Brad Pitt Visits MSFH (sort of…)

March 3rd, 2010

Real Time – Brad Pitt on Religion
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Thanks to Megan for sending this.
I think Brad states this point extremely well and uh also… it’s Brad Pitt!


  • That he is…but dude. Get the dead rat off your face. It makes you look old. And waaaay less hot.

    I love Branjelina’s approach to spirituality with their kids – teach them about all the different ideas in the world. Give no weight to one more than another. All have some very important ideas (be nice, help where you can, don’t force your beliefs on others) that can help us be better people. And most have some pretty dumb ideas too that should be examined for what they are (typically historical practices that have gone with the times, i.e. subservient wife, slavery, etc).

  • two thumbs up for this.

  • LucyGolden:


  • Spinny:

    I love this clip. Not that Christians take anything he says seriously, but it’s still an awesome clip.

  • Lori:

    That is the first time I have ever heard him sound intelligent so props to him. Maybe his world travels have upped his thought processes. I don’t agree with him but he does at least sound like he has a brain in his head. And I second the above poster. Get rid of the nasty beard. Ick.

  • Cheyenne:

    Yet one more reason why I think Brad Pitt is sexy. Way to speak out for what you believe, Brad!

  • M.R.:

    I love the beard! Facial hair rocks.

  • Katherine:

    We should have a discussion every Sat after watching Real Time the night before.
    We need more people who are in the limelight to speak up, my tiny voice blows in the wind and dissipates quickly…Brad’s will continue to swirl around, gaining substance.

  • Ted Powell:

    bdaiss wrote: I love Branjelina’s approach to spirituality with their kids – teach them about all the different ideas in the world. Give no weight to one more than another.In the early 1970s Sid Bentley, a school teacher in Surrey, British Columbia, developed a course, Religions of our Neighbours, which he went on to teach for about 25 years, and which was widely adopted in the BC school system.About fifteen years later he gave a talk at the Unitarian church that I attended. He told us that during the period that the course covered a particular religion, he took the part of a proponent of that religion, and delivered the material and answered questions accordingly. At the end of the segment he would invite a representative of that faith to come and meet with the students.Often, he said, at the end of the course students would ask him which was his religion, but he wouldn’t tell. He took the fact that they had to ask as a tribute to his neutrality.He’s retired now, but I’m happy to see he’s still active, both academically and socially.

  • km:

    Ted, I had an uncle (passed away 2 years ago unfortunately) who loved nothing more than a good debate. He was so good at posing arguments that one never really knew which side he was on. He loved that:) He taught us all to take as much emotion as possible out of discussion so that we could learn new facts and be open to new thoughts. I’ve always admired that. Sometimes I see red and have to calm myself before speaking/commenting.

  • Danny would like to point out that if there was a nation of gay married couples, they would soon go the way of the Shakers. Unless, I suppose, they followed Brad and Angelina’s example and adopted lots of babies from other places. But that didn’t work out for the Shakers either. Just sayin’.

    You know, I do not personally agree with gay marriage or homosexuality in general, but I don’t know how I feel about a law allowing or disallowing it. Brad stated his opinion eloquently, rationally, and calmly, and I appreciate that. (I also appreciate that Bill Maher did not talk much at all because he irritates me as much as, oh, Rush Limbaugh.) The fact that he is Brad Pitt doesn’t impress me one bit or make me want to listen to him any more than anyone else, but his tone and courteousness to those who may disagree do.

    Now as to Brad Pitt and his alleged hotness, I say meh. He don’t impress me much. Too pretty. However, he is getting better with age. He’s more interesting both in looks and character now. Unfortunately, Badaiss is right, the dead rat has to go. He does appear to have at least trimmed the thing, though.

  • Thanks for the Pitt Fix. His sexy comments *almost* made up for that scary beard. @Ted, thanks for the Sid Bentley tip, I’ll check him out (guessing he’s not as visually worth “checking out” as BP, but I digress).

    I taught Religious Education (Sunday School if you come from a Christian background) last year at the UU church. One week to make the point about parallel messages, I had the kids guess whether quotes were from Jesus or Buddha. And it was really easy to find messages of kindness and love that were indistinguishable. This isn’t really relevant to the current thread, because I misread Ted’s message and thought of this story. But it does have a place in the greater discussion. Messages of compassion can be found in all the religions and secular practices of the world. And beautiful caring people come out of all these faiths and secular traditions to make the world better.

    OK, off to feed my unicorns!

    • Lee – I think that is an awesome lesson. I would have liked to be in that class.

  • Ted Powell:

    Lee wrote: Ted, thanks for the Sid Bentley tip, I’ll check him out (guessing he’s not as visually worth “checking out” as BP, but I digress).If you follow the “socially” link in my previous comment, you’ll find a picture of him, with the caption “Sid Bentley picks unwanted fruit from people’s trees and delivers it to his local food bank so it doesn’t rot and get wasted.” The article is from last October; he’s looking pretty good for an 82-year-old!

  • Cheyenne:


    I read the article on Sid Bentley. He sounds like a great guy. I think his idea to pick apples for the food bank is a great idea. He should be an example and an inspiration for all who hear his story. It’s got me thinking of some things I could do with my kids…hmm…

  • Ted Powell:

    The material for Sid Bentley’s course was published in 1986 as Religions of our neighbors, a set of eight booklets, and in 1989 as Religions of our neighbors: (a comprehensive, non-academic overview of several religious traditions ), a single 259-page volume. The vital statistics of the latter are on this page from Powell’s Books (no relation, sadly, but my wife and I go there every time we’re in Portland). They don’t currently have a copy, but the page has ISBNs and other useful stuff.

  • Brad Pitt is amazing and super cool. why i think this is because he helped with New Orleans during Katrina and all the help he did made a wonderful change i really love that about him.