Gladys Gets Committed Too!

February 12th, 2010

Micheal Mock asked me too choose the names from a hat, but I used a bowl instead.  I normally would have used the random integer generator, but there were so many duplicate comments, that it was easier to manually organize this drawing.   I did cut the duplicate comments out of the drawing in case anyone is keeping track of these sorts of things.

Thanks to everyone for contributing your views over these past few weeks.  I have enjoyed the conversation very much.  Isn’t it great that we live at a time and in a country where it is absolutely okay to disagree passionately about religion?  Even though the debate can get a bit dicey, it’s good to stretch your mind in all sorts of different directions.   Fortunately for the less conventional types, this stretching is not happening on the rack anymore.

Gladys won this giveaway.


Please send your mailing address to and I will send out the book.

Packing for NYC!



  • Jadehawk:

    have fun :-)

  • Ted Powell:

    Have a good trip!

  • Woohoo! Go, Gladys!

    …And yes, I suppose a bowl will do.

  • Pack boots. It’s very slushy here. Have a great visit!

  • Freth:

    I’m sure glad that Gladys got committed!

    I’m still waffling all over the place — hah! :-)

  • meme:

    I love Gladys. Congrats to her.

  • km:

    Pack good and warm Rechelle. It’s cold and there’s nothing colder than the windchill in a city like NY. Make sure your son brings his snow boots:) Here is the definition of misery, stepping into an icewater puddle at the corner of the street, there’ll be a lot of non-christian talk then:)
    I so wish I could get down there to give you a hug and buy you a coffee. We have state swim meets all weekend here in the land of steady habits.
    Remember your mom loves you as you love your kids. We are all a product of our times and her religion is what it is. You can love each other and disagree. Heck I love my Republican husband !
    You are looking for peace in your own heart We all are. take your time

  • Jacob:

    Congrats Gladys, have fun in NYC.

  • Congrats to Gladys! Have a great time in NYC, Rechelle!

  • Paula:

    Rechelle, don’t stand in line for 1/2 price tickets at the TKTS booth, tempting as it may be to save money. If you only have a limited time in NYC, that will eat up half a day. I used to live in Greenwich, CT, so I went into the city at least once a month to the TKTS booth and did that. My husband would meet me that evening to see the show. Worth it for me. Not for someone who is just in town for the one weekend.

  • Paula:

    Oh, and because of this book, I had to take my son to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I would have anyway, but because of the book, he loved it as much as I did!

  • km:

    The Met is awesome (and he’d love Jeckyll and Hyde’s restaurant that someone mentioned earlier, especially if he likes spooky stuff)
    Thanks Paula for the book recommendation. I must look it up in our library here.

  • Did you show cats or is this some joke I don’t get? I used to show Persians and am still with my original love of keeping/breeding/showing Lhasa Apso dogs. I miss the cats but physically can not deal with them now.

  • Oh my goodness! I love that bowl. Much better than any of the hats we have around our house!

  • Colin – Our show cats are actually ‘fake show cats’. But we keep this an absolute secret from them. They would be devastated if they knew the truth!

  • km:

    I know people like that Rechelle:)

  • Colin – Our show cats are actually ‘fake show cats’. But we keep this an absolute secret from them. They would be devastated if they knew the truth!

    okay….sssh…mum’s the word….

  • LucyGolden:

    Colin, click on Rechelle’s “Show Cats” link…They’re beautiful kitties!

  • Thank you, Lucy. I went and looked. Tabby points but not sure of tabby point what? Ragdolls? I use dot have Tabby Point Himalyans as well as solids. The Tabby point is my favourite.

  • I pressed return too soon. I can’t keep cats now, hands wouldn’t’ cope and couldn’t lift or clean litter trays. Couldn’t even knit today which is a rare occurrence, nothing interferes with that but not even good old Sister Morpheus allowed me too. The fact I burned by hand rather badly yesterday didn’t help. :( Anyway, I miss my cats a lot although I adore my dogs. Without them, I might not get out of bed some days. Plus they make me laugh and I get to nurture.

  • LucyGolden:

    Oooo…Sorry you burned your hand, Colin. I burned my forearm badly in November, I can understand the pain – in more ways than one. I hope you’re able to get back to your knitting soon! Love your blog!

  • Thank you Lucy. I have to say this is the first blog, Rechelle’s, I have ever got involved in. I was sent her link by someone who knew I would appreciate her and she was write. the ‘apology’ post made me cry. I have to say i feared it was a joke at first.
    Re my burn-it’s got worse. Today it is raw and bleeding so no is wrapped up with special burn wrapping. The person who did it, was mindful of my knitting and I can now knit with the finger all wrapped up, if a bit awkwardly! The rest of my hand seems okay, it was just my index finger, right hand, that went.

  • km:

    Colin, I thought this would make you chuckle.

  • Ta km!

  • lola falana:


    I think you’re cool for living your truth. And brave to do it in Kansas!

    Maybe one day I will actually blog about mine. I’ve been threatening to do it for years now.