A Very Cassie Christmas

December 23rd, 2009

Two of the girls that I work with have the same first name and that name is ‘Cassie’ (except without the quotation marks). We have tried an assortment of methods to distinguish one ‘Cassie’ from the other ‘Cassie’. Sometimes we add the last initial and say ‘Cassie C.’ which sounds like ‘CasSeeSee’ and then the other Cassie goes by ‘C-Dubya’, but this method requires that we remember last names and due to the four holes in my head (where the babies came out) I can’t remember last names anymore. I find that adjectives are far more helpful to me so sometimes I refer to one Cassie as ‘Curly Cassie’ while the other Cassie is ‘Straight Cassie’ but oh dear… that doesn’t sound quite right… maybe it would be better to consider ‘Crazy Cassie’ and then um… ‘Sane Cassie’ – no that doesn’t sound very good.  How about ‘Quiet Cassie’ and um… ‘Loud’… or no wait… ‘Not Quite as Quiet…’ or er… um…. so you can see that the adjectives don’t work very well either.  So eventually, I have settled on using the places that the Cassies come from to describe them and so there’s nice and safe ‘Alaska Cassie’ and then the ‘never going to upset anyone by even sounding slightly insulting’,  ’Kansas City Cassie’.  Phew!  That was a close one!

Even though the two Cassies are very different from each other, their identical names have resulted in the two of them developing their own special language which greatly entertains the rest of us. For instance, if they don’t understand what a customer wants they call this ‘Cassie Confusion’. When they can’t solve a customer’s problem they call this a ‘Cassie Conundrum’. When the store is really busy and the phone is ringing off the hook and then the cash register breaks down, this is of course ‘Cassie Chaos’ and can often result in a ‘Cassie Catastrophe’, however if they can fix the cash register, they are oh so ‘Cassie Clever’. So, when one of the Cassies threw a party last week – it could only be called one thing – ‘Cassie Christmas’.

And of course there was a white elephant gift exchange.

Of which the prize gift was a hand crafted, pink poodle, jar cover… thingy.

Which Alaska Cassie was lucky enough to get in the first round.




And then quickly swiped by ‘K.C. Cassie’ in the next round.





At which point, I took the poodle for myself.

Because – clearly.



And then ‘Cursed Cassie’ stole it back!






And I ended up with this dumb old beer can hat.

And I decided that I was the victim of a ‘Cassie Calamity’!  
So I threw a ‘Cassie Conniption!’
And my name isn’t even Cassie!



The Other Non-Cassie Attendees







AnneMarie – you might remember her from last year’s episode of the sparkly bow.





AnneMarie and Liz






‘Criminal Cassie’ with Darla and Melissa.

Examining a house plant because that is what plant people do at parties… when they are not stealing each other’s poodles.





These were the delicious won-ton, sausage, cheese, appetizers that ‘Cruel Cassie’ made for the party. They were really good. I found a similar recipe here – but I feel it imperative to note that ‘Cantankerous Cassie’ added red bell pepper to her version.




The Country Doctor models the beer can hat.

Holy Crap!  

It’s almost Christmas!  

What am I doing sitting at my computer!

Merry Merry – Joy Joy,



  • jamoody:

    Merry Christmas to you!!! As usual, I loved the post, and I love the picture of the Country Doctor with your beer can hat on….also, the first picture is beautiful…it could be a Christmas card.

    Here’s hoping you and yours have the Merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of New Year’s!

  • AngAk:

    I agree, that first picture is magical! Merry merry, joy joy right back atcha too. I read the book you sent me—loved it and thanks again. Here’s to a good 2010.

  • This sort of problem is much more common if your name is Jennifer. Because you know how Jennifers love pink poodles. No not that problem, the name confusion! Though who wouldn’t love a pink poodle jar cover thingy because, clearly…

    After our Dirty Santa gift exchange last night, I am the proud mother of a 19-year-old Marine with a jingle thong and an elf hat. And yes, I brought that gift. And yes, he stole it from someone else. Because, clearly…

  • AngAk:

    Oh, and I went to the “sparkle bow” post, and seeing you in that lovely vintage orange eveningwear, I was reminded of this post over on BooMama the other day with a YouTube clip on the 1974 Miss America parade of contestants. I am almost sure that your orange “gown” might be represented. It’s a real hoot to watch.
    If you need a good chuckle over the holidays, this is it.

  • Charismatic Cassie:

    Hey! Who you callin Crazy Cassie???? :)

  • Merry Christmas!! Your blog is wonderful.

    The pink poodle thing is absolutely hideous. Wonderful! ha.

    Our electricity keeps going off. I’ve filled the bathtub with water to be able to flush the toilet when the meltdown of civilization occurs here in Iowa. Now to feed the cows and calves….get wood in for the fire….and most importantly – wash my hair.

    “Heap on more wood, the wind is chill. But let it whistle as it will. We’ll keep our Christmas merry still”

  • It is clear to me that my mother- in -law made all the gifts for your party.

    That’s all I’ll say about that.

  • I’d be happy to trade you the beer can hat for the toilet seat I received last week at my friends white elephant exchange…. *It’s brand new*

  • Martha in Kansas:

    I have a lovely snowman cheeseball platter, complete with 4 snowman cheese knives I’ll gladly let you have for your next exchange. Unfortunately I can’t take it back to the same party next year because the elderly lady who gave it was serious.

    I suggest to clear up the Cassie confusion at work, you should all take on the name. Cassie Liz, Cassie AnneMarie, Cassie Darla, Cassie Rechelle, etc.

    When I saw that beercan hat, I somehow knew the CD wouild be wearing it next. It suits him!

    Merry Christmas and all that goes with it to you and yours. Thanks for your blog.

  • Myra:

    See why I hate pictures of me??? I always have my mouth hanging open in some unflattering way. :D

  • Myra – you look great!

  • Of course you’ve read the classic:
    “An Exaltation of Larks”? Well, these ladies could be a “Cacophony of Cassies”, a “Clutch of Cassies”, a “Cosmos of Cassies”….just saying…

  • Rechelle:

    Iowa – they are a clutch of something.