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Out in the Cold

December 26th, 2009


It’s me…  Cookie….

The Show Cat?

The gorgeous Show Cat?

The beautiful fluff ball?

The puffy pile of kitty cat wonderment?

Is any of this ringing a bell?



Are you people seriously going to just let me freeze out here?


It’s almost as if you are the show cats and I am the human!

I had no idea that my grandma Lela was so hip.

(Please ignore the cluttered game cabinet in background.)

On Anxiety…..

Grandpa Harry – Jack, are you a little anxious about opening your Christmas presents?

Jack – I don’t know what anxious means.


On Indigestion….

Me – Do any of your patients ever complain about burping or farting all the time?

CD – Yes…

Me – What do you do for them?

CD – I can’t do anything for them.

Me – What do you mean you can’t do anything?

CD – There’s nothing that can be done.

Me – Sure there is! You can tell them to watch what they eat! You could tell them to eat less! You could give them some medicine!

CD – Yes, I could give them some $100.00 medicine that won’t work. I can tell them to eat less or eat better, but they already know that.

Me – I think you just like telling people that nothing can be done. I think you just like making people feel powerless.

CD – Rechelle. I don’t know how to make people stop farting.


On High Blood Pressure…

Me – … are you telling me that a 300 pound man with high blood pressure should not change his diet?

CD – Changing his diet will not change his high blood pressure.

Me – What are you talking about? Did he have high blood pressure when he was a baby? Did he have high blood pressure when he was a skinny nine year old kid? Did he have high blood pressure when he was eighteen and running hurdles on the highschool track team?

CD – No one knows what causes high blood pressure.

Me – Well – maybe if he lost a hundred pounds he wouldn’t have it anymore.

CD – Okay… what about the 92 pound old lady who has high blood pressure? Should she lose 100 pounds too?

Me – Uh….