Breaking News on Cannibal Palsy from Alert Reader Norm in Ohio

January 28th, 2010

Evidently bovine spongiform encephalopathy is basically the same thing as cannibal palsy… which is the same thing as kuru… which is the same thing as mad cow disease. So cannibal palsy is mad cow!   Cows get it from eating other cows and humans get it from eating other humans. So I guess the question is, can a human get mad cow?  It seems unlikely as this is cannibal palsy we are talking about and I don’t think that human consumption of cows equates cannibalism, and yet I seem to distinctly remember a terror that swept our country not all that long ago where even I may have passed up a few hamburgers here and there. I better google it…

Okay – the way a person can get mad cow is by eating a cow who had mad cow.  So avoid that… and avoid eating the brains of your dead relatives and avoid eating anything that even looks like a prion.  Prions are the problem and they can show up in deer, elk, sheep, cows and humans.  So if you really want to be safe, avoid eating pretty much all meat except bacon.  

Thanks Norm!