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I didn’t even know I had a Moss shaped hole in my heart.

I didn’t understand the emptiness.  

I didn’t know the murky depths of the endless pit that could only be filled by a man called  Moss…. 




This Moss…

Maurice Moss

My Moss.

He is one of the main characters in the British television show, The IT Crowd.  

Look at him!


How can you not fall instantly in love!

And you haven’t even heard him speak yet!





Take all the best parts of Napoleon Dynamite and all the best parts of Dwight Schrute and give him a British accent and an insane part down the side of that big curly fro and you will have Moss….


My Moss.


You will also have Roy – Scottish Roy – the other guy who inhabits the basement office of Reynholm Industries along with Moss and Jen who is their relationship manager.  

I started watching this series last week on a recommendation from my boss and have done little else since.  Aside from a growing love affair with Moss, I have also come to understand my oldest son so much better.  In the first episode, Roy is sitting at his desk eating a donut and completely ignoring the phone that is ringing off the hook on his desk.  After what seems like an eternity, he finally deigns to answer the phone but only with a voice that is so full of crushing disdain you can actually hear the person shrinking on the other end of the phone.  And that is when I knew.  That is when I came to understand.  I suddenly realized that my oldest son is not really trying to kill me with his stone like response to everything I say and his complete and utter contempt for everything I do.  In reality… my son is just an I.T. guy.   Now I get him.  My view point has totally changed.  He is not really trying to annoy the hell out of his mother – he is just ignoring me and hoping that I will disappear on my own. If you watch the first scene, you will see what I mean – and you will also see Moss – my love – my own true love – in action.  Geeawd I love that guy!

And then fritter your life away watching the rest of this series.  It is freaking hilarious.

Jack's Thanksgiving Card

December 1st, 2009

I found this card in the bottom of Jack’s backpack on Sunday night.  






He was supposed to draw a picture in the box on the front of the card…






This is the picture he drew.

because um….

you know….

killing someone with a rock is one of the ways our family celebrates Thanksgiving.  









Inside were the more appropriate sentiments that you might hope to find in a seven year old’s Thanksgiving card.

“On Thanksgiving, I give thanks for mom and my family.”

I remain at the top of his list…. but what is more interesting is what was at the bottom of his list….






Clear down in the bottom corner…

Almost as an afterthought…

He added ‘goD’.






What do you suppose he was thinking?

That he better add ‘goD’ just in case?

That he feels like he is supposed to say ‘goD’ but he feels kind of weird about it so he will write it super tiny and almost out of sight?

Is he just trying to cover all his bases?

Perhaps he thought that he would eventually fill in the rest of the card with other things he was thankful for and ‘goD’ would be a nice way to finish?

Or is he just putting things in their proper perspective?

MOM… family………………………………………………..goD.





On the next page he continued in praise of his mother pronouncing me as the ‘best mom in the unavevs’.  

Hey!  At least I am the best somewhere!  






This card made me very thankful to goD for my seven year old because it made me laugh.  

Have a great day!


‘The best mom in the unavevs’