He's Not My Dog! HE'S MY FRIEND!!!!

March 3rd, 2010

My boys love this video.  

They have watched it nine point two billion times over the past week.  

I don’t get it at all.  

But I do laugh sometimes

When my kids are quoting it.  

… and then I go right back to being completely mystified.


  • Priss:

    I can’t say I get it either, but I really, really love “foul and noisome whelp.” Going to use that on my smelly dog now.

  • Martha in Kansas:

    “Why, I play the cello too!” LOL. This is a little dumb, with some very funny lines. I can see why they like it. Definitely action packed. It had me chuckling.

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    I might need to have my 12 y.o. son watch it and explain it to me.

    There are some good quotables in there, and I’ve always wondered what a rainicorn sounds like. But mostly it made me think of the old Heat Miser/ Snow Miser bit on “The Year Without a Santa Claus,” mixed with the “Yellow Submarine” movie. I think I saw a Blue Meanie relative in there.

  • I would be looking to you & your boys for that 7 minutes of my life back, if I hadn’t found a new cool phrase to use, namely: “Mathematical! Rhombus!”

  • Ann:

    My boys, ages 25 and 22 also think it is hilarious. Must be a guy thing.

  • km:

    I think this proves my point that young kids’ minds are similar to those of adults who are high:)

  • “I think we have time to sit around and talk about our feelings.”

  • M.R.:

    Oh, I love it! If you don’t get it, perhaps it is because you are trying too hard to figure it out. But I must say, I would like it better if I could also see an episode where the princess and the rainicorn rescue the boy and his dog (ooops!!!) — scratch that — boy and his Friend! I get so tired of female princesses having to be rescued by males.

  • LucyGolden:

    I love the creative minds that come up with these ideas!

  • Jayne:

    My grandson will thank you….. I bookmarked it for him. He’ll love it!

  • That video is totally rhombus!

  • joann in tx:

    ah….for the mind of a child…..

  • Stephanie:

    That was so cute, and funny! The very same thing happens to me all the time! Usually after I’ve just gotten back on Adderall. :)