, too. All my favorite bloggers have stopped writing….I wish you well. Remember, you can always change your mind anytime and we’d be glad to have you back.

  • Ditto to the comments above. Think maybe I’ve only written here once, maybe twice. You’re an interesting, funny, thought provoking writer and I will miss you. Good luck.

  • Natalie:

    I’ve never commented on any blog before. I’m only 15. But I’m also an atheist and I’ve gone through incredible religious stress during my life, and everything you wrote helped me so much. You truly gave me courage when all of my friends hated me. Thank you. Ignore what everyone else says, because you did the right thing. And you have truly helped me; I agree with everything you say. I wish you wouldn’t stop writing, because like I said, you helped me so much, and you have such a gift. But I firmly believe that everyone needs to follow their own needs before anyone else. So, thank you. From a young person whose life you have helped.

  • Ashley F.:

    This feels like an April Fool’s joke. No! You’re my favorite sassy blogger and my heart’s breaking a little bit right now. A lady’s gotta do what a lady’s gotta do–but I do hope you change your mind.

  • This makes me very sad. I only just found you, and I really enjoy your posts. I hope everything is ok. Will you tell us why?

  • Hi Rechelle -
    My sister sent me over here to your blog just a couple of months ago. Thank you for getting us all thinking hard about challenging topics.

    I wish you and your family peace, health and happiness always…
    - Lee

  • Sayrahk:

    Rechelle, say it isn’t so, that this is just a late April fool’s joke instead. I am so sorry to see you go. I wish you all the best things in life and hope you come back someday.

  • I’m so sorry to see you go. I only found your blog recently, and have been enjoying it. Obviously there’s a reason why you are stopping. I wish you the best.

  • Lea:

    I stumbled on your blog and became a fan. It’s much easier to be oneself out here on the West Coast, my family roots are in KS, I know conservative. I had intended to send you an email recommending this book: “Can we be good without God?, Behavior, Belonging and the Need to Believe” by Robert Buckman. I first heard about this book when the author, a Canadian Oncologist, was interviewed on CBC. I wanted to read the book, I borrowed it through WorldCat and then found a place to buy it from. It’s out of print but it can be found by using Bookfinder.com (the best selection comes under the erroneous title, Can we…. ?,Biology, Behavior and the need to Believe. I think that I can understand some of the pressure you must feel, I walk carefully because I have grandchildren that I love and their parents (my much loved daughter) are fundamentalists. We have to make choices in life and some of them are compromises. Take care of yourself, I enjoyed the your writing.

  • Brian V.:

    You are an inspiration to many and I know you will continue to be just that in one fashion or another…. still, I am going to miss your voice here…. a gifted blogger bites it…. shite!

  • Oh Rechelle, I hung on when the ride got wild b/c I didn’t stop liking YOU & YOUR voice. I’ll miss it greatly. And I wish you nothing but happiness and blessings (whether you believe or not) in your life. Happy Easter!

  • Andrea:

    Enjoy your future. Thank you for sharing at the depth you did with complete strangers.

  • JaznJapan:

    I too have just recently found your blog. I have so enjoyed your writing and your humor. You remind me so much of myself….except you have a much better vocabulary than I…
    I’m very sad to see you go but wish you the best and can only hope that you are not leaving b/c of the comments of others. You have to do what you feel is best for you and your family but you also have to be true to yourself.
    Good luck to you and I can only hope you change your mind.

  • Mary:

    I’ve commented only once or twice, but have loved this blog of yours. I shall miss it very much.

    I wish you and your family the very very best in everything. Yours is a rare voice, and I hope you continue to find an outlet for it.

  • Abby:

    But…but…I just, like six hours ago, put this on a list of best blogs that I was sending to a friend. And you took away the archives, too? I was going to read those! Now I’ll never know exactly what happened with you and PW! (I’m a relatively new reader.)

    I’m keeping this in my feeds. Hopefully someday you’ll come back, in some form or another. Good luck with whatever you’re up to, and be well.

  • Tessa:

    Another one to add that I found you just recently and spent the last few days reading until my eyes were buggin out – from the joy and interest I got from reading you! You are so brave and I admire you – as well as your awesome writing technique. You have a gift and I hope you realize that. Perhaps you need a break and will reconsider blogging again someday. You have helped so many like me who feel alone and in the closet in their community and even in their own homes. Best wishes to you and your family. Please keep in touch.

  • Jeanne:

    Long time reader, occassional commenter. I’m so sad (but not surprised) to see you stop writing! I wish you and your family much happiness, I hope you find what you are looking for!

  • Wendy:

    Damnit all so much. WHY???? It better not be because of the nasty comments here or worse reactions from your community.

    I’ll miss this. I’m in the same boat as an atheist living in the bible belt. I’m lucky as I’m in a big metropolitan area. But as an ex-Californian it SUCKS

    /Wendy is sad panda

  • I don’t know why you’ve decided to do this, Rechelle, and I’m sad about it but it’s yours to do with what you will. Best of luck with everything.

  • Kristin:

    Well darn. I’ll miss your sense of humor, but I’ve often wondered how bloggers manage to do what they do & have a life to blog about. Good luck.

  • Cherie:

    You will be missed, Rechelle… Good luck in whatever it is you take on next!

  • km:

    Rechelle, I hope it’s not true. I have enjoyed your blog so much in the past few months. I salute your courage. In whatever you decide to do, be bold!!!

  • annmarie:

    You are a talented writer, so I hope you continue writing in some way and are able to share it. Good luck. I’ll miss your special brand of humor.

  • So long and thanks for all the fish….it was interesting hearing your journey to letting go of god…similar to mine.

  • James Power:

    I just found your blog recently and I’ve been staying up till 3am reading it almost every night since. I’m very disappointed to see you go, the internets will be a little less fun without you. It was great to get a little insight into life in America from someone who has nothing to sell or promote.

    Goodbye and good luck, I’ll miss you! Have fun!

  • Whoa this is horrible news :c( I hope you’re ok.

    I am definitely going to miss your blog. A lot.


  • amy:

    This can’t be good. I hope your life gets back to normal soon. Thanks for the encouragement and entertainment. All the best to you and your family.

  • miss you already. hope you are just starting new blog elsewhere and we can still enjoy a great blog post every once in awhile.

  • I keep waiting for April’s Fool! Seriously, I’ve been around since the pink box being taped up by the CD story- I’ve enjoyed your slice of life immensely and wish you the very best. Your quirky take on things will be missed! Thank you for the Grey Gardens, your photos and your photos….I’ll always have your CD I won and will think of you fondly when I listen to it!
    Best of everything to you and yours!

  • Charlene:

    Sorry to see you go, Rechelle. Hope everything is okay. Take care and best wishes to you and your family.

  • Tracy:

    It was wonderful to find your blog and read about your life and your “coming out” as an atheist, very similiar to what my husband is going through right now. I’ll miss you, but wish you the best of luck with everything in your life!

  • Samantha:

    Sorry to hear this Rechelle. I hope you start up writing again at some point, you are quite talented. There isn’t much out there that is different in blogland your blog was a stand-out. Thank you.

    I wish you well whatever the path takes you!

  • M.R.:

    Awwwww. I hate it when my good friends move away. All the best, Rechelle!!!!!

  • MKB:

    I hope this is not good bye, but rather au revoir (sp?). Love you. Hope to see you again. Drop in at the Friendly Atheist and visit sometime (maybe Hemant will let you write a guest blog every once in awhile?). Be strong. Take care.

  • Martha in Kansas:

    I’ll miss you! Thanks for not only sharing your inner journey with us, but also the stories of the family. I’ve so enjoyed reading what you have to say, and lately how much you’ve made me think. I admire your bravery and honesty in your writing. I hope this frees up time for you to take on new projects. Best wishes!

  • Rechelle, I’m going to miss this blog terribly. Thank you so much for sharing your life with the world, and for being so open and honest about your journey towards finding the truth. I hope that you find another outlet for your considerable talents, and I hope that you continue to find much joy and happiness with the CD, your wonderful boys, the gardent center and the showcats. The internets won’t be the same without you!

  • Freth:

    ‘bye Rechelle. Fun while it lasted …

  • Jaime:

    But..but…how will I keep track of my friend?

  • carrie W:

    Well, I’ll miss your elegant blend of snark and sarcasm with motherly wisdom. It was wonderfully enjoyable to know that there were more midwestern non-believing mothers out there than just me. Hope that your newly found free time it pleasant and that you and your family are well.

  • I’m so sorry to hear that you will no longer be blogging, even though I do understand the pressure and stress that it can bring. Even though I have only been reading your blog for a few months, the whole your absence leaves in my reader will be huge. You gave so many courage and inspiration. I hope you and your family are okay.

  • Debra:

    Rechelle, I will miss your blog, it’s been one of my favorites – well written, funny, thought provoking. I wish you and your family all the best! And thanks for a last laugh when I checked the archives and found “you are looking for something that isn’t here”… Good one.

  • MarthaB:

    April Fool’s? Any chance you are going back to your old blog the Country Doctor’s Wife? Take care and heal your wounds.

  • Just when the times on the comments got sorted out…. Well, poop. I wish you all the best Rechelle, but hope this isn’t the last I hear from you. We are still here in lovely Salina should you ever want to wander by. I hope this affords you the time to sit, drink tea, and keep writing. All the best to you and yours.

  • Mike K:

    Rechelle, indeed you will be missed. I found your writing inspiring as did many. All the best to you and yours.

  • KC:

    I hope you’re OK, Rechelle. I really enjoyed reading about your journey. It was really helping me to sort out my feelings about religion and other issues. I’ll miss your writing and I’ll also miss the interesting commenters. I was learning so much! Please let me know if you start writing somewhere else. I’m so sorry that certain parts of your journey have been painful. I hope it gets easier. Take care.

  • Oh man!
    I am sorry to see you go!
    I will miss reading your blog!
    Good luck to you and your family!


  • Cheyenne:

    Aw man, Rechelle! I’ll chime in to say goodbye and I’m sad to see you go. I’ve really enjoyed your blog in the short time that I’ve been reading you. I’ll also miss hearing from many of the commenters here. You’ve really got some great fans.

    I wish you the best in the future, and that your family relationships will heal and that they will be able to love and accept you for who you are.

    Please do let us know if you decide to write again, either here or at a new location.

  • Nadine:

    I can’t even express how sad I am – I’m sure you’re making the right decision, but I’m selfish like that. I hope everything is okay with you and your family.
    We’ll miss you.

  • Carry:

    I, too, am sorry to see you go. I’ve enjoyed your blog in the short time I’ve been reading it. I hope that you are letting it go because you want to, not because of any other reasons.

    Thank you for being brave and sharing your story with us. It touched me and I’m sure it helped a lot of people feel not so alone.

    Atheist Huggles

  • Alison:

    I’m so sorry to hear your leaving. I’ve been reading for years but don’t comment often. I’m a former atheist who’s now a Christian homeschooling mom :) I’ve hung around, read all the comments, and firmed up my beliefs. I decided to keep my mouth shut because it’s YOUR journey. I just want you to know that. I wish only the best for you and all your family. I hope to see you back–I’ll check in every once in a while. Love….

  • This makes me so sad! I’ll miss your funny and insightful posts :-(

  • joann in tx:

    sorry to see you go. i know i’ve not been reading your blog for 4 years but i have been reading it for awhile. i’ll be sorry to see you leave. i’ve enjoyed your blog thru all the ups and downs and all the changes and have enjoyed reading it. thank you.

    i hope you find what you’re looking for in life and maybe one day you’ll be back to blog-land?

    take care rechelle

  • Martha Jean C.:

    Your words and journey were an inspiration to me, and I will miss the blog. I will miss looking forward to new posts. I will miss the articulate commenters too. It was a really nice place to drop in and find people on the same path as I am on.

    All the best to you, Rechelle.

  • Sad to see you go Rechelle! I’ll miss your posts. I hope life is good to you, and that maybe you’ll pop in and visit here now and then.

  • some kid:

    I smell foul play.

    The PW must have got her. Somebody organize a rescue party…

    This is sad. :(

  • This makes me sad. I wish there could be an udate once in a while. Take care.

  • Spinny:

    Rechelle, I’m really going to miss this blog. Every time I checked my google reader, yours was the blog I hoped had an update. I felt like you were a kindred spirit because I had gone through a similar de-conversion a few years ago. However, you are far braver than I because you were brave enough to tell your friends and family.

    I wish you all the best and I hope that you keep writing because your wit is amazing. Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with us.

  • Anoria:

    Well… um…

    aw, really?


    Have a nice life, then.

  • AnnB:

    I wish you every joy and happiness with the CD and those four lovely boys. They are very lucky to have you as the lady in their lives.

  • Rechelle, I’ll miss reading your blog, but I hope you find peace, happiness, and fulfillment in whatever you do. I hope you keep writing and find some venue to make your voice and perspective heard. If you’re ever out this way and would like to visit or if you’d just like to chat via email, you know how to find me.

  • Robin:

    Wow…what happened? Blessings to you and your family.

  • barb:

    I’ll miss reading you. I’m also happy that I recently went through your book reviews to pull some titles. Your reviews are great. I hate to see that piece is gone too!

  • Kathy:

    I’m really going to miss your missives. You have made me laugh out loud many times. Your ability to throw your guts out there for all to see, and stand by your beliefs is admirable as well. I sometimes liken my favorite blogs to the notes my friends and I used to pass in school – and I am going to miss your notes -

    Here’s hoping to the best of everything, to you and yours.

  • Kathy Jo:

    I am so sorry to see you go. Your struggle has helped me with mine and I am a better person for having found you on the ‘inner nets’. :-) Thank You. Seriously, Thank You! I cant imagine the fallout you have gone through and if it is worth anything at all to you, you have helped this Wife/Mom/Daughter/Sister more than you will ever know.
    Unhappy people make people unhappy, right?
    Thank You.

    K jo

    Praying for you & your family until my knees bleed because I am nothing if not the ultimate christian and would never judge anyone nor allow them to make their own decision because mine is the only one that is right so help me baby jesus who is the light and the way and all that is good so help me Nascar

  • CeeBee:

    Add me to the list of non-commenting readers who will greatly miss your blog. You’ve got me thinking and questioning several concepts that I never would have challenged and the comment section has recently took on a life of it’s own, inspiring even more wool gathering. It’s been one hell of a ride, Princess. I wish you well on your journey.

  • Priss:

    I’m totally bummed out by this news, but I wish for all the best for you and your family. I hope you’ll miss blogging and come back to it soon. Or maybe write a book?

  • :( I know it must have been stressful lately. If you change your mind, I’m keeping you in my reader! Your posts have brightened my day.

  • bPer:

    Rechelle, like so many others, I’m sad to see this come to an end. I only found out about you when you came out as an atheist, and in the few months since, this has become one of my favorite blogs. Only a few days ago, I thought to myself that you’d really found your voice as a blogger for atheist women in the Bible Belt. I hope that you can continue that elsewhere, or that one of your many readers can carry that torch forward herself.

    If you want to keep in touch with a lower profile, might I suggest joining one of the atheist/skeptical forums like the JREF or the RDF or the forum at The Friendly Atheist? That way, we can answer the question which will haunt many of us readers - I wonder how Rechelle and her family are doing?

    All the best to you and CD and the boys. You will be in my thoughts.


  • Jerad:

    Belated April fools?

    I only recently found your blog, and have enjoyed your writings for the last couple of months.

    I hope life treats you well and you enjoy all the blessings science has to offer.

  • You have a gift, Rechelle! I hope you keep writing in some form or another — it is an absolutely cathartic experience! Don’t let the haters get you down. You’ve done the world a lot of good.

  • Jerad:

    Oh yes, what ?Per said! I’d join a forum for that. many of those blogs also have guest bloggers, maybe inquire about being a contributor for friendly atheist or unreasonable faith (which is the blog that led me to you)?

  • Ellie:

    Bummer. Had recently discovered your blog and was very excited about your open atheism. Hope you strike it up again somewhere soon.

  • Lynn in WI:

    All the best to you, Rechelle. You will be missed.

  • jamoody:

    You are so very talented, I like so many, hope that you continue to write or find some other outlet for your talent. Best wishes to you and yours.

  • Kay in KCMO:

    Well, this just…well…sucks. It just does. Rechelle, you’re funny, smart, and having the courage to be an open atheist in a small town was an inspiration. A link to your apology letter was what brought me here, but then I found the head lice story and that sealed the deal.

    Be well, stay strong and know that there are people in the world that appreciate your voice.

  • eclecticdeb:

    Harumph. But I totally understand….you’ve been going through some really emotionally draining stuff lately….writing a blog must SURELY take energy that you don’t have. I’ve been amazed that you’ve managed so well.

    I haven’t always agreed with what you’ve written, but I respect your point of view. Good Luck — it’s weird, even though I don’t know you, I’ll will miss you.

  • We may not always agree….but you will be missed.
    I wish you all good things.

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    What?!? Huh?!?

    Concern!!! Panic!!!! Heart sinking.

    What?!? Huh?!?

    Is this really the end?
    Is everything OK?
    April Fool’s? Just some changes? Really, The End?!?

    The archives too?!?! Please tell me they are saved somewhere and not destroyed for all eternity! SO precious! (And I never got the middle 1 1/2 years read.)


    Wow. I’m crying. Will miss you. I hope all is well. Good luck.

  • Amy:

    The post you wrote about the French cafe, the language barrier and the coke is still the funniset blog post I have ever read. I was laughing so hard I cried. I will think about you and the CD and the boys and hope you guys are livin it up in your beautiful farmhouse, taste testing teas and tomatoes. We will miss you and thanks for sharing your life with us.

  • Lgirl:

    Ack I am holding out hope that some Christian hacker posted this and that you’ll be back ASAP.

  • DenverLARK:

    SO sad to see you depart from the blog world. Yours was one of the very few blogs I read with any regularity. I will greatly miss your contributions — loved your insight, sense of humor and your thought provoking missives. Thanks for sharing it all with me. The very best to you and your family.

  • notmuchofacook:

    I am very sorry that you stopped this blog. I have been enjoying it for a couple of years. You’re a fine writer with a great sense of humor. Be well, enjoy your family, and come back to your blog when you feel like it.

  • Jimmy-boy:

    Very sad to see the end Rechelle – but understand entirely. In particular though, if you were able to find a way to put up the posts about your deconversion permanently somewhere? They are very powerful Rechelle – and would be helpful to many others if available.

    All the best.

  • Erin:

    So glad I saved your best writings in my “Favorites”.
    Keep writing. Hopefully somewhere someday I’ll see your name on a magazine article, TV story or Best Sellers List and I’ll smile.

  • I hope we see you back somewhere, sometime- your writing is top-notch. Way too good to not be seen.

  • Christine from Canada:

    Well, after I *gasped*, I thought: As hard as this has been for you, Rechelle, at least you know you’re not alone.

    All the very best, dear Rechelle!

  • Joel Wheeler:

    As another johnny-come-lately, let me add my voice to the Combox Choir of Sorrow. You seem like a sharp cookie so I’ll assume that you know what’s best! Cheers and take care.

  • NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  • Bummer! Really a bummer, but only you know what’s best for you. You have helped a great number of people in their journey out of religion. I hope with time your life will find it’s new normal and those around you will began to love you for you and not what you believe. If you ever feel the need for online support, come back we’d love to hear from you again.

    You will be missed.

  • Helen:

    I’m probably older than your mother, a conservative christian woman with 6 children and 10 grandchildren, a woman who wants to thank you for putting your self “out there”. Realizing that I was reading your posts with interest and WITHOUT JUDGEMENT (because you are “different” than I am for sure :), prompted me to rethink how I was viewing (and commenting on, sometimes not too postively :) the different life styles/beliefs of my own children. I felt protective of you when certain of your family members questioned your sanity simply because they didn’t share your beliefs and the light bulb went on! (Actually, even if it does turn out to be some form of insanity on your part..your talent as a writer stands on its own merits:) I don’t share alot of the beliefs/practices that my children have either…so why on earth would I not extend the same unconditional support to them that I could feel towards a virtual (or is that “actual” in this case?) stranger as I read your posts???? My own faith was not “put in danger” by reading your deconversion journey…..we each walk our own path, and anyone who claims to have never had doubts about what they have been taught to believe or came to believe on their own through conversion…..is probably not looking at their whole truth. I have always had doubts at different times (what my Mother used to call “my crisis of faith” :) but have chosen to believe on faith alone and the unanswered questions will just have to wait for another time and place. How will we know how this story ends? Have you ever sat through an entire movie expecting full disclosure at the end…everything tied up in a neat little feel good package?……only to have the movie end with one great big ?question mark?????…….May you write and star in your sequel…..with an ending just as you hope for.

  • arlene:

    Ah, yes. I am not as disappointed as others. I am thinking that is probably for the best for you and your family at this time. There has been a lot of stress in the past year and you all need to simplify and adjust, and heal. I have enjoyed most of your postings but have been concerned about you lately. Now I feel more at ease. I would think that a daily (almost) blog would take a big chunk of your time that might be better used for personal or family time.

    Peace, my friend.

  • Rechelle, I’m so sorry to read that you won’t be blogging anymore. Ever since I found your blog it’s become the first one I read!

    I hope you’ll let us know where to find you if you continue writing somewhere else or participate in online forums as suggested above.

    I’ve read each of the comments posted here and hope you can feel the love and admiration of your readers and friends…I sure can!


  • Tina:


    I’m curious if you’ve returned to ‘Jesus’ over the Easter weekend? If that is the case, I’d respect you more if you simply said, ‘I changed my mind,’ rather than turn and run. It wouldn’t make you a hypocrite or the enemy. It would simply mean you’re human, just like the rest of us, trying to understand this very complicated world we live in. Whatever your reason, I wish you and yours the very best, always.

  • Oh, no ……. I’ll miss you!

  • I pretty much refuse to say goodbye. I refuse to believe you won’t be back – perhaps a different format, in perhaps a different set of circumstances. I’ll keep checking the link though, because I refuse to say goodbye.

  • I’m sorry to see you stop writing this blog, but let me join… well, everyone else… in encouraging you to do whatever you need to do. It’s been a pleasure reading you.

    And hey, if you’re looking for something else to read and don’t mind odd digressions, I’d love it if you’d drop by and say hello:

    But, again, that’s entirely up to you.

  • pam:


  • Gwen:

    Very sad to see you go Rechelle :.(

    I hope you come back!!!!

  • Amber:

    Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. You will truly be missed. From one southern atheist to another: keep your head high and don’t let the fundies get you down!

    You are a talented writer and I hope we hear from you again in the future.

  • rashelle:

    I’m sorry to see you go. Your blog has been one of my very favorites for a long time now. Take care.

  • OMG! I was so sad to read this when I signed on to check for updates. I know I only echo everyone else when I say how sorry I am to see you go. I think your journey mirrored so closely the journeys of so many of us as we attempt to figure it all out. You have a great sense of humor and I loved the links you posted. I shared them frequently with my facebook friends. I am sure I am only one of many people who felt better about their own struggles when they read about yours. I don’t know what prompted this sudden exodus but I hope things are well and that we hear from you again some times. Please mark me on the list of folks who need to know if you decide to write again!

  • Lynn:

    Gall Dang IT!!!! I really liked you and everything you had the balls to say! I hope the haters didn’t get to you. But I understand if they did. I had a few people give me grief once over my opinion and it nealrly killed me. Well, I wish you nothing but the best. I hope you keep writing in some form. You Rock!

    Love and Peace,
    Lynn in North Dakota

  • Katie:


    I’ve never posted before, but I check in on your blog every once in awhile. I truly hope all is well and that you are just refocusing your creativity elsewhere.

    Best of luck,

  • I just started reading a bit ago but I am addicted.

    Please leave your blog up so I can go back and read your archives and if you ever have the urge to write you can easily!

    I will miss reading your witty, insightful and thought provoking posts.

  • Sandy in MI:

    Awwww, maaaaan. I’ll miss you.

    A few months ago I made a list of many books I’d like to read that you’d recommended. Now I wish I’d copied the whole list! Dangit!

    Good luck to you and your family.
    Sandy in Michigan

  • Aw…
    I will miss you and your archives of good reads.

  • Bugger bugger bugger!
    I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now, and now you’re just…gone.
    I really hope you’ll come back some day.
    I’m at such a loss for words.

  • Lindie:

    Have a good life. You and your family have a happy and healthy long life.

  • Judy:

    I loved your writing and will miss it. Take care.

  • Nancy:

    So very sad to see you go…I very much enjoyed reading your blog. You were a little bit of sanity in this crazy world. Best wishes to you and your family.

    Just from reading everyone’s comments – I think you know how much you will be missed.

  • JB:

    Very sad. I just found you and I liked you because you were real, and you were saying the things that nobody else had the guts to say.

  • Laura:

    I have truly enjoyed reading your blog the last few years. I feel like an old friend is leaving, and I don’t have the right words to say goodbye and to let her know just how much joy she brought to my life! Good luck, and warmest wishes to you and your family.

  • I am so sorry to see your blog end- it was a favorite of mine and a jumping off point for many interesting discussion around our dinner table- but since it’s not all about me I’ll just wish you the best and hope you’ll be back with other interesting thoughts in the future.

  • Peggy in TN:

    Gosh darn it. I feel like I am losing a friend. You are one of the few bloggers that I would actually think about when I was going on about my daily life. Yesterday when my husband and I were talking about creating a raised garden, I actually printed a picture of your garden to show him what I was talking about–glad I didn’t wait until today! :) Best of luck to you in everything you do. I will miss you my friend.

  • Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Omar:


  • LucyGolden:

    Oh no…..! Only you know what’s best for you. I will certainly miss your writings. I feel like I’m loosing a friend. Take care, have fun with your boys & the CD & we’ll catch you on the flip flop or in flip flops! You still ROCK! Love you!

  • Lily Hill:

    Thank you for sharing your family with the world. I’ll miss seeing pictures of your handsome boys!
    I think we could trade bookshelves and be quite happy. Would you ever consider a book blog? I hope you enjoy the book I suggested, I Want to be Left Behind!
    Your photographs are wonderful, your stories made me laugh and think, and this Anglophile enjoyed your trip to England, I think more than you did!

  • smittypap:

    What they said.

    And then some.


  • Great. My last reason to get the fuck out of bed is gone.

  • Allison:

    So sad. You have impacted my life! Your music brings me comfort and your blog awakened some serious questions in my heart. You have truely been yourself, and I have great respect for you. Thank you for challenging me and for making me realize that I haven’t been brave enough to be myself like you have.

  • Chris:

    BUMMER! I love your awesome stories about your kiddos and your funny garden stories. etc. etc. You are a riot and blogland won’t be the same without you!

  • Olivia:

    I will miss you.

  • Fran:


    Thank you for sharing your world with me and all who stop by this blog. Thank you for the laughs, the tears, the photos, the books, the show cats, the gardening tips, the connections. I have felt like I met a woman that I would love to hang out with and share a cup of tea. That’s why I always came back every day (almost!) to see what was up. I hope you always find the joy and laughter in your world.

  • Kathy:

    BOOOOO!! I am sooo bummed out about this. your blog was one of the only ones I’ve ever followed and I thought it was fantastic! I’m truly sorry that you’re stopping but I know you must have your reasons. Thanks for sharing as much as you did, you made me laugh a LOT and think a LOT – two wonderful accomplishments!! Kathy

  • Dorothy:

    You and I didn’t share the same beliefs, but anyone who would put Colin Firth on her letterhead is great in my book! Thanks for the ride. Enjoyed your blog.

  • Lina:

    Have you ever walked into a store and seen a beautiful thing that for one reason or another (price, luggage space, wall space, etc) you could not buy? But, you went away feeling happy that such a beautiful thing existed in the world, and that was enough? Hey, it was enough I got to see you for a little while, and it is wonderful to know you are out there somewhere, still beautiful. Take care, and peace, out.

  • Your blog was one of the reasons that I started my own — and always aspired (but never quite acheived) to do it as well as you do. Odd to care so much about a complete stranger, but your writing made me do it! Best wishes as you forge a new, and hopefully happy, path.

  • Nancy:

    I also have never written to a blog before , but I have read yours for a year now and really loved it .. I was sad you lost your faith ..although I kept feeling like you never really had it I hope you experience God in your life and I am compelled to Pray for you . I have a deep faith , an not too religious though think I need to take the plunge and become a Catholic anyway that is my story I Love Jesus and Will be praying you will find him in your life , I feel like from now on I will mention the name Rechelle in my prayers .. Only the Best to you and yours

  • And one more thing, not only will I miss Rechelle, but so many of the commenters here, too. I have learned so much from so many of you! There are a lot of truly smart and funny people that would comment here, and I wish I had been able to bookmark all of those blogs to read!

  • Tessa:

    I love what Lina said.

    But WOW wouldja just look at the number of comments you have here alone in such a short time?!?

    I do hope you are at peace but I also cant help hoping you will reconsider…:)

  • Sally:

    Rechelle – if you land somewhere else, pls let me know. As others have said, although we didn’t always agree, you are a very smart, intelligent person; and I’ll miss you. Take care.

  • Kimberly:

    Aww, Rechelle, I will miss reading your blog. It was always very well written and intelligent, not to mention very funny! I hope you are able to pursue writing in some other form. Good luck with everything and we (your fan base) will be here for whenever you want to return.
    Best wishes,
    Kimberly in ND

  • Carol:

    I hope you choose to check in once in awhile, and wish you and yours all the best.

  • teresa:

    Dear Rechelle,
    You have been such an inspiration to me. I loved reading your blog. It has been hard to read your blog the last couple of months, but it actually made my faith stronger. That being said, I love your humor and your wit. You made me laugh, when laughing seemed impossible. You are an incredible communicator! Don’t stop doing what you are doing. It’s important to say what you feel. I’m a Christian and I don’t see myself becoming an atheist anytime soon, but you have been a blessing to me. Your a keeper and I’ll miss you!

  • just a farm girl:

    My favorite post was the one about your husband pulling weeds and swimming in the pond. I laughed and thought he must be related to mine. :)

    I wanted to understand….I tried….

    Best wishes and have a happy life!

  • You have certainly touched many lives and have caused many of us to pause and think- we thank you for that! May you find peace.
    Best wishes to you and your family!

  • I am so pissed. Damn.

    A great blog gone. Damn

  • meme:

    I shall miss you. Please don’t be gone for long.

  • Another Lee:

    You were my favorite blog. Not Dooce, not PW, you. I’m no Technorati, but I am very discriminating! Enjoy the down time and I hope to see your delightful, insightful writings resume some day.

    Thank you for the wild ride.

  • I hope all the previous comments, as well as mine, help you realize how much we think of you, and it will convince you to return to us!

  • Tracie:

    I really enjoyed your blog and have been reading it over the last two years. I feel like I have lost a friend…sniff.

    I hope keep up your writing even if it is in a different format. I know you must be busy with your family and dealing with the aftershock of your revelations. Just remember that life continues to evolve and you may find your way back to blog land or better yet to publish your own novel.

    I wish only the best for you and your family.

  • :-(

  • efrique:

    Oh, wow, am I ever going to miss your blog.

    Best wishes.

    May joy never be far from your door.

  • Jill:

    I’ve been reading your blog for many years, not so much lately and not because you became an atheist, I don’t give a fig what anyone believes, but because of the things you said about those who do believe. I truly wish you peace and happiness in your journey. In the end isn’t it really just about the way we treat each other?

  • lola falana:

    Best to you, Rechelle. I’ll remember your bravery.

  • Zan:

    I have read your blog for a little more than three years. I agree with what so many others have said…you are a talented writer ad and a dear friend. I will miss the deep thinking that causes us (your readers) to think outside the box. I will miss you dearly Rechelle. Your blog is that place I come to for a little sanity each day. Thanks for providing that for four great years. I never waivered when you came out as an atheist. You were my friend although we’d never met in real life and I still see you as someone I’d enjoy having a cup of tea with. Enjoy the CD and boys and I hope in time you return to the blog world. Take care friend.

  • ks grandma:

    I’ve learned so much, laughed so much, thought so much, and unfortunately, took you for granted too much. I never got around to correcting your e-mail address in my address book; you know I still use that old one you never look at. I thought I’d go back into your comments and find other like-minded folks and bookmark where they write. Because sometimes us heartland heathens need the support of others who get it. It is a lonely existence out here on the wind swept plains. And I still owe you a book report. . . Take care dear one, take care. Thank you seems like such a small phrase to balance against such a huge impact. Nonetheless, thank you.

  • jalf:

    What a shame. Thinking back to your last couple of posts, they did seem to have a bit of a negative/sad twist (the list of good things, and the thing about being a small-town atheist).

    I just hope you’re not quitting out of fear for your/your family’s safety or something like that. (That’s obviously a good reason to stop blogging or talking about atheism, I just hope I’m not living in a world where that’s an issue)

    Oh well, best of luck to you. You’re a gifted writer, and an intelligent and insightful woman. I’ll keep this blog bookmarked though, in the hope that you’ll return. ;)

  • jane:

    You made us laugh. You helped us think. You helped us see a small town.

    We will miss you.

  • Michelle:

    So sorry to see you go. I just recently started reading you, but really enjoyed your writing. Hope you will consider coming back.

  • susan:

    Sorry to see this end but I know it must be a relief.

  • Vee:

    Come back soon! We will truly miss your wit and wisdom. My teenage daughter loves this blog.

  • Brian:

    I just started reading you as well and I can honestly say that you will be missed by all of us.

  • Melissa Ann:

    Hi Rechelle,

    I’m sorry to see you go! I hope it’s a temporary exit. Any way we could convince you to tell us a bit about why you’re stopping? I know the past few months have been difficult, and I’m also sure that you have thought this through completely and that it’s the right decision for you, I was just curious… I hope you and your family aren’t being harassed badly or anything ugly like that.

    And sadly there were still posts of yours that I never got to read! I went back to work a few months ago, and my daughter turned 2, so things have been really really hectic. Juts now starting to calm down. I actually never got the chance to read your posts on what inspired your religious transition. I was really looking forward, too! They’re on my list of things to read when I had time (which I do now…).

    I followed the posts quickly, but I didn’t ever really get to read them. I even mentally composed little “reply” notes to you in my head, but also didn’t get to that.

    Basically though I just wanted to lend you support. And say that you are free to grow and change and explore. And you always will be! Honestly, props to you for opening your mind in so many new ways at this stage in your life. More evidence of your fabulousness :)

    I also thought it was interesting that we seemed to be leading opposite/parallel lives at that time. A lot of the tenets that you came to about religion described how I was raised to think about religion (hippie parents!). And for awhile I was trying to go in the opposite direction — find a way in my mind to make going to church every week comfortable even though it didn’t sit well with me at all. I was only doing this because my husband thinks it would be good for our daughter to have the Sunday-consistency of church-going.

    Well, it didn’t work out! But how funny I thought — that you were talking yourself out of going, and I was trying so hard to talk myself into going! Suffice it to say that we ended up in the same spot in the end :)

    Anyways, you will be missed, and I wish you all the best!

    Kindest regards, Melissa Browning

    (I never watched the videos you had posted during the ‘why I became an atheist’ series … If you have the inclination, feel free to pass the along the link to those videos – I would like to see them…. thanks!)

  • Mackenzie:

    Does this mean you’re starting a new blog somewhere with a secret identity? ;; But if it’s secret, how will we find you? I don’t read very many blogs!
    Thanks for all these years of fun posts and pictures.
    Thanks for the book recommendations.
    Thanks for being brave and sharing your story. This country needs more people like you to come out and give atheists a good name.
    Even with the religion and critical thinking bits aside, this country needs more pictures of greenhouses and freckles!
    Take care! I’ll miss this blog! ;;
    I’ll still keep you bookmarked.

  • Linda:

    Good Luck with all you do.
    I’ll miss your blog.
    Seattle, WA

  • Jill:

    Peace, Rechelle. I’ll think of you warmly every time I pick up “Down the Garden Path” by Beverly Nichols that I won in one of your drawings. Thanks again for sending it to me. Yours was my very first blog and I’ve enjoyed it for years now.

    Keep writing, even if it’s not for public consumption – you have a gift. And keep singing!

    Best wishes and take care.

  • nancy in ak:

    I forgot to add – I wish I had made a list of all the books you recommended! Can you at least put back up the archives for Farmhouse Library!

    I remember that recently you said you were working with a new web designer? are you starting a new blog??? hopefully??? If so, how can we find out where to read a new blog?

  • Rainy:

    You will definitely be missed! I loved coming to read your posts, no matter what they were about. Take care of your self :)

  • Liesl:

    I’ll miss you. I wish you the best. ljh

  • I found you via Pioneer Woman when you visited her ranch. I stopped reading her for the most part. I can only take so many pics of horses and cows, but I was still reading you, if only sporadically.

    I should’ve commented more. I think I did once. :P I meant to tell you that I thought the CD building you the brick pathway and garden was so romantic. I mostly checked in with your home and garden side so I missed a lot of the recent controversy until only last week when I clicked over to the main page.

    If you do blog at a different address, I hope you’ll send me the link. Living in a small Kansas town is about as far from my life as I can think of, but it was always interesting to see how different your life is. I’m sure it’s not easy to be an atheist there and I wondered if you were getting a lot of flack from the community and whether that was impacting your family.

    I thought of you today when I found out that Fulton, Mississippi held a fake prom for the lesbian who wanted to take her girlfriend and a few disabled kids. Only 7 students attended. The “nice Christian” teens held their real prom elsewhere. I wondered what you’d have to say about that. Well, I knew you’d be outraged, but it’s that kind of Christianity that well, gives people pause.

    Anyway, I didn’t want to wade into the religious discussion, just wanted to say that you’ll be missed. And if you want a laugh, search on youTube for the Australian comedian who went to Utah and knocked on Mormons’ doors to preach to them about atheism. :P

    I wish you and your family the best.

  • Maria:


    Wish you the best on your continued journey.

    Sometimes we need an internet break to get on with real life and process life w/out the world to see and vote in on.

    Loved your sassy humor~all the best to you and your family!

    ~Maria/ME/Eclectically Yours

  • Katherine:

    You have my email addy … please keep in contact…as you know that I am a fellow traveler on the road of realistic living, non worshiper of false Gods, believer in human beings being human…

  • I feel like I’ve lost a mentor. You have actually been a presence in so many of my adventures in the past few years…building a farmhouse, getting kids into the public school system, and struggles with a belief structure. I think I understand the need to change venues, though. I wish you well, and if you still have your e-mail up, I’ll send you the final pics of the farmhouse you influenced! All the best, Connie

  • I can’t say goodbye without naming some of my favorites…ones that have stayed with me for a loooonnnng time, paraphrased, of course, and in no special order (well, largely chronological):

    - gotta have natural light…pick up the sledgehammer and get some now! (my thoughts exactly)
    - lady, let me draw you a picture
    - I wish I had a wife (I cried)
    - Jack with the Jack-o-lantern
    - the mud fight
    - the guy you picked up on Christmas eve
    - the birth of the red barn
    - the textbook discussion with the CD as a board member
    - the passionate arguement for public school–you armed me well for advocacy

    Thank you, thank you. Hang in there. Connie

  • Cathy:

    I was a tiny bit stunned when I read about your decision to stop blogging. Thanks for the funny, inciteful and honest posts. I will miss checking in on you. Hope you are okay. Take good care of yourself.

  • mmm:

    I suspect this was a good decision. All things have a natural life–including blogs. I hope you will not stop writing about your life and what is true for you.

  • Kathy:

    Oh my yes, the “I wish I had a wife” entry was one of my all time favorites!! And I laughed until I cried at the European Vacation posts… the motto in our family has always been, if you can get a good story out of it then it’s worth it in the end! I too am bummed the book reviews are gone because that is how I found your blog in the first place. I will truly miss you Rechelle and wish you nothing but the best. You have an absolute gift, keep on using it!

  • Angie D:

    I’m sorry it came down to this. I enjoyed your writing and will miss it. Take care.

  • I’ve been following your blog for a really long time and laughed with you over the years. I feel like a neighbor has moved and there’s no one to have coffee with on the porch. I figured the recent stuff is just another step in your journey and I agree to disagree with some stuff, but I’ll miss your authenticity and your sass and zany way with a keyboard. Take good care, Rechelle

  • Suzie:

    Another fan who will miss your writing, your stories, your book lists, and most of all your evolution! So many people have enjoyed your contribution to the world by way of this blog; and so many more hope you will continue to share your talents with us in the future! Good luck, and may the force be with you ;-)


  • MJ:

    I wish you all the best.

  • jamoody:

    I sent the I wish I had a wife post to several people. I wish I had kept a copy of it. I think it was one of the most profound things I have ever read, and I think every person should be made to read it before they get married.

  • Cindy:

    I also am sad to see all your posts disappear, especially the Farmhouse Library (a couple of your recommendations turned out to be all-time favorites). As a person who has called herself “agnostic” for years in an effort not to offend people in my community, I am in awe of your forthright attitude and am disgusted that many people in this world can’t accept it. Will miss your voice.

  • Potco:

    Damn, I keep coming back hoping you changed your mind. Sorry to see you go, I only read for a short while but I enjoyed every post.

  • Tim:

    Thanks for the blog. Good luck going forward!

  • Wait! This is like reading the best book ever and you find out someone ripped the last chapter out…

    Blessings to you and thanks for the fun, funny, thoughtful, heartfelt and thought provoking posts.

  • chris:

    I will miss your wit. I hope that you return to blogging someday, and I sincerely hope that you didn’t stop for fear of your own safety.
    I laughed till I cried and cried till I laughed.
    Thank you.
    Chris in NY

  • kathy:

    I think you went off the grid, somewhat. Your posts became bitter and full of childish name calling. It was beneath you. That said, I think you are a wonderful writer. Truly, you have a gift. I hope you continue to use your gift. I for one will be looking forward to it. I don’t care what you believe or don’t believe. that’s your business and nobody should try to label you in any way. Some people just can’t butt out! I’m sending good wishes your way. Be happy.

  • Sara:

    I loved your blog and I am going to miss you!!! Take care and best of luck to you!!

  • Kait:

    Awww. Please bring back your archives. I hadn’t made note of all those books you made me want to read cause I always thought you would be here. :(

  • LucyGolden:

    Just checking to see if perhaps this was all a bad dream….I miss you….

  • Gonna miss you Rechelle…hugs!

  • Ron:

    Just thought I would add my voice to the chorus of those who will miss your blog. I hope you’ll decide sometime that blogging is right for you again (maybe after figuring out a great new name for your site!).

    Best wishes to you, Rechelle. I’m sure there will be many of us who will be thinking about you, wondering how the outspoken atheist is doing in the small town in Kansas.

  • Mackenzie:

    Ahhh! At least bring back some archives of the classics! Everyone is talking about this “I wish I had a wife” post, and I want to read it! Google has archives of lots of your posts, but I can’t find this one.
    Someone help me out ;;

    Although I suppose some people quit their blogs because it’s causing them too much anxiety, and then they get even more stressed-out because of all the sad readers crying for them to come back, sooo.. enjoy your ceiling fans in peace, eh?

  • Lori (a different one):

    Even though we didn’t agree, it was an interesting ride. Thank you for making me dig deeper into my faith; I am currently reading “More Than a Carpenter” and “Mere Christianity”. :) Best wishes to you and your family…

  • JennyME:

    I’m so sad to see you go–I will miss your writing and humor, and hope to be able to read more of your work at some point down the road.

    Best of luck to you!

  • I’m sad to see you go! Your writing was so encouraging, and made me laugh about things that otherwise would have made me angry (such as religion, etc). I wish you the best.

  • Something is rotten in the state of Denmark…. or whatever state you’re in.

    Hope to see you back in Bloggyland one day. What a shame you’re gone.. :-(

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  • Nancy in AK:

    I was thinking — I hope you saved all of your blog entries for your children to read someday…it was such a well done blog and I’m sure they will appreciate reading it years from now. I hope you saved all the entries for yourself, too.

    It’s not too late to resume the blog!

  • Beth:

    Best wishes to you and your family–always.

  • Cherie:

    Mr. Diety and I will miss you! You gave us great humor and thought provoking issues. May the Force be with you. :-))

  • Rhonda from Minnesota:

    I will miss your writings. Best wishes in all you do.

  • Gwen:

    I miss your blog :(

  • Liz:

    Dear Rechelle,
    I do hope everything is okay in your world. Your wonderful writings will be missed! Yours has been the first blog I check, and definitely the one into which the most effort has been put. (Sorry, my English teacher mom is grimacing at that sentence!) I hope you reappear in another form, and somehow let us loyal readers know about it.

    Good thoughts and best wishes to you.

  • I hope you find the peace you are seeking. Return to your roots honey. He’ss be waiting :)
    FOndly, Ruth

  • Aw crap… I was just getting to know ye, but I’m glad that I did anyways. Hope you are all good and never, ever fall back into the trap of mindless dogma, mythical sky beings and baseless guilt. Hang tough, Oh Midwestern Thinker… we are all out here rooting for ya!

  • Action Squirrel:

    Oh poop! There aren’t very many thinking people writing amusing and thought-provoking blogs about things I care about & in a voice I sympathize with, you know.

    I, too, hope I’ll get an email if you pop up elsewhere at some point. Meanwhile, be well and I hope you find your bliss. And enjoy the privacy! :)

  • Kait:

    Please please bring back your archives if you won’t come back yourself. I miss reading you and could live on giggling over some of your family tales. Or your library. And hell your word of whenever cracked me up every time.

  • Annie:

    Wow. Bummer.

  • Thank you. I discovered you only recently, and too late. Peace be with you.

  • cath:

    Noooooooo! You can’t go, you were just getting started! I do hope this departure has not been brought about by pressure from outside parties. it’s been wonderful reading gritty truths rather than manufactured glee. take care, keep well, and please, if you can come back.

  • Alison:

    And I just found your blog too! Oh well, you have to do what’s best for you, not your blog readers :) Good luck!

  • Aubreay:

    Oh NOEZ!!! I loved reading your blog. I do (not so secretly) hope you change your mind, I think your voice was a valuable thing. But either way, I hope you are well wherever you go, and take care. :)


  • Rechelle, wishing you the best of life & happiness always!

    You are an AMAZINGLY gifted musician & storyteller…I just loved all your slice-of-life stories the best (…the native plants field tour…the Oracle known as Steve…rules for moms at the public pool…what to do if someone brings you a giant, weird-looking mushroom…how to deal with customers at the garden center in all kinds of awkward situations…these stories all caused me bust a gut laughing.. & there are many more I can’t think of right now…!)

    Always keep creating & loving life!


  • bubbaj:

    Dude!? Seriously?
    Come on Rechelle…really? dude?
    Whateva…mad at you now!

  • Rae:

    I clicked on your blog by accident today. Thought I was going to your sisters. I used to enjoy your blog very much when I first found you a little over a year ago, but couldn’t stand reading some of your after Jesus posts. You say you were happier, but it didn’t seem that way to me through your writings. You seemed very angry.
    I hope in tine you will find your way back to God. He will open his arms to you….as an X-Sunday school teacher you probably already know that deep down in your heart.
    My best to you and your family.

  • Jaki:

    Until the past few months, I don’t know how many times my husband said to me, “What are you laughing about?” I was laughing loud and hard because I was reading your blog. (The post about your son’s ears comes to mind!) Take care of yourself, Rechelle, and may you and yours be blessed with laugh-out-loud joy. : )

  • uhh – - — i thought we were friends. i feel just like I did when the sopranos ended. i have been whacked. best of luck. wish I knew how it all ends ;)

  • jalf:

    @Rae: Oh, give her a break. Is she supposed to become happier by constantly being nagged about believing the wrong thing? Or by being told that her writings seemed angry?

    Even if you’re right (which I doubt), aren’t you just rubbing salt into the wound?

  • I will miss your refreshing and humorous voice!
    I’m sad now.

  • mythstothebank:

    Aw, I’m so sad to see you go. I hope you are healthy and happy and I wish you all the best. Have you considered starting another blog? *lives in hope*

  • michelle:

    Wow. I’ve been reading your blog for years and I truly never expected this. I wish you all the best. Thank you for letting us into your life.

  • Okay, it’s been a week. You miss us don’t you? We’re still here, just waiting…

  • I do hope that when you are ready, you will send us a “sign”. I will continue to check in every now and then, but always remember that even as the numbers drop and it seems nobody cares anymore, we do, and we will be delighted to have you return to the blogosphere at any time.

  • Amy in OH:

    I also hope that you do decide to write again soon. You have a gift and your post on your spiritual beliefs was very brave and I totally support your courage. I’m a person who has serious doubts too but afraid to talk out loud about it, even to those I love. Take a good rest, Rechelle. You are missed.

  • Jennifer:

    You opened my eyes to a lot of things–I’m sorry to see you go. I wish you all the best.

  • I wish you the best and hope to one day find your writings again. I found your blog when I needed it most. You help give words to what I’ve been struggling with for a few years. You made me smile. You made me think. I appreciate you.

  • Mary:

    WOW, you will be missed, I loved reading your stories, but the web can be nasty as we well know. Good luck with your future. Mary

  • Voe:

    Deep unhappiness is usually caused by one of two things: tragic, traumatic personal circumstances (death, illness, serious financial or marital problems, etc.) or mental illness (chronic depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder). Anyone that has read Rechelle for a significant length of time recognized that something was seriously wrong, particularly after the family’s return from Europe.

    After Rechelle’s “conversion” an awful lot of new people came out of the woodwork, cheering her on for being brave enough to take such a controversial stand. Maybe she WAS brave, but she was also causing pain and embarrassment to her family and friends. I believe it’s possible to make one’s own life choices without ridiculing others for theirs. The attacks on innocent, good people’s intelligence and integrity were particularly disturbing. She became so angry and just plain mean that many of her readers, including me, decided we’d had enough. Like several others, I popped in this week just to see how she was doing. I was neither surprised nor disappointed to see the decision she made. I pray this means she is examining her life and how her choices affect not just her, but everyone that cares about her. Most of all, I pray that she’s getting some help.

  • Jane:

    Can I still say I’m sorry to see you go even if you’ve come back? I’m so glad that you’ve returned.

  • Mistergee:

    Your post is the most pompous and judgemental post I have ever seen. You have no idea of what you speak. From the tone of your post, it is evident to me, you have no credentials or knowledge to back up your statements. It is non thinking folks like you that drove Rechelle to withdraw for a few days.

    Her courage in coming back to her blopg is to be admired.

    And by the way, as a professional, I believe you should get some help about thinking you are in a position to advise anyone, especially an extremely intelligent woman who obviously has given some thought as to who she is and what she wants to be.

  • tessa:

    You said it Mistergee!!