Good Things…

March 30th, 2010

I am trying to focus on some good things tonite.  

Here are a few…

1.  Phone call with my mom today.  We laughed a lot.

2.  I have four awesome kids and a very kind husband.

3.  I am thinking about driving to Overland Park on Wednesday after work to listen to Bart Ehrman debate some other guy about the validity of the New Testament.  

4.  I received a kind e-mail from Nate Phelps – the atheist son of Fred Phelps.  Wow!  

5.  Nate is going to be speaking in Topeka in April and I absolutely must go

 I have been doing a bit of reading off and on about the Phelps family, and I have nothing but the deepest compassion for the sons and daughters of Fred Phelps.  They endured a brutal childhood at the hands of a tyrannical father.  This is not a good thing, but it is something that allows me to understand why they do what they do.  

6.  I still get e-mails almost everyday from people about the ‘apology letter‘.  They are always extremely warm and uplifting.  

7.  Even though I have turned this whole atheism thing into a circus sideshow, it does result in me getting to hear from lots of great people who tell me their own stories of losing faith.  Sometimes I think of putting them all on a web site so that everyone who has lost their faith can read them.  Of course, I would never do that without getting permission from every single writer.

8.  I am much tougher these days.  I only balk at reading my comments four or five times a day as opposed to balking at reading them twenty or thirty times a day or not reading them at all for weeks at a time.

9.  IT IS OFFICIAL!  I have a family member – A REAL LIVE FLESH AND BLOOD RELATIVE – who rejected religion too.  This person called a few days ago.  It was wonderful to talk to uh… this person.

10.  I had a pretty good dinner and now I am going to read a pretty good book.  

So tell me, what are your good things?


  • JaznJapan:

    I too have a wonderful husband and 5 awesome boys. My life is so much more fullfilling since my religious ‘light bulb moment’.
    Cherry Blossoms are starting to come out here in Japan…beautiful.
    Things are just great all around…….

  • Tracy:

    I have a wonderful child. I have parents that love me. I have a job that I like most of the time. My boss is kind and I like a lot of my coworkers. I have some nice friends and neighbors. I have a cat and a dog that are loving. I have been to some interesting places and seen interesting things in my life. I have been in love and have been loved.

  • PaprikaPink:

    Although I’ve been un- or under-employed for years now and my husband is growing ever more gruntish and snorey and we have relentless financial pressures, I am continually amazed, flabbergasted, and gobsmacked by how good my life is. I’m supposed to be above this, but, honestly, and absurdly, I feel too superstitious to even list the things I’m so grateful for (I’ll allow that the list does include gruntish snorer, see above).

  • I’ve got some really good friends. Unfortunately, most of them live many states away from me, but I’ll be heading off to Maine to see a bunch of them in August- can’t wait!

  • Ted Powell:

    Lots of good things, some of which I tend to take for granted sometimes, perhaps because they seem so secure. Like proper health care.Biggest thing lately, seeing health insurance come within reach of an estimated 32 million people who live in the country to the south of mine.

  • ooOOOoooHHH!!! Bart Ehrman and Nate Phelps? Lucky you, you definitely have to go if you get a chance. and then you have to write all about it!!!!!!!!

  • Brian V.:

    1. tiny golf-ball snowflakes today in the mountains.
    2. my son calling me on the phone to say hi and what time are you getting home, dad…
    3. good health to work hard on the farm.
    4. time and eyes to read Hitchens’ Portable Atheist.
    5. myriad little moments of living thankfully, seeing things freshly, breathing the changing season, what Annie Dillard called FECUNDITY in her amazing Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.
    6. Annie Dillard.
    7. Rechelle’s drive-in lonely heart atheist circus blog.
    8. Turkey burgers tonight with hot pickled mango making me weep like a holy roller.
    9. A little dog looking at me with a tennis ball in his chops.
    10. The sound of the wood stove fan kicking in at night.
    11. The wind all drunk and doing a coniferous fandango.
    12. One brown egg in my hand and the chicken that laid it looking at me with a cocked head and saying yer goin to cluckin hell for that, Robber!
    13. The concept of the baker’s dozen.

  • hmm…. I don’t have many good things for today, since I slept and worked all day :-p

    I’ll do yesterday instead:
    1)First day it was warm enough to take the bikes out. yay!
    2)Bought my tickets for the Gods and Politics Convention in Copenhagen
    3)Finally got the books I ordered
    4)Officially lost 10lbs since the beginning of the year

  • idioteque:

    Brian V., thumbs up on Annie Dillard. :-) Which reminds me, I need to read more of her again…

    On a smiliar note, having the next two days off work, four good things about it

    (1) Reading more Thoreau.
    (2) Listening to more Bach.
    (3) Spending the evening with my girlfriend (online).
    (4) Not being at work.

  • “(3) Spending the evening with my girlfriend (online).”

    that made me giggle… and it reminded me of when my boyfriend and I were living in two different states and we’d have “dates” on which we’d do World of Warcraft missions. We’re such geeks :-p

  • idioteque:

    I’ll raise you one more geek LOL Projects we’re doing: I’m teaching her the history of classical music (still on the Baroque period), and we’re reading the Greek classics together (on Herodotus now), and we write book reports on a private blog afterwards. But that’s *sexy* in my book! ;-)

  • Revyloution:

    We just spent a week in Zion National Park. There is nothing better than camping with your family. You talk all day, you enjoy natures wonders, and you really connect with each other.

    My one daughter and my one wife make life great.

  • I got an email from Nate too, and I was well chuffed. He was lovely and encouraging ^_^ My heart aches for him and his siblings and the way they were raised.

    Good things: Sun is shining, Daughter is fabulous, should have baby chicks soon and dream of having a smallholding is coming true. Fantastic :c)


  • I loved your list. I, too, found a relative who has rejected religion. A cousin I rarely see attended my Mom’s memorial service in December. We went out for a bite afterwards and talked for hours. He says he thinks religious people spend all their time preparing to die and doesn’t want to live his life that way. Me neither.

    I lived in the 3rd world for a while, so I wake up every morning happy to have a roof over my head, enough to eat, & clean water. I’ve had a zillion opportunities from which to choose —when I know many people in this world have almost none. I have a caring husband who makes me laugh —worth much more than riches. Retirement has given me me lots of time to write, take walks, and read.

  • I love your list, in fact all the lists on here are pretty dang good! It’s important to stop and take an inventory of all the good stuff we’ve got going for us once in a while.

    Here are my good things-

    1. I have an almost 10-yr old son who’s so smart it scares me a little, but is still a big goofball who makes me laugh and makes my heart sing every single day.

    2. My husband, who’s more tender-hearted than he would ever admit to. Fifteen years of marriage have made for a life I wouldn’t trade for anything on this earth.

    3. I made all-natural brown sugar body scrub. I’m soft and smell like cookies now.

    4. Spring in the Midwest! Sure my eyes are watery and the back of my throat is kind of itchy, but the forsythia will be blooming soon!

    5. I’ve got a ton of books to read.

    6. I’m going to go walking today on my lunch hour.

    7. I got to watch LOST last night in relative peace and quiet.

    That’s all that come to mind right now, but I know there are a million little things that I’m not thinking of at the moment. Every day is a gift, I think.

  • Kathy J:

    It is finally warm and there is no snow on the ground!!!

    Oh yeah and no flood!

  • PJS:

    1. My wonderful husband of 32 years.
    2. My two intelligent, independent daughters.
    3. Flying to see my eldest daughter, whom we have not seen since August.
    4. Life!

  • Christine from Canada:

    Happy for:
    1. Wonderful husband of 26 years, who loves to cook.
    2. Terrific kids in university, who’ve always make fantastic life choices, despite — or because of — their non-religious upbringing.
    3. Food in my belly.
    4. Roof over my head.
    5. Bird feeder out front where I can watch cardinals and the like.
    6. A group of women friends with whom I share many a belly laugh over coffee twice a week.

  • km:

    1. my kids are both healthy . We take nothing for granted here:)
    2. The realization that having a kid with a surgically managed heart defect is relatively nothing when you have his bloodwork done at the cancer center surrounded by little kids in wigs.
    3. Said heart kid who was supposed to have oxygen deprivation brain damage is testing 2 grades ahead.
    4. Our cupboards are full
    5. My husband will soon be back at work following an injury.
    6. Obama is beginning to rock
    7. One of my kids is a superb athlete. I deeply admire his tenacity and hope he turns it soon to spelling improvement.
    8. This blog and its comments have become daily brain food for me
    9. Soon be baseball season. Go Yankees!
    10. I woke up on the right side of the grass this morning:)

  • GA in GA:

    Good things:

    A healthy daughter. A husband of 19 years who is a good provider, loving father, though a bit of a snorer. After 19 years, the snoring is a comfort of sorts. 5 lovely cats, 2 dogs. A sound roof over our heads, no debt. Food on the table. A plentiful garden underway. My mother and MIL both still living and healthy. Part-time work as a substitute teacher in a good school.

    Peacefulness in my life.

  • GA in GA:

    @km – love that spelling is also an opportunity for your child as it is for mine! :-)

  • Sue UK:

    That the results of the pathology on the lump I had removed from my breast three weeks ago came back clear. For those doubters among you the care I have had from the National Health Service has been absolutely brilliant – mammograms, 2 biopsies and the lumpectomy completed within a month. I have been given phone numbers of breast care nurses I can call about the slightest concern and I have been able to walk in to see a doctor about any worry. The cost – nothing.

    That my daughters 6 month trip to the southern hemisphere only has 9 weeks left, for my sake not hers, she is having a ball.

    That she has the confidence to travel by herself and the will power to have worked to save the money for the trip of a lifetime.

    That my son is progressing so well in his career.

    That my husband has been so supportive over the last few weeks and his employer (Marks and Spencer for any of you familiar with British Stores) have allowed him all the time off he needed, sometimes at very short notice.

  • joann in tx:

    looks like topeka had/has its share of crazy religious fanatics! what an absolute ass the phelps father sounds (ed) like!!!

    good things?

    a long weekend coming up!

  • JJ:

    Let us know what you’re reading Rechelle – I’m always on the look out for a good book! I’m waiting for Blink from my library.
    Two fantastic kids and a wonderful husband
    Spring seems to FINALLY be here in Northwest Indiana – I am knocking on the table now.
    I have not yet killed this new batch of herbs I am trying to grow
    My daffodils and tulips have multiplied – more flowers to enjoy
    One of our cars will be paid off soon – I love that no car payment feeling!
    making progress on lowering my grocery bills – $40.00 in coupons last shopping trip.
    Vacation with my kiddos next week – one whole road trip week!
    Last night had a delicious lemon roasted chicken
    Have a sweet and crazy cat that will cuddle up on my lap when I am on the computer
    Have a beautiful day!

  • Mindy:

    I like this post.

    1. My husband, who takes very, very good care of me.
    2. I am finally pregnant!
    3. I am finally out of the first trimester!
    4. Insanely low rent.
    5. Spring has sprung!
    6. An immediate family who accepts my atheism without batting an eyelash, some of whom are even more vocal than me in their atheism.

  • LucyGolden:

    Love your list, Rechelle! My good list: My cold’s almost gone, I finished weeding the thousands of maple tree seedlings from our front landscaping area, we have a brand new baby in the family, I’m fine with the fact that two relatives have “de-friended” me on Facebook due to my religious/political views. Last, but certainly not least, I’m so happy I found this blog & the discussions that occur here; it’s allowed me to delve deeper into my (non)beliefs. You’re wonderful, Rechelle! Next time you’re in the Seattle area, stop by for a cuppa tea!

  • Speaking of Phelps:

    “(CNN) — The father of a Marine whose funeral was picketed by the Westboro Baptist Church says an order to pay the protesters’ legal costs in a civil claim is nothing less than a “slap in the face.”"

    Dead Marine’s father ordered to pay protesters’ legal costs


  • I have a great husband, wonderful kids and funny dogs. I have a roof over my head, even if it is one with wheels underneath. I am healthy and happy and have 5 books on my table to read and the time to read them. I just keep repeating all I have is all I need and all I need is all I have.

    Rechelle you are a brave and interesting woman. While I may not agree with your doctrine, I respect you as a person and admire your strength. Please keep doing what you are doing.

  • Cooter:

    1. My wife is smart, funny, healthy, and smokin’ hot.
    2. My kids are healthy, smart, and happy, with the endless possibilities of adolescence before them.
    3. I am able to provide financially for the hottie-intellectual wife and cool kids, and the Great Recession may finally be lifting.
    4. My numerous tomatoes, peppers, eggplants onions, and herbs are up and growing on our window sills, and spring has finally arrived outside.
    5. With nicer weather, I am back to running.
    6. I might be able to get a golf game in on Sunday morning when all of the “Good People” are in church.
    7. The battles with my bible-thumping kinfolk are down to a low simmer.

  • Short list:

    1. Wonderful wife. I called her last Friday, told her what kind of day I’d had, and when I got home I found that she’d put out a glass of Irish whiskey for me.
    2. Great kid. He’ll be four in June, and it’s marvelous watching him put things together – language, numbers, how things work, how to make small plastic cars turn into small plastic robots…
    3. Another kid on the way. Due date is Any Time Now, and all the medical stuff looks fine. Also, the house has been satisfactorily reorganized to accomodate the new arrival.
    4. Wonderful support network – we have help from both sides of the family, plus a lot of friends in the area.
    5. Good job with regular hours, which is nothing to sneeze at, these days.
    6. Time for my own hobbies. Not much of it, but it’s there!

  • Jennifer:

    Fridays evenings with my family–it’s been “pizza, soda & ice cream” for a long time now, but it’s still something I look forward to.

    Visiting my parents.

    Seeing my brother (who lives across the country).

    The magnolia’s are blooming. Everything’s blooming! It’s Spring!!

  • The biggest thanks I’m felling in my heart right now is for you. Thanks for sharing, thanks for being you!

  • Nadine:

    I didn’t know Bart Ehrman was going to be in town! I don’t think I rustle up a ride at this point. Sadness.
    But this is about happy things, right?
    - I did my first 5K this weekend and exceeded my own expectations, placing 12th in my age group. Felt pretty bad ass.
    - Made some awesome BBQ pulled pork last night and had it after a beautiful spring run. Health and not health: together, at last.
    - I get to go to a concert in Lawrence Tuesday night with some new and old friends.
    - KC Tweed Ride this weekend!

  • Sandy in MI:

    Family. Friends. Health. Love. Gainful employment. Enough of everything.

  • Kay in KCMO:

    Some of my good things:

    1. Mr. Kay in KCMO: he’s funny, smart, kind, generous and the most loving person ever, but you’d never know it unless you were me.
    2. A nice apartment that’s below market rent and a good manager who knows what she’s doing (the latter is HUGE for you non-apartment dwellers).
    3. Getting back in touch with my friend Jill in MN.
    4. My mom being in better health since entering the nursing home earlier this year. They make her take her meds and it’s made a world of difference in how she feels, although she’s still lying through her teeth and not batting an eye about it. lol
    5. Costco within very easy walking distance.
    6. Ultimate Fakebook – best. band. ever. and they’re from Kansas! Unfortunately they no longer exist except for special occasions.
    7. Obama
    8. The last 2 years having really good physical/occupational therapists.
    9. Having health insurance through Mr. Kay in KCMO’s work that has allowed me to partake of said therapy (wouldn’t have the use of my right hand w/o it).
    10. The weather has warmed up which will help with Mr.’s breathing.
    11. The building across the street has been sold and will be rehabbed which means the drug dealers and hookers will have to ply their trades elsewhere. Yippee!
    12. Cops on horses! Just now outside my building!! SWEET!!
    Whew. Enough already.

  • Carol:

    BRIAN V’s #7-
    Rechelle’s drive-in lonely heart atheist circus blog

    I think you just found your new blog title should you ever care to change it : )

    I’m glad that you are taking care of yourself and doing better today. Your blog is so personal and wonderful and encouraging for me and the many others who are traveling the same path.

    1. my hubby- who still has a great ass after 25 years together and makes me giggle and feel special.
    2. my 3 girls – intelligent, thoughtful, kind and considerate, and funny to boot.
    3. my son in law- who loves my daughter, is gentle and good to her, and is easy to love.
    4. POODLES! (esp. mine!)
    5. not to live in Florida anymore
    6. beautiful sunshiny days in the Northwest
    7. tulip season
    8. dark chocolate, latte’s, and Trophy Cupcakes
    9. good friends
    10. comedy with an edge- inappropriate, rude, snarky and sarcastic just makes my day

  • About ten years ago, the dot-com bust resulted in my be laid off from my second attorney position ever (after being fired from the first). I was fairly disillusioned with law at that point as it was, and I decided to leave it behind. Everyone I knew (mainly lawyers) reacted with disbelief: how could I, all that education going to waste, blah blah blah. But a lot of them later came up to me to tell me how envious they were of me for making that decision, that they too would leave law in a heartbeat if only they could afford to do it. I think religion is the same way; a lot of people question, but due to indoctrination from birth they feel they can not leave religion behind. Plus there’s the whole thing where when you leave the law they call you dumb, but when you leave religion they call you a satanist. Even when you’re ten years old.

  • LucyGolden:

    @CilleyGirl: Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone! Have you found work in another area?

    Yeah, my husband & I had a religion discussion with his sissy & BIL almost 2 years ago; BIL walked out…anyone who doesn’t believe his EXACT doctrine is a satanist. Guess that means us. He hasn’t talked to us since.

  • Priss:

    1. My oldest daughter has PKU, and thanks to scientists, is bright and healthy, so I am thankful for science! And for my daughter :-)
    2. She no longer has the threat of losing coverage for her PKU medical food due to her pre-existing condition of having PKU since birth. Thanks Obama!
    3. Other daughter is beautiful, bright, bold, and brave. I’m much more timid and I’m so happy she’s not like I am.
    4. Son has suddenly turned into a social butterfly and I’m very glad for him.
    5. I’ve been married 33 years and though the first fifteen or so were pretty rough, I feel very lucky and very loved now.
    6. Husband makes enough that I was able to homeschool my son until he entered college this past year. It was lovely to have that time with him.
    7. Even in seriously conservative upstate South Carolina, I am not alone in my atheism, not by a long shot. I’ve even met and made friends with other atheist homeschooling moms in the area. I know I”m fortunate.
    8. I’m thankful for the internet. I’m glad I know what it was like before internet and after. To be able to look up anything I’m curious about and probably find a ton of information about it without leaving my home still amazes me. Blogs, youtube, facebook are all fun.
    9. I think I’m going to get a new car soon. Yippee! I’m currently driving an 18 year old Volvo station wagon. I love it but have to share with my son, so having another car and something new at that will be pretty great.
    10. My new memory foam mattress topper. How I love it :-)

  • Another Lee:

    1. I made a huge mistake on my taxes last year – in my favor! HUGE! Will pay off some bills (that accrued after paying taxes last year, lol) and make a donation somewhere to celebrate my, uh, recovery from tax stupidity.
    2. My sister’s cancer is still in remission.
    3. The unit my husband is deploying with has an incredible record of no men lost.
    4. I just bought 4 new large flower pots (see number 1 above) and have been daydreaming about what to put in them this spring.
    5. Spring – green – dirt – worms – bulbs – flowers – bees – warm days – cool nights. It doesn’t get any better than this.
    6. Planning for the Easter Bunny’s visit – now that we are not religious, Santa and Easter Bunny get top billing and IT IS FUN!
    7. Like many others, I have a good pile of books on my nightstand. This is as necessary as keeping my fridge stocked.
    8. I am thankful that my children are healthy and bright enough to challenge me constantly for 15+ hours a day. There, I made it a positive.

  • Joel Wheeler:

    • Alive and kicking and rather healthy, actually, at 40
    • A seemingly unending stream of fascinating books (and blogs) to read
    • A devoted and loving partner
    • A new Silver Lab puppy on the way, due late May
    • A job (knock on wood)
    • Opportunities to reflect on the good things

    I love this game!

  • I’ve got a few more good things-

    1. I splurged and got one of those Keurig coffee makers. I love it! I can have a cup of really good coffee whenever I want without brewing a whole pot.

    2. ‘New’ (is it new, or is it old?) Jimi Hendrix music. ‘Valleys of Neptune’ is the best thing I’ve heard so far this year.

    3. A best friend who has been my co-conspirator since 1983. She knows everything about me, and loves me anyway!

  • My 3 “Good Things”

    #1 Over the past 2 months I have discovered the power of a coupon… and it is leading me on a path I never thought I’d go down before… like donating lot’s of free food and toiletries to people who NEED it. Weird… but kinda cool.

    #2 Spring… I LOVE SPRING! And I LOVE GARDENING and growing food… so that’s good.

    #3 YOU. I love reading your blog everyday and I’m glad you are still writing what YOU want to write about… even if you get hate mail for it.

  • #1: The best things in my life are my husband and two grown daughters. My husband is the love of my life. I got lucky the first time! My two daughters are amazing people. I love them so much.

    #2: I have three bosom friends. They are wonderful women. Each one fills my soul in different ways.

    #3: I love to bake bread. I am not a big bread eater but my husband is and nothing pleases more than baking bread for him. He enjoys it so much.

    #4: I have a degree in music education. I haven’t taught for years but I know I have that degree and can use it if I need it.

    #5: The internet is a joy to me. It amazes me.
    #6: Books books books books books!
    I could go on and on but I won’t.

  • Anoria:

    Today’s good things:
    Beautiful weather.
    I started reading a wonderful book about (and titled) Women in Chemistry, and have already learned a lot about the brilliant and brave women who paved the way to the wonderful place I am today. And I’ve learned a bit of science from it too.
    I got a full night’s sleep last night.
    My boyfriend is pretty awesome.
    The student working at the circulation desk at the library complimented me on my shirt, which makes two days in a row with compliments (different people, and yes different shirts).
    Everyone in my family is, for now, in satisfactory physical and mental health. My dad’s recovering from his heart surgery so quickly that I have to give his car back this weekend.
    There’s almost no weirdness remaining between my flatmate (/ex boyfriend) and me. We had dinner and a good conversation together last night and I’ve been gradually becoming more confident that we will be able to stay lifelong friends.

    There are more things. I like seeing the good in the world. These should be enough to get the point across, though.

    Thanks for sharing your good things with us.

  • Tessa:

    I found this blog

  • 1) My husband of 35 years
    2) My three children
    3) My first granddaughter
    4) Being healthy and able to enjoy life and outdoors
    5) No debt
    6) The color green

  • 1. My husband of 13 years.
    2. My twin boys who talk SO much, but thankful that they are healthy and are able to talk.
    3. Spring
    4. That I finally listened to my husband about all the non sense that religion is. It has been so freeing, but scary at the same time.
    5. Becoming more secure and sure about my new beliefs or lack there of.
    6. my iphone(addicted much)

  • I was wondering. Would I call myself an atheist if that is the answer to a question I never bother asking myself?

    To all questions in life I tend to ask: okay, but what’s for dinner?

  • efrique:

    3. I am thinking about driving to Overland Park on Wednesday after work to listen to Bart Ehrman debate some other guy about the validity of the New Testament.

    I am jealous!

    7. Even though I have turned this whole atheism thing into a circus sideshow, it does result in me getting to hear from lots of great people who tell me their own stories of losing faith. Sometimes I think of putting them all on a web site so that everyone who has lost their faith can read them. Of course, I would never do that without getting permission from every single writer.

    This is a great thing to do – but even if you don’t host them yourself there are several sites that do host deconversion stories that your correspondents could consider – people are *always* looking for more deconversion stories. It would be one of the more common requests of very new atheists, or people wondering if they still have any religious beliefs.

    8. I am much tougher these days. I only balk at reading my comments four or five times a day as opposed to balking at reading them twenty or thirty times a day or not reading them at all for weeks at a time.

    It’s amazing how quickly you start to develop a thicker skin. You have to, of course. I remember watching with astonishment as Richard Dawkins calmly and quietly read out loud the vilest letters from Christians, who talk of murdering his family or merely joyfully crow about the torments they imagine he will suffer in hell – and many other horrible things besides – yet he just read them with a kind of gentle bemusement.

    10. I had a pretty good dinner and now I am going to read a pretty good book.

    I find I take so much joy in simple things these days.

    So tell me, what are your good things?

    1 My wonderful family

    2 My job

    3 Most of the people I deal with

    4 The fact that in spite of a serious health problem last year (for a while I considered the possibility that I might die right there on the floor), my health is steadily improving, and I am lucky to live in a place where decent medical care is not a recipe for financial ruin.

    5 In a few minutes I’m going to read another few pages of Dan Barker’s Godless. Nearly finished, it’s been interesting. After I am done with that, I’m thinking of reading Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle, which I’ve had sitting in my ‘to be read’ pile for a little while now.

    6 Later tonight I will watch some Science Fiction program or other with my patner (we several recorded waiting for us to catch up on)

    7,8,9,… Lots more stuff…

  • My husband and best friend of 22 years.
    My sons who bring me joy daily. Also, since they’re teens, a bit of angst which keeps the heart rate up.
    My two sisters and my sistah from another mistah, my best friend, who make me laugh, encourage me, know all my secrets and love me anyway.
    Knitting which brings me calm, happiness and give me something to keep my hands and mind occupied.
    The place I live, NYC, which always has something going on.
    Thanks for reminding me today how truly great my life is, Rechelle

  • M.A.:

    I married a great guy last month
    I am starting a new career in a month, in a field that isn’t as lucrative, and he has been fully supportive.
    After several very sad years for my family, this year we’ve had several happy days to celebrate and boy did we!
    It is going to be 80 degrees today where I live and that is unusually warm for this time of year.
    I have a fantastic group of friends. I am really lucky.

  • AnnB:

    So Wonderful to Think of My List! The three great, kind, loving, FUNNY sons who are being raised with two parents who love each other madly, deeply and with humour. Our cabin in the woods which give us such great pleasure–games, cards, boy adventures in the creek.

  • Updated list:
    1. I found the overwhelming, redeeming love of Jesus Christ last night.
    2. He saw fit to redeem me, despite my inherent worthlessness and unworthiness.
    3. He offers His grace and forgiveness to everyone, no matter how foolish their current beliefs.

    I invite you all to join me in His company. Give up your foolish belief in Nothing and learn about the TRUTH! (I also invite you to check the date before responding to this post…)

  • Gwen:

    Hahaha, Michael Mock!

    Good one :)

  • Brian V.:

    @Mock, you mock Mock! And rock Mock! And talk the talk like the flock, Mock… you knock my sock, Mock… you hawk the crock… I knew you’d bawk, Mock, and find the KEY to lock, Mock. Rechelle, block Mock, BLOCK MOCK, mock MOCK, knock Mock on the block for his talk! (Aw geez, it must be noon, by now… I dread April Fools.)

  • …And if I were mechanical, I’d be a tick-tock Mock, which might be a shock!

  • Brian V.:

    You flock off, Mock

  • Suzie:

    Rechelle, with your newfound wisdom you will definitely get a kick out of this link:

    Check it out! It mockin’ Rocks!

  • Christine from Canada:

    @Michael Mock: Yesssssss! Happy April!

  • Sara:

    Kay in KCMO – Does it really do you much good to be within walking distance of Costco? ;) Maybe they let you take a cart home with you?

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    Ha! “Mock” and Brian are crackin’ me up – Thank you! Good thing right there.

    Murr Brewster – I’m with you. I call myself “Nikki” – it works pretty well for me. I also don’t know what people call themselves who’ve never questioned if Sasquatch exists, but I’ve lived a good 39 years without knowing that label too, so I don’t get hung up on any of it. There’s another good thing, for me anyway. :)

    And my usual question is, “Can I go outside now?” Which right now, the answer is “Yes”- a great thing!

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    Oh, and I also agree with Tessa, “I found this blog.” Rechelle and her blog are great things in life. They are wonderful, thoughtful-provoking, entertaining, and help this independent-thinking, Seattle-raised Nikki live happily in conservative, very Christian, small-town Kansas.

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    thought-provoking – duh!
    I’m going outside.

  • Kay in KCMO:

    @Sara Hee hee! Yeah, I know what you mean. But, if we’re running low on milk or at the spur of the moment I want to get pictures printed (which I did twice last week) or I have a craving for a turkey wrap or samples(!) then it’s easy to pop over. Mr. and I do our shopping on Saturdays and believe you me we take the car. And a big Rubbermaid tub. And a two-wheeler. No kidding.

    Costco, the happiest place on earth! I’d live there if I thought I could get away with it.

  • I’m glad you are seeing so many good things, Rechelle. That is my good thing for today:o) I especially like the first two.

    I’ve read a lot of that website of that man who shall not be named. (Seriously, I don’t use the name online because they do searches to see where they are being talked about and really get off on any kind of publicity.) I’ve also read Nate and the other brother who left’s stories, and they broke my heart. I try to understand people and not hate, but I haven’t succeeded where F.P. is concerned. I hope his children and all others he’s harmed find peace–and that he gets whatever is coming to him. I’m afraid that last bit may not be very Christian, but I’m pretty sure it’s human.

    Ugh. I have to go cleanse my brain by thinking about some good things now.