Slap the Butcher

October 12th, 2009


  • Lori Anne:

    “Most of what I do has a grounding in education”.

    Um…yeah. No.

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    Oh my.

  • ShackelMom:

    Um… and this is a pitch for public school? or?

  • jo:

    This series is awesome. If you can manage to get your hands on the entire series, you won’t be disappointed. Australians love “takin’ the piss” and nobody does it better than Chris Lilley – he is the creator and star and he’s a genius.

    Spread the love.
    Jo in Oz.

  • Anybody else feel “uncomfortable” watching this?

  • jky:

    Uncomfortable, Mama Pea-that is an understatement!!! I wouldn’t have wanted my kids in his “class” or whatever it is called…

  • MichelleG:

    If that is education then I guess I’m doing it right…that’s kind of how I act at home!

  • So, I’m thinking that my friends that I got hooked on this blog will think that I am the MichelleG that just posted. Because, I am, in fact, A Michelle G, but not that MichelleG. However, I would post her comment, so just to not be the MichelleG, but rather, be myself. And agree. With her. MichelleG. from Michelle G (but not the one that posted above this comment. I really do act like that at home. MichelleG…you’re not alone. There’s another one of you out there.

  • WTH :) ? This is sort of funny but more scary than funny. I would not want my kids in this class. Wow, how did you find this one?

  • Not for my kids:

    Weird, weird, unhealthily weird.

  • Does Mr. G get paid for this? Obvi, going to law school was a wrong choice for me during “how will I make money?” thoughts!

  • Patricia:

    First , let me state – my kids are in public school ! Phew – got that out of the way.

    Secondly – I LOVE THIS ! and I think he deserves an award. To be able to get up in front of JUDGEMENTAL TEENAGERS and teach the way he thinks is right – I say “go for it”. The only thing I think he should tone down is his language – even though it was for “drama” – these kids are too young for that (calling the young woman bit–)

    But, no, this does not make me uncomfortable at all. Disclaimer – I am a stay at home mom of two kids in public school, and married to their Dad for 25 years……we also own a yellow lab – but no picket fence !!!!!

  • …and take your shoes off.. and find a spot on the floor!

  • Terra:

    Uh, this is a mockumentary, not real, and really, really, hilarious. I think most of it is on youtube under Summer Heights High.

  • Terra! I am taking your comment down – it is just too sane. No one should be allowed to make sane comments on this blog. Only insane. Besides – I want to draw out a little more ire here. Can’t get enough of the IRE!

  • I’m going to slap you Emily – I’m going to slap you.

  • Uh, okay. But it is definitely no Glee!

  • TOOOOO weird for me!! And we thought art majors can be wierd! (I once was an art major!) This guy looks a little like a pervert to me!

  • Terra:

    Hey! I just think that is unfair, especially since two things are clear, either no one knows what “taking the piss” in Jo’s comment means OR no one is actually reading the comments! Anyhow, I bow to your superior ability to get people’s “knickers in a twist.”

  • joann in tx:

    interesting…i’m still trying to figure out what the lesson is to be learned???

  • Tammra:

    It is a hysterical series. Good onya Rechelle. Please can we have another one, laughing my butt off, which at my weight is good.

  • Indiana Laura:

    creeeeeeepy! reminds me of a guy I knew in college….also creepy.

  • Carol:

    Proof that school is more fun in Oz. Kudos to television programming there for having this “over the top” showman of a schoolteacher on the air. Teaches tolerance, if nothing else. And they look like they’re enjoying it.

  • Jayne:

    Well………..that was kinda freaky!

  • siltedrepose:

    I haven’t heard of “taking the piss” before, but I’m going to assume from context that it has something to do with satire. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • jean:

    This was a joke, right.

  • He reminds me of Corky from “Waiting for Guffman!” Brilliant.

  • Cherie:

    Yup–”taking the piss” is satire and “the joke is on me”! This fellow is one strange dude!

  • Frances:

    Folks, read Jo’s comment!This is taken from a very clever Australian comedy series written by and starring Chris Lilley, a brilliant comic. From Wiki… “It is a parody of high school life epitomised by its three protagonists: effeminate and megalomaniac “Director of Performing Arts” Mr G; self-absorbed, privileged teenager Ja’mie King; and disobedient, vulgar Tongan student Jonah Takalua, all played by Lilley. It lampoons Australian high school life and many aspects of the human condition and is filmed in a documentary style, with non-actors playing supporting characters.”

  • Should I be glad I can’t watch video’s? :)

    Whatever you do, Rechelle, is fine with me. We can be insane together. I mean, that is if you really are. I really am.. bwahahaha

  • jo:

    I guess I shouldn’t have assumed non- Aussies would know what “takin’ the piss” is. Sorry ’bout that. It means to make fun of yourself. The series is a mock-umentary of typical public school life in Australia (but seriously hammed up by Lilley). It’s deliberately meant to make you cringe and cover your eyes!
    Those of you thinking this is a real classroom in Australia…. ummm…no. It’s a joke… a piss take if you will.
    It’s funny, very funny but some of the humour may be lost in translation….

  • I just want to say ‘takin the piss’ again. My oldest son showed me this video. We both died laughing. I have to tell you at this point in my life with my teenager – anything that makes us laugh together is a beautiful thing.

  • Keza:

    Wait till you meet Jonah on the same series, you’ll learn a whole lot of other Australian sayings (like Ranga). And don’t forget to view Mr. G’s school evacuation procedure. But take my advice – don’t say ‘takin the piss’ out in public, people look at ya funny!

  • MelissaM:

    There are about 351 videos on Youtube with Summer Heights High. They are soooo funny. A PARODY folks. Not real. Very funny

    • Melissa M – Are you saying that this video isn’t real?

  • JJ:

    It is really funny that some people think this is an actual classroom!
    Hey I have a bridge I would like to sell to some of you…
    My daughter would like this too.
    This kind of looks like the Aussy version of GLEE. That show is NOT REAL either! But it sure was funny to see the football players dancing to Single Ladies ( put a ring on it)!