K-State Fans Cut In Omelette Line

March 12th, 2010

We are in Kansas City for the Big Twelve tournament.


My husband and sons are in Kansas City for the Big Twelve tournament.

(I am here to wander aimlessly and undisturbed around the Plaza for hours and hours and hours.)

Evidently, everyone else in the Big Twelve is also here for the tournament because this morning, the line at our hotel’s breakfast bar stretched down to the Liberty Memorial and back again. I grabbed a spot in line a few blocks from famed 18th and Vine longing for a cup of coffee to accompany this long wait.

When suddenly!


A woman in a red sweater noticed two men that were standing in line a few miles behind me!

“Oh!” she exclaimed, “There you are!”
The two men nodded and smiled.
“Well C’mon UP HERE!” She motioned.
The two men hobbled back and forth in place wisely hesitating to break in a line full of hungry people.
The rest of us waiting in line were surprised to learn that the woman had been saving two places for her friends. There were clearly no jackets hovering in thin air to mark their spots! We gave the woman a few dark glances and curled our lips back to display our teeth towards the two men who shuffled forward a few steps, hesitated and then shuffled back.  They seemed to be very aware that their lives were in danger.

“C’MON!” the red sweater lady encouraged, “It’s perfectly OKAY! I have been SAVING YOU BOTH A PLACE!”

The men surveyed the rest of us waiting in line. We chose not meet their eyes, not wanting to appear rude… not wanting to appear annoyed… not wanting to appear desperate.  We chose instead to radiate our displeasure towards the floor.

The two men noted our disheveled hair, our yet to be caffeinated bloodstreams, our rumbling stomachs…

We were clearly too weak and shaky to stage much of a riot.

They made their move.


Those of us that were now even further from our breakfast noted the gaudy purple garb of the two cutters.

Clearly K-State Fans.

Suddenly it all made sense.

Everyone knows that K-State fans are all a bunch of atheists.


  • Hi Rechelle! I’m just down the street a piece from the Sprint center, toiling away. So if she was wearing a red sweater, was she a Jayhawks fan, or a Nebraska fan? Or maybe an Iowa State fan? Why would she be in cahoots with a couple of Wildcats? I smell something, and it ain’t omlettes! Hope you got your coffee! Have fun on the Plaza!

  • “There were clearly no jackets hovering in thin air to mark their spots!” …snorting with laughter! :)

  • stephanie:

    Oh, Rechelle. Please tell me you aren’t a KU fan? This wildcat might have to stop reading your blog until basketball season is over, if you are. :)

  • km:

    You guys are too polite !!! Try that in NYC :)

  • paula:

    luckily you chucked in the mention of atheists at the end or some of your readers who are waiting for you to ‘get back to normal’ may have got up from the fainting couch and started reading your blog again.

  • Kris:

    Cracking me up. I’m “from away” and live here on Fort Riley. The K-State/KU rivalry amongst some of the faculty where I taught was nearly comical. Nearly. Then it almost turned me into a heavy drinker…

  • Erin:

    Love it! The jackets comment was priceless, and as a KU fan I loved your observation about K-State fans! :-)

    Hope the boys are enjoying the tourney and you are enjoying your uninterrupted shopping/wandering time. I have used many a medical conference/meeting to get some shopping/quiet time for myself (the best was Michigan Ave a few years ago for the Scientific Assembly!)

    I just noticed there were WAY too many exclamation points in there – I think I had too much coffee today…

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    Ha ha ha ha! *snort* Ha ha ha!

    Walking the Plaza without family? Wow. Tell me what that’s like. I can only dream.

    I also questioned the woman in the red sweater – couldn’t be a Wildcat. Not that I’d show any kindness to the guy in the butt-ugly Wildcat shirt either. Barf!

    K-Staters a bunch of atheists? Ha ha ha ha again!

    Enjoy your weekend, and may KU and K-State meet again tomorrow.

  • Kathy J:

    Thank goodness the neer do wells were K-State fans – I was a little worried with the red sweater part. Anyway just to do our part he Lady Huskers stomped the mildcats 63 – 46. Here in Nebraska you want to play basketball LIKE A GIRL!!

  • Brad:

    those darn atheist troublemakers, where is god when you need “em”

  • LucyGolden:

    Thanks for the chuckle!

  • Revyloution:

    Spend a week in China. You will quickly give up this quaint idea of ‘standing in line’ or ‘waiting your turn’.

  • Kay in KCMO:

    Fer cryin’ out loud, Rechelle, I’d be happy to hang with you!

    Now about those K-State fans: sounds about right. The only fans that are worse are Mizzou’s. Now, *they* wouldn’t have even hesitated to cut in. I can say these things since I’m a Gorilla (but my Div. I loyalty is Jayhawk all the way).

    The red does make me suspicious. What K-State fan would wear red in public? They might be mistaken for Nebraska fans. Hmmm….

    Those of you who are reading this who live no where near the Big 12 Conference can’t *begin* to understand the rivalries/hatred between KU/K-State and especially KU/MU. KU fans refer to Missouri teams/fans as “slavers.”

    Rechelle, please say that any BBQ that you throw down will be from Oklahoma Joe’s (Bryant’s is acceptable). If you go to Gates then, well, this atheist reader *might* have to bid you adieu (Gates puts chili powder in their sauce. WTF?).

    Anyway, meeting people from a blog could be weird, but I’m open to it. And when you’re near the Sprint Center be sure to hit Retro Inferno – it’s catty-corner and sells mid-century furniture and is loads of fun.

  • Charlie:

    K-State fan here. Now I’m in Omaha in Cornhusker country, but my kids know we still bleed purple. And as it happens, I actually am an atheist. I couldn’t speak for all the others, but hey — K-State fans do have impeccable taste, so it wouldn’t surprise me! ;)

  • sandy:


  • Brian V.:

    Rechelle, I concur with Revy’s observation about lines in China. There are no such things… people just keep moving towards the goal enmasse, movemovemove…. in this model, those who want to hang back and have an extra coffee while some other person does the lining up, lose out… there is no way to invite them forward later because there is no space for them to occupy beyond what they get when they arrive at the “queue” … Nevertheless, the lines for heaven are white and mostly Anglo Saxon. and when I get there, I will check way way wayback in the line for you and be sure to invite you into closer proximity to glory… long live sports and sporting behavior!

  • Another Lee:

    Lines in Germany were weird too. Oh sure, it was all organized like you’d expect, but the “gap” was not like it is in the States. When we first got there, I’d stand in line leaving reasonable personal space, and someone would step into that spot to line up! The NERVE. Well, I finally figured it out and learned to stand a lot closer than I would at home if I wanted to get that last brezi. Not always pleasant in the summer when the lack of air conditioning plus the less frequent use of deodorant equaled…you get the picture.

  • Kay in KCMO:

    It’s official: KU beats K-State in the Big 12 championship! Take that omelette line cutters!

  • km:

    I miss the wormhole to Coal Creek

  • Linda:

    Funny story! Just wondering, what happened to the Coal Creek Farm button on your website? I miss that quick connection. Usually I go to yours first, then click on the handy button.


  • AnnB:

    This year was our first college “Family Weekend” which included taking other two boys to the big college football game. Chatting with my eldest on the phone I told him to get three extra tickets: for dad and his sibs. (I was going to indulge in the great bookstore right on campus! And sit in the stark and beautiful “Cathedral of Learning” and read a book! AND look at their fabulous jewlery from around the world at the gift shop! While sipping tea! For hours! Yeah me!) Later that day: Eldest Son: Mom I got the four tickets. Me: Four?! Honey, I said three, I’m not going. Son: Mom, you can’t just sit alone for three hours! That would be terrible! All the moms know the ending: me and the all my men/boys together: Go Panthers. (next year…. as God as my Witness!!)

  • Ted Powell:

    km wrote: (link) from my Irish friendsNice one. Here are a couple from LOL god:Pick the greatest threat to Islam’s imageThis is an outrage

  • Sue:

    Drop the religion or I guess in your case the non religion you are so full of your self ……… can’t you have a normal conversation ?
    Give it up !
    I am praying for you and I don’t mean that in some kind of holy er than thou way !
    I challange you to study the Church Fathers to research . You need God and he Loves you ! Don’t be sooo sure of your self Life my be way to easy for you .

  • Revyloution:

    Sue, are your comments serious or satirical? I honestly can’t tell.

    On the off chance that your serious, do you see the glaring hypocrisy of telling her to “Drop the religion or I guess in your case the non religion you are so full of your self ……… can’t you have a normal conversation ?” , then go on to do exactly the opposite of what your advising her to do?

    Why do you expect us non believers to shut up about our non-belief when we’re constantly surrounded by people who shout their belief from the rooftops?

  • Lgirl:

    It is obvious you weren’t wearing your “I am So Gonna Blog About This” Tee!

  • Christine from Canada:


    Three-part (so far) homeschooling artiles in Salon.com. The letters are worth a glance, too!


  • I’d expect such behavior from Colorado fans. They’re an uppity bunch. They need to realize that without those mountains they’d be just an extension of Kansas, without the great college basketball.

    I hope you enjoyed your time at the tournament.

    take care,

  • Amy:

    I can’t believe you took April’s blog off your links at the top. It’s sad to me. More so than anything else I’ve read here in the past month. I always wanted a sister and loved hearing about your lunches and raiding your mom’s closet and your adventures. I’m officially not coming back. It’s one thing to dis’ PW, it’s one thing to dis’ God, it’s a whole different thing when you dis’ April. If she requested to be taken off your blog, you should have explained. I figured this was coming but hoped I was wrong. Not sure why this bothers me so badly. It just makes me sad. Not angry…just sad.

  • A. D.:

    Ha, I couldn’t put my finger on what it was about those K-state folks. Now I know the rest of the story!

  • A.D.:

    Ha, I couldn’t put my finger on what it was about those K-state folks. Now I know the rest of the story!

  • Nancy in AK:

    Sort of off topic – A new name for your blog should go along with your new interests/ideas, etc. It doesn’t make sense for it to be “My Sister’s Farmhouse” since you and April decided not to go forward with a combined blog and it shouldn’t be “The Country Doctor’s Wife” just because the blog is yours and not the C.D.’s. My suggestion is something clever that is tied into Kansas and maybe The Wizard of Oz – something like “A tornado in Kansas” or blown away with Rechelle – well, I’m not as clever as you – but I know there is a great name out there for your blog that combines you, Kansas, farmhouses, your intellectual interests, etc.

  • Brian V.:

    For those of you asking, there is a link to Coal Creek under the Farm Favorites link.

  • Nadine:

    Next time you are in KC: bloggy meetup! You’ve already got me, Kelley, and Kay…

  • I would totally be there!

  • Ted Powell:

    Brian V. wrote: For those of you asking, there is a link to Coal Creek under the Farm Favorites link.Also under Farmhouse Library and under Farmhouse & Garden.

  • April asked me to take the link down.

    To reach her site simply type http://www.coalcreekfarm.com.