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Where exactly should I focus this tolerance?

Should I be more tolerant of people that are extremely close to me calling me every other day and telling me that I need…

a.  therapy

b.  a complete medical exam  - because there must be a physical malady that is causing me to be an atheist.

c.  psychotropic medicines.

d.  lab tests

Should I be more tolerant of the people who call and ask me if they can contact my kids about church events even if I no longer believe in god?

Should I be more tolerant of all the letters and emails that say they are praying for me to come back to god?

Should I be more tolerant of people who are extremely close to me who ask me if they should ‘mourn the loss’ of me.

Should I be more tolerant of the Baptists that show up on my door and want to save my soul from hell?

Should I be more tolerant of the christian ideology that seeps out of everything from posters on walls in local highschools to the songs my kids sing in their public school choir to a speaker that managed to talk more about her personal god than anything else during a presentation to my eight year old’s class on Kansas Day? 

Because I have to tell you.

I am tolerant of it all!  (With the exception of the Baptists who came to MY DOOR.)

I am not only tolerant.  I am kind.  I am polite.  I am respectful.  I don’t hang up the phone.  I don’t slam the door.  

I respond the same way to people that I have always responded.  

I listen far more than I talk, I answer carefully and as thoughtfully as I can. I don’t get angry.  I don’t protest, I don’t yell, I don’t scream, I don’t assault, I don’t mock, I don’t debate, I don’t complain, and I don’t mimic these people in a high pitched old lady voice  (although that would be my protest of choice).  

All I do is write a blog.

A blog that you can choose not to read if you don’t like what I have to say.

An honest blog that really expresses how I feel about what is going on around me.  

I am sorry if what I say makes you uncomfortable.  

But I am not running for office here.  

I am not trying to create a world where everyone feels good about themselves all the time.

I am not interested in pandering.

I am interested in figuring out the truth.  

I am interested in understanding reality.  

And I am interested in doing what I can to make this world better.

Through a change in my beliefs.

Through a change in my attitude.

And through taking positive actions that make a noticeable difference.

You don’t improve by ignoring problems.  

You don’t progress by pretending everything is okay just the way it is.

Sometimes you have to look at things squarely and let it get to you.

This is what causes true positive change.

I am up for some change.

Way up.

Real Time – Brad Pitt on Religion
Uploaded by Xrunner17. – Check out other Film & TV videos.

Thanks to Megan for sending this.
I think Brad states this point extremely well and uh also… it’s Brad Pitt!

My boys love this video.  

They have watched it nine point two billion times over the past week.  

I don’t get it at all.  

But I do laugh sometimes

When my kids are quoting it.  

… and then I go right back to being completely mystified.