Winners for 84 Charring Cross Road are Up at Farmhouse Library

November 10th, 2009

If your name is P.J. or Ang Ank – there is a very strong chance that you won the recent giveaway at Farmhouse Library.  Everyone else – thanks for entering and  for reading this strange little blog.


  • p.j.:

    Good morning, Rechelle!
    I just sent you an e-mail with my office address. I am looking forward to curling up with 84 Charing Cross Road.
    When I read your blog entry, I thought I might have read this a couple dozen years ago. Now I will find out if my brain is functioning properly.

    I enjoy your “strange little blog” very much: I would love to sit down some time over a cup of coffee/tea/hot cocoa and have a chat.
    Take care, and thanks very much, p.j.

  • Hey things a re picking you around your blog!!! And yes I still didn’t win!! I can never win at anything!! I spend every morning reading here in your corner of the world!

  • AngAk:

    Holey Moley, that’s me! I will surely enjoy reading this for the very first time. Thank you.

  • p.j.:


    Thank you so much for 84, Charing Cross Road. It arrived on Monday, and I apologize for taking so long to write my thank-you note. We had a rule with our kids that they could not read/use a present until after a proper note was written.

    I have been reading the book in snippets on my light-rail ride to and from work: 8 minutes in the a.m. and 10 minutes in the p.m. (I use 2 different stations on the home end). Yesterday I was so disappointed that someone I know sat with me & I felt I would be rude to read.

    I am enjoying the book so much. I may have read it eons ago – or seen the movie. Still not sure. I plan to curl up at home and finish it tonight.
    Thanks again for your kindness,