More Madness – Leaves in a Book and Grave Photography

November 18th, 2009

A few weeks ago I collected some leaves from the trees at work thinking I would write a post about you know… Fall leaves.






I brought the leaves home and I pressed them in a book for a few days.







During the interim, I had some serious spasms of doubt about writing a post about Fall leaves….







I am going to write about Fall leaves?





I am going to arrange the leaves?

I am going to label the leaves?

I am going to pose the leaves on both a black table….?






And a white table?

Because I need to see which background sets off the Fall color more?






Eventually – I talked myself out of this post…

Because it just seemed like something A CRAZY PERSON WOULD DO!






But still…

I really liked the photos.

Something about leaves…

Collecting leaves…

Posing leaves…

Even labelling leaves…

It actually seems like a relatively sane thing to do when I look back at the photos.

In fact, it seems far more sane than a lot of other things that I do.  

In fact, it might be the SANEST thing I have done in a long time!






So I guess I will stop worrying about all the graveyard photos I took of this statue. 






It will make sense someday.


  • Erin:

    Beautiful leaves – makes me want to go out and plant a maple tree!

  • Labeled leaf collections….kinda like Martha Stewart Living!

  • Thanks for labeling the leaves. I spent my childhood in Indiana, and I miss the glorious maple trees. I spent 30 years in Nebraska, and now I live in Colorado. I miss the colorful Falls of my youth.

  • Love the leaves. But I like the statue too. You’ve captured them both beautifully!

  • I really like the leaves against the black table. Fall is my favorite season, and I love decorating the house with leaves, real or otherwise. I wish we had some maples on our property for more fall color. However, MIL just had a nursery person tell her that maple leaves are highly poisonous to horses, so maples will not be planted between the arena and the road. Okaaaay, so don’t let the horses sit around in the arena–which they don’t anyway–and snarf the leaves. Right? Uh, apparently not.

    There’s a tree I drive by every day on the way too and from the kids’ school. It has maple-ish shaped leaves, only not quite, and the leaves are yellow, purple, and red all on one tree. It’s beautiful. I’m going to have to find out what that tree is–and if it is poisonous to horses.

    I do love the photos of the statue. Seeing those statues of children in a cemetery always makes me sad, though, so I am going to keep thinking of it as *just* a statue. Okay? Alright.

  • Love the fall leaves. They evoke many feelings and memories.
    Your beautiful statue photos inspire me to get out and take some photos, I need new material for my paintings.

  • Wow, I am totally impressed that you took the time to figure out all those leaves. I was just talking a few weeks ago to my husband about one of our back trees being the last to lose its leaves. To me it looked like all the other ones in our backyard. After that I figured it probably wasn’t the same kind of tree but I didn’t take the time to investigate it.

  • Susan:

    I love the leaves – especially the ones that have begun to change into such glorious colors. Here in Houston, we really dont have seasonal changes in the trees so I can vicariously enjoy through others.

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    Crap! I never got around to planting trees this Fall (I’m like the CD when it comes to trees – they should have been planted in the past, or whatever.) Heck, I never even made it to the nursery this Fall! Crappity crap.
    Sometimes building a house sucks, as in sucks up your time. Which is why I’m always happy to see you’ve made it thru that experience, and now have time to take cool pictures of leaves. There is hope…

  • Am I the only one who didn’t know there were so many types of maples?
    I have two sugar maples in the front. We’re in NEngland. I thought sugar maples were all that existed.
    there you are now. How useful was your post to me huh????

  • Love the leaves, I was raised in Calif with little season wet & cold as weather options. My Mom used to always say she missed the midwest season change…So now, evey year I send her a box of fall leaves. She piles them in the center of her dining room table….untill the cat dive bombs them and has a huge scattered mess of leaves in the house. But, thats not my problem!

  • I also gather leaves when I am out walking in the fall. I enjoyed your collection and wish I had them to go with mine.

    Cemetery photos are great! I like to see how different regions bury and remember their dead. I’m into genealogy big time so that is why this peeks my interest.

    Keep up the good work!

  • I love leaves!
    And the funny thing is, I just came from another blog that linked to a great article in the NY Times that is simply a photo montage of leaves. It’s absolutely hilarious!
    So, via GardenRant, I give you:
    I hope you laugh as hard as I did!

  • When my daughter was born 40 years ago we planted a Crimson Maple in our front yard in Prairie Village. Now when I go to Kansas I see that beautiful tree that is proably 40 feet tall and it touches my heart. So your pictures of Maple leaves touched me today. Thanks

  • joann in tx:

    i never knew there were so many maple leaves!

    “it just seemed like something A CRAZY PERSON WOULD DO!”

    thank you! i miss seeing the leaves turn color! coming from PA to TX…well lets just say we seem to miss out on fall. or maybe that’s where we are now?

    i still have a ton of leaves on my two ash trees in the front. and my neighbor’s tallow tree is slowly dropping leaves in my yard.

    so i for one have enjoyed seeing the leaves!!!

    joann in tx

  • Please do your article on leaves. We don’t see many of them out here in West Texas. Just a few cottonwoods or some red oaks. The rest of the trees are mesquite!

  • I LOVE the leaves; don’t see that beauty in these parts much, mostly palms and scrub oaks. So, thank you, Rechelle and don’t ever doubt your saneness. :)

  • Love the leaves – especially since all we get around here are yellow aspens. *sniff* I miss fall colors.

  • WTMCassandra:

    Oh, I really liked the fall leaves photo in your last post “Madness Behind the Method,” so don’t tell me you can’t “do” fall leaves!!! Fall leaves are classic. And now that I live out west in the desert, I feel VERY nostalgic about them. Especially because I don’t have to rake them.

  • Fran:

    Love the leave pics, love the statue photos even more.

  • I like the leaves w/the white table background :)

  • Anoria:

    Leaves are a wonderful thing to write about! Trees rock. (I don’t know whether rocks tree, though. If you ever find out, please post about it.)

    If you want to know exactly how crazy you are for taking/posting all those pictures of that statue, I suggest you go track down the episode of Doctor Who called ‘Blink’.

  • Jayne:

    I especially like the picture of the leaves spread out on the table with the open book and cup of coffee.

    My grandson – at barely 4 years old – just said yesterday that he wants to “make a leaf collection, put them in a book and write down what kind of tree they come from”. He probably thinks that will keep his mama from throwing all his precious “weafs” out the car window!

  • LOVE the leaves! I miss fall.
    And love the photos of the statue too.
    Good luck on making sense out of it all however.

  • It must be the second grade teacher that remains in me but I can totally relate to doing this (even though I’ve been out for 10 years).
    I also find myself kneeling beside my pond in the spring with my camera to capture images of the frogs and toads. I’m sure my neighbors think I’m a nut with way too much time on her hands but what they don’t know is that if I didn’t take the time to do these things I very well might go nutty!

  • I love the statue. Awesome!

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    You would be doing a very good thing!

  • beautiful leaves! :)

  • That statue looks very beautiful.. just like the leaves… Great post and shots!

  • Carol:

    Those would look so pretty running down my Thanksgiving tables! I have a set of paper leaves that look quite a bit like that. Wish I had time a few weeks ago to collect and press leaves. Nice shots and not crazy.

  • Elaine:

    I’m so glad you posted the leaves. I’ve been trying to decide what kind of maple to plant for fall color.

    In your professional opinion, which has the prettiest/showiest color?

  • siltedrepose:

    Fall leaves are one of the high points of the season. Who doesn’t like fall leaves? Except for the people who have to rake them up, of course.