Now, Who’s Up For a Nice Cuppa Tea?

January 28th, 2010

Because it has been a little rough lately.

Our family visited England this summer.

I have written about many parts of the trip, but I have been saving this tea party story for the day after I eviscerated my former faith, ‘came out’ as an atheist and left my conventional life as a churchy small town doctor’s wife in a heap of  smoking ruins behind me.

Because a nice cup of tea makes everything more tolerable.

Doesn’t it?

The last leg of our trip was spent with our friends Mike and Liz and their three sons.  Mike and Liz have been good friends of ours since my husband was in medical school.  My friend Liz grew up in a small town outside of London.  She met her husband Mike in Germany and they eventually moved back to the States.

Liz’s mum threw us a gorgeous tea party.  Check out the cool postcard wall in her kitchen.

This is Liz.

This is the house that Liz grew up in.
The house has a name because that’s what they do in England. They give houses names.

The spread.

The serve.

The mother daughter series…

The man in gray on gray with just a touch of gray is Liz’s husband, Mike.

My husband’s name is also Mike and believe it or not the two Mikes share the same birthday.

I know….


My boys all drink tea.

Because I make them drink it.

Because I think tea is a civilizing agent and very necessary for a house full of young boys.

When my boys have friends over, they drink tea with us too.  We all sit around with our cups and saucers and drink tea and speak in fake british accents and say things like ‘jolly good’ and ‘old mate’ and ‘limes and kippers’ even though I have no idea what ‘limes and kippers’ means.  We just say it because it sounds British and it is loads of fun.

Liz’s mom was very surprised and delighted that my boys wanted a cup of tea too.

When we said ‘limes and kippers’ in our fake cockney accents, she just smiled politely and then excused herself to go make some more tea.

Liz’s son Sam grabbed my camera and took a few excellent shots.  He really has an eye.

That’s me beside Liz’s mum.  What are we talking about?  We seem so intent.  Am I telling her that I am an atheist?  Am I trying to explain the whole ‘limes and kippers’ thing?

Liz and Will

Sam took this shot.

Liz’s dad and my extraordinarily good looking husband (the one on the left).

Later that evening, we went to a nearby pub that was on a river, except I don’t think they are called rivers.  They are man made channels or canals or something and they have them all over England.  The country is practically pockmarked with them.  It is a popular past time to take a very narrow boat down these canals and see the countryside.

This pub was located adjacent to a ‘lock’.  Am I getting this terminology even remotely right?

The boys got to help close off the ‘lock?’ and then they waited for the water to rise inside the ‘lock?’  and then they opened up the ‘lock?’ on the other side.

How was that for a fascinating explanation of something so crushingly obvious?

Cheerio (in fake cockney accent).