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Good Things…

March 30th, 2010

I am trying to focus on some good things tonite.  

Here are a few…

1.  Phone call with my mom today.  We laughed a lot.

2.  I have four awesome kids and a very kind husband.

3.  I am thinking about driving to Overland Park on Wednesday after work to listen to Bart Ehrman debate some other guy about the validity of the New Testament.  

4.  I received a kind e-mail from Nate Phelps – the atheist son of Fred Phelps.  Wow!  

5.  Nate is going to be speaking in Topeka in April and I absolutely must go

 I have been doing a bit of reading off and on about the Phelps family, and I have nothing but the deepest compassion for the sons and daughters of Fred Phelps.  They endured a brutal childhood at the hands of a tyrannical father.  This is not a good thing, but it is something that allows me to understand why they do what they do.  

6.  I still get e-mails almost everyday from people about the ‘apology letter‘.  They are always extremely warm and uplifting.  

7.  Even though I have turned this whole atheism thing into a circus sideshow, it does result in me getting to hear from lots of great people who tell me their own stories of losing faith.  Sometimes I think of putting them all on a web site so that everyone who has lost their faith can read them.  Of course, I would never do that without getting permission from every single writer.

8.  I am much tougher these days.  I only balk at reading my comments four or five times a day as opposed to balking at reading them twenty or thirty times a day or not reading them at all for weeks at a time.

9.  IT IS OFFICIAL!  I have a family member – A REAL LIVE FLESH AND BLOOD RELATIVE – who rejected religion too.  This person called a few days ago.  It was wonderful to talk to uh… this person.

10.  I had a pretty good dinner and now I am going to read a pretty good book.  

So tell me, what are your good things?

Wiccan Tornado Blame Dot Com

March 26th, 2010

To see the winners of the Project Reason Video contest – click here. They are awesome!

Stacy Wins Blink

March 23rd, 2010

I asked the CD to pick a random number between 1 and 125 and he chose 113.  That matches up with Stacy.  Stacy please send me your mailing address to and I will send out the book!  I think you will really enjoy it.

Everyone else – Thanks for entering and for sticking with this crazy blog through a few uh… somewhat uh… bizarre intervals.  I am just trying to keep things interesting for you!  

This is the comment from the Stacy that won…


Really sad situation and I also thought her speech had some subliminal messages…would love to read the book. Also want to say you are very brave to come out with the truth about your marriage, your beliefs etc….I think when we women get to a certain age it really doesn’t matter what other people think anymore.