The Pope Lives Just Down the Road From Me

March 22nd, 2010

Most people think that the pope lives in Rome.

But they are wrong.

The real pope…

The TRUE pope…

Lives just a few miles from me in Delia, Kansas.

His name is POPE Michael.

That Benedict guy is an imposter!

I knew it!


And you know what else?

I really like Pope Michael.

There is something about him…

And his mom…

They just seems so…


Maybe it has to do with the Pope sitting in the recliner with the remote in his hand.
Or maybe it is that scene where he is writing his blog with the water tank in the background.
Or maybe it’s the whole Pope eating a sandwich thing…
Or the papal crest coffee mug…
Or the Pope and his mom watching Jeopardy together!

I don’t know… but I like these people. I really, really do. It’s sort of like the Pope meets Napoleon Dynamite. And honestly… wouldn’t Napoleon as Pope be extremely tolerable?

I originally found this video on a visit to Pochoblog.

Click here to watch the trailer for the full length feature film and read the blog by the film makers.

Pope Michael’s blog can be found here.


  • Kimberly:

    Rechelle, I’m traumatized now, thanks! I started watching it thinking it was satire and then I couldn’t stop watching! Ahhhhh!

    Wow. :)

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    Note to self – quit checking Google Reader before I go to bed. Sometimes Rechelle puts scary Kansans in my head. Hope I don’t wake up sucking my thumb.

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    Oh yeah. Your Word O’ Whenever this week isn’t helping my mental health either.

  • eclecticdeb:

    Oh Good Grief. Thanks for that.

  • Meanie:

    two words: mental illness
    Okay, add a third: untreated
    Possibly a fourth: undiagnosed

  • The comparison to Napoleon Dynamite is genius… so when will he throw the little action figure out of the back of the bus?!!

  • Meanie – I don’t think he is mentally ill. I think making yourself the Pope is the only version of religion that is truly sane.

  • I got you beat. I have the Virgin Mary and a man who thinks he’s a bear wandering the streets where I live.

  • Meanie:

    @ Rechelle – I think we’ll have to respectfully disagree on any religion (mainstream or made up) fostering mental stability. ;)

  • Martha in Kansas:

    Oh my! Doesn’t that make you proud to be a Kansan?! I love seeing that he does that old-man thing of licking his lips and sucking on his teeth. And knowing the pope can sheet-rock. Just a down-home sort of guy! I can hardly wait to show my catholic friends this!

  • km:

    I bet he could write a better letter to the Irish people than the real pope did over the weekend. The gist of it was, sorry for the abuse but if you all fast and pray it will be be better. I’m really not his friend right now.

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  • [...] March 23, 2010 a local website sent a great deal of traffic in here and into the blog. In fact I have an email in to her website, beause although I am [...]

  • Spinny:

    Just wow.

    I don’t really know what to say to that.

    I’m in awe of his delusions.

    Then again, the only real difference between him and the other pope is the number of followers each has.


    The church photo on Vatican in Exile looks like the chapel at the old Mt. Loretto home for orphans here in Staten Island, NY. The chapel is still standing. The land near the bay is a special preserve set aside by the state of New York. A nice place to pray and go for a nice walk near the water.

  • Geez. Between this guy, Fred Phelps and Sam Brownback, I’m thoroughly embarassed and terrifed to admit that I live in Kansas.

  • Jennifer:

    I wonder if Mel Gibson recognizes him as the Pope? Maybe there’s a whole other Pope out in Cali?

  • LucyGolden:


  • Carol:

    This man does not appear to be mentally ill to me. He didn’t decide by himself he was pope, he isn’t hurting anyone (unlike that shithead Phelps) he works fora living and can talk with other people. And I’d be proud – I like eccentrics. At least they are actively thinking.

  • Carol – I agree with you. I don’t think he is mentally ill. I think he looked over the rules of the church very carefully and honestly decided that they had been violated. He seems very sincere and humble. All religions come out of former religions and are usually led by a small group who believes their interpretation is better or more correct. Pope Michael is just continuing a long tradition of starting a new church. The protestants do it all the time.

  • Action Squirrel:

    I don’t think he’s mentally ill, either. At least he and the people around him seem to recognize that popes started off as plain old human beings that were elected to the position. They didn’t descend from the stars cradled in the lord’s bosoms like many people believe and inexplicably behave. THAT’s delusion, if you ask me!

  • Boz:

    At least Pope Michael hasn’t covered up child rape and torture by his subordinates.

  • Mindy:

    I can’t help but notice that this “Pope” speed prays.

  • Kay in KCMO:

    Wow. This is the first I’ve heard of Pope Michael. I wonder what his relationship is, if any, to the the schism group in St. Mary’s, Kansas. Or is it St. Marys (and, yes, the apostrophe makes a difference to the town and to the schism group and college)?

    For those of you that don’t know, there’s a group in the U.S. that does not recognize Vatican II’s reforms and believes the church went into apostacy at that time. That group follows a French bishop, although they don’t think of him as a pope, iirc. A stronghold of this group is in St. Mary’s, Kansas (or St. Marys, I can never remember). Their Masses are always in Latin, women must cover their heads in church, women can’t be in *any* positions of authority over men, blah, blah, blah.

    I’ve written this after having a few glasses of red wine (yay cheap Chilean red wine from Costco!) so am having difficulty determining if any of this makes sense. Anyway, will have to read Pope Micheal’s blog. A blogging Pope!! Bwah! Thor bless the Chileans and their ability to produce wine that’s cheap at Costco.

    I desperately miss living in Kansas, the place of my birth. Living in Missouri grates. It GRATES, I say. Slavers!

    I have to go lie down.

  • Anonymous:

    you have a serious problem !! You have gone off the deep end !
    Can’t you have youre thoughts and ideas without making fun of everyone else ?

  • Anonymous:

    I am NOT so sure you are as sure of yourself as you try to seem , you had a bunch of Normal people reading your blog and now you have a bunch of Nuts !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aww, thanks, Anonymous!

    I need to see if we still have our Costco card. I think I hear Chilean wine calling my name! We could send some to Pope Michael for his communion…

    Kay, I’ve heard of that group, I don’t know, maybe it was another one, that claimed they were the ‘real’ Catholic church. And Mel Gibson and his father made their own Catholic church that allowed Mel to divorce his wife of 20-some years and marry a much younger woman. Our Lady of The Mid-Life Crisis, or something like that.

  • Kay in KCMO:

    Yay, Kelley! And yay cheap Chilean wine @ Costco! Find that card, girl! And we’ll send a case to the true Pope in Delia, Kansas! And you’re right about Mel – he and his Nazi-loving padre are ultra-conservative separatists. But he can get divorced, doncha know, because the wifey was Episcopalian so she wasn’t really Christian so it doesn’t count.

    Lefebvre! That’s the guy! He’s the French bishop that the separatists follow. There was a show on PBS a few years ago about this and I was just dumbfounded that this was happening less than 200 miles away from me. The athletic teams (and they’re only male) at St. Mary(‘)s College will forfeit games if the opposing school has a woman in charge of anything.

    Hey, Anonymous, do you spend your weekends protesting outside Scientologist offices? Because that’s what Anonymous does, so that’s cool.

    And you’d think that the one and only true pope would have spellcheck or somesuch, ya know? Man, his typing’s worse than mine!

    Lost is on!

  • Pope Michael isn’t any more or less insane than all the other popes, pastors, priests, etc. and other religious leaders.

    Also, I am greatly amused at Anon’s little explosive rant up there

  • Kay in KCMO – Send some of that wine to me!

    From what I understand – Pope Michael used to be part of the St Marys’ ‘schism’, but then broke away due to some troubling facts he found in the Pope’s election or something like that and then hemade himself Pope – which is an excellent solution. St. Marys is a whole nother post. I feel sorry for the women. They can’t use birth control and have all these kids and then they have to wear dresses and the little girls have to wear dresses. (The boys are allowed to wear pants and so are the men) I don’t get the dress thing – but I guess it’s a sign of extra holiness.

  • Kimberly:

    Haha, Kay! You rock! :)

  • Action Squirrel:

    Speaking of interpreting religion, I just happened to read a little bit of AJ Jacobs today, the guy who wrote A Year of Living Biblically. He’s got a website, a few clips of the year he spent in Manhattan observing all the commandments and advice in the Bible. No mixed cloths, no sitting in seats where menstruating women had sat, etc.. He had to stone an adulterer with some pebbles.

  • kimj:

    Did Pope Michael have chew in his mouth, or just really bad teeth, and a disturbing habit of sticking his tongue out as he talks?

    And I love his mom’s house dresses…so very…holy.

    What is it about North Central Kansas that attracts these strange religious groups?!?

  • km:

    I think it’s a result of a lack of ocean

  • I’m an adherent & follower of Pope Michael from Canada. Yes, he is the legimate Pope!