CDW is Fashion Disaster During NYC Fashion Week

February 18th, 2010

Fashion week was in full swing in the garment district during our recent visit to NYC.  The city was also hosting the way cooler, darkly hip, and frightfully edgy, international toy convention.  I was there for the toys.  Well – not really.  My mom was there for the toys… because of the puppets.  

For the convention, my mom found an affordable condo just a few blocks off Time Square and she invited me along.  I grabbed my fifteen year old son and away we went.  It was a fun trip. Thanks mom.  















Calder and I spent our days wandering all over Manhattan.  We walked through snow covered Central Park, stopping at the Natural History Museum and the Guggenheim. 




We ate at John’s Pizzeria on Bleecker Street, paid our respects at Ground Zero and took a free ride on the Staten Island Ferry.  




We had a great time hopping on and off the Gray Line all over the city, seeing where Lennon was shot, where Jackie O lived and zipping up to the top of The Rock. 





But I had a hard time focusing on the sites.





Because of my naked jeans.


My naked jeans, my naked jeans, my naked jeans….

I just couldn’t stop thinking about how naked my jeans were!

Naked, naked, naked.

It was almost like I was naked!

Except it was worse!

Because my jeans were NAKED! 

Everyone could SEE them!  

Why didn’t I have the decency to cover my jeans up!  

What was wrong with me?  

Was I some kind of pervert!  

Who did I think I was walking all over the city with my jeans hanging out like that!  

And let’s not even mention that my exposed  jeans were also (gasp) BOOT CUT!  I am pretty sure that I was the only person left in NYC that was still wearing boot cut jeans.  




But wait!

It gets WORSE!

MUCH WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because I bought those boot cut jeans….


I know, I know!

Where am I from?  Some kind of frozen dimension in time where Laura Ingalls Wilder still prances around in gingham dresses and Nelly’s big fat yellow curls are the epitome of STYLE?  Was I still trapped in the eighties?  Was I some lost character from a forgotten episode of Knot’s Landing?


Because no one was wearing boot cut jeans on Knot’s Landing!

In fact, if I had dressed like a character from Knot’s Landing I would have been pretty darn fashionable in NYC!

At least I would have had the right kind of jeans on!

Tight, calf sucking jeans with dangly zips at the ankle!

Or even better.


Why did I not bring a pair of leggings?

I have leggings!

I could have brought leggings!

Why did I let my sensible Kansas girl need for warmth and comfort overcome my still, small, inner fashion guru who was quietly whispering, “pack the leggings, pack the leggings…

Oh yeah!

Because I don’t have a still, small, inner fashion guru!

But I did try.

I want you to know that I did try.

By day three I was so sick of being the only girl in NYC with naked, exposed, boot cut jeans, that I traded them out for the other pair of jeans in my suitcase.  I put on my ‘boyfriend’ jeans which have a straighter cut. 

I even attempted to tuck my boyfriend jeans into my plain black boots so that all the perverted nakedness would stop!

But I couldn’t make it work.

The boyfriend jeans inside of the plain black boots did not make me look like a New Yorker.

They made me look like a member of the Gestappo.  

A very dorky member of the Gestappo.

The dorkiest member of the Gestappo EVER!

My dorky, not tight enough, not sucking at my calves enough jeans just looked stupid tucked into my not complicated enough, not blinged out enough, plain old boring, black boots.  

So I untucked my boyfriend jeans putting them on the outside of my boots where EVERYONE COULD SEE THEM and I continued to feel like an over-exposed weirdo.  

Then I put on my red checked coat  (that looks like something Dorothy would wear if she ever returned to Oz in the winter ) that is not belted, not skirted, not wool, not tweedy and certainly not covered in big shiny buttons like a proper New York City girl wears!

I also lacked a fabulous scarf, a fabulous hat, and super fun stockings that peeked over the top of my boots.  


And the big leather bag with all sorts of shiny metal doohickeys embedded in it.

I didn’t have one of those either! 

So yeah.

If I had wandered into the garment district, I would have been promptly asked to leave.

Or possibly even thrown into jail! 

For appalling crimes against the fashion industry.

Starting with my shocking naked boot cut jeans.

And ending with the irresistibly cute knit head wrap that I bought from a street vendor in Soho.  

Live and learn.

Next time I visit NYC in the winter, I will be ready.

Of course by then, boot cut jeans will be back in style.




And Dorothy (pictured above) in her checked winter ensemble with Soho knit head wrap and lap top bag she is using for a purse will be on the cutting edge of fashion.

Or possibly not.

Hey!  At least I got the coffee cup right!


  • Shannon:

    You look mahvulous dahling…. absolutley mahvulous

  • Glad to see you back. I would like to see NYC and am told wheelchair access is easy there. My own capital, London, is more or less out of bounds. As is Paris. Despite the laws.

  • Patricia:

    Girl – you look perfect…don’t change a thing.

  • Mary:

    Glad your back, and you look great.

  • Martha in Kansas:

    You look very cosmopolitan in that photo! And I think I see boot cuts in that next-to-last photo?!! Sounds like a great time.

  • Trends! Who can keep up?

  • Great choices to visit. Hope Cal liked them. Glad to see you enjoyed our fair city. Naked jeans and all.

  • Seriously, the coffee cup makes the look regardless of what else you are wearing. One exception for even a coffee cup holder: even at the Westminster Dog Show, it is poor form to wear a doggie sweater if you are over the age of four – coffee or no coffee. I know, I saw a lot of them this week.

  • NB:

    I think you look great. I am pretty sure Stacy from What Not to Wear would tell you your boot cut jeans are working for you. The bag, well, she might give you some pointers but I think it looks ok.

  • Bah skinny jeans are ugly. Boot cut are much better. Leggings are cute though….if done right.

    You look ab-fab anyway. And extremely happy.

  • Nanc in Ashland:

    Aw, Rechelle, you are appropriately dressed and look adorable. Leggings are just footless tights and are designed to be worn under pants, skirts, jeans, etc. Leggings worn alone–no. No matter how skinny one is, the result is camel toe. Seriously, look at all the female Olympic lugers! OK, they’re wearing sport cat suites (sorry–I don’t know the technical term!) and are in great shape but it’s still not a look that’s appropriate for street wear. Well, maybe if you’re a street walker.

    I really hate leggings. Pants are a much better option if one desires a full leg covering.

    Oh, and your son looks adorable, too!

  • Ted Powell:

    Great pictures!

  • Jill:

    You look great – forget NYC, the CDW knows how to rock it!

  • km:

    I think CDW suits NYC , hope you guys had a lot of fun and good bonding time:)

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    You look perfect for a city girl!

    I went to the city today too, and looked awesome in naked boot cut jeans, boots and a barn jacket. Orscheln’s and K-State poultry farm still count as the city, right?

  • Liz:

    I think you look super-cute in that picture!

  • Sarah K:

    You look fantastic in those jeans. Skinny too! Some things are just classics like boot cut jeans. I have a pair that are 30 years old! At least they aren’t “mom” jeans with elastic waists! Sounds like you had a great time in the city.

  • I don’t know one type of jeans from another. If they cover my butt then all is well.

    You love lovely and happy in the picture above. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  • Jayne:

    I agree – you look fabulous and happy!

  • Ya look fabulous!!!

    You’re the after in my before picture….


  • Kelly:

    You look great in that photo, and I love your coat! I totally understand where you’re coming from, though. I dress like you – comfortable and not pretentious and in jeans that don’t leave seam impressions on my legs. My sister-in-law dresses like the NYC girls you photographed (she lives in Chicago). She has the boots, the leggings, the super-skinny jeans, etc. Whenever I know I’m going to see her, I get stressed out about what I’m going to wear. I spend so much time agonizing over my closet, desparate to pull together outfits that might make me look somewhat cool to her. My husband thinks I’m completely crazy and neurotic. He can’t even begin to imagine how I can be so self-conscious about clothes. I’m going to show him your post so at least he’ll know I’m not the only woman who feels this way!

  • Love the photos – especially the pics with two beautiful ladies – you and Ms. Liberty.

  • Axelle the french reader:

    Great trip, great pictures and funny post !! … Do it again ;-)

  • You look cute! And don’t worry – I tuck my bootcut jeans into my boots (riding boots of course!) all the time :)

  • Glad you had fun…and looked great doing it as well!

  • sandy n.:

    What a great post-LOVE your humor! Thanks and you looked great! :)

  • sarabanjo:

    Ha ha, well _I_ wear boot cut jeans in NYC, with real cowboy boots under the jeans, the way they were meant to be worn. I think it’s actually really tough to stick out clothing-wise in NY. People here come in all shapes and sizes. :)

  • Tracy:

    oh good grief.. you look awesome! :D

    You would fit in perfectly in the northern prairie province of Manitoba.. (not that would you want to visit here in the Winter, and I would strongly recommend NOT visiting then!).

    Great post :)

  • LucyGolden:

    Rechelle, you look *fantastic* & adorable! By the way, I just bought 2 pair of boot cut jeans – Not Your Daughters Jeans – & they’re hip & fit great!

  • Jadehawk:

    sounds like you and Calder had fun, despite being horridly out of fashion :-)

  • Ed:

    How was your CHRISTIAN MOTHER?

  • Teri:

    I think you look GREAT!!! I love New York…my sis lives in New Jersey and when I visit her we go into the city. Always ends up being a great day.

  • Kimberly:

    I must be a real doof, but I think you look chic & adorable!

  • meme:

    Loved this post. Glad you’re back and that you had a great time.

  • Inga:

    You look very cute!

  • Jill:

    GREAT picture of the Statue of Liberty BTW!

  • You look adorable in that Soho head wrap. Well chosen!

    I think that might have been my SIL that you photo-ed in the subway. My SIL that has two babies under the age of 3 and still looks that fabulous. Yeah, I’m not jealous or anything. I just keep rocking my thrift-store boot-cut jeans and red puffy coat. I could have been there with you and we could have started a new fashion trend together.

  • Liz:

    Hey, Rechelle, I think you look terrific! Classy and appropriately dressed is a great look! Slaves to fashion simply look ridiculous as far as I am concerned. Think about all the “muffin tops” that the Britney Spears look created. Yikes!

  • Anoria:

    Nah, technically you didn’t – you need a reusable travel mug because paper waste is unfashionable too.

    Says the girl who owns seven pairs of jeans which are all boot cut. And several pairs of boots which she wears *under* the jeans and only shows off when they’re under skirts instead. Fashion trends can kiss my back pocket.

  • Kimberly:

    I would choose natural beauty over fashion any day! ;)

  • suzetta:

    Love the head wrap. Have no idea what “naked” jeans are. Ignorance is truly bliss.

  • I know the feeling. I’m teaching a class in Rabat’s fashionable downtown district, and everyday I look at the girls with their big boots and skinny legs and think, “Even if I had those clothes I wouldn’t look like that!”
    So are you back in the late 1800s now? ;) Sounds like a fun trip!

  • I’m fashion impaired, so I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

    I’m glad you had a great trip.

    When my daughter gets a little older, my wife and I plan on subletting an apartment for the summer in NYC, so we can have the experience of being New Yorkers. We’re a few years away from doing that, but occasionally I’ll visit websites advertising summer sublets.

  • So glad you & Calder had a good time. LOVE the pictures, thanks for sharing! Forget about “fashion”, you look adorable. :)

  • Diane:

    We are proud to sell boot cut jeans at Orscheln and think you look fabulous in them in NYC during fashion week!!

  • Fran:

    AAAAUGH! My eyes, my eyes!!!!! I cna’t believe you exposed me to naked jeans!!! I may never recover!

  • km:

    I think I like the pajamajeans future trend.

  • Katie:

    Tell me about. Last month I went into The Buckle while in Tulsa (a city way too stylish and Dallas-esque for me). My friend (age 33; me 43) had gift card to spend. I don’t even shop at The Buckle and hope my 11-year-old doesn’t want to go there anytime soon. that how uncool am I! If you are hipper than I, you probably know that you can pay nearly $200 for jeans there? I shopped at the store in the ‘80s when it was The Belt Buckle. Well, today’s store is way different from the ol’ Belt Buckle of the ’80s. And, were the clothes that expensive then? Thanks Mom & Dad for buying them for…if they were!

    Anyway, for those of you that don’t know, the jeans at the Buckle (I could goggle to find the specific brand names but will just admit I don’t know any of them from memory.) come in various lengths and sizes (based on hip size since most are cut below the navel) and supposedly last FOREVER–making them worth the high $. If I purchased a pair I could probably find the perfect fit for my now nearly 44-year-old body with a vastly disproportionate hip to leg length. But at $100 (sale price) to nearly $200 for a pair of jean, that’s way beyond my comfort zone.

    So, I felt very unhip with the tall, thin, beautiful, young-er friend (whom I love dearly). I stood beside her in my fairly new Dillard’s wide leg dressy jeans (which I was very proud of up to that point) and felt just plain old and unfashionable. But was I? Isn’t it all subjective?

    So, from my subjective point of view (hope this viewpoint doesn’t get your ire up, lol), I think you look awesome in your jeans, red jacket, hip new hat and hot coffee. Your style has always been your own and isn’t that what it’s all about? NYC isn’t everything. As you always say (and have been quite a bit lately), take me or leave. I’ll take you…all the way back to NYC along with few other Midwest gals. Perhaps we can change the fashion trend! Maybe?

  • Christine:

    bedazzle the butt pockets with some metal rivets and studs and you’ll be set! but beware trying to be one of those moms that dress like the teenagers do, because us twentysomethings will mock you. It’s what keeps me alive! Makes my blood pump! something something! Leggings are HUGE right now. But they are so huge that they’re on their way out soon. At their peak so to speak. If you want to be really really in fashion wear a pair of riding tights/breeches. leggings with the sewn in knee patches… those are big right now too. Totally bizzare and totally hip seem to go hand in hand.

  • Christine:

    In Reply to Katie – The Buckle has an excellent sales section in the back of the store. Just go right past everything to the very back. The Buckle will adjust the length for free. They sell jeans that range from $75 ish and up when not on sale. But they ALWAYS have TONS of jeans in the back on clearance and I’ve been able to find jeans for closer to $40 back there. They carry brand names that you find at Nordstroms, like MissMe. (I own one pair of MissMe from there that I won in a bet. Best. Bet. I. Ever. Made.) The pair I have have outlasted all my Levis and American Eagle jeans in terms of wear and tear with equal usage.

  • Hallie:

    So you’re dressed like a sensible midwestern tourist, and a very nice looking one, too. Seriously, I like that coat…

  • Liesl:

    I think you look fab but here’s a jean you may get a kick out of.
    I am not advertising I find this to be quite hilarious and you will too.

  • joann in tx:

    Color me old fashion! i think you look great!
    are those the boyfriend jeans?

    i for one LOVE red and your red coat! want to trade?

  • You are so not a fashion DORK, although I would have probably felt the same.
    You are so funny! Loved your post.

  • Katherine:

    hahahaha…I for one go for warmth before fashion.
    Glad you all got to see and do so much..thanks for sharing your photos

  • I was also in New York last week IN MY BOOTCUT JEANS and I was appalled at all the leggings being worn by women who had NO BUSINESS (or maybe too much business) wearing leggings. It was scary.

  • flutterby:

    A recent article declared that fashion trends are no longer trendy and anything goes. Yeah, right.