The Lost Symbol Winner and a Review….

October 29th, 2009

And when I say review… I just mean my opinion kay?  I don’t for one second believe myself to really be a ‘book reviewer’.  I have no street cred, no authority and no educational background that has prepared me to properly review a book, but I do have my own opinions.  Oh dear – am I ever full of opinions!  My opinion of The Lost Symbol is unfortunately – very poor.  Let’s just say that it was a struggle to care enough about this story to get to the end.  I figured out what was ultimately going to happen about half way through the book… because it is the only thing that could happen… and then it was just about turning enough pages until the inevitable thing did happen.  And then it happened.  And then for some reason I can’t even begin to fathom, there were still fifty pages to wade through!

Under normal circumstances, I am not even sure I would have finished this book and it’s not because I have any problems with a writer toying with prescribed religious beliefs or historical facts. I loved The Da Vinci Code! It was a fun book to read and there were moments in that book where I really found myself wondering if all the things Brown mentioned were true! Did Jesus get married?  Are his descendants still walking around on the planet?  Does the Catholic Church have a select group of monk/assassins to eliminate the threat of church history being turned upside down?  I was ‘swept away’ by that story and was looking forward to The Lost Symbol in the hopes of being swept away again.  Sadly, I was not.  



I also wanted to throw another book into this giveaway.  It is called The Doomsday Key written by James Rollins.   This book is very similar to Dan Brown’s type of writing – that of mixing historical secrets, religious fervor and of course, world domination. I bought this book at the Houston airport during a four hour layover on our flight back home from Europe to Kansas.  After my recent tour of a Doomsday Church, it seemed appropriate.  

Although The Doomsday Key is clearly an imitation of Brown’s fast paced, world traveling, frantic, life or death, hop from one ancient mystery to another, Da Vinci Code, it was much more fun to read than the The Lost Symbol.  I found it hard to put The Doomsday Key down long enough to grab my carry-ons and board the plane.  The book made a long layover and a bumpy plane ride hardly matter at all.  



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So the winner of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol is…….

#87 -

shelley  - who wrote…

I’m in between! I loved it, & got all caught up in it, but at the same time, I totally recognized it as FICTION. I got in a pissing match w/my church (all in my head, of course) for preaching against it, b/c “hello?” these people must all be idiots to be afraid of a FICTIONAL NOVEL! How come there’s no series on the evils of Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean? Where are the sermons about how bad Harry Potter is? Oh wait, don’t answer that :)

And the winner of James Rollins’ Doomsday Key is..….

#97 -

Katie who wrote - 

I was fortunate enough to read the illustrated copy – the one with color picutures of most of the art and architecture – it was amazing and a lot of it made sense – who says it isn’t true? Who really knows the truth?

Thanks everyone for entering and for reading this totally cracked out blog!

Winners please email my your mailing addresses at  - and I will send out your books!


  • jamoody:

    Congrats Winners!

    Silly question for Rechelle…I clicked on the ‘Current Pile on my Nightstand’ photo and noticed one of the books was a large print. I recently picked up some books at the Salvation Army and one of them was large print and it was SO hard for me to read…do you have this problem??

    • Rechelle:

      I’ll have to check which book it was – but I don’t think it would be a problem other than having to turn pages so much more frequently which would probably wear me out.

  • Fran:

    Whew! After reading your review, I’m glad for once that I again lost a contest!!! I was afraid that this book would be like you described. In response to jamoody above. I, too, used to be miserable reading a large print book – it felt like reading a Readers Digest condensed book, which I hate (I always wonder what they leave out). But once I passed a certain age, where my eye doctor said “you don’t need bifocals yet but will probably need them soon”, and of course, soon was when I filled that prescription! Anyway, that is when I came to appreciate LP books! So if you have not reached THAT age, put them aside until you do!

  • I’m glad you reviewed this book. I think our tastes are similar. I felt the same way about The Da Vinci Code. Now I’ll spend my limited money on the Doomsday Key. (I just checked it’s not at our library yet!) dang living in the country… it’ll probably be available next year!

  • I won! Yay?

    Maybe I’ll read it, not like it, review it, & give it away on my blog! We can start a chain review/giveaway of a crappy book!

    Except no one reads my blog (partly b/c I never write in it I’m sure), so not sure how successful it will be :)

  • I didn’t win?! Still, by the sounds of it, just as well…

    Congratulations to the winners! Hope you enjoy…