If You Wanna Wear Leg Wamers… Wear Leg Warmers!

March 11th, 2010

This film was posted at the website of author Kelly Corrigan. I have not read any of her books, but aim to check them out!

Thanks to Ann for sending it. I cried.

We are on Spring Break and on the road – so posting will be light.


  • wow, that’s an awesome video :-)

  • oh, and have fun traveling

  • Great video! This is why I love this site I just found: http://www.kickstarter.com. I think it’s important to encourage projects like this, not just because artists, writers, etc. need a way to live while they are producing work which they may later be able to make a profit from, but because we all need a little encouragement. Pledges start at just $1. That isn’t much, but it’s enough to say “One more person believes in you and what you are doing.” How awesome is that to be able to touch someone’s life in that way, to encourage them to follow their dreams and turn them into reality? And $1 here or $10 there does add up. Here’s one writer I think is worth supporting in her dream: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/christinarosalie/a-field-guide-to-now. I don’t know her personally. I only read her blog occasionally. Every time I read something she’s written, I’m inspired. Her words have encouraged me, and I want to give a little of that encouragement back. And this is what I love about the internet:o)

  • Why weren’t any men invited to this reading?

    Speaking of men, I’ve decided to attend man camp this year. I’m very afraid, but maybe it will yield some great blogging material. I just hope they have wi-fi at the campsite.

  • Be yourself…

    Be happy…

    You only have 1 life.

    Make it count :)

  • Lori:

    Ooh, that was really good. I love stuff like that! :)

  • Oh Hey I GOT THE BOOK ! And where the hell are you going? Church RETREAT?? Bahhhaaaa,…I crack myself up.

  • km:

    Gosh, I needed that !!!!!

  • km:

    In the spirit of don’t let the bstrds (trying to avoid the spam filter) get you down,


  • Nadine:

    Great video.

  • Jennifer:

    Thank you–I recently jumped both feet into a new project at work and was anxious. This video helped make me feel better.

  • GA in GA:

    Finally had time today to watch this video. Really wonderful.

    But even more interesting are some of Kelly’s earlier posts regarding her POV on religion.