Pioneer Woman – The Movie!

March 18th, 2010

It looks as if Pioneer Woman is going to be made into a movie starring Reese Witherspoon….













.as Ree Drummond..

Columbia pictures is developing the movie based on Ree’s laborious “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels’ chronicle in which she minutely combs over every dating detail that led up to her wedding and marriage to ranching tycoon, Ladd Drummond.  Columbia also has the rights to the book by the same name which is due to be released on Valentine’s Day 2011.

Hopefully the screen play writers will be relentless in their editing of Ree’s tedious tale, as her habit of stretching a two minute event into an epic monologue won’t translate well to film.  From what I have read, the press has already cut out her entire childhood –  which took place in Bartlesville, Oklahoma –  and have permanently relocated Ree’s back story to LA thereby creating a hardcore city girl…

who falls helplessly in love with an Oklahoma rancher…

and gives up everything….

for even more of everything!!!

The things we do for LOVE!




On a more serious (yet rhyming) note…

If Reese is Ree.

Who should Ladd be?


  • I know you’re going to get flack for this post, but it cracked me up. A lot.

  • soo…. Sweet Home Alabama again? :-p

  • Gina:

    They’re actually making a movie out of that boring story? Damn.

    What about David Morse?

  • :::Gaahahahhhkkkkk::

    Sorry, ‘scuse the mess.

    That was just me vomiting all over my keyboard.

    My last remaining hope is that it’ll never make it out of development, just like 90% of other movie ideas.

    And the sad thing is? If it comes out I know I’ll end up seeing it.

    • Kate – I wouldn’t miss it! Imagine the blog fodder! It will supply me for a year!

  • Um… Woody Harrelson?

  • Rechelle -

    I think this will call for a BHTTW drinking game – drink every time “holey yoga pants”, “wranglers”, “house on the golf course” or “forearms” are mentioned, and finish your drink whenever Reese Witherspoon slips back into her Sweet Home Alabama character.

    Be plastered before the opening credits are through.

  • Donna:

    Good for Ree!
    I am happy for her and her success.

  • kristy k:

    I agree with Donna – good for her.

  • The whole damn mess just makes my hiney quiver.

  • Yes Donna and Kristy – I agree, nothing makes me happier than Ree Drummond having even more success. As one astute commenter said,’ it’s kind of like Oprah Winfrey winning the lottery’. It makes you feel all giddy inside. Like you are about to explode… with joy of course. I only hope that this recent success will lead to EVEN MORE success for her – because I can’t think of a single person on the planet that deserves success more than Ree Drummond.

  • Martha in Kansas:

    You’ll have to add “chaps” to the drinking game!

  • sandy:

    Ummm…who’s that red headed actress that acts on Desperate Housewives? She’s more of a “Ree” than Reese. And yes, I think Woody Harrelson would be a good Ladd…..lmao!

  • Oh yeah, I’m up for Kate’s suggestion of a drinking game.

  • Just playing a word game to answer the question:
    REE – REEse
    LADD – aLADDin

    From the Disney movie, of course :)

  • kristy k:

    Rechelle – Wow – bitter much?

  • Anna:

    I always thought there had to be a story for a movie or a book. I mean there’s no “there” there. Ok, I’m feeling a little snarky because I have had no sleep. That’s my excuse.

  • Donna:


    Winning the lottery is due to luck.

    Getting a movie optioned based on one’s book is due to talent.
    Why shouldn’t someone talented and hard-working enjoy more and more success? It’s not like Ree’s success is being dropped in her lap — she’s working for it.

  • Donna:

    @ Kristy

    Sounds like it.

  • Kristy K – Yes, frequently. It’s sort of my signature – kind of like ‘keepin’ it real’ is Ree’s signature. Because she is so real. So, so, SO real. I LOVE her realness. I bask in the realness. Her realness is what gets me out of bed in the morning. It’s what keeps me going in the hard times. Thank goodness SOMEONE out there is keepin’ it real.

  • ann:

    Oh, I saw this today and so wanted to mention this in a comment on the last post but figured you would find out anyway. You are very funny and have said what many have thought for a long time. I think the rich keep getting richer. I don’t know why that bugs me, but it does. For the record, I did ask you one time in a comment if you were ever going to write a book, because you are extremely witty and funny. I could see you doing something along the lines of a David Sedaris type book. He is very funny. Have you read him? If you haven’t you should. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

  • Another Lee:

    Well, at least she didn’t have to go out and get eaten by bears to have a movie made about her. I am personally disappointed in her – because you know how much she cares about MY opinion – but she has shown that opportunities exist out there for woman bloggers to rise to the next level. It’s all so (wait, putting on my Nomex suit, headpiece, gloves) Hillary Clinton. Smart, originally orginal, then lost it along the way.

  • Yes Donna – I totally agree. She is working very, very hard. Very, very hard recycling recipes and re-using old photos and never saying anything meaningful. And who exactly is homeschooling her kids while she is doing all this hard, hard work? Ladd? Charlie the basset hound? Or maybe homeschooling four kids isn’t that big of a deal – at least not when your dad is a multi-millionaire rancher and your mom makes millions photographing his butt. After all, the Drummond kids don’t exactly need a good education for a secure future – do they.

  • Ann – David Sedaris is one of my very favorite writers. Going to hear him speak in April. Can’t wait.

  • Donna:

    I didn’t mean to upset you, Rechelle dear.
    Maybe you should rest for awhile.

  • Okay, Rechelle, I’m really trying here. I can understand your struggle with and rejection of religion. I can understand why you might not like homeschooling. There are a lot of things I can understand, and I try to do just that. I think the world needs a little more understanding–or at least more of us attempting to understand different points of view.

    However, I just don’t get what you’ve got against Ree personally. Yes, she is a Christian and also a homeschooler. So are a lot of people, so that can’t be why you’ve singled out Ree. Yes, she has been very blessed (perhaps you would prefer to say fortunate) and has had some success.

    Whether you think Ree is deserving of these things or not, I simply cannot understand why it would bother you so much that you can’t stop blogging about it. Nor do I understand why one recent commenter would tell you to cast off the wealth and trappings of being a doctor’s wife–or whatever he said. Huh? Like having wealth or success means you do not help others. But anyway.

    Constant blogging about your newfound belief/disbelief? Well, that makes sense somewhat since it is something that has affected you deeply and personally. How has Ree’s level of wealth or success affected you personally? To constantly complain about such things does make you seem bitter and jealous. Neither is an attractive quality, and I really would have thought you were better than that.

    No, I don’t feel I need to jump to Ree’s defense. I am more concerned about where you are right now. The person I met, whose posts I’ve read, whose songs I’ve listened to, impressed me as being a smart, funny, thoughtful, and kind person. I worry about you, not because you are now an atheist, but because you seem very bitter. Maybe it’s just something you need to work through. I hope you can do that quickly, not for any of us reading, but for you. Happiness cannot exist alongside such bitterness. I wish you happiness, Rechelle.

  • Nancy in AK:

    I think PW has really sold out now. Also, her story is exaggerated! She grew up in a upper middle class family. She’s the daughter of a doctor and the family lived on a golf course in an small OK city not to far from where the Drummonds lived. Her life and Ladd Drummond’s lives were not all that different growing up; they were both well-off Oklahomans from the same area of the state. she went to USC and lived in LA, but I think Ladd also went to college out west – maybe Arizona State.

  • Nancy in AK:

    P.S. I’m guessing that PW is on vacation now because she does seem to be recycling posts. i don’t blame her – it is hard to write new posts every day. she prob. does have an assistant now helping her and the assistant can prepare the reruns. maybe she shouldn’t try to post every day.

  • The article I read on one of the Hollywood industry sites said that not only has Sony/Universal purchased the rights to ‘Black Heels To Tractor Wheels’ -the book, which will be published on Valentine’s Day next year, but they’ve also bought proprietary rights to ‘’. Her blog is now owned by a movie studio. I don’t necessarily begrudge her her wealth, she’s always been rich, and was smart enough to marry well. What I don’t understand is the complete selling out she’s done, and this is the cherry on top of the sell-out sundae. Her blog is not about ‘keeping it real’, it’s merely her version of what she envisions her life to be like. And now her life will be a rom-com, and then next there will be PW Barbie (complete with a cow patty and a photoshop action set to download), then a magazine, a set of cookware and clothing line. And perfume! There must be perfume! It would smell like cows, grass and Charlie the basset hound.

  • I like you, I think you are funny! I like your blog too. Your writing is witty and that makes reading about your family, garden, house, cats, travels…very charming. Your book reviews? LOVE them!

    But what the heck is the deal with The Pioneer Woman? You very obviously have a BIG problem with her. If you are annoyed that she talks excessively of forearms and holey yoga pants, then stop reading.

    Would any of us turn down an offer to have our recipes published? An offer to make our silly blog stories a movie? Seriously, A MOVIE. They don’t offer unless they feel there is a audience willing to buy it. There is college for the kids paid for, a cushion to the retirement account, debt relief, a vacation home in Fiji. I won’t lie, I would jump on it if I was approached to turn my ridiculous blog into a movie! Except I don’t want Reese to play me….hmmmm maybe Sandra Bullock. : )

    So what is the real story? Ripping on her makes you sound bitter and jealous. Are you jealous? What did she do to you? There is more to the story that you are not divulging, right?

  • Erica:

    So you don’t like PW. We get it. Your tone seems like you are totally jealous though, gotta say.

  • Jenni, what do you not get? Rechelle’s said it time and again. Ree is a brand not a person. Her life has very little to do with her blog. She plays at being a sincere one o’ the gals type when, in reality, she’s not. She’s wealthy, in a huge home with millions of dollars and not at all like one o’ the gals. She has taken any bit of her personality out of her blog to pander to the religious right or as she herself has referred to them as the “Chreestians” Rechelle met her and realized that the person behind the blog isn’t in fact the person behind the blog. They’re two different people. I think I’d be bitter too if I thought I had a friend who turned out to be not at all what she made everyone think she is all for the almighty dollar. And I think it would chap my ass not only to see her making a mint off all the people she’s hoodwinking but for people not seeing through the pretense even when it’s being pointed out to you.

    • taylor5622:

      So well said Susie. Having recently found Rechelle’s blog, I admire her for exposing Ree Drummond for what she really is: a phony who’s managed to scam millions of readers. Just take a look at the video of Drummond’s appearance at Washington D.C.’s 2010 National Book Festival. She’s clearly uncomfortable in her own skin; so much so it’s palpable.

      Rechelle’s performing a badly needed public service for the Internet. She’s keeping Ree real. Someone has to. Thanks Rechelle.

  • ooo ooo me me !!! If Reese plays Ree, then, Brad plays Ladd!!!!! Do I get a cool LeCreuset dutch oven???

  • ann:

    Seriously, did people not think this post was funny? Rechelle is just pointing out the obvious fakeness of PW and she did it in a humorous way. People seem to worship PW. It’s sort of strange and weird. Rechelle, I am jealous you are going to see David S. I tried to find a place around me that he was coming to, but no luck. I even thought of sending him a letter begging him to come here. Please post on this when you go. I just love him.

  • Meanie:

    Jenni in KS is right: Ree is BLESSED. Because what has god got to do besides making a rich woman richer? Hey, don’t get me wrong, I love money just as much as the next gal, but to attribute marrying well, shrewdness, and marketing to the invisible man in the sky’s blessing, well that’s just kooky.

  • Brooke – I don’t read her site. I can’t. It gives me a stomach ache. I just have a lot of people that tell me what is going on over there. And as a blogger – her success is interesting to me – and pointing out the absurdity of her banal writing is fun! Yes! FUN! I have a good time making fun of her! I don’t know why – but I DO. This is how the world works. People get famous for being rich, stupid or annoying and then other people make fun of them. Generally – if you get famous for being brilliant, talented and you aren’t annoying – you get left alone. When was the last time someone made fun of David Gray… or Shawn Colvin… or David Sedaris? Never. Because they are truly talented and they inspire awe and not ridicule.

    If Ree Drummond was legitimately funny or wrote honestly, or actually ‘kept it real’ – she would not be getting any flak from me. But she is a phony, her writing is pointless and her only real skill is MARKETING.

  • Erica – I think you must be ‘tone deaf’.

  • Kimberly:

    Oh wow, I thought you made this up in your post. Seriously? Who would go to a movie about THAT?! (although I don’t really know much apart from going through her site a couple times)

    But I think the REAL question in all of this is……Who will play YOU in the movie, Rechelle???? ;)

  • TinaMarie:

    New reader here. Don’ t know how I got here, lol. I like your candor and style. I started reading PW years ago. It was a nice little blog then not the stuff I usually read but fluff and stuff. I follwed her for a while but really couldn’t take it anymore when she went on and on about MM and his arms and “the father of my children” or “fruit of my loins” ” HIM”. You get it. I must say though she is one shrewed cookie or else she has lots of handlers helping . I have posted comments on her website before. They
    weren’t confrontational. I asked her about her homeschooling and
    what happens to these kids when they need to take Algerbra
    or Calculus. I asked about SAT’s and math. My comments were
    quickly removed. I also had a problems with her leaving those
    dogs outside in that freezing weather on the porch. Deleted again.
    I stopped reading after that… I figured if she can’t answer these types of questions she is full of it. She is so far removed from
    her average reader and puts on that, lil ole me act. I am not
    jealous or bitter just stating my opinion . Keep up the good
    work on your blog. Someone needs to call PW out.


  • Kimberly – I want Whoopi Goldberg to play me.

  • LucyGolden:

    OK, here’s my 2¢ about Ree, while I do enjoy trying her recipes, NONE of us, with the exception of Rechelle, who has been to THE RANCH, know exactly who Ree Drummond is or isn’t. She may, in fact, have help with her home schooling, house/ranch keeping, etc. All I know is I cannot affored the lovely things she “advertises” on her blog. She’s a bit out of my league. I agree with whomever posted earlier, she’s gotten to be a brand. I feel she must have lost her identity long before I started reading her recipes a year and a half ago.

    Oh, by-the-by, Rechelle, I love the tiny little smiley face at the very bottom left side of your page!

  • Gwen:

    OMG i Ree Drummond is the FAKEST most annoying woman ON THE PLANET!!!!

    THANK GOD i’m not the only one who feels that way!!!! I cannot STAND her or her blog. Ugh. Can’t wait til her and Marlboro Man get divorced and then her sham will be revealed :)

  • Kristy K:

    Wonder what you would think if your kids bragged about how much fun they have making fun of someone. Nice.

    • Kristy K – My children have inherited the sarcasm gene from their mother. They are very good at making fun of many things including on occasion other people. They are frequently hilarious. Making fun of things is also called NOTICING THINGS. It is also called INTERPRETING THINGS! It is also called a SENSE OF HUMOR! Making fun of things is quite often a very healthy way to deal with the difficulty of life. If you can make yourself laugh at something that is absurd – like an extremely wealthy woman selling her vacuous love story to Hollywood, I would say that this is a sign of mental health. If my kids can do the same with the absurdities that they will someday face – I will think that I did something right.

      • Christine:

        “making fun of things is quite often a very healthy way to deal with the difficulty of life.” i think you have this all wrong. and it’s interesting that you say making fun of “things.” because you aren’t making fun of things. you’re making fun of a person. and that is one person tearing down another person. and i just can’t believe that that is a healthy behavior to learn. there are much more constructive ways to deal with stress and the difficulties of life.

        i just don’t understand your reasoning. “making fun of things” (and in this case, other people) is just a euphemism for breeding negativity, in my opinion.

        • Rechelle:

          Christine – Ree Drummond has turned herself into a product. She is therefore a ‘thing’. But I am all for making fun of people too.

  • Ree has become the Thomas Kinkade (the painter of light) of bloggers. They are both excellent marketers, but the talent is all gone and what may have made them interesting at one point, is no longer present. This may be due to the fact that they no longer do their own work, it’s all hired out and formulated.

  • Peggy:

    Rechelle, somehow, I don’t think we’ve heard the total story about your trip to her ranch. What really happened?

  • Heather that is an excellent, spot on comparison. When I first started reading her blog a couple of years ago, it was nothing like what it is now.

  • Gwen:

    Good question Peggy!

    I am also wondering, was there any specific interaction that soured you on Ree when you stayed at her house?

  • Well, I confess that I still check her blog every day although there hasn’t been anything new/interesting for quite some time.
    I wasn’t too impressed with the “love story” either. I can’t see a whole movie being made of it.
    I also get a little tired of her complaining about how big/jiggly..whatever…her “bottom” is when clearly she has nothing to complain about. There are people who have serious weight issues(and no I’m not one of them but it bothers me).
    At least she admits she doesn’t actually do any work on the ranch!

  • I am still trying to figure how on earth Ree = Reese Witherspoon.

    I made the mistake of trying to go to PW’s site and read through her posts once. While I don’t agree with her at all, I can get past that.

    What I cant get past, and grosses me out, is the way she refers to her husband in the grossest and most primitively sexual manner possible. I felt like I was an unwilling participant in her verbal orgasms about her man. Really, that kind of intimate talk is unnecessary. I only want to hear that kind of talk in my own head about my own husband.

    I actually had to search for a clean portrait of him to see if he was some underwear model. After being subjected to even more of her disgusting sex-speak about making more babies with him, I finally found a shot of him. He isn’t anything worthy of telling the entire blogosphere her most basic carnal desires.

    Maybe it’s just me. I have been wrong before, but still… EW.

  • pina:

    I have been reading your blog for quite a while now, although I recently quit reading on a regular basis because of mean tone you have taken. I am writing this not really in defense of Ree, however I did want to point out a few things. I really cant stand that you chose the most unflattering picture of the woman and posted it on your blog. It just seems like you are really trying to get personal with her now. What did she do to you that was so horrible that you would act like a high school bully and post a picture like that?
    ITs your blog, you can do what you want, I just think this was silly…and just plain mean.

  • Maria:

    Ree may be all marketing and not “real” at all, and we’ll never know the “real” her..but she can stand in line behind millions of others who are the marketing the same way. Now get going on Oprah and a million other stars, Rechelle and you will have blog fodder forever…and just as boring to read after awhile. The public can take only so many hound story’s and the public can only take only so many rantings about those that write hound story’s. *Yawn* But wait! We can quit reading any time, right?

  • LOL, pina! “I really cant stand that you chose the most unflattering picture of the woman and posted it on your blog.” It’s only ‘unflattering’ because it isn’t photoshopped! and probably the lighting had not been set up to most benefit the one getting photographed.

  • Gwen:

    Heather -

    Totally agree with you on all points. He’s plainly average at BEST!

    I truly believe that she is masking a deep-seated insecurity in her relationship with MM by talking like that. No person who is satisfied with their relationship would feel the need to CONSTANTLY profess the verbal orgasms about her man.

  • Gwen:

    Ladd should be played by David Morse. I think they look a lot alike.

  • Julie:

    Aww Envy makes the world go ’round’

  • Nancy in AK:

    I was also thinking – if P.W. also sold the rights to, maybe she’s giving up the blog when the movie comes out. I’m guessing the book and movie will both be out and she’ll be done with blogging except for Tasty Kitchen.

  • Sally:

    I’m actually still trying to figure out WHAT the movie would be about. Boring…..

  • I was thinking of the same person as Gwen was…I just couldn’t get his name. Except they’ll go with someone completely different because well look who they picked for her. That doesn’t really fit in my opinion. But then I don’t read her so I wouldn’t know. Just from pictures Reece doesn’t fit.
    You are hilarious. I love you’re posts. Still.

  • Crap. I just saw that I put you’re instead of your. I’m on cold meds that’s my excuse.

  • I read PW for a while, and never did catch on to the religiousness of it. I did grow weary of it, however – it just wasn’t compelling.

    Now, down to the movie. Obviously they chose Reese Witherspoon because of the similarity of her name (less thinking required that way).

    Ree ~ Ree(se)

    Now, who should play Ladd? Hmmm… one person immediately popped into my mind, mostly because of a physical resemblance.

    I love your blog Rechelle – thanks for the laughs as always!

  • Rob:

    Rechelle, your sarcasm is actually a form of great wit. And it’s based on your creativity, intelligence, and perceptiveness. That some don’t get this is due to a lack thereof. You have a way of taking the mundane and sometimes tragic and turning into something to smile about. That you have passed this on to your own children is a testament to you and it will serve them well. And that Hollywood, an industry built on cheap lies and shallow garbage, would be interested in this story is a testament to its source… Actually, it reminds me vaguely of The Blind Side. What that family did was great, but how hard is it do the right thing when you have ALL the advantages?

  • Deborah:

    So PW is crafted, with help, and Ree presents her world as she wants you to see it. Big surprise, not.
    It brightens my day…as this post didn’t.

    I don’t know if I would like PW in real life, but I do like her site.
    Call your post honesty if you like but you are only fooling yourself.
    Jealous, bitter and as a past guest of PW’s…downright rude.

  • Gwen:

    I think Ree should be played by Lea Thompson. They seriously look exactly alike!

    The ONLY reason they would have Reese play her is box office draw. Mark my words, Reese won’t play her. I think the ONLY reason this is a rumor is because of a Forbes magazine article where they asked Ree who she would like to play her in a movie and she answered “Reese Witherspoon”. Here’s the article, check page 3, last paragraph for the Reese reference:

  • Katrina:

    I made the Sweet Home Alabama joke to a friend (SERIOUS PW follower) and she got personally offended. If that’s what reading PW does to people, I want none of that.

  • Rechelle – I will be at the Lied Center for Sedaris in April also! Find me for a high five.

  • km:

    wow, that’s huge!! It essentially means that her content will be controlled by the movie company surely? Maybe it already is because the content has gotten tamer and tamer. That’s a shame but there are other forums for ascerbic wit and I enjoy here. I hop over there for light reading. The big difference I think is the neutrality of it all and the uninteresting comments. Sometimes here I enjoy the discussions in the commentary as much as the posts by our host Rechelle

  • Brian V.:

    Rechelle, You are are refreshing delightful blast of reality! The ‘offended’ will always take pot-shots from their fantasy higher ground but your honest sense of humor and human touch is simply delightful…You really know how to get somewhere with words… there are all kinds of pioneers but having read The Pioneer Woman blog, I cannot for the life of me figure out the pioneer angle. How can that be termed ‘Pioneer’? More like a modified milk product… Keep on sharing your world, pleeeaaassssse!

  • Wouldn’t this be more of a made for TV Lifetime movie? I think Mare Whittingham should play Ree and James Gandolfini should play Ladd.
    Gary Coleman can play himself.

    I wonder if they will show Charlie the Basset Hound being run over while the Drummond stooges are driving off in their truck?

    Poor Witherspoon. Jake dumps her and then this? Did her agent dump her as well? Ouch….

    I wonder who will play Charlie?

  • Holy shit, I’m absolutely stunned and now totally understand why no decent movies have been made for a while. Who on EARTH would possibly think there’s anything move-worthy in that story?

    Add me to the list of bitter jealous bloggers who see right through her bullshit. Except that I’m not. :P I hate it though because I really believe she’s giving the REAL blogging rancher’s wives a bad name. The “sweet little downhome in-the-kitchen-cooking-for-hired-hands normal everyday country girl” routine is absolutely bullshit and the fact that people buy it? Disgusting.

    Sorry, gotta run, my assistant just pulled up with fresh sushi and the housekeeper can’t find the laundry detergent. And I think my kids’ have entered the bull pen so I’ll have to holler at those cowboys to rope them on outta there! Or I may just curl up like a baby and wimper until my hunking husband rescues me. In my holey yoga pants. Amen.

  • Blonde:

    My question here is…If you don’t like her blog…WHY read it?! If it bothers you so much, go find something elsewhere to amuse you!!! Personally, I like it! :)

  • Michelle:

    I agree with Brian V. But unfortunately, it should be directed at you Rechelle. The “offended” will always take POT SHOTS from their fantasy higher ground. Kinda seems to me like that is exactly what you are doing to PW. I don’t even read her blog… never have, but I have read yours faithfully over a long period of time. At this time, I can only come to the conclusion that you truly are jealous or something to that effect. A truly happy person would NEVER waste time with such negative posts as yours have been lately.

  • Liz:

    I’ve read PW’s blog off and on for several years and she may not say that they are multi-millionaires and what not, but it is obvious to the readers that they are very wealthy and afford themselves many luxuries. She never tried to come across as a poor rancher. We know that she grew up on a golf-course and since married into a very wealthy family. Where’s the deception?

  • Kris:

    Who cares if she’s already wealthy? What is it to you? I used to really love reading your blog and I’ve given it a chance since you went another direction. I even won a book from you a couple years ago. I just can’t do it any longer. I’m not a huge Ree fan but I just hate this cattiness that has taken over your blog. I’m sorry.

  • Maisie:

    Did you take the pictures on your blog today? Were you loathing PW and everything she stands for when you were sitting there in her kitchen? When I read the announcement this morning I immediately checked on you. Expected to see that you were “spinning out” and I wasn’t disppointed. I look at your blog, with less and less frequency, but for the same reasons that so many of us rubberneck at disasters of all kinds.

  • Dominique:

    How did you know all the details about this? Her post went up this morning about all this. I can understand having gotten a few leaked details here and there beforehand, but you knew all the details, down to the fact that Reese Witherspoon would be playing her.


  • Gwen:


    It was all over the internet yesterday morning.

  • Paula:

    I do NOT understand jealousy of someone else’s success! Bet you really dislike Oprah and Ellen. Danged Ellen already had a successful talk show AND is now on America Idol! DEPLORABLE!

  • Dominique:

    I guess I am not up to date on the behind the scene of the blog scene!

  • Christine from Canada:

    Loopy: I’M PEEING MY PANTS, which is a GOOD thing. Thank you!

    I can’t flippin’ BELIEVE that there’s going to be a movie made based on this woman’s life. Shut right up! (Not getting MY money, that’s for damn sure.)

    (Rubbing hands together: there should be protesters with signs/wearing sandwich boards outside the theatres — if it doesn’t go directly to DVD, that is. Nah. That’d be giving her even more attention. Scrap that idea.)

    Also, I don’t understand the posters who say Rechelle is jealous of PW. Um. No. It IS possible to intensely dislike people without being jealous of them.

  • Cat:

    I’m all for humor and sarcasm. You are clearly very jealous and you’re just being petty. You’re not that funny either.

  • Paula,

    While I can’t speak for anyone else, I’ve received nearly 30 emails over the past week when I posted on my own blog something similar to here. They essentially said the same thing as you have. I don’t begrudge ANYONE success – Oprah, Ellen, Dooce, or anyone else is absolutely entitled to their success and, believe it or not, I’m quite happy for them! My personal beef with PW is twofold – first, she portrays herself as just a normal everyday humble ranchers wife. “Here’s how we work cattle” “Here’s how we re-decorate the lodge” etc. Truth be told, however, that’s NOT how the average rancher works cattle because they’re doing it by themselves or, with luck, a helping hand – NOT an entire team of hired hands. And I know of no other rancher’s portraying themselves in this manner who have a LODGE to re-model, let alone a guest-shack. What normal down-home rancher is selling a piece of land for $20 million?

    She’s a sham. READ her content. There’s nothing of substance there, seriously. So yes, it’s a judgement and a shame that there are bloggers out there WITH fantastic content who aren’t married to millionaires and DESERVE a break more than she does.

    My other issue with her is personal – how the Drummond ranch has affected true local farmers as well as the indians, and his treatment of the tribe, that he leases a great deal of land from. I’m in discussions with my tribe at the moment to learn more about these dealings but from what little I know at the moment – the Drummond family has been quite…. shady, for lack of a better word.

    It’s Jon & Kate all over again — is it any of business or place to judge them? Absolutely not. BUT, if they portray themselves as something they’re not, essentially deceiving others and earning money off that deception, well that’s a whole ‘nother ball game.

    Again, I speak for no one but myself on this matter.

  • PJS:

    I started reading the pioneer women’s blog a few months ago starting with her tale of her romance with MM expecting her to wind up on a small farm in a weathered, white farm house. I was surpised when I stepped further into her blog and found out that her poor woe is me act is just that, an act. Her site is manufactured pablum for the masses and while, I too can be entertained for a moment by pretty, shiney objects, I prefer something grittier and real. I can only imagine how homogenized Hollywood’ pretty package of Pioneer Woman will be when it is spewed for the masses. Rechelle is keeping it Ree(l) on her blog because I thinks she’s seen right through the Pioneer Women’s cow pies. Keep writing, Rechelle, keep it real, for there are many of us who enjoy your honesty over manufactured mumbo-jumbo.

  • Rechelle, I think you’re funny. You’re spew-coffee-at-keyboard funny. But then it’s probably just a matter of opinion – for instance, I don’t think Dane Cook is funny, personally, but millions of people would disagree with me!
    I don’t think PW is genuine, either. But millions of bloggy readers would disagree! In any case, I think you’re well within your right to poke fun at her.

  • noalder:

    Well, I see a big problem ahead. Movie convention calls for a conflict or problem to be solved. They will have to make something up, since “will she,won’t she” surely wouldn’t sustain the necessary tension. Her fans know that there are NO PROBLEMS in her life. That’s why they’re fans – it’s sort of like believing in heaven. Will they be crushed? Maybe Mel Gibson should be involved in the brain storming.

  • Sunny:

    You’re a jerk….a bitter, overwrought, pansy-ass, resentful, blathering jerk.

  • Dominique, I think at first the news of the movie was mostly just on ‘Hollywood insider’ type blogs. I read it at Nikki Finke’s site-

    I think it’s entirely possible to dislike someone and the dislike not be based on jealousy. What is there to be jealous of in regards to PW? Money? Nah, it’s not like she just came in to it, she’s always had money. Fame? Not necessarily, because most bloggers don’t blog with the intent of becoming ‘famous’. I can only speak for myself, but my dislike of PW is more about the whole ‘man behind the curtain’ feel her blog has these days. The realization that she (or someone who works for her) heavily moderates the comments on her blog, so that only the comments that agree with her or are full of slobbering adoration are kept to maintain that ‘farm fresh’ feeling. The realization that I paid $25 for a cookbook that has a frickin’ recipe for a fried egg in it. And about 12 highly-stylized photos of said fried egg.

    For me personally, she can live her life however she wants to, just as I do mine. But everything on her blog is so sterilized and bland, that it just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I imagine now that it’s owned by a movie studio, it will be even more velveeta-ish.

    • taylor5622:

      OMG, you PAID for that cookbook? I never bought into the hype surrounding it’s release and until last week (Dec. 22, 2010) I had never seen the book except on-line. While Xmas shopping at Dillards, I saw it appropriately placed on a sale table. I picked it up and briefly, emphasis on briefly, glanced through it.

      I was shocked that it contained recipes culled from magazines sold in the check-out lanes of your local supermarket. Many of those recipes have been making the rounds for at least 10 years. What strikes me as odd is a reputable publising house fell hook, line and sinker for Drummond’s crap.

      And now Hollywood? Yeah, Drummond has an assistant all right along with an agent promoting her scam to book publishers and movie producers. What’s next? A syndicated talk show? The Pioneer Woman Cruise? The Pioneer Woman Airline? Or maybe the University of The Pioneer Woman?

      Excuse me while I hurl. Just keepin’ it real.

  • Donna:

    Just FYI, Ree didn’t sell the rights to her blog, just her book. (I think it states in one of the articles that she sold the rights to the blog, but she clarifies that later.)

  • Mindy:

    “and gives up everything….

    for even more of everything!!!”

    lol That’s a great line.

  • Paula:

    I am a dairy farmer and cattle rancher. You don’t have to tell me that not all ranches are ran like the Drummond Ranch. We are very small and my husband and I do ALL the work. We are the owners/operators/vets/food growers/hay haulers/poop scoopers…etc.etc…I still don’t begrudge them their success. I know weathy ranchers, granted not as many as in years past, who STILL worked very hard even with hired help….just sayin’
    I just feel that there is a lot of jealousy toward PW’s success and if you don’t want to see the film….simple, DON’T….alot a people couldn’t wait for say…the Twilight series….not my cuppa tea…so I didn’t go…Jeez can’t we all be nicer to each other????
    Live and Let Live! PEACE OUT! :)

  • Pam:

    Marketing, Rechelle? Really? That bothers you about PW? How many atheist websites did you go market yourself on? How many more readers do you have now due to your “controversial” stance? Your wacky, controversial atheist stance? You are just as full of it as she is. Yet you try to position yourself as the anti-PW in much the same and for the same reasons she does. So really. Get over it and get over yourself. This is just another attempt of yours for traffic. What’s next? How you hate Xmas and puppies and sunshine? Anything else to get people to come here, I guess.

  • Jill:

    Forget the movie, I’m still trying to figure out how she got a cookbook! Her recipes are God awful. I’m ashamed to say I even tried to make the crackers baked in bacon ( crackers & bacon, how can that go wrong?) Awful! I did enjoy Ree in the beginning, but she changed after she was profiled on CNN and not for the better. Also, what mother in their right mind wakes up a 5 yr old at 5 am to go round up cattle?

  • Jennifer:

    Pretty sad that you hark on the woman, after you stole sheets and had lice while you were visiting the lodge. I guess it was ok at the time to accept the stay there, but months later bash her for her life. Come on grow up and act your age instead of being jealous of her life. I started reading Pioneer Womans blog thru you, but now I just read you to see what else you can complain about. Grow Up.

    • taylor5622:

      Jennifer = PW sockpuppet

  • Terry:

    Wow. What the heck? What in the world has happened to this blog? I used to read all the time but stopped about the time that the Trip to Europe caused a difference in your writing. Came back to see how far you had slipped when I read about PW’s movie. I have always avoided people who find their humor at other people’s expense. I will avoid this blog too. Please, someone in Rechelle’s family, get her some help. I also wish others would quit feeding her hatred, it really isn’t healthy. I just don’t understand, if you don’t like someone’s blog quit reading it.

  • Liz:

    Jill-maybe you don’t know much about farming or agriculture in general, but there are plenty of family farms/ranches where the children help out with the work. As a matter of fact, I think it is pretty healthy for children to have to get up early and help out around the house/farm. I see absolutely no harm in that. I would lots of children(mine probably included) live pampered lives ,where not enough is expected of them.

  • Dot:

    Ree has become a caricature of herself. She’s like a toddler who gets her parents to laugh at some antic, then repeats the very same thing over and over and over…

  • I’ve tried….I just can’t hate her. She is the reason that I started blogging in the first place. I want to hate her. I want to get all smart and smart assy and hate her for being born into priviledge and marrying a rich rancher and having a hugely popular blog and being able to pay waaaaay too much money for her clothes and write a best selling cookbook….but I just can’t. I get jealous of the things that she has and then I check myself. The green eyed monster is an ugly thing…and I just don’t do ugly. Not for long at least. I was so jealous of you, too when you got to go visit. I wanted to see the newly finished lodge, and ride horses at the butt crack of dawn, and have so much fun. At least that is what it looked like in pictures. I didn’t get to go….you did and yet you seem ungrateful. If you invited me (a fellow blogger) to your house, I would be nothing but polite…and later….when writing about it….I would say nothing but how kind you were. Were they unkind to you? The Drummonds? Of course if you stopped being bitter about Ree, and Christians and homeschoolers…whatever would you write about? Hmm?

  • Amy:

    I wonder how you’d feel if she was insulting you on her blog, complaining about how you left lice behind and didn’t even have the courtesy to tell her.

  • Gwen:

    Pam -

    There is nothing wacky or controversial about being an atheist anymore than it is wacky and controversial to believe in a mythical “god”. The whole concept of religion and god is the very essence of wackiness and controversy.

    Regarding all those who play the “envy” card, besides being downright incorrect, that argument completely lacks any intelligence whatsoever. It’s the argument you use when you can’t think of anything of substance to say. There are many reasons to dislike PW and not one of them has to with envy. I don’t think Rechelle ever said that “EVERYONE MUST HATE PIONEER WOMAN!” Rechelle dislikes PW. Get over it you mindless sheeple.

    Let me finish by saying, I do not think that Ree Drummond is a bad person. I just think she is a sham. She is frustrating to those of us who see through her facade.

  • Gwen:

    Oh, and comparing Ree Drummond to Christmas, puppies and sunshine???? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Thank you, I needed a good laugh! :D

  • Maria:

    Do you guys really buy the lice story?????

  • Pam:

    “There is nothing wacky or controversial about being an atheist anymore”.

    Yeah, I know. That was the point. Try and tell Rechelle that. It’s her new found badge, her t-shirt, her bumpersticker, it’s her new identity because she didn’t like her former one.

    It’s all as phony as she claims PW to be. I don’t believe half of it.

    “Sheeple”? Idiot.

  • Gwen:

    The only idiot here is you Pam-cakes :)

  • Jules – I don’t hate her either. I just think her writing is superficial, consistently empty and not worth all the accolades. She has turned herself and her family into a product and it is selling like hotcakes.

  • Amy – PW does not have the guts to insult me on her blog. But I would welcome it. I would welcome anything honest on that blog.

    • Litgeek:

      You couldn’t handle it. Besides PW probably doesn’t have time to waste on inconsequential sour-grapes gnats such as yourself. Get another hobby. The atheist/PW bashing one is getting old. Your jealousy is showing in a big way. FYI, they’ll never make a movie about your career in PW stalking. :)

  • Gwen, you took the words right out of my mouth! I read that “wacky, controversial atheist stance” line and got a little fired up.

    As for Ree, I find the whole idea ridiculous. The movie would be just another romantic comedy flop.

  • MMM:

    I have read this blog on and off. I don’t care about the religious issues/atheism. Don’t care about Pioneer Women. I care that the writing has become pedestrian and uninteresting. Invective without careful thought is just boring. A lot of writing talent is going to waste. It’s more interesting in my opinion when you talk about your own daily life.

  • kathy:

    I’m with Peggy. I want to know what happened on that ranch visit! She invited you for a weekend . Fed you and entertained you. If she has so much to hide,why invite people to visit? Did all the help have the weekend off, or were they all locked up somewhere? I think you are masking your own lack of manners on that visit with all this vitriol. Then again, I think maybe this new you is a gimmick to get more readers… and it’s working!

  • pam:

    So after the Drummonds were kind enough to invite you AND your entire family to the lodge you’ve now, after your atheist revelation, decided you hate her and her success? And waste no time slamming her writing, parenting, blog etc.

    Jealous much??? doesn’t begin to describe how ugly you’ve become.

    I used to come here for your witty writing. Now I look every now and then to see what your black heart is spewing.

    sad really

  • Donna M.:

    YOU. HAVE. GOT. TO. BE. KIDDING. ME. I thought this was a joke until I googled it. All I can say is…….Give me a Flippen Break!!!!! I’d rather see a movie about a country doctors wife becoming an atheist! :-)

  • Donna:

    Rechelle – “PW does not have the guts to insult me on her blog.”
    No, she has too much class for that.

  • Donna – No dear. She lacks the balls.

  • Ha! PW has too much class? Is that before or after she flicks a calf nut off the bottom of her boot?

    Just read the comments from the real world on the entertainment blogs. Reese is getting slammed for this one.

  • Gwen:

    Class is the absolute last thing I associate with Ree Drummond.

  • kristy k:

    Pam – I completely agree. This post “revelation” writer is venomous and ugly, and it is sad. Jealousy and bitterness do not make for entertaining reading. A far cry from the witty and enjoyable blog it used to be.

    • Kristy K – Then why sweetheart – do you keep coming back? Admit it darling. You find me irresistible!

  • scd:

    I don’t think writing publicly about her quivering hiney when she looks at her husband is real classy, so that’s not usually a word I associate with PW.

  • Gwen:


    Don’t you know!?! They have to defend Pioneer Woman’s HONOR! And what better way to do that then by subtly slamming you for becoming an atheist!

    Because, as everyone is aware, once you become an atheist, your heart shrinks down and withers away to almost nothing, and you are damned to be a “jealous”, “bitter”, “ugly” human being forever more!

    Or maybe, just *maybe*, one has nothing to do with the other, and Rechelle just cannot stand the hypocrisy that is Pioneer Woman and expresses it.

    Why does it bother anyone that Rechelle (and others) do not like Ree Drummond and express their opinion about it? Why?

  • kristy k:

    Rechelle Darling, I guess it’s because you’re just a big ol’ train wreck.

  • Donna:

    “Class is the absolute last thing I associate with Ree Drummond.”

    That says more about you than it does about her.


    “Why does it bother anyone that Rechelle (and others) do not like Ree Drummond and express their opinion about it? Why?”

    Why does it bother YOU that someone likes her?

    Rechelle – this blog has become like a 40 car pile up; you can’t not look.

    Plus, Ree doesn’t seem to need to resort to insults to get readers.

  • Gwen:


    Ah, the tried and true trick of a defeated opponent. Deflection. Try again :) If you CAN answer the question of course.

    And yes, not associating class with Ree Drummond DOES indeed say more about me. It says that I have taste :)

  • scd:

    “Ree doesn’t seem to need to resort to insults to get readers.”

    No. She buys them.

  • Gwen, I think the technical term is the “I am rubber, you are glue” defense – currently working logical wonders on playgrounds across America.

  • Gwen:

    Too true Scd!!! Hahahaha! You’ve hit the nail on the head!!!!

  • Donna:

    How does she buy them? I haven’t received any compensation for reading her blog.

    I am not bothered by an opinion. I expressed an opposing opinion. Now, take some deep breaths, it will be okay, dear.

  • Jill:

    I have a feeling that reading these responses is more entertaining than any PW movie. Reese, come on girl, you have an Oscar for Pete’s sake!

  • scd:

    “How does she buy them? I haven’t received any compensation for reading her blog.”

    $500 gift cards, digital cameras, KitchenAid mixers, and so on. Expensive prizes, most of which she provides herself–and not out of the goodness of her heart. There are many people who refresh her page over and over and over to enter the contests, and then to see if they won the contests. And to enter again and again, every contest. They’ve got to be sure they don’t miss a contest. Contest junkies built her. The more expensive the prize, the more people go insane over it. She is no dummy. And she gets paid by the pageview from the advertising, far outstretching the outlay for the prizes. Of course, in order to get started giving away expensive prizes, it helps if your husband is a multi-millionaire. Go back in the history of her blog. Her traffic skyrocketed as she started giving away more and more expensive prizes. She bought her traffic–and once she had that under her belt, she parlayed the traffic’s value into a cookbook, another book, and a movie. Smart? Of course. But it’s a marketing trick only a rich woman could pull off. Meanwhile, she states over and over how she never knew her site would ever get one little ol’ piddly reader. It’s obnoxious, laughable, and fascinating all at once because every iota of that site is one well-crafted, calculated marketing scheme–including every repeat of the lie that it’s not calculated. She can’t tell the clueless readers that she’s using them–she’s got to keep saying, what, little ol’ me? and dangle the $500 gift card, watches the rush and clamor of thousands of clicks, then she laughs all the way to the bank to put in another million.

    She is a very, very smart woman.

  • Maggie:

    This blog has turned into a trainwreck. It was hilarous, then it got mean and I quit reading……now I am back for a visit and there is a whole slew of craziness happening. It is really quite interesting though. What I am dying to know is how you and PW went from being friends with you visiting the ranch to you hating her?? Since you say you are the one who truly keeps it real, I would love to read a post on that!

  • Now this will be a fucking kick-ass blockbuster…. Jesus H. Christ. Who wants to read this crap, let alone watch it?? I perused a few chapters and it is like reading a Danielle Steele novel (which I admit to reading in middle school – do not hold it against me; I was in my formative years and did not yet learned to differentiate between shit and literature)…

  • Susie:

    Each time I come back to this train wreck I can’t help but think, “Did April and Rechelle REALLY have the same parents?” Wow.

  • @ Susie,
    Why do you keep coming back? Why do you, Donna, and Kristy continue to read Rechelle’s blog? If you do not like what she posts, then do not f***ing venture into her blog!
    At least Rechelle has the balls to display comments in which the authors are not kissing her ass, unlike some cowardly bloggers, who only keep comments in the vein of “we love you”, “we think you are awesome” and delete any comment that speaks otherwise….

  • Christina564:

    Wow…really? I just cannot begin to understand what happened to you from the time you posted around Christmas of the picture of your family at a candlelight service to the person you seem to have become now….something traumatic or just a bit of marketing insight?? I have spent some time pondering this, more than I ever should have, and can’t help but to think that YOU are the fake. I think you are doing whatever you can to pump up your hit count. PW seems to have the “sunshine and rainbow” market covered so it appears that you’re striving for the “bitterness and envy” market.

  • Patricia:

    @scd – Ree may be rich – she ‘s not stupid. She has stated on her blog, more than once, that she buys the items that she gives away with the proceeds from the ads on the blog.

    Is there something wrong with that, ladies and gentlemen ? Thank God, we live in the United States. It’s called free enterprise…Try living in a country that monitors blogs – you won’t be so quick to criticize.

    Who is forcing all these people leaving the negative comments to go on her blog – if you don’t like her – stay off her blog. There are many that do enjoy reading it.

    She gave plenty of her money to charity after the Haiti earthquake, why doesn’t anyone talk about that ??

  • Patricia:

    And one more thing ! You are right Christina564. Look at the amount of comments that this blog receives after Rechelle posts a controversial subject versus just an enjoyable happy post.

    Whose really trolling for hits ??

    • Patricia – I do enjoy creating a cause for conversation. I also allow the conversation to happen naturally, refusing to create a false environment of happy, happy, joy, joy. So you can disagree with me and I don’t make you disappear. That does not happen on PW. Why? Because she is full of shit.

  • scd:

    @scd – “Ree may be rich – she ’s not stupid. She has stated on her blog, more than once, that she buys the items that she gives away with the proceeds from the ads on the blog.”

    Patricia, I believe I’m the one who pointed out that she’s very, very smart.

    Re the money she gave to charity for Haiti, the interesting thing about that was that she tied it to commenting so that she got an extra pageview (opening the comments section) for each “donation” to Haiti. As always, she is brilliant. She gives to charity–and to herself–in one fell swoop. (She could have chosen to flat-out give money to Haiti without tying it to something that would garner pageviews/income.)

    I’m not sure why anyone actually sees that as criticism. It’s just realism. And anyone who is in the public eye is available for scrutiny, and in fact should be scrutinized. There’s nothing wrong with what Ree is doing, and there is also nothing wrong with scrutinizing it. It keeps everybody honest. :)

  • Anonymous:


    Still not answering my question I see. You poor, poor dear. Not very quick are you? All the deep breathing in the world won’t give you reading comprehension skills :)

  • Gwen:

    By the way, I do not read PW’s blog. Haven’t for a long time. Yet I still think she’s phony baloney and from the sound of things she’s only gotten worse.

    The kind of people who are entertained by her drivel are mindless peons who can’t think for themselves. They’ve found a leader in Ree and good for them. They can all worship the sham together while pining over dutch ovens.

  • @ Patricia
    “Who is forcing all these people leaving the negative comments to go on her blog – if you don’t like her – stay off her blog. There are many that do enjoy reading it.”
    I am confused by your comment…. PW does not allow negative comments – they are deleted within minutes. I posted several comments on her website concerning her lack of integrity in supporting a former contributer and they were deleted as were many others about that particular topic.
    If you are referring to the negative comments left here, my question, voiced by others, is why do these commenters continue to come here if they do not like what is being written, unless they enjoy spouting off vapid and useless comments??
    PW can enjoy all of the comments on her blog – they only speak to her so-called awesomeness. Unfortunately there is not a lively discourse occuring over there. Translates into BORING and SUPERFICIAL. Which sounds like the real PW….

  • Kim:

    Jenni in KS, I totally agree with your post. I do feel sorry for her about this whole situation. Bitterness and jealousy is obviously eating her alive. You were on the ranch that weekend…do you know what REALLY happened?

  • Megan:

    Homely girl falls in love with rich guy. Wow, exciting and not at all tired premise for a movie. Can’t wait for it.

  • Megan:

    You Christians will fall for anything, first the whole “virgin birth” thing and now Pioneer Woman. Come on people, wake up and think for yourself, just once, you might find you actually like it!

  • Karen:

    I love your wit and often crack up at your hilarity. You are dry and sarcastic and smart and that is entertaining. I also think you should write a book. I found you through Pioneer Woman and still read her but do share some of your views. I agree she has become a brand..but she does seem sweet, has some photographic talent (which she shares) and just seems to be one of those women we all want to be – money and all. But it is just like Oprah and Martha..there are some things I like and some I just don’t. I say good for her…and good for you. While totally different, I like reading you both everyday. And for the record, I am jealous of you both – wish I could do what you do.

  • Jill:

    I’m not sure how a person’s religious beliefs have anything to do with this. I’m Christian, quite openminded and make my own choices. I am a former PW fan, but Jesus had nothing to do with me changing my mind about her.

  • Ted Powell:

    In my wanderings about the web, I stumbled across this article, How Much Do Bloggers Make?. Disclaimer: I’ve no idea about the writer’s analytical skills, possible bias, or anything else, so make your own evaluation.

  • @ Karen,
    Having not met the PW, I cannot really state that she is not sweet, but come the fuck on… She is an astute business woman who markets herself as the girl next door, your best friend, if you will, via the anonymous world of the internet. As for her photographic talent… She has none. Anyone with any knowledge of photoshop can make their photos look magnificent. That diminishes the art of true photography, working in a darkroom, creating a photograph through your own hands, rather than a click here and there on the computer….

  • Martha Jean C.:

    I tried, I really, really tried to check out PW. Yaaaaaawwwwwwwn. I have better things to do than read that tripe. Too bad my remaining sister is a big fan… Just another topic for us to avoid, like Our Dear Reader and health care bamboozle.

  • @skattebol, a couple of weeks ago, you posted a link from a cattle-growers website. The author of the article claimed to live near PW. I was interested in forwarding the article to a friend, as it talked about the abject poverty in that part of OK, but I can’t seem to find the link. Would you happen to still have it?

  • Ann:

    PW’s story as a movie? I just vomited in my mouth a little.

  • Kelley,
    Here is the link, however, interestingly, when you go to the site, the blog entry is not there….
    Last week, it was there, as attested by several folks who contribute to TWC, and now it is not… Basically, the author, who tried to be neutral, asked several pertinent questions. Starting with why did PW not educate her following about how the workers on PW’s ranch lived… From this blogger’s post, one was given a very bleak picture of their lives – no insurance, poor living conditions, dire poverty, while PW and her husband’s family are multi-millionaires. Secondly, why does PW not discuss the process of raising cattle to taking them to the slaughterhouse? There were relevant questions proffered by the author about the methods used by PW’s rancher family to raise their cattle, such as allowing the creeks on their ranch to dry up, thus not providing adequate hydration for their cattle.
    Although I am a vegetarian, and as such, deplore pretty much any industry in which animals are slaughtered for food, I am particularly appalled by such cruel methods of raising animals for the food industry.
    But besides my own personal issue with the meat industry, the author questions why PW, with such a huge following could not enlighten them about the cattle industry and educate them about a huge industry in the US? Maybe it is because her family has questionable ethical practices… I really do not know. But, following my instinct… ??

  • I agree with many of your readers…PW promotes herself as a “poor” little rancher’s wife when in reality she is a very wealthy woman, married into a family with money and power. I started reading her blog back in the old days when it was corny and fun. When it became a “for profit” occupation, it lost it’s charm for me. But I always realized that this was not some poor woman living in the middle of nowhere with nothing. There is no struggle there..and the fact that she portrays her life (one of priviledge and money) as a struggle just shows how shallow she really is. No movie for me…I have better things to do. BTW…I really enjoy your blog. Your believes very closely mirror my own. It’s nice to read some reality once in a while. Thanks!!

  • …beliefs…geez…

  • Gwen:

    March 19th, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    “Homely girl falls in love with rich guy”

    Hahahahaha! Truer words about Ree Drummond have yet to be spoken! Hysterically honest.

  • Skattebol,

    I saw that article and regret not copying it – he had some great points. That article is what led me to wondering about the reality of her ranch practices (the employees, bordering farmers, water issues, etc) and that’s why I began looking into. From basic online researches I found his application to the BLM as a holding facility and what I saw there raised further questions. Land deals, court records, and then learning that he leases land from my tribe…. I just wondered how they deal with the “little people” and the tribe that owns much of what they farm (and receive subsidies and BLM money for the mustangs). I’ve contacted a few of my old family friends who still live in the area (like right next door) and have put a bug in my Grandpa’s ear as well.

    Grandpa’s first response was “that fucking guy?” and it pretty much began a tirade of how the Drummond family has affected farmers in the area. I’m sorting it all out and digesting what I learned.

    As for the article, it was great and I’m sorry to see that it’s no longer available.

  • I’m getting hits off this site for some reason and I’m seeing that you guys have some incorrect ideas about the movie deal, etc. I interviewed Ree about it here, if you want more detail:

  • Most importantly: Columbia Pictures did not purchase the rights to It was just an options deal for the rights to “Black Heels and Tractor Wheels,” and they were sold along with the book deal she signed. The book has yet to be finished, and Reese Witherspoon is not signed, but has expressed interest in the project.

  • Suzy:

    Wow… This is an all time low for you, Rechelle. The hate, the apparent anger and bitterness… really saddens me. I also haven’t had much of an opinion about your becoming an athiest, until now. Whether or not you believe in god makes no difference to me, but these days it appears that your athiesm is giving you license to freely and publically hate, ridicule berate and vilify someone who, as far as I can tell, doesn’t deserve it. Short of maybe a child rapist, I can’t imagine anyone deserving of treatment like this. Clearly you are entitled to your feelings and to write anything your heart desires, but, I would have never thought you to be capable of such diabolic hate.

    Chide me all you like, but this is just messed up. It is not becoming and it isn’t healthy. I really hope you will have a change of heart about continuing this abusiveness. “Keeping it real” doesn’t give you license to abuse others. =[

  • Becky:

    This is really all so sad. Who said PW had to tell anyone what the business of her ranch is? WHo said she had to tell anyone how much she makes from her blog? Who said she had to tell anyone what she does with the money she makes from her blog? Who said she has to act exactly like she does in real life on her blog? Speaking for myself, the first time I visited her blog, I realized the square footage of her ranch home was just a little bigger than my own home. So, therefore, I deducted that her family income was most likely slightly larger than mine. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out!. Who said she HAD to tell anybody on the internet just how she runs her household? Who cares? I mean really? I don’t. I love love love! reading her sight because it is light, and funny. LOVE IT! It’s not full of depressing drama, name calling, cussing, distressful DRAMA!

    This blog is like the Enquirer magazine. you have to pick it up just to read the craziness while waiting to check out but would never buy. Just like I voted for PW and coalcreekfarm but would never vote for this one..but I do need to break my bad habit of rubber necking.

  • Gwen:

    Well, Becky, when you run a blog based on a motto of “Keepin it real”, essentially that means PW said she has to tell everyone wha the bueiness of her ranch is, how much she makes from her blog, how she runs her household and act like she does in real life on her blog. That’s EXACTLY what “Keeping it real” MEANS!!!

    What’s sad is the fact that she purports tp “Keep it real” with her readers, yet she does the very opposite. That’s great that you love her site, but it’s not “sad” that some of us don’t share your passion for her fakeness. If she’s going to claim to “Keep it real” at the very least, she can actually DO that.

    PW is nothing but an extreme narcissist who has become obsessed with getting her ego stroked. Her attempt at self-depracating humor is VERY poorly masked. Also, if you are really happy with your life and your husband, do you really need to start a public blog about it and post over and over again, ad nauseum, how much you LOVE ranch life and how much your husband makes your “hiney quiver”? Methinks she doth protest too much. I don’t think she loves ranch life at all. I think she deigns to be a ranch wife.

    At least this blog is honest. Quite refreshing actually. The only sad thing about all of this are the people who are too blind to see through PW’s facade.

  • jo in oz:

    I’m a long time reader, seldom commenter of this blog. I just want to chime in and say I’m really enjoying the direction the blog has taken (My favourite post of all time is the show cats/barn door one. Absolutely hilarious).
    I used to read PW and like alot of other people got bored reading about her stupid dog, her quivering loins and jiggly bottom…. yawn…
    I admire your courage to keep writing regardless of how many commenters slam you for your opinions.
    Good on you Rechelle.

  • AC:

    I see the infantile “you’re just jealous” pack has arrived en masse once again. Here’s a little hint for those of you who can’t seem to grasp this fact: it is entirely acceptable and normal to comment on the way other people act without being jealous of anything those other people have or do. It’s called commentary. Look it up. You do it all the time, unless you’re a monk who has taken a vow of silence (and even then, I can virtually guarantee the thought processes still run along the same lines). It’s human nature. If you don’t like what Rechelle is writing, get lost already. Those of us who are enjoying the blog can then read in peace without having to listen to yet another whine from you about how wonderful Ree is and how “jealous” the rest of us may be simply because we don’t care for her or her blog – in my case, I stopped reading the insanely boring love story in the middle somewhere and stopped reading the blog altogether when it became clear she was a slave to her advertising/corporate overlords. That does not make me jealous of insipid recipes, endless photos of a dog, photoshopped kid pictures, the yawn-inducing, repetitive written content where Ree tries to play old-style homesteader, or yet another shot of her husband’s ass. It makes me bored with what she has become. There is a huge difference.

    As for the movie option: there isn’t even enough there to make one of those Lifetime movies, or one of those recycled WE movies that use the same plot ad nauseum. Reese Witherspoon showed she can act in Legally Blonde, which was absolutely hilarious (the sequel sucked). Sweet Home Alabama? Not so much. A retread of Sweet Home Alabama, based on this content? Blergh.

  • Here’s what I don’t understand…many of us that have posted on this discussion have said we no longer wish to ‘keep it real’ with PW. I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me, that means I no longer visit her site. So why, may I ask, do current PW readers feel compelled, bordering on obsessed with coming here to tell Rechelle that she’s jealous and bitter and hateful? If you dislike what Rechelle has to say so much, why do you keep coming back? Why do you continue to bash? So many have said, ‘if you don’t like PW, don’t read her!’. Well, that works both ways, doesn’t it? If you don’t like the discussion here, then couldn’t you do the very same thing?

  • Stacy:

    More than one commenter has asked what happened during your weekend at the lodge, yet you really haven’t gone into detail…enquiring minds want to know.!! Perhaps this would help us understand your point of view.

  • Patricia:

    @skattebol – I apologize, my comment regarding negative comments was confusing…..I meant the negative comments that are left on Rechelle’s site about PW. I meant to say that if a reader really dislikes PW so much, why are they reading her blog and then negatively commenting about her blog on Rechelle’s blog ? Just don’t read PW.

    That said, I do admire Rechelle for NOT deleting the negative comments that readers write about her blog, since she easily could.

  • AC – Legally Blond – one of my all time favorite movies. Love that dancing scene – bend and stretch. I don’t even want to think how many times I watched that movie and made my toddling sons watch it with me. They are probably permanently scarred.

  • I don’t really mind the negative comments on this subject. I think it keeps the conversation interesting. I admit I hesitate a bit before I open my comments because I never know how I am going to be attacked – but when it is over such a silly subject (like Ree keepin’ it real) it doesn’t really bother me that much. I mean we are not exactly debating nuclear arms here.

  • Mary Lee:

    I started reading Ree’s blog in May of 06 – I am sure I was one of the first readers of it. I have become saddened by her real lack of “keepin it real” – people have no clue who she really is.

    People need to know that a degree from USC is worth its weight in gold. She went there for a degree in journalism – it pays off. She is an excellent marketer and journalist.

    What is the truth, however, is that her entire life is nothing like she portrays it on her blog. I do not understand the millions of bored housewives who worship her every move.

    Will this end up like “A Million Little Pieces”? Only time will tell. These big companies who are going to promote her for millions better do their homework.

    I would love to ask her – who homeschools the kids?!

  • Amen, sister!!

  • Mary Lee:

    Rachelle, PLEASE do a post on the real Ree! Please!

  • Stacy:

    Mary Lee -Her entire life is not like the blog….then what is it like? What is she hiding?

  • cpilgrim:

    You’re a jealous bitch.

    You’re also a trifling jealous bitch. You got hits on your blog due to Ree’s generosity towards you, now you use your blog to trash her because you are jealous.

    You are a talentless, trifling, jealous bitch. Because you don’t have as compelling a blog as hers, and this tears you up inside. Regardless of how insipid PW and her ilk may seem to you, she gets hits by creating uplifting comment that is useful to her readers. Because you can’t get outside of your own head, you will never be able to do this.

    And if you delete this post, you’re a cowardly, trifling, talentless, jealous bitch.

  • OVER_PW:

    @Stacy – She is not necesarily hiding anything.

    She just represents her story working on a ranch day to day as all rainbows happiness and hiney quivers. I can tell you, as I DO live on a working ranch, that I do not have time to practice ballet positions while taking pictures of my husband’s ass.

    The representation of “living on the golf course” as some life of luxury and high class is some what of stretch in Bartlesville OK. I belong to that country club. It is OK – it’s not La Jolla’ it’s not Desert Palm; it’s just a ordinary every day small city country club. And she lives maybe an hour, hour and a half, from there so it is not like she is out in the middle of the prairie with no phone service, running water or phone service. The whole “I am such high class doofus out here among the unwashed masses” is offensive to those of us who are out here busting our asses.

  • I bet you couldn’t use the words bitch, jealous or trifling on PW’s blog, because she would delete your post. How exactly is Rechelle ‘trifling’?


    1. Of slight worth or importance. See Synonyms at trivial.
    2. Frivolous or idle.
    (from the American Heritage dictionary)

    and from Urban Dictionary-
    someone who is one or all of the following : dishonest, shady, secretive, a player, ‘all talk’ without following thru, not worthy of trust….in general, a lack of ethics or general morale.

    Whichever definition you’re going by, Rechelle is not trifling. If anyone is trifling, it is the people who feel the need to come to this blog and others and attack anyone who dares to say anything that contradicts with the ‘right-wing Chrees-chins’ (PW’s words, not mine) mindset that *many* of her readers have.

    If you enjoy ‘uplifting comment’ about cow testicles and dog poop or whatever, it’s great that you have access to an outlet that serves that up on a regular basis. It’s ‘useful’ for her readers to know that her jiggly hiney tingles in her holey yoga pants whenever she sees her husband’s forearms or chaps, or smells her dogs toes.

    If anyone is ‘trifling’, it’s you, because you felt it was your job to come here and try to stir the pot. Like I said earlier today, why do PW sheeple seem obsessed with telling others that they are ‘jealous’ (and bitchy and trifling, apparently), just because they don’t like PW?

  • cpilgrim:

    Kelley, you should have looked up the phrase “triflin bitch” on; it is common slang. I assume you are over 40 because anyone under that age will know what that means without having to ask. It pains me to have to explain this, but I will. A triflin bitch is a cheating, lying woman, a backstabber. From urban

    “1. trifling bitch 34 up, 6 down
    buy trifling bitch mugs, tshirts and magnets
    The textbook trifling bitch. You know, the one that cheats on you, snoops in your belongings, tells you how much she’s not over you then immediately goes and sleeps with a married guy who’s almost as old as my mom. Yeah, that girl.
    I don’t have time for that trifling bitch.”

    I’ll use it in a sentence that relates to this situation:

    Rechelle is a triflin bitch because she used PW’s fame to get blog hits, and now ungraciously slams her all the time. She is a backstabber.

    I have no idea what you mean by “stirring the pot.” This post was created to elicit bile, just like everything else on this site. There’s no way to stir it up any more than it already is.

    Rechelle has recently gone atheist and so I don’t feel the need to sugarcoat my criticism of her, especially with the drivel she’s been publishing in the past few weeks; I assume she can take what she is dishing out. Hopefully someday when she wakes up and realizes how ridiculous she is acting– regardless of her religious perspective, jealousy, wrath, and covetousness aren’t qualities to vomit all over the internet– she’ll be able to identify her inner bitchiness and deal with it accordingly.

    As for whether or not I could use the words jealous, trifling, or bitch on PW’s blog, let me say I wouldn’t feel compelled to do so. PW doesn’t seem to create content with the intention of eliciting that sort of response from her readers. PW isn’t trying to re-write Faulkner; I don’t fault her writing for being somewhat simple. Rechelle has taken “jealousy” and attempted to repackage it as “wit,” “intelligence,” and/or “complexity.” But many people can see through that.

  • OVER_PW:

    @cpilgrim – Damn girl! Take a midol and get over yourself!

  • ms martyr:

    Rechelle writes about PW because it increases the number of readers to her blog. Compare the amount of commenters to her PW posts versus anything else she writes about. There is no jealousy involved; it is just a shrewd move on her part to increase traffic, much as an earlier commenter maligned PW for offering prizes to her readers.
    And Rechelle, you are a bit disingenous in saying that you don’t delete comments. Two of mine were never posted back when this whole kerfuffle began.

  • Priss:

    ms martyr…there’s a difference between comments that never get posted and ones that are deleted. Rechelle has stated that she has spam filters that catch particular words. A couple of months ago two of my posts that were not in any way offensive didn’t make it through. It was because I used a word in my posts that got caught in the spam filters. I imagine that’s what happened to your comments as well. Now as far as PW, people have left comments that aren’t flattering to her; those comments show up briefly, but within a very short time, they’re gone. Her audience is not quite as brown of nose as they might appear if all you see is the comments that she leaves up. That’s very different from what you see here, since there is no lack of hateful comments directed at Rechelle.

  • cpilgrim, after you go to Home Depot and get the lumber to build that bridge so you can get over yourself, perhaps you’d care to enlighten us on why exactly you’re here. What is your purpose for posting such hateful comments? What do you get out of it, is it some sense of moral satisfaction that you got to call someone names on the internet? And I’ve never had to assume what ‘triflin’ bitch’ means, because I know one when I read one, and Rechelle isn’t it.

  • leslie:

    Hi. I posted several comments on PW’s site asking for the recipes contributed by Kayotic Kitchen/ductchgirlcooking. Kay stated that she created the recipes for PW’s site so we would never see them on her personal website. Kayotickitchen got rave reviews in PW’s comment section and many alcolades re her photography skiils. Several stated they preferred her method of picture taking over PW’s because she used groups of pictures instead of 3000 pictures per recipe. I found this to be very distressing. I enjoyed the recipe section of PW but hated all the pictures because I live in the country and have internet which is “fair access policy”–translated this means the internet service sucks–thanks WildBlue! What this actually means is the more bites your computer downloads in a 24 hour period goes towards your user time then you get kicked off for 24hrs and your time starts agian. So naturally I hated seeing step by step of how to crack an egg. I suffer from a psuedobrain tumor so my memory suffers. I tried to email PW and ask for the recipes of kayotickitchen or dutchgirlcooking and got no response. I looked under contributors along with “Pastor” Ryan and Ivoryhut and could not find her recipes. I posted in the comment section and after the comments posted a few hours later they were deleted! I finally found kayotickitchen on the interenet and emailed her directly. Go check out her site. I’ll wait. Okay–did you see how beautiful Kay is? I think PW did not want to share the stage with her because she put her to shame in the writing skills, photography, and appearance. Kay seems real all the while not having to convience anyone of it. Kay said she worked hard to come up with those recipes and was never told why they were “gone over night”. This became appearnat to me after the shabby way that PW stood her ground for Mrs. g of the womens colony. I guess PW does not want anyone sharing her lime light all the while trying to act gracious and kind. What a phoney baloney. Go reread her posts where she will
    share more about her upcoming morning talk show appearances” if she gets her nerve up/ She is geninous at teasing to keep readers coming back. If you don;’t believe she deletes comments just go over and inquire about Kayotic Kitchen or dutchgirlcooking and what happened to her beautiful recipes. They were not recipes that have be revamped or changed an ingredient to make them her own.

  • Gwen:

    Does anyone else think the “cpilgrim” is P-dub herself? Or perhaps P-dubs sister “Wetsy”? I have a strong feeling if it isn’t one them, it’s a CLOSE friend of hers.

    Btw, cpilgrim, if you took your sh*t-covered head out of PW’s ass for 2 seconds, you’d realize that your the one who’s the “triflin bitch” in this situation.

  • One time, I became an atheist on my blog and that got WAY more hits than when I post about PW. Evidently god matters more than Ree Drummond although her fans would never believe it. Or maybe they think Ree is god. At the very least, she is god’s spokesperson for homeschooling.

  • Ms Martyr – I delete comments on occasion (more often before I became an atheist) although even then it was rare. These days when I delete a comment I mention it in the comments so readers will know what happened and it is usually because the writer is mentioning personal information about me or is just really, really, really mean. I can take it most of the time, but there are moments when I opt to delete. ‘Tis my blog after all girlfriend.

    ‘The Triflin’ Bitch’ – whatev.

  • Hey, could ‘The Triflin’ Bitch’ be the new blog name? It does have a certain ring to it. And it reminds me of trifles, which are a lovely dessert, often served with tea.

  • OVER_PW:

    Kinda like Ramblin’ Man. Only Triflin’ Bitch. It DOES have a certain ring to it….

  • MichelleG:

    I’m a Christian, homeschooling mother and I would rather read Rechelle than PW any day, even when she’s bashing me. At least I know she’s for real.

  • MichelleG – I may have to give up bashing homeschoolers forever due to this comment. Thank YOU! But my best guess is – that you know what I mean when I am on a homeschool rant even better than I do.

  • I was just wondering why anyone would buy the gREEd book when it is for free on her mass marketing site. Even if you want to read the last chapter you could do that at the book store. Who would buy it? I don’t get why a publisher would want to invest in a sad e-book. Do you?

    Reese Witherspoon? She is not D level yet is she? Kathy Griffin might take the role. She looks more like gREEd and I would get the joke!

  • Nancy in PA:

    I agree with the suggestion of Kathy Griffin in the role of Ree! Her interpretation of Kate Gosselin on You Tube was brilliant!

  • Stacee C.:

    PW bashing = increased comments = more money for Rechelle

    I am an Atheist, Look at ME! =increased comments due to target marketing those who THINK there is no God = more money for Rechelle.

    Seems someone has learned a few marketing tricks from the one she bashes. Yes, a train wreck.

    Watching for what is next…bashing sweet sister April and her family or chronicling every step of your divorce from the country doctor and how you laugh at how it has torn your children’s lives apart. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

    “My children have inherited the sarcasm gene from their mother. They are very good at making fun of many things including on occasion other people.” Sarcasm is such a great CHARACTER quality you are passing on to your boys, just ask the weaker (you know the one without a strong-willed atheist mom) child that your youngest is bullying. Yea, all in the name of funny, sarcasm so they will have a great “sense of humor”.

    Yea, I’m done now. Hope you get a great check this month, seems that your blog is a great example of our world – people who lack morals or values spewing their bitterness to anyone who will listen and passing that on to the next generation.

    • Stacee C. Uh… no. The most money I ever made off my blog was $300.00 during a month when PW had a link on her sidebar up to mine. That’s not even grocery money for my family. Usually, when I was with BlogHer for my ads I made around $150.00 a month. These days I have google ads up and the pay is terrible. I just checked my google account and so far today – I have made 11 cents. Yesterday I made $2.74. For then entire month of February I made $26.95. So far this month I have made $82.39. As you can see – it is not money that is motivating me to write about Ree Drummond. It is actually because it makes me laugh and it is FUN.

  • Did you actually get paid from BlogHer? I ran them several years ago, long before there was a waiting list, and I had a small balance (like $50 or so) but I never got the money. Emails went unanswered and I never did get it.

  • Becky:

    You still haven’t answered the questions about what happened that weekend at the ranch.

  • Lindie:

    Well, until I get invited to the ranch and see her any differently, I will continue to like her. I like her writing and think her husband is cute. He was just darling when he came to Kansas City. Saw your sister there too and she was enjoying her visit. I also like her recipes. They turn out well in my kitchen.

  • Anonymous:

    Ree is the next Kate Gosselin!!!!

  • Lynn:

    You accuse Pioneer Woman of being disingenuous while your writing shouts of pride, and mean-spiritedness. She IS better! You are just so smart that you have figured out the truth that has evaded really great minds like Luther, Aquinas, C.S. Lewis. Sorry, but you are just not in the same league.

  • Becky:

    Also, your comment on abdbpt’s post showed poor taste and no class.

  • Gwen:

    The only people around here with poor taste and no class are Ree Drummond and her sheep!

  • Becky:

    Just stating a fact. If you haven’t read it, then you should. That was a cheap shot on Rechelle’s part, in my opinion.

  • That blogger with the odd abdbpt was totally sucking off this traffic.

    I went over and read it. Nothing, absolutely nothing new from what the press release said and it provides an ave for more suck up comments for Ree.

    “Laura Ziskin and Pam Williams will produce”. I would be surprised if this is a done deal. I think what they are doing is floating the idea to the nets to see if they have a flop on their hands. If they are, they are wisely doing their homework. The romance novella that Drummond is writing and can read for free on her site is very, very loosely based on her real story. Think a Million Little Pieces like a previous commenter said.

    I do not believe that the number of unique monthly visitors to PW are correct. By internet terms unique means a different set of eye balls. By PW terms unique means thousands of bored sheep visiting PW hundreds of times per day to see if they won a bright orange dutch oven. PW buys her not so “uniques”.

    Remember, these uniques go frantic for free stuff. Do you really think they are going to buy a book they can read for free on PWs site while baby is sleeping? They are also not the market to buy a movie ticket and sit alone in the theater. I say alone because if you look at the stats, PW “uniques” are 96% women. No guy in his right mind is going to sit through 2 hours of Black heels to tractor wheels or whatever it is called looking at MM’s butt.

    All of this being said, if Ziskin and Williams do decide to go forward I have some advise for them, which I stated above in a previous comment. Cast Kathy Griffin as Ree and make it a comedy. Oh I would happily help write the screen play! Kathy Griffin could sure put a chap on a back side hide! Any takers?

  • Action Squirrel:

    Ugh, I am an unwilling believer in karma (do with me what you will Rachelle) and therefore hate to love gossip but I am just soooo curious about what, exactly, happened over there in the Lodge. My goodness me.

  • Action Squirrel:

    Dammit I cannot get that name right.

  • Pam:

    It’s not that PW doesn’t have the guts to criticize you on her blog, she just has more ‘class’ than you do. Nobody is saying you have to like or agree with what PW writes; nor do people have to like or agree with what you write. But when you start totally being downright rude and vindictive against someone, that’s where the line has been crossed. Do you bash your sister because she enjoyed PW? It’s one thing to make a harmless joke but you have gone way too far. The more you comment the more it is evident that you do need psychiatric help.

  • AC:

    I find it vastly amusing that the people accusing Rechelle of the “more hits because it’s a rant about Pioneer Woman” are probably here precisely because someone told them about it, or they told someone, and that someone told someone, and so on, like those old Faberge commercials from my youth, so people show up to toss out the childish “you’re jealous” and the deliciously ironic “you just do this to get pageviews” comments. It’s a self-completing cycle, unlike my dishwasher, which sometimes commits hari kiri in the midst of the rinse cycle, necessitating a full reset and restart, but that’s another story.

    To those of you wondering what happened: it doesn’t really make any difference. Rechelle has her reasons, and she’s chosen not to share them, unlike some of us.

    @Pam: I sincerely doubt it’s any sort of ‘class’ – your own quotes – stopping her from doing much more than what she regularly does, serving up pablum to whatever masses are constantly refreshing their browsers looking for the latest gem from her. Damaging the brand by making any comments about whatever is going on is not a good idea from a business standpoint. And if there’s one thing we know for certain about the Ree that exists on that blog, she is fully aware of this.

  • Becky:

    AC, I’ve been reading Rechelle’s site off and on since PW “introduced” her on her blog, the famed weekend retreat. And yes it does make a difference to me, if she doesn’t want the “jealous” label.

  • Becky:

    And, AC, PW’s “class” seems to be working for her. chaching!

  • Becky:

    Cat Chaps and Emma, me and my girl friends will be going to see it all together! And why do you think her book won’t do well in sales? Her cookbook seemed to do ok, seeing as how most of those recipes were on her website also, including pictures!

  • Gwen:

    Hey Becky, your obsession with PW is unhealthy. Get thyself to a counselor.

    Eventually, Ree’s “class” (fakeness) will catch up with her. Think James Frey.

    Enjoy wasting money on her book and movie! Which I really have to wonder if it will ever come to fruition.

  • Becky:

    I know Gwen, I said I needed to break this rubber necking problem, but gosh, it’s so much FUN!

  • Becky:

    I’m not really obsessed with PW. I’m obsessed with why Rechelle has turned her blog into this drama trainwreck. I really am confused and trying to figure it out. I do like to read PW because I think she is talented. I think her family is lovely. And she seems like a geniunely happy person. She’s a “cup half full” kind of person and I like that. I thought Rechelle was like that, but I am thinking I was mistaken. I really would go see the movie. I was kidding about the girlfriend thing, just being messy like Rechelle, because of the comment of no one buying one ticket and sitting alone to watch it.

  • Becky – you and your gal pals have fun thinking about the movie! Then you can go fry an egg together! Be sure to make sure you look up how to fry an egg in that cook book!

    If you have a problem, Ree will have about 20 pictures for you and your buds to follow. Step by step! Crack egg. Drop into pan. Eat

  • Ironically, you yourself may be generating a lot of publicity for Ree’s site and projects, which in turn will continue to interest Hollywood or whomever because they love controversy

  • AC:

    @Robbyn – Can’t see that happening, really. This isn’t a controversy in the good old fashioned type of controversy, with well known people or a truly bizarre situation involving midgets, unicorns, and buried treasure. This is like having a couple of neighbors who just don’t like each other, and talking over the washline every couple of days. Much like that asinine “love story”, there just isn’t much there to build on, and created controversies just collapse in on themselves eventually.

    @Becky – Believe it or not, I don’t think Rechelle really cares all that much about you and your application of the kindergarten “you’re jealous” line, or what details you think you need to know. You’ve already formed your opinion, based on what she’s chosen to say (or not) about all of it. So, grow up already and move along. You remind me of those people slowing down when a trooper is giving someone a basic traffic ticket in the hopes that there will also be a head rolling along the highway or a dismembered body somewhere. Sometimes, things are just as they appear: mundane, and nothing really out of the ordinary. Unless you’re absolutely friends with every single person you’ve ever met in your life, and have never said anything negative about them, you’re no different than the rest of us, Rechelle included. I’m betting that you don’t broadcast to the world, as it were, your particular reasons for not liking one person in your circle less than another. You probably tell a couple of people closest to you, and that’s it.

  • [...] Well,  The Pioneer Woman has gone way beyond the best secret blog thingie.  She has a giant following, having started by writing about ranch life and sharing pictures of an Oklahoma Shangri-La. And she diversified with recipes, home-schooling, photography lessons and big time giveaways . . . into the Big Time of success. She has won the ‘big” blog awards and has a huge following. A dissenting opinion about her wonderfulness by a blogger who has actually spent time at her ranch can be found at My Sister’s Farmhouse. [...]

  • Samantha:

    I think PW sold her story for that very reason -that people were starting to see through all that keeping it real crap. She knew to sell out while she was still at the top of her game. Like it was said Ree is a BRILLIANT at marketing.

    When I first started reading her blog the first thing that I thought was weird was her saying she started it to keep in touch with her mother and other family members -uh isn’t that what email is for??? Why make a blog public if it was only intended for a private family? Also another thing struck me that she LOVED her life SO MUCH then why isn’t she just living it? Why is she talking about it on the internet? Obviously she wasn’t content to just be home on the ranch she NEEDS an audience and she wants to be off the ranch more than be on it, in my opinion. All the things that she is going after have nothing to do with a private simple life.

    Also how she talks about her man makes me CRINGE. His brother Tim is the HOT one in the family in my opinion. I got so I only read when he was on a post. Same with Missy and Betsy -they are the ones I want to read about not Ree.

    I hate how she never talks about the realities of the ranch like where all the cattle end up. And all the other realites….so much for keeping it real!

    Anyway I love your comments on her leaving everything for everything -that is exactly what I thought when I read her non-story…yeah what a sucker I was to follow it.

    Really enjoyed your post about PW it’s nice to know not everyone drinks her kool-aid!

  • If she did make kool-aid, you can bet there will be a 20-pic tutorial on it…

  • scd:

    “If she did make kool-aid, you can bet there will be a 20-pic tutorial on it…”

    Did you miss the one where she made chocolate milk??? (And that is for real! She made a post on adding chocolate syrup to milk to make chocolate milk…… I have not seen her book, so I didn’t know there was a how to fry an egg part in it, but that doesn’t surprise me!)

  • pottermom:

    This post has guaranteed regular visits from me. lol Two thumbs up.

  • scd, I forgot about the chocolate milk! Yes, I too, was astounded to learn that by simply adding chocolate syrup to milk, and stirring, I could have chocolate milk at any time. I honestly thought it came from brown cows.

    When I got her cookbook, as I was thumbing through, I was disappointed- these were all photos that had already been on her site, as were about 90% of the recipes. But when I got to that fried egg recipe (ok, to be fair, it was the slightly more complex ‘Toad in the Hole’, but still, fried egg), I realized I had been duped. I’m not even sure why, after that, I still went to see her at her book signing. She did mention then that BHTTW was going to be published as a book, and I thought, ‘why?’, it’s already all online. She also said something about the fact that there had been camera crews around her house lately (this was in November), but she couldn’t talk about that. She is if nothing else, brilliant at marketing herself.

  • DS:

    You were her friend, you were tickled to visit, claimed to have a great time, yet now don’t like her because she’s a Christian and you’ve gone atheist? Even if someone else points something out to you about her blog or on her blog why do you care or feel the need to comment at all? If you don’t approve of her, her life, her blog, her homeschooling, her marriage, her blog, her successes, her failures, etc., why make it a point to mention everything you don’t like/approve of? You take any opportunity to point out what you feel are the faults, inconsistencies, etc. and yet you have no use for her. She must be the only person you don’t approve of as you don’t showcase others in the same light, or any light at all. It’s you and your newfound outlook on Atheism or Ree. And that seems normal to you? To anyone?

  • Gwen:

    DS, if you’ve read through the comments you would see that Rechelle’s atheism has NOTHING to do with her dislike of PW. Get your facts straight.

  • DS:

    My question and observation was for Rechelle. I don’t believe she needs you to answer for her. If she chooses to answer that’s fine. If not, that’s fine. But I didn’t ask you. Thanks,

  • Janet:

    I peeked at the PW site today for the first time after reading a movie was in the works and I stopped reading after Marlboro Man installment number four. Wow! What a load of inane drivel. I may have to wash the bad taste out of my mouth with a shot of tequila. And if that doesn’t work, I think I’ll head back to bed and languish between the smooth comfort of my “300 count sheets and pluck little fair hairs off my arm with tweezers”. (I’m quite sure I misquoted Ree, but I couldn’t stomach going back to her site to find the correct line)

    My instant dislike of Ree had nothing to do with jealousy or atheism, it has all to do with Ree’s flagrant devotion to self-promotion and narcissism.

  • Gwen:

    DS, Just trying to help you out since you’re pretty slow on the uptake :)

    Meaning, Rechelle ALREADY answered your question in the above comments.


  • DS:

    Goodbye, Gwen.

  • DS:

    But, Gwen . . . for your information, Rechelle doesn’t answer these questions, which is why some of us continue to ask them. She dances around the questions and weaves as loose an answer as she claims PW does. “I don’t care about PW.” “I don’t read PW.” “I don’t pay any attention to PW.” “Other people point it out to me that such and such is on her site.” “So I feel obligated to tell you all about it.” “But I don’t care.” Rechelle is a sweet and intelligent person. And yet she is obsessed with bashing PW. If you don’t like someone don’t like them. The total obsession with berating PW is bad/sad.

    It is refreshing to see some of the old Rechelle coming back to the site in stories about family and daily life. Knowing that coming here would most likely mean either “I’m an atheist and I’m free and this is how foolish Christianity is” or “PW is a farse” was getting old. But many of us kept coming because we hoped that the kind, funny Rechelle would return.

    Too bad that you and others feel the need to speak for her and run interference. I think she can answer for herself.

  • Gwen:

    DS, I understand what you mean, but why do you care that Rechelle bashes PW? Why does it bother you? Essentially, you are coming here to bash Rechelle for bashing PW….At least it seems that way….

  • Calli:

    Is PW any more fake than having a carefully photographed “farmhouse” that sits in the middle of a rather swanky subdivision? A subdivision that has an actual farmhouse next door that now gazes sadly at overly mown lawns and backyard trampolines?

    In the essence of true snarkyness, I wouldn’t be surprised if the current “controversy” has been cooked up by Rechelle and Ree to publicize both of their blogs. Like pro-wrestlers…

    • Calli – Are you my neighbor? Because wow! Your idea of a swanky subdivision is pretty funny! I would suggest getting out more.

  • Sharon:

    What I find absolutely hilarious are the Ree defenders on here. They might as well post “nana booboo you can’t talk about her thay way, you meanie”. It’s like 3rd grade:)

    I’ve enjoyed her earlier posts on her children but the posts on her husband and how much she enjoys the country life, well, let’s just say when someone goes on and on and on about how wonderful something is, often something is rotten in Denmark. I could be wrong:)

    Rechelle, I now come to this blog everyday just to see what thought provoking and sarcastic thing you may blog about.

  • DS:

    I’m not a Ree defender, or certainly don’t mean to be. It would be no different if it were someone else that Rechelle used to speak highly of or consider a friend that she has now decided is a fake. I’m sure it’s all just strange timing that seem to have all the various elements colliding at once . . . Rechelle’s discovery of how she doesn’t like PW or what she has, etc. , the realization that Christianity isn’t for her, and the fact that those two things were for many weeks the main thrust of anything Rechelle posted here. It is the fact that it is a recurring post theme by Rechelle that makes it an obvious bashing/sarcastic poke/whatever you want to call it. It’s not brought up by the folks who post comments here, they post in response to a thread started. I honesetly didn’t mean to fuel any fires, and am tickled to see threads coming up with Rechelle’s humorous insight coming back around. You surely have a knack for writing, and making people smile.

  • Jenny:

    I agree with DS on this one. Rechelle really does have a knack for writing and for making people smile. When my sister and I read the posts about Rechelle’s visit to the ranch, we were practically rolling on the floor we were laughing so hard. The one about the cat getting shaved was a classic too. We should all lighten up and agree to disagree.

  • Ted Powell:

    DS wrote: My question and observation was for Rechelle. I don’t believe she needs you to answer for her. If she chooses to answer that’s fine. If not, that’s fine. But I didn’t ask you. Thanks,DS, you seem unclear on the concept. If you don’t want other people to read and comment on what you write, I respectfully point out that Rechelle’s email address is posted on her “Contact Rechelle” page. If, however, you wish to criticize Rechelle—or anybody else—in public, but not get any feedback from other readers, that would seem to need the blog-owner’s cooperation.

  • Anonymous:

    Here is Google’s cached record for that blog entry Skattebol mentioned:

    The Pioneer Woman, Drummond Ranch, Get Real Please
    Posted: Monday, November 9, 2009 – 4 comment(s) [ Comment ] – 0 trackback(s) [ Trackback ]

    Ree Drummond is the The Pioneer Woman. She’s an Oklahoma woman living on a multi-generation working cattle ranch who blogs about life on the ranch. “Each month, roughly 2 million women – and her readers are mostly women flock to the blog.” *

    The Pioneer Woman has influence. She’s written a cookbook now. She has an opportunity, almost an obligation, to say something about how beef goes from ranch to table. And other very important things having to do with a viable future in ranching for the next generation.

    Women, lets face it, are most likely to shop for food for the household. My guess is that the majority of her followers eat meat. Her cookbook was released last month. She sent a copy to a sustainable food blogger, Deanne Duke of Seattle, Washington, blogging at The Crunchy Chicken. Deanne’s followers also eat meat or some don’t but in contrast to The Pioneer Woman’s followers the Crunchy Chicken readers know something about the food system including how beef goes from an embryo to a steak. The Pioneer Woman’s readers not so much. And should.

    Ree’s ranch life is romanticized. Which can’t be so hard to do if you’re a millionaire rancher’s wife. She owes it to her followers to show another side of ranch life, the side her hired hands live. Do they have health insurance? How much does it cost? Where do they live? Can they support a family?

    Ree’s readers don’t get any of that. But they praise the ranch photos, comment on how much they love reading her love story about her meeting Marlboro Man, the nickname she gave Mr. Drummond and praise her cookbook.

    Nonetheless, Deanne, not really interested in keeping The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook offered it as a give-away. 447 entries were submitted to try to win that book. Ree sent her three more to give away. Ree has the attention of many, including mine.

    There are little things about Ree that dissapoint me besides her reluctance to tell two-million-plus women the real story on beef. Like in her cookbook she meets Drummond at an eatery. She met him in a bar, she’s written about this on her blog and says so in interviews. “I decided to head down to theJ-Bar, a local dive where I knew some old friends were meeting for a drink.” — Ree.

    She writes romantic and humorous things on her blog about daily life on the ranch and will interject with just a hint of reality, “They’ve sorted cattle and moved cattle and worked cattle and processed cattle.” That’s all you get.

    Here’s an opportunity for her to take 2 million women on a field trip. Show them every step of beef production. Disclose the finances on a load of cattle off her ranch. Where it goes and where it ends up.

    I wish she would. I’m tired of her adolescent carryings on about Marlboro Man and Charlie the bassett and the photos of brand new millions of dollars worth of farm equipment rolling along one of the largest land holdings in America while all around her (and me because I’m nearby) is some dire povety.

    I should start my own blog on every thing around the Drummond Ranch. The disabled ranch hands with no insurance, the lack of food sources, the ram-shackle homes and beat-up trailers where families struggle to raise at least one steer or a hog for sustenance. The meth problem. While the NAIS law in Oklahoma remains unenforced, Oklahoma now requires a Premise Registration for hogs going to exhibition. The Oklahoma NAIS law when fully enforced will add to the cost of these working poor to keep that steer or hog. Meanwhile, she could say something to her readers about the NAIS.

    Her readers comment about being engrossed in reading about her ranch life. She can let them know there’s more, that there are beef growers struggling to keep family land, that many drop out unable to make it, that there are few job prospects for them or for her own children outside of that ranch. She herself was on her way to Chicago when she met Ladd Drummond. The truth. That there is very little employment all around her bucolic ranch.

    If Ree understood this, that there was nothing here for her 15 years ago and there still isn’t she might begin to care more about agriculture, where food comes from. Oklahoma is a rural state. There are two smallish cities here, by no means urban centers. Just little, conservative cities. One has the distinction of being the least green city in the nation, the other the least walkable city and the entire state leads in divorce which translates to one thing, pervasive poverty, hunger at higher rate than it should be for a rural state with plenty of agricultural heritage. Food pantries are in need while food is grown all around but inaccessible.

    She might feel moved to speak up about growing the food system here which is a start to helping the jobless and hungry. Bringing jobs, agricultural jobs. Growing a healthy ranching and farming community needs people like Ree to take the initiative. In hard times people want to feed themselves and their communities.

    She has a cookbook full of glorious photos of food and her wonderful ranch life. During a Recession. In some places it feels like a Depression. It’s out of touch.

    It’s almost escapist. In a world where cheap fast food and processed factory foods are considered by the American Medical Association to be doing us real harm we ignore the opportunities to change things to bring jobs to our communities. To rural ag communities with visible poverty like mine and hers.

    There was a flurry of sales of her cookbook and she’s doing the book tours. What an opportunity.

    In reality freezer sales are up, books on food preservation are selling well, and home and urban gardens are popping up everywhere. There’s even a study begun on how to bring more ranching back to the Northeast.

    There exists an awareness of a broken food system. So she’s either a little out of touch or pretending to be, or willfully cocooned in a world of plenty, or simply doesn’t know where food comes from.

    Something is terribly off balance in the food system and Ree can say something about it that would help fellow cattlemen and woman across the country.

    Although everyone has a point of view on agribusiness and it just happens that Ree’s husband is in the business of selling beef to feedlots my thoughts are that she can do a little to help the small holders. There’s also the NAIS. It is not the answer to a safer food system. Her audience should know something about it to form their own opinion. Simply put, her audience may not even know where their hamburger comes from but they can begin to learn from her. She has a captive audience. Contamination begins where the tagging ends. If Ree’s followers don’t know this she has opportunity to enlighten them.

    Ceci Hutchings

    P.S. The Drummond cattle’s drinking water is from creeks which on dry spells begin to dry out requiring decisions to disperse herd or dig ponds, those are not good practices in my opinion, they run about 6,500 or so mother cows, not including the thousands of horses from a wild horse herd, after several generations (since 1880s) and a family worth of millions that should have been remedied. A Montana cattleman, an acquaintance, also a generational cattleman, for comparison borrowed money to have wells dug and water tanks installed for his cattle. The Drummonds built a 6,000 sq. ft. lodge and worried about dispersing the cattle when the creeks were drying up. I really wish they did things differently in some respects like have a water source, cattle on these lands are not native. The buffalo were and they roamed millions of acres. Big difference there from an ecosystem perspective. They should have man-made water sources. That’s just my opinion of improvement in keeping with good environmental practices.

  • Calli:

    Perhaps swanky is relative, but when you have several of the most expensive houses in our area in your subdivision (I believe yours would be included according to your asking price) you are certainly up there. It’s not exactly like you’re a doctor’s wife in the Alaskan bush or Appalachia coal mine country.

    It’s just kind of the pot calling the kettle….just saying…

    • Calli – I don’t believe I have ever claimed to be living in abject poverty or have a hard life. I don’t pretend to be something I am not. I don’t pretend to be a simple rancher’s wife who for the sake of love was forced from a glamourous city life in LA to Pawhuska OK. When in fact Ree Drummond is only an hour from her hometown, grew up in Oklahoma and lives a life of luxury with a multi-millionaire rancher. I, on the other hand married a farm boy from Kansas who worked his ass off to get through medical school and then we shoveled our way out of student loan debt until we could afford to build our dream house. I work outside the home. Our kids go to public schools. I am not exactly living the life of an heiress here. We worked hard for this house and did much of the work on it ourselves. We didn’t just inherit everything from our parents like the Drummonds. Next time you comment – I think I will have to spam you. Getting tired of the stupidity.

  • Bravo – Bravo – I cannot thank you enough for this in depth study on OK ranching as it relates to the Dummonds.

    I myself have questioned many of your points as they relate to this FOG, aka Blog. I remember the time she spent weeks or more sucking (literally) in her readers because an abandoned calf needed suckling. She had the big doe eyed baby drinking from a huge bottle, milk dripping from its mouth.

    Her comments exploded for months.

    Ree went on and on about how she could almost start lactating at the sheer delight of nursing this abandoned calf. How her ovaries ached. She could not wait to rush to the baby calf after MM knew she would be perfect to nurse it along. Never was it mentioned where she was nursing baby doe eyes along to.

    Then the calf grew up. No more postings. She moved on to the wild Mustangs. The Mustangs that the Dummonds get paid for by the government to feed. Of course she never mentioned that. She only mentioned how shiny they looked. How great MM was for driving the hay out to them. How manly his butt looked as he pitched the hay in their direction. Keep in mind, the tax payers were actually buying that hay to the tune of millions.

    But what about the calf Ree was lactating over? The one that made her ovaries ache?

    No one who reads her blog wants to take their kid for a Happy Meal and think of baby doe eyes! Not too shiny is it? We all know how her readers like shiny things.

    Thank you again for that comment educating us on the Drummond Ranch and more. It should be required reading for all the sheep that graze on PWs blog.


  • Hey Calli! Don’t be hatin’ on the Appalachia coal mine country. I have seen some pretty fine hovels round about those parts! What is inside the home is much more important than the wood surrounding it.

    Signed Cat, a proud KY gal!

  • G:

    So, please enlighten me. Because I do want to understand, and I don’t seem to get it yet. You say Ree is fake, but in what sense? Because I read her blog (would never make her recipes, as I want my arteries unclogged, but I think the pictures are soothing and fun), and I don’t see that she misrepresents herself.

    She’s rich, but I don’t think that’s supposed to be a secret, what with all the stories about huge ranches, golf courses, country clubs and lovely houses.

    How should she represent herself? What would be the truth?

    I assume, from the pictures, that she and Ladd do love each other and do have an easy, bantering relationship. I can also assume that the house must be crazy, with four young children. So maybe she has help. Is that it? That she has help, she doesn’t do it all on her own? Is that the lie? Because if that’s it, really? Who cares, except you and a few other people?

    This is why I’ll never have a blog; I work my ass off, I have a high profile job that, trust me, I’ve deserved, but I also have rich parents. I don’t talk about it a lot. It’s a fraught issue, and I don’t live the lifestyle, because I was raised to not believe in the hype, and I think rich people are boring and pretentious. So most, if not all, of my friends are not from that “world.” What should I do, not talk about something that’s peripheral to my life, and as such, be called a hypocrite, or hand out a disclaimer to all I meet that says “rich girl here. Proceed with caution. I have no idea of what your struggles are.”

    I can also say, from observation, that you’re in pendulum phase. When we change something this drastic about our lives, such as your former beliefs, we tend to go to the polar opposite side. I just hope you find your happy medium at some point.

  • Liz:

    Wow, I just stumbled on this blog when I typed in “pioneer woman” and “pioneer woman fake” popped up in my google search. My question is: can nothing just be entertaining any more? Why can’t we all lighten up a bit? Seriously, I’m worn out by the world right now and I just want to read about other’s “happy” lives and get inspired.

    I don’t think PW has been misleading at all. So what if she’s rich? Certainly living on a ranch is not the life she envisioned for herself and that’s all she’s ever claimed – she hasn’t said she’s poor or has a difficult life, she just injects humor into her life and for some reason there are millions who are interested in reading that. Probably because the rest of us WISH we had some semblance of her life. And you know what? Let us dream. :) Don’t ruin it for us. Or for her. I admire what’s she’s done and wish it wasn’t too late to do it myself, but I guess I’ll have to come up with another way to live of the fat of the land.

    I’ve never read your blog… now I’ve read several posts. And I’m not sure how you can be critical of PW’s “boring” blog when… well, I don’t want to be critical but I probably won’t come back here.

    • Liz – You are the one that typed in ‘pioneer woman fake’ – Jesus!

  • Ted Powell:

    Liz wrote: I don’t think PW has been misleading at all.In the context of this thread, people generally seem to be using the term “misleading” to imply that the depiction on PW’s blog of PW’s life on the ranch, and her history, do not match up well with the facts of the matter, as determined by personal observation and/or independent research.Is this what you are disagreeing with, or are you just saying that you enjoy reading PW’s blog and don’t care whether or not it matches the way things are on the actual Drummond ranch?

  • Jenny:

    While I do not think PW is a bad person, bad mother, etc. she lost me the other day with the post where she said she was going to go stare at the floor for 20 minutes. It seems like every post now has off the wall statements like that and it just drives me crazy to read them, so it is time for me not to go back there.

  • Ted Powell:

    No. When you begin typing a search term into Google (at least with the Firefox browser with Javascript enabled) it will offer a menu of possible completions of what you are typing. Just type ree and a space, and one of the choices you are offered will be ree drummond fake. Try it.

  • Liz:

    Oh, just to clarify, “pioneer woman fake” popped up as a search term that’s been searched before when I typed in “pioneer woman”. That’s not what I was searching for but it had me curious.
    But Ted, I see your point. Thank you for the clarification. I enjoy PW’s blog. I don’t read it every day, but it’s fun to peruse every once in a while. And I believe she probably exaggerates for effect but every good writer/blogger does. And it doesn’t bother me. And I assume that what she writes is what she wants to share, no more, no less. She does her thing and clearly it works for her, based on her readership and following. She’s successful and it seems like there are a lot of folks who begrudge her that. Anyway, it’s not worth arguing about because i have no idea what really goes on in her life since I’m not living it.

  • But why where you curious Liz? That is the question. It couldn’t be because somewhere deep in your mind you too have wondered if PW is perhaps the most phony web site you have ever encountered in your life. Her success is built on a seventh grade fairytale. It is built on mindless drivel. It is built on kitchen aid mixer giveaways. And it is built on the religious right’s desperate need for a status symbol. It is not built on anything of true enduring value. As a fellow blogger I am saddened by her success. As I have stated many times before – if you took away the ranch, the cowboys, the big blue skies and her wealth – she would just be another blogger and no one would read her.

  • Ted Powell:

    Liz, apparently “keepin’ it real” is Ree’s signature (I haven’t verified this), and it’s that plus the perceived disparity between the blog and what’s on the ground which causes the reaction.

  • DS:

    Liz didn’t type in “fake” . . . the browser search filled that in. She was looking for PW, and you are the one, Rechelle, that is happy that fake filled in. Why does her success sadden you? That’s the sad part. Is she the only blogger that you feel has mislead people? Aren’t there others? Or is she the only one that saddens you? All others are truthful and forthright and don’t embellish a thing? It has become your mission to let everyone know that your opinion of her is the one that counts, the ony one that counts. That anyone who may enjoy her or (gasp) like her are mindless fools.

    And sadly, those here who have said “get your facts straight” to some of us who posted questions and told us that your revelations about religion and your dislike of PW have nothing to do with each other were just proven wrong with your own words above: “the religious right’s desperate need for a status symbol.” It appears that YOU are the one who really wants to see the ranch, the cowboys, the blue skies, the wealth, etc. taken away from her. That’s truly beneath you, Rechelle. Or I had always taken you for a person who was above that.

  • Liz:

    Wow, I think you’ve proven why I go to PW’s site: because she, from what I’ve read, doesn’t spew hate. And sometimes I want a break from that. I frequently go to political blogs when I want to hear a bunch of (liberal) people who claim to be “tolerant” and “accepting” hurl slurs about my or anyone else’s political and/or religious beliefs. I go to lifestyle and cooking blogs (including my own blog) – blogs like PW’s – for some relief from those who don’t know what they’re talking about. When I stumbled on to your blog I didn’t realize that it was a political blog.

  • Priss:

    Just out of curiosity I went to google, typed in Pioneer Woman and Pioneer Woman fake wasn’t one of the options it gave me in the top ten. Even when I typed Pioneer Woman F, Pioneer Woman fake was only in eighth place. It doesn’t seem like a search term that comes up too easily. You almost have to be looking for it.

  • AngAk:

    Cat, Chaps and Emma. Read about the Wild Mustangs here: Ree never hid the fact that the government program placed the wild mustangs on their ranch. She doesn’t say what they get paid for it—why should she. It’s none of our business. At least the mustangs are cared for.

  • Liz:

    ah, maybe this isn’t a newsflash for anyone on here but it makes things clearer for me:

  • Liz:

    Priss – just noticed I typed “ree drummond”. Try that.

  • AngAK -

    Of course gREEd does not tell us the obscene amount of our taxes the Drummonds are getting paid from the government mustang program. You are WRONG about it not being our business. It is our tax dollars that are paying the Drummonds for what they should be doing for free. The land belongs to the wild mustangs. I think they can afford some hay.

    There is not a benevolent bone in gREEds body.

    BTW, it is public record what we the tax payers are giving to the mega millionaire Drummonds.

    Of course PW is not going to blog about that. PW just flashes shiny objects in front of her readers while she is checking her bank balance.

    Obviously she has you fooled.

    Again, it is my business and I will make sure I know every detail.

    Cat, Chaps and Emma

  • Ted Powell:

    Priss wrote: Just out of curiosity I went to google, typed in Pioneer Woman and Pioneer Woman fake wasn’t one of the options it gave me in the top ten.As of just before I began typing this reply, the offered completions for Pioneer Woman are: cooks, cookbook, blog, photography, cinnamon rolls, actions, monkey bread, mac and cheese, chocolate sheet cake, lasagna. Not fake.No surprise there. All it means is that during the last couple of hours somebody, or an automated script, has submitted all those queries to Google, many times. If I were to submit a whole lot of queries for pioneer woman spinach, you’d likely see that start coming up as a suggestion. (I don’t plan to, though.)

  • Vikki Brandstetter:

    Well bless your heart. Aren’t you sweet.

  • AngAK:

    Cat, Chaps and Emma, No one has me fooled. I’m not one of the mindless. Just wanted to correct information that you had wrong. Something I had read a long time ago before all the fame on PW. Perhaps the government should abandon this program. Use our tax dollars for a better cause. Let your representatives know. Do you have a solution? No need to insult me anymore. Time for this new widow to stop reading the vile angry comments on this blog. Does me no good anymore.

  • AngAK -

    I did give a solution. Have the Drummonds pay for the wild mustangs out of their millions. Forbid they do something for the community. My information was correct except to point out she has one buried comment back in 2006 with one line about the government program.

    I also pointed out that it is my business how federal tax money is spent and who it is given to. I do track and investigate these things.

    I totally disagree with you on your last point. I think you should keep reading. That way you will learn what is actually going on over at PW.

    I hope that others take your advise and let their representatives know how they feel about this! That is great advise for others. I have been doing this for years.

    If one PW reader learns from this I have done my job!

    Cat, Chaps and Emma

  • Samantha:

    Well the bottom line in my opinion is that Ree started her blog with the whole “keeping it real” theme showing typical ranch life etc and we all know now that she wasn’t keeping it real…far far from it.

    Some of us got hooked in thinking wow she’s presenting a look into a world that was different than mine..cattle ranching, this is going to be interesting. She wants to tell stories fine, nothing wrong in that, but she should be honest about them being stories and not necessarily her reality. And about how she is leaving out all the negative stuff of ranching because it wouldn’t SELL well to the masses. I don’t think she is happy on the ranch that is why she started the blog. Something was lacking in her life in my opinion, but good for her for doing something about it. But if some of us don’t care to drink her kool-aid that’s okay too.

  • Gwen:

    Well said Samantha!!!!

  • notmuchofacook:

    Rechelle-what happened at Ree’s other than what you shared that has caused such a strong reaction? I have been reading your blog for a long time now and I enjoy it a great deal. Truth be told, I also read PW’s blog and I enjoy that, too. I am mystified by all the tumult going on here…not just your blog, but the posters and responses. It’s kind of OTT.

  • JB:

    I don’t begrudge “PW” anything. I think she’s a smart lady who has learned how to manipulate her story, by sugar-coating everything and through selective comment deletion. I don’t even mind a lot of her recipes (but only because I can’t cook).

    But, it’s the people who fawn all over her that make me shake my head! People actually say that they “want her life”. I think that’s the second most popular comment to “Yum!”

    The person who mentioned drinking the Kool-Aid was absolutely bang-on. There are a lot of people drinking it. And so what? Bottom’s up, people.

    Thank you Rechelle, for actually having the balls to say something controversial. I just found your blog, but I already like you.

  • barb:

    Curiouser and curiouser….and you should be played by Kathy Griffin (D-list and all)!

  • Yes barb! You are correct by agreeing with me! Ree should be played by Kathy Griffin! That would be perfect!

    Let us start a campaign!

  • Becky:

    Bang on, spot on, I just threw up a little in my mouth, I just spewed Dr. Pepper on my screen, I want your life, I think we are sisters. I’ve seen some of these comments on PW’s site and this site and they are ALL old and tired and some are just down right disgusting.

  • Becky:

    CCE, you said barb is correct by agreeing with you. You make it sound as if no one can have a different opion.

  • Becky:

    opinion too

  • Yes! Let us all start a campaign! Kathy Griffin to play Ree! YES!

  • Heidi:

    I have often wondered if Ree has household help. If so, great. But I do think it would be more “real” if she simply said so. I follow another blog – a mom of triplets – and one day a few years ago she simply posted something like “lest you think I do this all by myself…” and told about her helper that came most afternoons. I loved the honesty in that.

    Maybe that’s what is getting to a lot of people – that she has so much going on, both with home and “business” that it seems like she surely has assistants picking up the slack. She just never says anything about those who help her get it all done, if there are such people. Surely she has helpers……

    And I’ll confess, I am also very curious about whether something happened at the ranch that made you see Ree in a different light. Not that I blame you, Rechelle, for your feelings about her; as I’m one of those who no longer enjoys her blog at all.

    I’m a conservative Christian but I certainly don’t need her as my hero. If you don’t mind, I’ll stand with you on this one.

  • Dear Friends, Happy April Fool’s Day!

    As a senior citizen was driving down the freeway, his car phone rang. Answering, he heard his wife’s voice urgently warning him, “Herman, I just heard on the news that there’s a car going the wrong way on 280. Please be careful!”
    “Heck,” said Herman, “It’s not just one car. It’s hundreds of them!”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

  • mizdmc:

    Wow. I have never seen so much cattiness in one place since the high school girl fight over 25 years ago.

    So what that she is succesful. I think she is funny. I get her sense of humor and I like her personality. After buying 20 popular cookbooks over the years, I found that I was not using them. (I posted 11 cookbooks on paperback swap and 9 were requested the next day). I used Ree Drummond’s cookbook and blog immediately, which is great for this single gal.

    Like many of my friend,s I didn’t cook much even though I really like cooking. About six months after I met my meat and potatoes boyfriend, I found Ree’s blog. I tried the pineapple quesadillas for my bookclub and the girls raved about them for weeks. That made me feel wonderful. I made some recipes for my man and he loved every single one. For the first time in a long time, I feel encouraged to get back in the kitchen again to cook several healthy meals during the week instead of eating out all the time like a lot of my friends still do. In the process, I have managed to lose weight and I’ve saved money.

    As a side note, once a person becomes successful, other bonuses and perks just come out of the woodwork. Being on the sidelines of other successful people, I have seen it. Some would think “where were you when I was struggling?” That is just how it goes sometimes, especially in the entertainment society. Everyone loves a winner…except the haters.

    So, if Ree earns a million or two, or ten, so be it. I am very proud of her and you all should be a lot less judgemental.

  • JC:

    MM = Ryan Gosling

  • Bev:

    Sarah Rue should play Ree in the movie. She’s gorgeous like Ree, Sarah has long beautiful red hair like Rue, Sarah’s personality seems to match Ree’s and Sarah is looking fantastic these days.

    • Rechelle:

      I have no idea who Sarah Rue is, but it makes me think of Rue McClanahan which would be a hilarious choice to play Ree.

  • Marci:

    What really bothers me about her is her “Tasty Kitchen.” She STOLE the idea from Get your own ideas!