It Pays To Suck Up To Pioneer Woman. Questions About Her Unique BlogHer Contract

February 8th, 2010

It would appear that Pioneer Woman got a very sweet deal when she switched ad companies and moved from Federated Media to BlogHer ads.  If I were a BlogHer blogger, I would start asking some interesting questions.  Here’s a few to consider…

1.  Why is PW allowed to run Federated Media ads above the ‘page-fold’ on her cooking, photography, and home and garden pages.  All other bloggers in the BlogHer network can only show BlogHer ads above the page-fold.  

2.  Is PW hand-picking the ‘headlines’ that run beneath her BlogHer ads?  The same blogs show up over and over again and they all happen to be personal friends of PW.  Everyone else in the BlogHer network has no choice over the headlines that run on their blogs.

3.  How come PW’s ad spots always display a commercial ad?  When the 2500 other blogs in the BlogHer network are running public service announcements and BlogHer house ads, PW is still displaying the better paying commercial ads.  

4.  Is the fact that PW seems to be running commercial ads at all times and therefore making money on all of her page views resulting in all the other blogs in the BlogHer network getting less commercial ads and therefore making less money?

5.  What percentage does PW make on her ads as opposed to all the other bloggers in the BlogHer network?

6.  At what point did BlogHer become a multi-tiered ad network and when exactly were they going to inform their other 2500 bloggers about their change in policy?

7.  Is BlogHer in violation of it’s contracts with all the 2500 bloggers in it’s network as a result of a special contract with PW and the subsequent preferential treatment of her blogging buddies?

8.  Were her special blogging buddies like Bossy, April, Jane, and White on Rice aware of their new status and if so – why did they keep it a secret?

But the most important question to ask is really this…


How Do I Become Best Friends With Pioneer Woman and Get Into Her Lucrative Head…. Lines Too?


 No one wants to be a part of the  newly created lowly caste of second class bloggers at BlogHer!  

Because ewww!  

So to help my readers rise above all those other peasant commoners at BlogHer and step into luscious limelight of PW’s total awesomeness, I have created a list of suggestions for how to make PW your new best friend and get yourself a very special spot among her hand-picked headlines.  

1.  Offer to be a surrogate mother to that baby she is so yearning to have.  

2.  Spend a year picking up the incredibly cute dog turds in her yard from the unbelievable darling Charlie the Basset Hound!

3.  Donate your afternoons to shovelling horse poop off the tennis courts!

4.  Become a christian homeschooler!  Then write a blog about what it is like to try and emulate this amazing woman on a daily basis!  (Except without the multi-millionaire ranch husband with the perfect ass!)

5.  Aw heck!  Just constantly tell her what an inspiration she is in the comments!  It never gets old!

6.  Blog for a year on making every dish in her cookbook!  Just like Julia and Julia except you won’t actually learn anything!  That’s okay!  You’re a blogger!  You can make it up!

7.  Offer to write her blog for her so that she can have more time to shop for $30.00 mini candles on the internet!

8.  Work as an unpaid hotel maid in the lodge for a year!

9.  Help her to cut and paste the entire Pottery Barn Catalog into the Home and Garden section of her blog so that she can focus on all that riveting prose that accompanies her photos!

10. Be the christian homeschooling sister of a blogger who is not afraid to criticize the mind shrinking inanity of PW’s blog.  This one might be hard – but if you put your heart into it, I am sure you can make it happen!

Hope it helps!  


Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments.  



PS – To any new readers of this blog who might be wondering if I have some kind of emotional disorder when it comes to PW.  Well… I suppose it is possible, but I don’t normally mention her at all.  It’s not like I have a problem.  I’m not obsessed!  I can stop anytime I want!  Ahem!  

I did want to say however, that today’s story fluttered down from higher places.  I did not seek these details, they sought me.  I am just the humble messenger.


  • Jane:

    Wowza? So what do you really think about The Pioneer Woman giving a shout out to your sister’s blog for the 2010 Bloggie awards.

  • Jacob:

    Forgive this apostate but, besides being a blog what is PW?

  • Yes Jane – PW picks her friends to create the most impact – doesn’t she.

  • Kari:

    Jealous much?

  • mandy:

    Aw, I’m not hatin’ on the PW. I’m pretty sure I’d sell out first chance I got too.

  • Ok, so after reading your blog a couple of days ago I went and found this PW blog. I don’t see the appeal of ten million pictures of an out of focus dog eating a sausage.

  • Mandy darling – There’s a difference between selling out and stealing revenue from other people’s blogs. Then there’s the whole problem of BlogHer allowing PW to create a caste system in their network. Not cool.

  • Only since subscribing to your site have I started getting PW posts recommended to me by Google Reader.

    So thanks for that. :)

  • Isabel:

    I still don’t know who or what this ominous Pioneer Woman is. Which is totally cool.

  • Marilyn:

    Sounds like your new life is filled with jealously and meanness. How’s that working for you?

    • Marilyn Darling – Who are you? Why do you know the whereabouts of my children? Should I be freaking out?

  • CJ :):

    I love my ad blocker. It makes all this a moot point.

  • Donna:

    You’re better than this, Rechelle.

    • Donna Darling – Better than what? Why is PW so untouchable? Why does she get special secret rules? BlogHer ought to at least explain their new class system to their 2500 other bloggers

  • Ann:

    Used to read PW but became really tired of the endless mantra of “middle child” and endless references to her upbringing on the golf course. Bartlesville OK is a lovely town but La Jolla it is not.

  • Janet:

    You are insanely jealous. How sad.

  • Sue S:

    Why are you being so mean? You are the one who went to her house with lice? I don’t believe she brought this up in any of her blog entries?

  • Donna:

    You are such a talented writer, Rechelle Dear. You are funny and snarky (in a good way) and fun to read. Your PW posts are angry and boring, though. I don’t have a blog; I admittedly don’t know anything about the rules, but your PW posts have such a petulant tone. Your post seems to be less about the rules and more about taking another swipe at PW. You do come across as jealous of her success. But, at least you are now getting people to read you, I suppose. Are you ever going to write about anything else again? I miss the old you. (And for the record, it bothers me not that you are an athiest.)

  • Lynn in WI:

    Have you contacted BlogHer to ask your questions? Seems like that would be the first thing to do if you’re concerned about rule-breaking and preferential treatment. They have their reputation to defend so I’m guessing they’d be eager to answer your questions.

    If they’ve constructed a deal just for her I suspect it has something to do with the fact that her site gets over 20 million hits per month (according to FM). That’s Blogher’s entire audience and then some. (If I’m reading their site correctly.)

    It’s a free market–supply and demand. PW’s site is worth only what companies are willing to spend on it. She’s built an audience and apparently that’s worth quite a lot in the advertising world.

  • LW:

    I have seen you mention PW before and I’m not sure what you are hoping to gain from the dialogue about her. I like your blog and find most of your posts interesting, but you seem to repeatedly be bashing PW and I doubt most of your readers want to see this (maybe it’s just me). I’m sure you have a perfectly legitimate reason for disliking her, but I think it detracts from the quality of your blog. Whatever you decide to do though, it is your blog and you are entitled to discuss whatever.

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    Honestly, I never notice the ads, anywhere. OK, I did notice the screaming Denny’s chickens during the Super Bowl, because having chickens myself, that ad was just funny.

    PW may be big in the lady blogger world, but in the big world -not many people have heard of her. Even with her cookbook coverage, my friends in Tulsa and rural KS have still never heard of her or her family. Kinda like the Homecoming Queen in high school – big deal in the school, but just another person in the next town.

    BlogHer should treat everyone equally, but then again, there’s more to life. Tell them to stick it in their stick hole – and then tell us about it. :)

  • Debbie From Illinois:

    Oh Rechelle, your posts make me so sad. I only read about 5 blogs on a regular basis and PW is one of them. I truly enjoy reading her blog just as I have enjoyed reading yours. I am hoping on April 1 you will say “April Fool” and the fun loving Rechelle will be back. I just can’t see how all this hate and bitterness is working for you if it reaches into your personal life too. I don’t want to seem mean but I am a concerned reader.

  • Mary:

    thanks – you’ve allowed me to drop one more blog off my reader – YOURS! In this day and age, who needs to read a bitter, mean woman who criticizes everything she previously endorsed. No wonder your husband almost left you in Paris.

  • Lucy Golden:

    I must admit, I do read PW & some of her recipes are among my favorites. With that said, I still love you, Rechelle & you are entitled to your opinions & feelings. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, you RAWK! Hugs!

  • Sunny Day:

    Speaking of Jealousy and Meaness, how’s that working out for you, Marilyn?

  • Martha in Kansas:

    Oh, dear! Lots of people hating on you again. I’d like to THANK you for pointing this out. I am not a blogger, but I read lots of blogs and am always interested in following their links to other blogs they read. So when I noticed the other day that she lists April and not you, it made me curious. Not being a blogger or knowing how BlogHer works, all I could do was note that I was curious. You are in the unique position of pointing this discrepancy out and explaining it. Thanks for that! And please power through all the complaining comments because some of us want to say positive things to you!

    To the commenter who suggested this cannot be true, as PW has not mentioned it — when you notice that your local grocery store has posted a sign that they’ve raised the price of chocolate and flowers so they can offer them at 10% off for V-day, please come back and post that!

  • I’m confused. I thought you were writing a silly satirical piece and yet people are accusing you of being mean and jealous. Hmm, was I wrong?

  • First off…kudos to you for voicing your opinion and questions. It’s your blog, write what you want and the beauty of opinions is that not everyone agrees all the time. I read PW (mostly for the recipes) but otherwise I’ve gotta say, I really don’t “get” what the hype is all about? I have a blog and I’m rather new at the blogging stuff but mostly I write my blog for ME and if someone else happens to be entertained by it, then so be it. I’ll never be sponsored and never go to any blog conferences either (which are, let’s face it – an excuse for moms to have a girls’ trip – why not just call it what it is and go have some fun for the sake of fun rather than calling it a conference?? lol) As far as PW goes, someone needs to go ahead and tell her to eliminate the Home and Garden section from her blog – the “decorating” seems pretty sparse and I don’t count “gardening” as having your inlaws put plants in pots on a deck…Ah well, to each their own. I didn’t really see what your questioning the system had to do with bashing PW? I enjoy coming here and reading your posts – they are entertaining and witty and I don’t have to scroll through a ton of the same kind of pictures with a couple of nonsensical phrases in between. Have a great day and keep on doing what youre doing.

  • Is anyone getting the part about PW getting a larger share in the ads than the other blogs in that network. I hope so – because I think that is incredibly dishonest on BlogHer’s behalf. If they are going to give certain blogs preferential treatment for whatever reason, they need to inform the rest of their bloggers. I am sure that many would not stay with their network if they knew that PW has first dibs on the available ads and will get a MUCH larger percentage of them, while everyone else will get less. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. Also – PW seems to have the power to choose blogs for her headlines and those blogs will automatically earn more money due to more visitors. There is no way that is honest or fair to the other blogs in their network. She is creating a hegemony based on cronyism. But what difference does that make to a bunch of christian homeschoolers?

  • Marilyn NH:

    Judging others doesn’t solve a thing…..don’t three way……if you have a “beef” no pun intended with PW…talk to her about it…….it’s not fun reading articles and feeling like you need to “take sides!”

  • Jennifer:

    Not being a blogger, nor understanding entirely how ad content is parsed out–I make the assumption that it’s related to the number of hits PW gets. You pointed out in a past post that her hits are elevated because of the tabbed nature of her site (which I found enlightening, honestly). But I guess it is still worth it to BlogHer to create a special system for her. Fair? Perhaps not. Agreed, her older posts were better (I even came across a comment she made many years ago on another site–and couldn’t believe it was from the same person it was so funny (and not really PC)). I don’t know if your post would change anything–I think someone else’s advice (to contact BlogHer) would be more effective.

    Oh, and Mary? Ouch. Not nice. And not pertinent.

  • Patricia:

    I read your post several times, trying to understand how the whole advertising thing works with BlogHer, and I’m still a little confused on the issue. I don’t have my own blog, but I do enjoy reading a few, and usually do comment on the blogs I read, so I’m hopefully not “lurking”…

    My only question is: why not contact BlogHer and ask these questions that your are asking. Wouldn’t that be the first place to start, rather than accusing someone else of something that may not be even happening.
    (Hope that made sense….)

    • Ah but Patricia Darling. The post is so much more fun! BlogHer is very aware of what they are doing. They do not need me to tell them.

  • Ed:

    Don’t direct your anger at PW’s deal with BlogHer at PW, direct it at BlogHer. PW didn’t put a gun to their head, they offered her the deal because they felt it was good business (this just in – BlogHer is a business and businesses pursue profit). Your attitude is similar to someone envying someone because their company pays them more than they do you. That is missplaced anger. The company is the one who chose what to pay them, not the employee. Should someone turn down what a company chooses to pay them? No. I learned long ago never to envy anyone what money they make. I want everyone (including me) to make every penny they possibly can, so if a company offers, take it. It’s called a free market.

    • Ed Darling – It takes two to tango, but much of this post is directed at BlogHer. Perhaps you should read it again? I am not angry. Why would I be? I am completely unaffected by the goings on at BlogHer. I am merely reporting a very interesting story and helping people to get in good with PW! Yes indeed, this post is mostly a post about helping.

  • Stephanie:

    Good for you, Rechelle. I think you say what a lot of people are thinking. I get the feeling you’re tired of the bs that goes on over at PW, and I’m with you, girl.

  • barbara posten:

    Sorry. After following your blog from the beginning, I believe, it is now time for me to delete it from my bookmarks. Jealousy and meanness don’t make for happy reading.

    However, I do enjoy April, and yes, PW. I like to laugh.

  • km:

    Rechelle, can you explain the process to us. Your previous post on blogging and advertising was very informative. I’m not au fait enough with BlogHer to fully understand the post except that it seems like PW has here own rules.
    funnily enough Bossy and April are part of my daily blog visits. I think they are witty and original and I do like them very much. My other two stops are here and (a gawker media spot).

    • KM – Basically it works like this. BlogHer has a certain number of ads that various companies have purchased to run on their networks. It is BlogHer’s job to distribute these ads to all the various blogs in their network. Generally the first 15 minutes in each hour there are ads running on most blogs. If you’re blog has a lot of page views during those fifteen minutes you will make more money than if your blog has a smaller audience. It is actually a very tidy system that naturally results in more money to well read blogs and less money to smaller blogs. At the end of the 15 minutes, or whenever the ad inventory runs out, the ads are replaced by either public service announcements or blogher house ads. If you spend time jumping from one blog to another in the blogher network, you will see predominantly ads, predominantly psa’s or predominantly house ads during any given time of the day. On PW you will always see an ad. That means that the inventory for everyone else is much smaller. MUCH SMALLER. Other blogs could potentially make far less and PW will make far more. She is also funnelling more traffic to a small chosen group of her friends which further unnaturally decreases the ad pool for everyone else. At the very least, BlogHer owes their other 2500 bloggers an explanation and at the worst – they are violating their own contracts with those 2500 other bloggers.

  • km:

    Her own rules, not “here” own rules, sorry

  • meme:

    I am a Christian and I LOVE YOU. I miss you when you don’t write everyday. Keep blogging.

  • Suzanna:

    This is a sad goodbye. I have enjoyed your blog. There is so much pain and negativity in the world, I like to be entertained on my lunch hour with a little humor and this just isn’t working for me anymore. I wish you and your family peace and happiness!

  • Carol:

    Golly, you write about BlogHer changing the rules and somehow you are attacking PW. Interesting.

    And why do people feel the need to post when they are going to delete a blog? To be hurtful? Just leave.

    • Carol – I am positive that PW is very aware that her demands would suck revenue from other blogs as well as favor her friends. How stupid do you think she is? Wait don’t answer that question! It takes two parties to create a bad contract.

  • Colleen:

    Hmmmm…..What does “The Oracle” think about all this?

  • I don’t know about blogher and advertising and all that stuff but perhaps it’s like this: you know in pro basketball when you know the super star made a foul but the ref doesn’t call it. Why? Because he’s the superstar. The same rules don’t apply for some reason. If what you say is true this might be the reason. It’s not fair but the old saying life isn’t fair might apply here.

    • Yes, Viki – Except BLogHer requires all their other bloggers to conform to a set of rules that it appears PW does not have to follow. She may also be sucking earnings from every other blog in their network by running ads around the clock while the others only run them for the first 15 minutes of each hour if they are available which is far more unlikely now that PW is using them all up. I do not expect life to be fair, but I do expect a company like BlogHer which portrays itself as a supportive, liberated ad company to at least have the balls to announce that they have changed the rules for the world’s most inane blog.

  • mandy:

    Rechelle – you are right. It’s not cool.

  • I’m afraid I’m bidding a’dieu as well. I read you because you were witty and a fun read. And you’re simply not that anymore.

  • Linda in TX:

    I read many blogs for many reasons. Not the least of which is enjoyment. Which I am not getting here. I don’t think you’re that special. So bye.

  • Sue:

    Wow! I love reading your all the comments! This is fun!

  • Sue:

    I meant all of the comments. Sorry!

  • annmarie:

    See, this one I like. Your other comments about PW were vague and passive aggressive and I wasn’t sure if you were kidding or not. But this one was funny and completely made it clear what you were trying to say. I think PW is a lovely woman, from what I can tell, but I started to lose interest in her blog (and fast) when she was doing her lodge remodel. Here we were going through the worst economy in recent years and she was going on and on about the lodge and remodeling and it was like “okay, we get it, you’re rich and you want our opinions so you can pretend like we matter to you.” I don’t know, I’m over here trying to simplify and reading all of that stuff was annoying.

  • Clementine:

    I’m curious does your sister see anything wrong with PW’s set up with Blogher?

  • You used to be fun to read. I loved your humor. Now you just sound……..onery.

    I miss the old Rechelle – the one who found joy in her boys, humor in most situations, and beauty in the simplest things.

    I hope she finds her way back.

    • Scarehaircare – This is the real me. The other Rechelle was just trying to keep the homeschoolers happy.

  • Kris:

    Really? Who gives a sh!t. PW has been able to market herself. End of story. What purpose does blogging really serve anyway? Blogging is just individual opinions put out there for the entire world to see. If a company feels one blogger is more worthy to receive preferential treatment who really cares? Move on and find YOUR niche, find what makes YOU happy, or who pays YOU the most to blog, etc., etc.

    • Kris – It matters because some blogger’s actual incomes, which they support their families with could be disastrously affected. If PW is taking all the ads during her 24 hour stints, while everyone else only has access to blogs for fifteen minutes an hour – the ads available to the other bloggers are going to be fewer and they will earn less.

  • “Mary” says, “No wonder your husband almost left you in Paris,” after letting you know that she dropped your blog from her reader. Wow – it’s so weird that “Mary” didn’t link to her own blog when spewing such venom. Glad to know we’re all grown-ups here.

  • Martha in Kansas:

    Thanks for the explanation you wrote above to KM. You are providing a service to us by teaching us how the revenue side of blogging works. I know that for some, blogging is just a way to express themselves, but others use it as revenue. I just never knew how that revenue worked. It’s making more sense to me now. And now I’m much better equipped to ask questions about what I see. Thanks for teaching us! (And goodbye to all those who have left!)

  • Rechelle, I never read your blog until recently, so I don’t know the old you, but I enjoy your writing. I normally don’t comment on blogs, but I wanted to add to the pro-rechelle side. :)

    I just love how people get all “oh, you’re so mean now that you’re an atheist. See how bad life is without God? See? See???” And by love, I mean can’t effing stand. I’m right there with you. I don’t think you come off as jealous. I read your bitchy and sarcastic tone as the voice of a woman who is sick of pretending to be sweet and perfect. Or maybe I am just projecting. I recently left Christianity, too.

    PS “Bitchy” is a term of endearment in my book.

  • I love how this post, and a few of the previous ones, are weeding out the mental terrorists you’ve spoken of. I say don’t let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out! Rechelle, you do what makes you happy since this is your blog.

  • Kim:

    I feel sorry for you. I started reading PW first, then you and next April’s blog. You all made me laugh, but I really enjoyed your posts and style of writing. I wanted to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with you while admiring your show cat in the flower pot! I rolled on the floor and nearly peed my pants at your chore cards for cleaning up the bathroom after your boys’ bad aim! HILARIOUS! Now, it’s like something has happened to you. You are bitter and hateful. More than anything, you are jealous. If PW gets 20 million hits a month, then naturally a company would rather advertise on her site than on a site that gets very few hits. Come on now, you know you understand this. Stop acting as if this is unfair. How terribly embarrassing this all must be for April. It is like you are on self-destruct. I said before that I feel sorry for you, but more than anything, I think I feel sorry for your husband and sons. I hope it isn’t spilling into your home and family life, too. I’m sure if you stop this foolishness and go back to blogging like you used to, your blog would continue to grow and grow. Otherwise, continue on this course and perhaps you can, ummmm….become a vegan? That might drum up a lot of attention like the atheist ploy has done for you. Or, I know, you can become a nudist! That would be rich! You would have all the nudies writing you and reading your blog and you could post pictures of you as the “Naked Country Doctor’s Wife” holding your guitar in front of you! You could even host “Nudezapalooza” down on your farm! How cool would that be?
    Come on, tell us the truth…you stole the sheets for fear you WOULD give them head lice, right? Awww…see, you still have a heart, somewhere deep down inside. It’s just ten sizes too small right now.
    I miss funny Rechelle.

    • Personally Kim – I think this post is hilarious!

  • just a farm girl:

    “Creating a hegemony based on cronyism”???? If you say so. I came to read a happy story written by a fresh new atheist woman who struggles like the rest of us and writes her way through. But…. I guess I don’t care about the politics of blogher. I don’t blog–only read blogs and thought the reason for blogging was to write your personal story and share your thoughts and if you happened to make some $$$…WELL THEN–ain’t life grand! I still read PW and she still cracks me up and I like her recipes(although I can see THAT is somehow politically incorrect) and IF she bores me I don’t continue.
    Life is short, art long, opportunity fleeting, experience treacherous, judgement difficult. :)

    • Just a farm Girl – If I can question the existence of god, can I not also question the possible contract violation of a huge ad network that promotes itself as a support organization for women bloggers? Good grief! PW is raking in the dough, while other hard working bloggers that often rely on their blogs for their sole income – because they didn’t marry the million dollar ranch husband – are very likely making less money due to PW’s 24 hour monopoly on advertisements. Am I to ignore this story just because it is not going to make people laugh? If I included a close-up of my husband’s forearms would that make you happy?

  • Jeanne:

    OK, I’ve read and read and then read some more! Although I won’t pretend to understand ANY of the BlogHer stuff, I am a long time, loyal reader (sometime commenter!) I do love you Rechelle, and I hope this journey you find yourself on will lead you to your happy place! I’m not giving up and I’m not leaving because you make statements that I don’t necessarily agree with! I’m still here, reading and thinking, and reading some more! Love you Rechelle, please, please, please tell me what April and the CD are thinking about this whole thing!

  • Erica:

    Followed a comment from PW to here. First and last time here I would say. Your post reads like gossip and speculation. For any grains of truth contained, I’m with Ed…free market. Cheers.

    • Erica – All you have to do to prove it is click on PW’s headlines and see if you don’t recognize all the blogs as her friends. And then spend some time on the various blogs at BlogHer and see who is running ads and who is running PSA’s. At approx a quarter after each hour, only PW will be running ads, everyone else will be running PSA’s and house ads. I checked out everything before I ran the story. It wasn’t even hard!

  • Rechelle, kudos to you for treading on such ” sacred ground.”

    • Thanks Bridgette. Are you aware of the Patty Griffin ‘red shoes’ song? Great tune.

  • Donna:

    I LOVE PW – - and so do about 20 million others!!!
    (P.S.) Sad you don’t believe in GOD!!

  • I see what you are saying Rechelle but if the company isn’t upfront, it seems like the bloggers that care about this issue should confront the company to see what’s up. Obviously, someone told you about all this so they must not like the situation. What good does telling you, because you can’t change the situation. Why don’t they and others tell the company their feelings?

    • Viki – I can tell this story because I am not affected by it. I have nothing to lose. The people that are affected by this are afraid that they will get kicked out of the network if they raise a ruckus and then they will lose their incomes. Some people actually make their livings on their blogs. Their income is very likely being affected by the new distribution of ads which seem to be primarily getting sucked into PW’s site. It could very well be blatant robbery. If it is true, families are being affected. Grocery lists are getting chopped. Heating bills unpaid. I am not kidding about these implications. But at least PW is making money.

  • Megan:

    For people who want to bitch that you aren’t sunny enough they sure have a lot of nasty things to say. Damn. Blog about what YOU want to blog about, it is YOUR blog, after all.

  • Barb:

    I’ve been meaning to let you know that I think you are a RIOT….everyone should be able to laugh at their “religion”. I’ll take honest dark humor over pandering any day!

  • Julie:

    Hi, Thanks for the times I have enjoyed your blog. I read to escape, and enjoyed your humor and hope and excitement in your family, friends, job, photography, and books. I like to look for the good and happy and nice in people, and feel let down when people I feel have similar natures “turn”, so I hope for the best for you and your family. Your writing seems so angry, I am not enjoying it so much any more, so take care and thanks again for the pleasure I have had in the past. Julie

  • Amy:

    You are a mean spirited bitch

  • Jeanne:

    Clayvessel, it’s Rechelle’s blog! She can delete ANYTHING she likes! Just like you DON’T HAVE TO READ anything you don’t like!! To those of you who are so offended by what she is writing, QUIT READING!!

  • Priss:

    LOL Amy (and many others), you really have a high standard you follow in your own behavior, huh? That’s what hits me forcibly in many of the comments is how pissed folks are getting at Rechelle, while chiding her for being angry.

    I think that someone just coming out of a lifetime of religion and of burying doubts about that religion is going to be angry. Angry at the wasted time and money and lots of other things. Sometimes the anger may be misdirected, as possibly it is here towards PW. Maybe it isn’t misdirected though, since her points seem pretty valid. Nevertheless there are real feelings that need to come out and clearly Rechelle has real feelings about this subject. Posting nothing but happy, funny, sunny posts would do nothing except keep Rechelle in the hypocrisy. Let her be the person she is instead of the pretend person you have in your mind.

  • Robin:

    I never notice, look at, or read any ads on any blogs.

  • Carolyn:

    It seems you are on a personal journey, and it’s life-changing, which is often suitable.

    Your journey seems to make you want to compare yourself with so many people and organizations. I think a more useful journey would be to just search for yourself, your true self, and grow to be who you want to become.

    You can be truthful and still be non-aggressive to others. This is YOUR journey. Enjoy it. Don’t clutter the way with comparisons and complaints about everyone else around you. Best of luck to you, Rechelle.

  • pat:

    Welcome to the world of Pioneer woman and her vapid followers. You can’t say anything about her almightly, I mean Ree without being shunned.

    Chickenliver @ has been revealing Ree’s not so keeping it real for years. Welcome aboard.

  • Thom-Thom:

    “If PW gets 20 million hits a month, then naturally a company would rather advertise on her site than on a site that gets very few hits. Come on now, you know you understand this. Stop acting as if this is unfair.”


    “How terribly embarrassing this all must be for April.”

    Well said, Kim.

    And Rechelle, please correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you “purchase” a shout-out on Ree’s blog some time ago? That’s how I found you in the first place, and then April.

    I am by no means one of PW’s fanatical followers, but I do enjoy her site. I think it speaks to what a classy woman she is that she has made absolutely no mention of this on her blog.

    Come to think of it, April hasn’t said anything, either. You’re very fortunate to have such a loyal sister. If I were in her situation, I would have publicly ripped my sister a very large new a**hole.

    • Believe it or not Thom Thom – some people actually support their families on their blog incomes. When there are less ads available (because PW is running all of them) they make far less money. She would still make a killing if she ran ads for the same time slots as everyone else, because she has so many more page views, but now she gets more page views AND more time to run ads that everyone else. This means FAR less ads for all the other bloggers. I hope some BlogHer bloggers are asking some hard questions right now.

  • Cassie Sue:

    Sorry Rechelle, you used to make me laugh. Now you just kind of bum me out. Count me out. Kudos to those that enjoy the turn your blog has taken, but it just isn’t my style. Best of luck to you!!

  • Cassie C.:

    I don’t think athiests believe in reincarnation, but i’m not sure. However, if they do, i think you should come back as an investigative reporter. Keep asking those difficult questions!
    PS: I think her basset hound poops golden turds, so picking up after it might not be so bad! lol

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    This is fun!
    There are SOOOO many blogs out there, about any subject and lifestyle you can think of. If Rechelle feels some 2499 clients of BlogHer are not receiving advertising services according to their contract/terms of agreement/whatever (I’m loving all this blog education,) then why can’t she address the topic ON HER BLOG?

    It’s Rechelle- the woman who rowed a book of Beverley Nichols in her pond and gave her salad a tour. Anyone expects her to NOT use some satire or tongue-in-cheek to get her story across? I don’t want to read legalish agreements and dry facts. Rechelle decided to blog on the topic, and I want to read her creative take on it.

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    Oh, and I just ate Marlboro Man’s favorite sandwich – because hey, it’s good.

  • ddr:

    Wow. I have to wonder how many of these “I used to like you, now I don’t” posts are sock puppets. They are all saying the same thing. I mean, I’m a big fan of PZ Myers, but I wouldn’t stop reading someone just because they expressed a negitive opinion about PZ.

  • Melissa:

    I second ddr’s comment. It’s your blog Rechelle.
    I may have to read this “Pioneer Woman’s” blog…. See what all the fuss is about..

  • Colleen R:

    Been reading you for quite awhile, actually found PW through you! Anyway, just to let you know I won’t be back, not because I disagree with any of your opinions, but because you are starting to sound like the teacher from Charlie Brown, you know, BWUAH, BWUAH, BWUAH, BWUAH, BWUAH, BWUAH…. just boring. I will miss the show cats!

  • karen:

    It is sad to see what you have turned in to.

  • Louise:

    Oh my gosh…you are nuts! You sound like some demented stalker, jealous of PW’s success. The personal barbs and attacks on PW prove it. Your poor husband. He must be mortified. Are you going through some kind of mid-life crisis?

  • Freya:

    Hi, I’m really not trying to be rude because I enjoy reading your blog! But I think if you have problems with PW getting more ads than other bloggers you should contact BlogHer instead of taking stabs at PW on your blog. I’m obviously not going to stop reading your blog cause of one rude post, but maybe next time keep your problems with other bloggers private. Thats just my opinion though. :)

  • Louise:

    Your new guise of, “champion of all women bloggers” is clever, very clever. A new way to attack a fellow woman blogger who happens to have a growing audience. More jealousy. You have never mentioned your concern for women who are supporting their families before. Wonder if you would feel the same if your blog was as successful as pws? What would you do…dole out your extra earnings on the 2,499 women bloggers who weren’t as fortunate as you? Doubt it.

    • Louise Darling – Are you a homeschooler? Because the ‘SNAP OUT OF IT’ is just so like one. Anyway – I got some information and found it very interesting and yes – it might very well give other bloggers information that they did not have which they might find helpful. Take some deep breaths girlfriend. You are going to be okay. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

  • Whether I agree with your viewpoint or not I am enjoying reading about this new phase in your life. Even when I don’t agree with you, I respect you enough to know that your opinions come from much thought and consideration (and in the BlogHer situation, research) and not from jealousy. I get so tired of people accusing others of being jealous when they don’t agree with something. Honestly, that is so seventh grade!! These people remind me of my daughter and her friends when they were 12. If they can’t come up with an argument besides jealousy, they have no argument at all.

    I certainly hope none of this has caused a riff between you and your sister or any other family. That, to me, would be the saddest part of any of this.

  • Lucy Golden:

    Rechelle – I think it’s really funny how some people are leaving because you’re not the “same” Rechelle…As if those of us really “know” who you really are by reading your blog…! I’m not goin’ anywhere! You’re a peach!

  • Louise:

    Bravo Heidi, you described Rechelle perfectly as a 12 year old child who will not stop attacking someone that they are envious of. Please see definition below:
    ??/?d??l?si/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [jel-uh-see] Show IPA
    –noun, plural -ous?ies for 4.
    1. jealous resentment against a rival, a person enjoying success or advantage, etc., or against another’s success or advantage itself.

  • Twin-Skies:

    Funny post, but some of the posters did raise a valid point:

    Rechelle, wouldn’t it be more constructive to actually file a legal complaint against PW if she really is breaching advertising policies? Or should I assume that you’ve already done that?

    In any case, I think dogs are evil. Those nasty little devilspawn leave their turd everywhere, ruining perfectly good running shoes and raising a stink at home :(

    I prefer cats.

  • Becky:

    I still wonder how your sister is reacting to this.

  • Lynn in WI:

    I’m just wondering how you know that the ads placed on PW’s site through the Blogher network were not bought specifically for her site. Blogher may have approached her with a special deal that is not at all affecting their other bloggers. Is it possible you’re missing some information and making assumptions about a well-established advertising network? They’re not a Mickey Mouse outfit–they would have known the impact of the scenario you describe (other bloggers losing income due to unfair advantage) and it’s difficult to believe anyone would agree to that.

    • Lynn in WI – They are the same ads that are running throughout the network.

  • Jill:

    I just checked PW’s site and there aren’t ANY ads right now. I don’t get it! I’m pretty sure they were there earlier (I checked earlier this evening when I first read your post, Rechelle.)

    I didn’t know about any of this – thanks for explaining how the adveritising works. I never even notice the ads – hate to think of people losing income.

    On a different note, to the writer who complained about PW’s renovation of the bunkhouse during the slow economy – the LAST thing we want people to do is stop spending money – that’s income to the suppliers, builders, electricians, plumbers, etc. When people who HAVE money spend it, it strengthens the economy. Holding on to it makes a bad situation much worse.

    Just because I can’t afford to renovate anything doesn’t mean I want the rich people to stop paying for other people’s goods and services.

  • Thom-Thom:
  • Kimberly:

    I enjoy Rachelle’s sarcastic, witty, and somwhat dark humor. It takes some intelligence for someone to be able to pull it off…and to ‘get’ it for that matter. (wonder what that says about the negative nancys here) I’m not into the whole blog ‘verse, but yours is great–much love from one of your GREAT MANY new fans.

    And omg I just saw the little smiling on the left bottom corner of your css background. Funny! :)

  • Kimberly:

    Wow. Somebody needs to post the definition of a TROLL for Louise…

  • Laura Stultz:

    Yikes, I keep coming back because I just don’t get this whole crazy train wreck thing you have going on. Drink some tea woman, or maybe something a little stronger, and just relax. Let it go. Deep breaths in and out.

  • gREEd

    Her followers are here. They carry torches.

  • Lynn in WI:

    But do you know what was paid for those ads? PW’s 20 million views/month is one-fifth of Blogher’s total network views/month. It only seems logical to me that their ad rates would have to increase substantially with the addition of PW’s site on the network. That would benefit everyone, wouldn’t it?

  • Yep they are flooding in! All of the gals that have tried to win a mixer! They just don’t get it and they never will! But that is the mentality of the PW reader! Spin away gals…….

    You are right where she wants you. One calf nut at a time…YUCK!

  • Oh, I can’t not look at it…

  • kathy:

    You don’t post comments that are asking real questions about your change in attitude. You liked Ree just as much as everybody else. The head lice thing changed the whole tenor of your blog. Rotten trip to Europe, blog not making any money, not many readers, PW drops you from her site. Now you are an atheist. Quite alot of changes happened pretty rapidly. Wish you were happier!

  • Wow, PW has her sheeple grazing on this site. Where are the
    photo shopped cows and horses?

    I could link to gREEd ballet dancing but….She will do that herself about a thousand more times.

  • Amy M:

    Dear CDW,
    First, this is your blog and as such you should write about what you are feeling that day. Second, I think all of us get that this must be a liberating, joyous time for you. Third, I think most of us get that this time must also be stressful as you take this journey into a path that has lead to different beliefs than you had your whole life. I’m sure it’s not 100% easy even though you have an awesome family who I’m sure supports you the best they can. Fourth, I really really really wanted to stay a reader. The post in which you were trying to get a coke and figure out the French and the table situation etc. is the only post from any blog in which I actually laughed so hard my laptop fell off my lap. The post in which you opened up about how the CD let you down in Europe made my respect for you skyrocket. I have loved your honesty, humor and writing. I swear and I know it doesn’t matter, but I was rooting for you. Hard. And sadly finally, I think I am going to take a break from reading your blog. I get your point about the unfair business practices and I hope you take that up with the people you do business with. And maybe airing these grievances in a forum for blog authors would have been beneficial to the group. But most of us that come over here are just normal folks who are looking for something to think about or laugh at or share with you; a person that we really have grown to care about. I’m sorry if these people are cheating you or any others out of money, I truly am. But the snide comments about other writers and the stereo typing of people is just not who I thought you were. I wish you nothing but the very best.

    A Liberal Democrat, current Mormon, ex-Baptist, wife of an Air Force Officer currently deployed, supporter of civil rights, educated, funny, chubby, mother of twins, tired and very sad former reader from California.

  • Axelle the french reader:

    Whoao … Whoao, whoao, whoao !
    What we can tell is that, to write about PW give you so many comments !!! That’s incredible !!
    Rechelle, as I told on some old post, I read PW’s blog and I like it. It gives me fresh and good humor even if I know that life is sometimes more difficult than she can show. But I like to read it because it makes my brain more light, more fun for a moment.

    Anyway, I love to read your blog too, because you’re different from so many blog;

    To read all those comments make me think one thing : I could be wrong, but I imagine myself reading all of those comments and I would be so hurted deep inside.
    You should close the comments as you do once and keep writing what you want, what you need, what you think.
    We could maybe, sometimes, do not agree with all you write but YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO WRITE WHAT YOU WANT TO WRITE !!
    In France, there’s a very famous … and very dead ;-) author (Voltaire), who said : “I do not agree with what you’re saying, but I will fight to let you have the right to say it anyway !”.
    Most of all, for all those comments, I’m so surprised (and the word seems to be too “little”) by the fact that so many peolple can judge you, this way…
    I think I will NEVER write a blog !!
    Friendly, Rcehelle.

  • Twin-Skies:


    How you feel about Rechell’s blog is your business, and I’ll respect that. :D

    Moving on to the matter at hand though…

    “A Liberal Democrat, current Mormon, ex-Baptist, wife of an Air Force Officer currently deployed, supporter of civil rights, educated, funny, chubby, mother of twins, tired and very sad former reader from California.”

    Wow – you’ve been through a lot :O

  • Mary:

    Well I for one have heard enough of your BS. Get a life, stop blogging and make real, new friends.

  • Elaine:

    I can’t stand PW, I’m sure she’s aware of everything that goes on, and approves of it. She’s like a broken record–how many times can we see pics of her as a teen, how many times do we need to be reminded how she grew up wealthy, or see cow testicles, etc. The biggest joke is how she photoshops every darn picture so effing much. She makes her kids eyes sparkle so much that they seem like aliens! She’s a fake, and a person who desperately needs to be repeatedly told how great she is. Luckily, she has a bunch of ignorant women on the WTM boards who suck up to her big time.

  • just a farm girl:

    Yes you can blog about anything! And when you bore me I will go elsewhere. But you know life isn’t fair and some bloggers are going to be more successful than others. We can’t make the whole world a level playing field. As for the bloggers who are feeding their kids by blogging and now mean old pioneer woman is taking food from the mouths of her children—sorry–I don’t buy it. If for whatever reason the revenue goes down from blogging—they will have to find something else to do and quit blaming everyone else–whoever put that in your head should be ashamed.

    The bloggers open themselves up to being loved, hated and judged. I just hate the meanspiritedness. Why can’t we live and let live? If I live to be a hundred I will never understand why being successful in life is a bad thing.

  • Louise -
    Your use of the word ‘envious’ instead of ‘jealous’ is very impressive. While it may fool some, it doesn’t fool me. Your comment merely proved my point. Your only attack on Rechelle’s opinion is that she’s “envious”… (That’s just like jealous for those of you who are confused by the tricky word play.) The thing is, sometimes people disagree with others for reasons other than jealousy.
    If you really want to take Pioneer Woman’s side in this, then give concrete arguments on her behalf.
    “You’re just jealous,” weakens your stance.
    I personally am on neither side of this argument but I think Rechelle made some very good, well researched points; but Pioneer Woman’s supporters merely have the jealousy issue to fight with; and it is unfounded.

  • Molly:

    I am glad we live in a country where we can express our thoughts and opinions freely, even about religion. Rechelle I don’t care what you do or do not believe in. However, aren’t there bigger issues in the worldto worry about than ad revenue on blogs? Seriously? Besides at one point it seemed you idolized PW. She is alittle too sweet and happy for my liking.

    If you are worried about making an income off your blog because PW is bogging all the audience, maybe you are notthat great of a blogger. Or try to find a way to drive more readers instead of following PW’s lead.

  • Rechelle:

    Molly Darling – You would be hardpressed to find any evidence of me ‘idolizing’ PW. I have always criticized her site. Whether in a humorous ‘friendly’ way or in a serious way. Check out Choreganizers, Search my site for ‘photoshop’. Re-read about my visit to her house. You will see a strong lack of anything resembling ‘idolatry’. I may have been polite – but I was never a fan.

  • Carolyn:

    I reached your blog last year via April’s via PW’s, I think. However, yours was the one that stuck. Your love of words, books, sarcasm–making fun of your spouse, your kids, yourself–these all smacked of someone I see in the mirror every day. Someone who lives at the northwest corner of the continental US, has more education than skills, is more liberal than is politically correct for a ‘born-again Christian’, never once considered home-schooling her kids (not if I wanted them to survive childhood!), and is, for all that, at peace with the world. I read, with interest, your unfolding comprehension of the absence of God (yes, and, I admit, with some sorrow), because it was also a journey my own sister took many years ago–a sister I love greatly and feel closer to than any other person on this earth, and that includes all my Christian friends. I just wanted you to know that there are some of us out here–some left-winged, tolerant, caring people who also happen to love the man from Galilee, but love people who don’t.

  • Deb:

    Sheeple? Could it be that a lot of readers found this blog because PW once mentioned it on her blog? That’s how I found it, through PW. If nothing else Rechelle, you do owe her that much.

    • Deb – WTF? I will never comprehend the people that say once you have eaten dinner with someone or they have linked to your web site your ability to critically asses what they do is totally suspended. PW has turned herself into a product. A very plastic product – she should be subject to review, critique and merciless disdain by anyone who has a brain if they so wish it. Her cookbook reads like the book report of a seventh grade dreamy eyed, star-struck girl. She tells the same stories over and over again. If you took her family and put them in a typical suburb with no cowboy hats, no chaps, and no big blue skies – her blog would look and sound just like everyone else’s and NO ONE would read it. It’s the emperor’s new clothes Deb. And just like that story – there are very few folks at the parade that will point out the obvious.

  • Molly:

    Rechelle Darling– why would you go to PW’s house, take numerous photos of her and her family, and post every detail of your trip to meet her if you were never a fan? Talk about a wasted trip in my opinion. Wouldn’t you have better things to do?

    Just my 2 cents. I am wondering if these posts are a way to drive up readers on
    your site who are pissed off, die hard PW-
    ers (which I am not)?

    • Molly Darling – Who wouldn’t go?

  • Michelle:

    I see you didnt publish my last comment so why did you go to pws house knowing full well you had lice? Why can you never answer and direct questions?

  • Michelle Darling – I did not know I had lice dear friend. I had treated myself two times before we left. I had never exhibited any symptoms whatsoever. I don’t sleep with my children. I don’t wear their hats. There was no reason for me to think that I had it. Have I answered your question now sweetkins?

  • Michelle:

    You dont have to sleep with children or wear hats to get lice my kids got them and they dont sleep with children you only have to brush heads and you can get them and it takes up to a week to get rid of them also why has your sister also taken your link off her blog?

  • Michelle:

    I also think you are a fab writer and i do like your blog as i said earlier(which you deleted)its your blog you can say what you like and if readers dont like it well dont read it and good for you in speaking your mind but why do americans worship pw i cant understand that

  • Michelle – my sister took the link down ages ago. Six months ago. Maybe longer. You would have to ask her why. The only comments I have deleted are from one person because she drives me batshit and always has. It’s possible your comment ended up in my spam filter due to a particular word you may have used. I have a few words in my filter that are perfectly innocent, but they keep a certain type of comment out of my blog. Sometimes people use those words without evil intent. Sorry if this happened to you.

    I am well aware of how head lice works. I did battle them for a month at my house. I constantly checked myself. Only one of my sons ever had physical evidence of the vermin, but eventually both the CD and I got it. Probably because we were washing everyone hair and combing through it, but like I said – we treated ourselves too.

  • Jordan:

    Wow…I What a bitter, bitter person you have become.

  • Darcey:

    Rechelle, you have deleted more comments than that. What happened to Louise’s response letting you know that she was indeed a public school teacher?

  • Good grief Darcey – Surely there are better things to do in life than monitor the comments on this site. Yeah – I did delete that comment – because I thought it was a lie and it irritated the hell out of me. People can pretend whatever they want in the comments of a blog. Cripes! I could decide to be an astronaut! I can delete whatever comment I want, but I rarely do.

  • Jordan – seriously? Is that all you got? C’mon! Give me more than that! Tell me I am a bad mother. Tell me that my husband should leave me. Tell me what an awful human being I am. Surely you can do better than just vague bitterness!

  • Melissa:

    Personally, I much prefer this new Rechelle over the “fake show cats” person she was earlier. I mean, her posts actually have real content now that will make her readers think! Gasp!!! God forbid people may have to use a portion of their brain to read her blog. She is realizing her true self and it can be quite a shock-this has happened to me over the last year as well. I would much rather read about real life than hokey stuff. Hence, I have abandoned PW’s blog-it’s just plain old. Besides, her dog is ugly.

    Rechelle, we really would love to know how this is all playing out with your family. Don’t you owe it to your readers:) Please?!!

  • You ask some very good questions here. I’m a BlogHer publisher as well and would love to see these answers.
    Also, you’ve gained a reader in me.

  • Allison:

    “Is anyone getting the part about PW getting a larger share in the ads than the other blogs in that network.”

    I have been following PW a little over 3 years – long before the massive site she has today….she worked hard – and spent a lot of time and probably money to build the site today. She spent hours MARKETING herself and BRANDING her identity. These are things that are available to anyone who puts in the time, effort and has the talent. I have a hard time understanding why you think that what she has worked so hard for (and has probabaly hired legal counsel to negotiate on her behalf) should just be handed to you on a silver platter? Put in some effort into this site (last time I was here was 6 months ago – you haven’t changed your masthead in all that time!!!) and work on your writing and maybe you will have BlogHer knocking at you door too….rather than expecting it should fall into your lap and pissing and moaning because it hasn’t…and wont ever.

  • I think you’ve brought up some very good questions. I find your blog and your take refreshing. You are the one “keepin’ it real” and I appreciate that.

  • These are all very interesting questions. It’ll be interesting to see what the answers are…

  • Meredith:

    So, through PW’s site, I came across Coal Creek Farm and fell in love. Coal Creek Farm led me here.
    Clearly I took it one blog step too far. I have no blog and am not well informed about blog advertising, but I do know about the level of snark I am willing to consume.
    Although you may have raised valid points, the manner in which you have raised them is off-putting and passive aggressive. It’s too bad.

  • Loudmouth:

    Rechelle, you’ve got ovaries of brass. I admire that in a woman.

  • Allison,
    Where does Rechelle say that it should be handed to her? I don’t get that at all. What she does say is that changing the rules for one person isn’t fair to the others and people need to question it and not just blindly think, “Well, she *is* PW/Dooce/Whoever” and simply accept that that’s just the way it is. What she does point out is the lack of honesty on BlogHer’s part. People who run ads to support that in any way support their family should be thanking her for pointing out the discrepancy when they might not have noticed. She’s also pointing out that if the other bloggers who accepted this “deal” knew that it was taking money away from those who were in contract with Blogher and kept quiet about it, then maybe people might want to re-evaluate the way they view their favorite A-listers.

    Listen, I’m all about taking care of my family, and if I happen to get a good deal on something, then yay, me! However, if my good deal means that someone else might not be able to afford groceries/electricity/phone service when I could even before fortune smiled on me? I can’t in good conscience let that happen.


  • I think the last time I visited your site it was about PW, I don’t know why, well I do, but I don’t want to explain. Anyway, reading all the comments was like deja vu for me. People say “oh you’re sooo mean, I miss the old you!” Are these the same people from the post before? I think it was the infamous lice post.
    Anyway all I wanted to say is that I’ve read a couple other posts and unlike the last time I visited I’m going to bookmark so I can come back.
    Oh and do you suggest I write something inflammatory towards PW to get more views on my blog? I want to be famous…hahahhaha. I’m totally kidding. Maybe.
    And honestly I think the whole thing with BlogHer is just crap. I joined the site a year or two ago and never went any farther than signing in a couple of times. It seems to be an elitist sort of club, that I a lowly blogger will never be apart of. waa.
    Keep it up. Blogs are for YOUR opinion. Keep writing and evolving, if people don’t like it, it’s too bad for them.

  • Jason:

    so rosie, you would deny someone earned preferential treatment based solely on the premise that it isnt fair to others? have you ever worked for a company that rewards employees with merit increases in pay? Isn’t this basically the same premise? PW has really invested herself in her blog and right wrong or indifferent os being compensated at a different level than others. And it sounds like her success is in part driving the success of blogher as well. Sounds like a prudent business decision for both PW and blogher…with other blogher members benefiting from her success.

  • Nancy in AK:

    I think your questions and concerns about PW and BlogHer are fascinating. I was actually thinking that we need a Blog Message Board so that we can all comment on blogs and discuss them without having our comments monitored by the blog owners we are commenting on. i just don’t have the resources to start this, but maybe you could. Sort of like the television without Pity boards. There are message boards on BlogHer but no one seems to use them. That said, I like your blog because you are incredibly smart. I have some questions/concerns: 1) how much money do you think PW earns per month? 2) what about Dooce? 2b) what about a regular blogger – like you or your sister? 3) I’m worried that you and your sister aren’t speaking. 4) I think your blog name should not be CDW or My sister’s farmhouse – it should be something with YOUR name. 5) I live in AK but reading your blog and your sister’s blog and your friend the chef in lawrence – the simmer blog – really makes me want to move to a small town in the Great Plains.

  • C:

    Jason hit the nail on the head, and I honestly can’t believe the argument that it’s “NOT FAIR” Ree gets more ad revenue. Really? Gee- what in life *is* fair, exactly?

    Like it or not, Ree Drummond likely gets more ad revenue for a reason. She has a successful blog with gazillions of readers- she’s an advertiser’s wet dream. It’s just like why Angelina Jolie makes more money annually than me *for a reason*. I could put on puppet shows in my backyard with sock puppets and claim I’m just as good an actress as she, but am I going to expect a big studio to pay me millions for putting on that puppet show all in the name of fairness?

    Yeah. I don’t think so.

    It’s not how the world works. I could argue that I don’t like Angelina Jolie until my face turns blue, I could tell everyone that I think she’s an *awful* actress and it’s not fair she makes millions, but guess what? SHE’S STILL GOING TO MAKE MILLIONS. AND I’LL STILL BE PUTTING ON PUPPET SHOWS IN MY BACKYARD WITH ONLY MY NEIGHBOR’S FAT ORANGE CAT AS THE SOLE AUDIENCE MEMBER.

    Blogher is a business, businesses are (gasssp!) about making money, and if you don’t like Blogher’s business practices then easy- drop them. There are scores of other internet ad businesses out there. Just like how I don’t shop at Walmart for a reason- you don’t need to use Blogher or read PW’s blog. No one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to put up their cutesy ads on your blog and to read about Ree’s “ugly” dog, am I right? Did I miss something? Has someone bound you to a chair and forced you to stare at a picture of her husband’s jean-clad butt for 72 hours straight? Is that what’s really going on here? Because there must be something awful that has happened that has your fire so stoked, and I certainly can’t figure out an intelligent answer for it from the facetious rant you’ve posted up above.

  • bridget:

    I am about to start yelling at all the inane comments left by people. By the PW sheeple. Yes there have been studies of how people use the internet and we have a tendency to move like flocks of sheep to certain blogs. And once that blog has claimed our loyalties and someone dares to bring up questions or criticism in regards to that blog. All the sheeple will race to defend said blog. I am not kidding.

    Nothing gets me more upset than when a person uses the your just jealous argument whenever a person is critical of another person. Some of us- just so you know- don’t need to validate our self worth by comparing our lives to another person. All this post is doing is being a critique of certain policies of Blogher. Allowing us to to a glimpse under the surface picture and that what we have led to believe is true isn’t.

    If you have a problem with this post why not just move on? Dismiss this post as being critical of Ree and Blogher, so Rechelle is a detractor of Blogher and maybe Ree. Who cares- move on- why the need to write nasty comments about jealousy and bitterness. Why not try to weigh the validity of the observations and decide if it really makes a difference in your life before you sit down to trash the writer?

    Just because someone doesn’t buy into the myth of the Pioneer Woman doesn’t make them mean or jealous or vindictive. What was written was full of satire, observation, judgement- it was a critique of a Blogher’s ad system. When did it become wrong to question and critique? That is a scary future if there can be no dissenting voices.

    Everyone is allowed to buy the ticket to whatever ride they want. Some people pick the PW ride and others say, No thanks I don’t want to buy into the PW brand. It is okay either way. But she is just that an image, a brand, a business and if you think that she wasn’t in on this with Blogher then I would guess again.

    Anyway. Rechelle I am a Rechelle sheeple for now:) I love that you are bursting out of your shell. I say AMEN to your awakening to figuring out another part of the puzzle that makes you a more whole and happy individual. You just keep doing whatever it is that you need to do to stay on your path of self discovery. Or whatever it is that is going on. I remember the day I woke up out of the christian haze and stopped drinking the Jesus juice. Oh it was fun what happened in my life after that. Good luck to you.

  • Allison:

    “If you have a problem with this post why not just move on? ” – Sounds like good advice for the author of this blog Bridget…

  • C, I’m talking about integrity in both business and in personal lives. I’m saying that if the facts are straight, then both BlogHer and PW are saying one thing but doing another. I’m not denying anyone’s right to make money, but this is actively taking money from others and people need to consider that the next time they hit refresh to see if they’ve won a discarded camera/printer/sparkling new mixer. People need to consider it before they contract with BlogHer so they can make an informed decision.

  • Lora:

    I like what my friend once said about The Pioneer Woman:

    “Being happy for PW’s success is like being happy for Oprah if she won the lottery.”

    The rich just keep getting richer.

    At least Oprah is half way entertaining.

  • R – I followed you for a very long time and then when I had to go back to work I had to pare down my blog reader and, sadly, removed both you and April. CL linked to it this morning and now, after reading this, I am adding you back to my reader because I realize how much I miss your wit! Rock on, sister!

  • bridget:

    @Allison- I don’t understand what Rechelle has to move on from? She pointed out a questionable practice by Blogher and PW. She pointed out the problem and then moved on. My suggestion is if you read a blog that you don’t like then move on. Why stop and take time in your day to write a mean comment. Because she made a mean comment about Ree, you do realize that Rechelle didn’t say anything bad about Ree the real person, she is making comments about PW- the image of Ree, the image she markets to all her readers. She was making comments on how Ree runs her business again not about the person Ree. The readers who jumpi up to support Ree by making rude and mean comments on her behalf doesn’t matter to the Brand of Ree. What the Brand of Ree is going to care about is doing damage control on this, so that her website doesn’t get any bad PR which would be bad for her business.

  • Colleen:

    I am loving the irony – your snarky criticism of PW in this post is driving hundreds of new readers to her site and making her more money!

  • Apparently it’s suppose to matter to you that people are removing you from their readers. I found your blog just now through a friend and I was going to just silently ADD you to my Favorites after reading your more current entry, but now I just want to be all showy and state that I am ADDING you to my reader. Again, I am ADDING you to my reader. There.

  • Team Logic:

    My goodness gracious, PW does have some rabid, terminally nasty fans.

    Funny, they all look so sweet and simple* in the fan appreciation photos she posts on her blog.

    *in a “loving hands at home” kinda way.

  • allison:

    Bridget – I find it hypocritical of you to go on to a separate site with a call to arms simply because a blogger with questionable ethics directed you to this site. Doesn’t that make you sheeple of Michele? I have a hard time taking anyone seriously who would go onto another site and incite a riot here simply because you do not agree with the comments that are being left. That tactic is just mean – and makes you no better than those you call out in your comment. I don’t think people are here for the most part defending PW or Rechelle – but are arguing the ethics of whether or not what BlogHer is doing is above the board. I find it an interesting discussion. You on the other hand want to make it war? How does that make you better?

  • I don’t know what your personal beef is with PW, it’s not my business. But I will say this. Blogher is shady, I dropped their ads just a few weeks after joining. There are much better ad networks out there that don’t have 5 billion rules and pay out a whole lot more.

  • I actually like PW & the photography tips. However, I’m not on the BlogHer ad network – probably won’t qualify. I do though, as a WAHM blogger, try to keep my readers informed.

    Stumbled this post!

  • jw:

    *giggles* @ Laura.

    Yeah, so there!
    I don’t have a blog (i don’t have an iPhone either).
    But, but, but, I am ADDING you to my favorites!
    Did you hear me? ADDING!!
    So there!

  • You know, there are MANY other ad networks.

    From a business perspective, yeah, it makes sense. Rhea’s blogs get approximately 300,000 TIMES more viewers than than the average blog. And that’s just the average.

    The world is tiered.

  • BlogHer is about THE worst ad network out there anyway. They hold you back on about every bit of their contract….they don’t want you to have any company relations unless its with them.

    Isn’t that against…well….everything we know to be bloggers?

    PW can have them.

    I recommend JBJ, they pay prettey well on my blog.

    And I dont use them, but I have also heard that Lifetime ads do well.


  • Tori from Team PW:

    I have to say I have never read your blog before today. I say PW referenced in a tweet which is why I clicked here. I also have to say, I will never come back to read more.

    Post like this give women bloggers a bad rap. I wish PW all the success and she obviously deserves what she is getting- has worked smart and hard for it.

    Good luck to you.

  • laine:

    Why are you so mean and why do you care? Just stop going over to PW. Get over yourself.

  • I for one appreciate you writing this–it’s the straw that broke the camel’s back for me and the push I needed to stop running BlogHer ads. I’ve been running their ads since June and have not received a dime. The one time I blogged about it Elisa Camhort (sp?) commented–several times; I’m surprised nobody from Blogher ads has commented here yet.

    Now to figure out how to delete the ads from my blog…

  • Elizabeth:

    Hi Rechelle,

    I am a Christian and I home school my two children. I don’t home school for faith reasons. My son has asperger’s syndrome (on the autism spectrum), and home schooling just works better for him. It just seemed natural to teach my daughter at home as well. I felt that I should tell you that when you demean home schoolers, it is very hurtful to me. I understand that some home schoolers can be very narrow minded and often quite “un-Christian” (believe me, I know some of them), but not all of us. I have become quite liberal in my faith. I don’t think everything in the bible should be taken literally, I don’t believe the bible is inerrant, and I believe that the overriding principle in all things should be love.

  • cheesy:

    I’ve only been here twice as well. The lice/lodge post, and now. I find you as entertaining a read as PW, or Dooce, or anyone. Depends on the subject matter, my mood, ideas I can relate to, how successful a post is for me. Sometimes I shake my head and don’t “get” it, sometimes I shrug my shoulders and think Meh,,,,,sometimes I laugh. I smiled at your post, I wasn’t horribly offended for PW. She’s a very big girl, with a very defined style, with very deep pockets. She will be fine. She will rise above, not mention, and continue to shape her little empire. I’m not jealous either! She’s smart at doing just that. (it does seem a little weird to me that she wants such fame and financial success when she is already financially secure) Must be the attention that’s fun. I’m mostly interested in making sure my family has food and health coverage, so I have no blog. Can’t be jealous then LOL. As for you? this is America. Freedom of choice. To write, to read, to add, to stop coming here. I think you’re funny. Maybe I’m not taking any of this as seriously as I should. I mean, Dooce can find missing people and tighten the noose around major corporations until they cave! That is pretty serious stuff. I guess the bitter taste I have lingering now, is all of PW’s supporters, who were far nastier, far less classy, and far more revealing in their comments, than your humorous post was.

  • Lisa Stone, CEO of BlogHer, just addressed your question in her post. I think it’s worth a read for you and your commenters.

  • I have addressed some of the concerns raised in this post and got quotes from BlogHer and Pioneer Woman, in case you’re interested in a productive discussion:

  • I am a new reader as well, and happy to have a fellow non-theist on my blogroll . I look forward to reading more of your postings!

  • Isn’t PW up for a best writing award for the 2010 Bloggies?

  • gretchen:

    PW recipes-not so good really
    I went there a few times after someone mentioned recipes.I am not at all interested in the blog popularity contest stuff-its sorta wierd to me.
    Ido another blogher blog that has awesome recipes-and she has funny animals-and she is a single mom- chickens in the road–she is a humble blogger who even opened forums on her blog for people to share recipes and ideas. she would never buy $35 candles-she makes her own from leftover candled lol. (thats chickens in the road blog)

    I actually popped in here after seing this blog mentioned somewhere else-and since you seem to dig up the interesting snarky th

  • Hi Rechelle- Thanks for being frank and honest. I don’t think you were mean or bitchy at all. I’m sorry that some of your readers chose PW over you. I don’t understand the herd mentality.

    I’ve recently discovered Coal Creek Farm, and have spent many hours over there reading while I was supposed to be working. Now I discover you’re April’s sister! I guess work will have to wait while I read your blog. I’ve added both of you to my daily read.

    Again, thanks for “keepin’ it real.” Not like some bloggers…

  • Team PW? Does the highschool bullshit ever end? What does Team PW do? Race cars? Pit homeschooled kids against public school kids? Barrel racing?

  • i’m new here, but, will you be my valentine?

  • I think you spent time at this woman’s house and said all sorts of wonderful things about her family and your experience there. While I agree that you have some valid reasons for being upset with BlogHer…you are not directing the mean comments at them. Instead you are writing these “suck up to Pioneer Woman” tips. If your post had simply been about your grievances with BlogHer then you wouldn’t be seeing this backlash. You made it personal, not business. You have every right to post what you want, but boy if you go back and read all the lovely comments you made when you got to stay at the ranch this post in comparison gives you a very Jeckyl/Hyde appearance. You are attacking someone that you once admired. She’s making a living and if BlogHer didn’t stick to the rules they made for everyone else then that is something that THEY should have to fix.

  • For the record, for a non mean/attacking version of the complaint here…the link that ABDPBT posted is the way to handle things.

  • Sandy:

    I don’t have a blog, just read them for entertainment. I read about PW on your blog so went over and checked it out. Didn’t interest me so I did not add it to my favorites list. Actually, I tend to avoid blogs with ads. I can open magazines or turn on my TV for that.


  • I’m not interested in mommyblogs with recipes and a million pics of their kids. If PW can make it work, good for her. I’m just not her audience and since I’m a comedian in show business in Hollywood, I’m guessing she’s not my audience either.

    I run BlogHer ads and it’s disappointing to read that they are giving preferential treatment to anyone, not just PW. But business is business so I get that. And BH does link my posts at least 3-4 times a month so I can’t complain. BUT YET I AM, BLANCHE, I AM!

  • ang in TX:

    I fail to see any merit in this post. Top bloggers- Dooce, PW, Problogger, The Bloggess, it’s all business! Welcome to Corporate America via internet.

    Whatever you are harboring; gal you need to let it go…

  • Interesting…but, I don’t think it is P-Dub that should catching your wrath.

    I’ve wondered, for awhile, about preferential treatment by BlogHer (and I’m not referring to PW, but another big blogger), and, to be honest…does it bother me?

    Nah. I mean, it pisses me off a little, that they get special treatment, but in all honesty, isn’t that the way business works?

    The big tickets are gonna get their way more than we wee (ha, wee wee…) little fish.

    I’m grateful just to have ads…wish I were treated like everyone else, but, as I learned way back in kindergarten, “Life’s not fair”.

  • Julia:

    Everyone: Get Adblock Plus! It’s a useful add-on that’s available for Firefox users. I never see ads in PW’s website or any other blog because of this useful add-on.

  • Kasey:

    I don’t know to much about ‘Blogher’ [and don't really care to know about it either] but your comments on PW made me have the LOLs.

    I don’t [dislike] the PW and I have been to her blog here and there for the past couple months [just discovered it about 2months ago. I guess im living under a rock?]… but I can only read about and look at photos of a dog, cattle, and the ‘Lodge’ so much until it gets old…. I feel like shouting ‘OKAY I get it already.. you LIVE on a Ranch and have a Basset Hound… but nah….

    Oh well. More power to her. I would love my blog to be my ‘employer’ but until that day comes im happy with reading everyone else’s!

  • I can’t stand PW. I just can’t. I love this post! :D

  • Becky:

    I told a friend that you don’t need soap operas when you have blogs!

  • meels:

    I believe this is why contracts are private. Did you also question why a co-worker who was hired at the same time for a job with the same title gets paid more than you?

  • Linda:

    Meels, I think I would question it indeed if the reason she is making that much money simply because she’s taking away money from other co-workers. People who have far less money, say a couple of millions, to begin with and who simply need the ad revenue.

  • allison:

    Why would that matter Linda. Because she is rich she should just settle for less? That is really your arguement?

  • Linda:

    Maybe because you’re not making yourself very popular when you have millions in the bank and still go after other people’s money, Allison.

  • Rechelle, you may be totally over this post and uninterested in reading any new comments, but I still want to share my thoughts.

    First of all, thank you for being an intelligent voice in this strange mommy-centric blog world. So many commenters said they were dropping you from their readers because you didn’t make them laugh anymore. Heaven forbid! I appreciate humor, of course, but mindless, and inane as you put it, post are just not worth the effort.

    This is what I got out of it: 1) You were trying to bring this distressing issue to light for those who use BlogHer ads because you are in a position to do it without worry of losing your income or ads (because you don’t use BlogHer), and 2) you find PW’s cooperation with BlogHer’s special contract makes her look bad because it looks like she is more interested in money than fairness.

    That said, I read her blog regularly for almost a year, and have no interest in reading it any longer. I find it very repetitive and certainly not very deep. It comes off as fake to me and I feel like she completely fabricated the PW personality. I also am completely turned off by her false modesty and the “humorous” complaints of all her missed out on by marrying a rural rancher.

    I am EXCITED to see where you go now with your blog. I love that you are making hard choices and trying to be honest and true to yourself. Thank you for sharing this process with the world, because it would be so easy for you to keep pretending or just give up blogging. You are so brave!

  • Beebs:

    Love that you’re keeping it real about PW. I always liked your blog so much better! Again, because real, not sicky-sweet. One more word about forearms and I will PUKE! I mean it! Your post-Europe post about CD was so moving and so good and so REAL.

    The only times I veered away from you was when you were too goody-goody!

    But wow, this (new/old/real) you is a little madder than I imagined you. Dress up in your mom’s old clothes again! Don’t let all your site activity be driven by atheist wackos and their uber-Christian counterparts!

    Just sayin’.

  • Laura:

    I’m disappointed by this post. I just found you blog and was enjoying it. You are stooping to the level with this. All those bloggers that you are fighting for are in the same free market as PW. I don’t know the details on how the ads work, but I’m sure BlogHer knows what they are doing related to market share, etc. If the other bloggers had the same hit numbers as PW, I’m sure blogger would love to make a deal with them, too. You do sound like some colleagues I run across before who somehow believe that everyone deserves to be paid the same amount of salary as long as they work the same number of hours as other workers. That isn’t how it works and you know that. As long as PW gets the traffic she does, she deserves the ad revenue that she is offered. If she demanded too much, BlogHer would have said no.

    As someone above mentioned, you ARE better than this.