The Evolution of Man

November 11th, 2009


  • Hahahaha! That’s awesome!

  • So true, perfectly captured!

  • Hilarious…and true.

  • Perfection.

  • Stephanie:

    Wonderful picture…tells a story without saying a word….

  • Great photo, perfect caption!

  • I know that feeling well!! As a “mature” college student I will often have the PC going with a YouTube video and I am working on my laptop on a research project and also on the phone that is I am using the speaker phone!!! I gotta have my hands free to work the keyboards, mouse and drink my diet coke!!!

  • Kristina Peele:

    Even the facial expressions tell a story!

  • Awesome photo, Rechelle!! :)

  • Southern Gal:

    Love this! You couldn’t have done better if you had posed them.

  • Debra:

    You hit the nail right on the head!

  • Oh! That is funny!

  • Lydia:

    I see he is reading Diary of a Whimpy Kid he might get some good ideas to torture his brothers.

  • I take it Jack represents the primordial ooze?

    (Also, where did you hear of this “evolution of man” business?! I bet it came from the scourge of the modern age: public school!)

  • JenniferB:

    That is too good!

  • lamitchell:

    Wow – that is hilarious. Great blog btw.

  • Your title for this photo is pure genius!

  • Sarah H.:


  • M.R.:


  • So impressed boy in middle is actually speaking to a person and not texting.

  • So impressed middle-man is talking and not texting!

  • Shay W.:

    That is beautiful!

  • I LOVE it! Perfect caption.

  • Lori Anne:

    That IS a perfect picture/caption!

  • That’s hilarious, Rechelle.

  • Grandma Rita:

    Love my boys in all stages!!!!!!!