Handmade Stocking Caps from Grandma Great

December 26th, 2009

I had no idea that my grandma Lela was so hip.

(Please ignore the cluttered game cabinet in background.)


  • Southern Gal:

    What a great picture!!

  • Fran:

    Way cool! Merry Christmas, Rechelle!

    ps – by the way, did you get any good books for Christmas?

  • joann in tx:

    way to go grandma, times four!

    those caps look like they’ll keep
    ears and heads nice and warm in
    that cold snowy weather!

    what a great job she did!!!!

  • Fran – Oh dear! I am afraid that while buying books for gifts for other people, several ended up in my cart for me! In the middle of AS Byatt’s The Children’s Book right now and am having a hard time keeping track of all the different characters. I need a flow chart.

  • Those are awesome!! What a GREAT photo too.

  • First time to read your blog. Very interesting! Very nice photo of the boys.

  • SandyS.:

    Rechelle, my sister and I want to make those caps the boys got from their grandmother. How can we find the pattern? Can you check with her and see what you can find out for us?!! We REALLY want to make some. We are sick of doing baby caps! She lives in Canada and I live in Texas and we enjoy doing a “together” project. Thanks!!!

  • Debbie From Illinois:


    Tap tap tap! Are you there??? I miss you!

    I am Debbie from the Frozen shores of Lake Michigan. We are expecting another 8-10 inches tonight and tomorrow. I need funny blog entires to read. Hint hint!

  • Debbie From Illinois:

    I meant blog entries. My fingers are frozen from taking down the outside holiday decorations.