Snow Falling on Strawberries

November 17th, 2009

We awoke to snowfall this morning.

The first snowfall of the season…

You’ll have to excuse me for a few minutes while I run around like a ninny and take a few photos.

Believe it or not, I planted two flats of strawberries on Friday afternoon after I got home from work.

The strawberries were scheduled to be thrown into the compost pile at the garden center, as the planting season in Kansas is at it’s end.  I snatched a few doomed flats and brought them home.  It was a beautiful day – warm, slightly overcast, but very nice, as I tucked those strawberries into the dirt.  I hope they will make it.

I even picked a few for my breakfast!

And then spent a few quiet moments with my roses.

How long til Spring?


  • I love the photo with the white, house, white chairs and white lawn.

  • Inga:

    That was our scene this morning too! I still have a few things growing in the garden, and since we haven’t dipped below 35 or so they might survive. I have broccoli, brussel sprouts and some cabbages and they were all snow covered this morning. I also just had all my sunflower blooming and they looked similar to your roses this morning all covered with snow. But I didn’t run out and take pics as I hate, hate, hate the cold.

    I met your sister last night, it was fun chatting with her. Wow is she tall (I’m sure you’ve never heard that before) but this coming from someone who can’t reach the top shelf at the super market!

    Too long til spring if you ask me.

  • km:

    Poor gnome looks like he’s going to pack up his shovel and head into the garage for the winter

  • M.R.:

    The snow looks much deeper in the gnome world!

  • Fresh frozen strawberries! Love the barn picture and the one with the house in the background.

  • I love this series of frosty pictures!

    So sorry to hear you’ve been having a rough time… (me too – so double hugs to you!)

    Is there any reason why you do not want comments on your main blog posts? A cup of tea post really summed up what I miss most about England. Lovely. And you got the terminology right, too? Well, apart from the limes and kippers bit…