Jack's Thanksgiving Card

December 1st, 2009

I found this card in the bottom of Jack’s backpack on Sunday night.  






He was supposed to draw a picture in the box on the front of the card…






This is the picture he drew.

because um….

you know….

killing someone with a rock is one of the ways our family celebrates Thanksgiving.  









Inside were the more appropriate sentiments that you might hope to find in a seven year old’s Thanksgiving card.

“On Thanksgiving, I give thanks for mom and my family.”

I remain at the top of his list…. but what is more interesting is what was at the bottom of his list….






Clear down in the bottom corner…

Almost as an afterthought…

He added ‘goD’.






What do you suppose he was thinking?

That he better add ‘goD’ just in case?

That he feels like he is supposed to say ‘goD’ but he feels kind of weird about it so he will write it super tiny and almost out of sight?

Is he just trying to cover all his bases?

Perhaps he thought that he would eventually fill in the rest of the card with other things he was thankful for and ‘goD’ would be a nice way to finish?

Or is he just putting things in their proper perspective?

MOM… family………………………………………………..goD.





On the next page he continued in praise of his mother pronouncing me as the ‘best mom in the unavevs’.  

Hey!  At least I am the best somewhere!  






This card made me very thankful to goD for my seven year old because it made me laugh.  

Have a great day!


‘The best mom in the unavevs’


  • Janessa:

    Love it! On my homemade Mother’s Day card last year, my 6 year old wrote, “I love Mom because she lets us go outside for free.” LOL I wonder if I could get away with charging them?? Hmmm….

  • I thought that first line said “mom$my”. Are you sure there isn’t a subliminal message in there?

  • Inga:

    What a precious keepsake!


  • Jennifer:

    Well, that’s a keeper! Love it!

  • goD bless that sweet little feller!! :)

  • Maybe he’s a big Shirley Jackson fan? I know at seven I much preferred The Lottery to Ramona and Beezus. I’m just saying…

  • Martha in Kansas:

    I thought those might be leaves on the front. A pile of leaves. I can’t account for the dead guy tho. I’m sure if the dead guy were someone he knew, there would be a label. At least he loves you! And he avoided having to spell anyone else’s name but goD. You definitely should keep this one.

  • awwwwww…that is SO, SO sweet!

    Are you sure that isn’t a drawing of you throwing a massive stack of pancakes or cookies for your son to enjoy all by himself?

  • Kellye:

    Oh that is so wonderful! Maybe that picture on the front is you standing on top of all the tomatoes you grew this summer. And at the bottom is a lesser mom who died at the thought of growing and putting up all that produce!

  • I just thought the sweet handwriting and simplicity of what your boy said was just adorable!! Brought me back to my little ones not that many years ago. So precious! I love goD at the bottom. Darling!

  • Love it…!

  • my 5 year old loves me because I’m beeyoudyful

  • I wish I had been in possession of blogs when my girls were little! That’s funny, sweet and cute!

  • Carol:


  • Linda:

    And when you open “that box” into which you put Jack’s card long about 20 years from now, you will laugh and feel tears of joyful thankfulness for his ever-loving cuteness slipping out of the corners of your eyes. You will then text him at dental school and he will remember the whole thing, too. When he gets choked up with you, you will know you’ve won. Life is good, Rechelle.

  • Linda:

    Just saw this article. Jack is just a cool Mac guy:


  • Michelle:

    Hahahaha… that’s a keeper, just like the one i have on the back of my closet door from my now 13 yr old that says “see you faker” except the a totally looks like a u. ;x

  • Kathy:

    Love this, it’s pure genius! I think you should count your lucky stars that the dead guy on the front appears to be just that… “a guy” (since there is no long hair) I’m thinking it can’t possibly be you… what has Dad done to make him angry?? lol! This is a keeper for sure!

  • Jean:

    Maybe he put God there because he’s a super-angelic devout boy who couldn’t stand to leave God out even though he goes to public school and knows God isn’t all that welcome there. :P

  • I think it’s great your heathen public schooler knows about gOD. And wow, he thought to thank him too…

  • Patricia:

    Lucky Mom !! goD blessed you with those boys !!

  • Aaaw, how sweet! This is usually how I find things like this, at the end of the weekend or weeks later crumpled up at the bottom of the backpack :D

  • That’s so funny and sweet. I thought he beat the other guy to the top of those acorns – or are they pumpkins – or maybe horse poo?

  • great card!

    and i was thinking that there were sure to be a few comments thrown in there about the ungoDly public school kids. i see i wasn’t dissapointed!

    you’re a great mom- and how wonderful that your kids recognize it now, rather than finally “getting it” after they’ve grown up!

  • joann in tx:

    i loved Jack’s card…. i loved your
    comments even more! :)

  • Well, at least he knew that one of the letters was supposed to capitolized! But, I don’t get the drawing on the front!

  • I don’t see rocks… I think he is on top of a hill of frozen turkeys and he punched some guy out trying to get the best one…. for his mom… who is the best in the universe…. But really… who can judge art?

  • Axelle the french reader:

    It made me laugh a lot !!

  • I’m thankful I wasn’t the guy at the bottom of the rock pile! I love the way you led us through the various highpoints of the card!

  • This post made my day.

    It also made me feel better about my five-year-old daughter’s Thanksgiving comments.

    Before Thanksgiving dinner, the family went around the table and each person shared something he/she was thankful for. I said something eloquent about gratitude and being thankful for my wife and family and other stuff.

    When my daughter’s turned arrive, she informed us that she was thankful for restrooms. Later I tried to explain that the day was to express gratitude for our blessings, blah, blah, blah. When I finished, I asked, “Now what are you thankful for?”

    Her response, “I’m still thankful for restrooms.”

    That daughter of mine sticks to her guns.

  • That is the cutest thing ever! It seriously made me smile :)


  • ms martyr:

    I just love this card and your observations. Perhaps Jack can design the family Christmas card?

  • Donna M.:

    I seriously laughed out loud and I’m at work!!!!! Looks exactly like something my boys would draw and write! I have four of them too! Thanks for laugh, I actually really needed it today.

  • Trust me…I work with children. He meant Dog.

  • Hey Rechelle,
    I’ve been away from ‘you’ for months – life got busy and I cut way back on my reading. Yesterday the kids were decorating the Christmas tree and my daughter brought an ornament to me and said “Mamma, look at this beautiful snowman!” I looked at it and said “Why that’s no ordinary snowman, I got that from Rechelle in Kansas. She writes that Country Doctor’s Wife blog.” So I HAD to come and see what you’ve been up to. I’m glad to see that your ‘normal’ life is just as unusual as ever and I promise to check in more often.

  • God love him! Haha! This little card made me chuckle!

  • LOL! I have four kids and the youngest is seven. So the whole thing just make me giggle! What is going on in their head? Just wish I had a running video of it all.