Wiccan Tornado Blame Dot Com

March 26th, 2010

To see the winners of the Project Reason Video contest – click here. They are awesome!


  • lol, nice.

    that reminds me that some morons blamed the floods in Fargo on this

  • Kathy J:

    I love stuff like this – yes lets blame stuff that happens all the time on the forces of EVIL!

    On the other hand the reason given for why we have never been hit by a tornado is because the town is built around a sacred indian site – wait, doesn’t that mean we “should” be hit by a tornado? Shoot I better head downstairs to the shelter and make sure I have batteries!

    Honestly – has anyone given Pat Robertson a cat scan lately? He has got to have a brain tumor to say the stuff he does.

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:


    I don’t think it’s a Wiccan in Tulsa. A good friend is, as he calls it, “a bad Jew,” who loves to eat pork products, with dairy, and is married to a non-Jew. His engineering office is on the Oral Roberts campus in Tulsa (I don’t know why he hasn’t burst into flames or something.) So I’m pretty sure Tulsa tornados are his fault, not a Wiccan’s. I’ll have him call Pat Robertson and fess up, because as my friend says, “Jews are to blame everything.”

  • Laura:

    Laughing my @$$ off! Love your new outlook!

  • Kimberly:

    Jade, that’s because I moved away from Fargo a year and a half ago. God figured, “Hey, Kim’s gone, I might as well turn it back into a glacial lake.” But I was like, “God, my friends still live there and I love visiting, it’s cool town.” Then God was like, “OK I guess you’re right, you have once again proven me fallible. In that case, is there anything I can do for you today?” Then I was like, “Go in the kitchen and make me a sandwich boy.” And he did. God makes good sandwiches. Bwahahahahahaha.

    Your posts rock Rechelle, I look forward to them everyday. :)

  • Mindy:

    lol Those videos are great. I liked the third-place winner.

  • What a hoot!

  • Sayrahk:

    If fog in San Francisco is caused by the homosexuals, Who are we going to blame for the earthquakes?
    I used to have a girlfriend in college who’s last name was Roberts that we nicknamed “Oral”. She’s probably responsible for the tornados in OK even though we went to school in GA!
    Loving your blog nowadays, your posts are thought provoking and the comments are entertaining! These videos are wonderful.
    When are you going to write a cookbook?

  • GA in GA:

    ROTFLMAO @ the Wiccan Tornado video.

    Thank you for the Project Reason link. Wonderful, thought provoking videos.

  • Brian V.:

    Great stuff, thanks…

  • birdgirl:

    We have a lot of Wiccan’s at WalMart.

  • Samantha:

    These were fanstastic! Thanks for sharing!

    BTW Rechelle, have you seen Julia Sweeney’s ‘Letting Go of God’? funny stuff.

  • Anonymous:

    Sure there are nuts out there in religion and every part of life, But I guess I don’t understand why the obsession with thinking every one with religion is a nut ! since Rachell herself was not only a member but a leader in her Church maybe just maybe she was in the wrong church . Not that I think you have to be a member of a church to know and Love God , Just seems like when she believed in God she diden’t talk about it and now that she doesan’t believe in God she is obesssed with making fun of everyone else , go figure ? Thats all this blog talks about, like she needs comfort in her decision , I think she is in more tormoil than it seems .

  • Someone that needs God:

    I am praying for Rechelle

  • Meanie:

    Yeah its funny, but isn’t Pat Robertson a little too easy to make fun of? I mean, really. Who takes him seriously?

  • I just “tweeted” you. It’s “A” week on Twitter and Facebook. It’s a Coming Out Party for Atheists. I hope you’ll join in.

  • Brian V.:

    @Meanie, hmm, lemme see, who takes Pat Robertson seriously…..? The 700 Club is working on half a century of fleecing Americans for Jesus, or forty plus years, methinks…. Just because you suggest he is laughable and not worth attention does not mean that his revenues are going down today.(You and I wish!) I betcha eternal life on streets of gold that he’s still bringing in millions of dollars per year from Americans, real Americans with credit cards. He sends out his latest books secretly smeared with the same Gerin Oil that was discovered in churches everywhere some years ago. It’s tasteless, odorlous and only one-tenth of one-thousandth of a drop is absolutely enough to make you UTTERLY WORSHIP and/or much much worse…

  • I love Pope Michael.

  • Meanie:

    @Brian – yes, yes, I know thousands of sheeple follow this nutbag, hang on his every word, and even sign over their Social Security checks to him. What I meant (and a little sarcastically) was that for *thinking* people, specifically for *skeptics* PR is a pretty easy target. Like the Far Side Comic with the deer who has a big tattoo on its belly (“bummer of a birthmark, Hal”), if comedic skeptics are the hunters, PR is Hal.

    He’s lobbing softballs right over the plate for any skeptic with even a small drop of humor or sense of irony at all to smack into the cheap seats. How’s that for metaphors?

    And I’ll have to google this Gerin Oil, as your mention of it is the first I’ve heard. I’m inclined to believe you’re joking, or it’s a hoax (I am a skeptic, after all) :) ~Cheers!

  • Brian V.:

    @Meanie, as coo-coo as Pat R. surely is, he so reminds me of many many religio types I have had the pleasure of sharing pews with in the past. Once one starts down the road of fantasy-belief almost any cracker-whacko idea can become entirely plausible because its an idea from you-know-who and everybody believes the magic message.
    I should have noted that the Gerin Oil thing is Dawkin’s ‘observation’…
    best wishes…

  • Meanie:

    Yeah….I figured that out (re Gerin Oil). I should read more Dawkins, but some people in my family have minor heart attacks whenever they see “that kind of book” in my hands or house.

  • Now that was funny, but they misspelled coincidence.