The Entries for the MSFH 30 Day Mini-Makeover Contest

October 1st, 2009

Here are the entries for the first ever MSFH 30 Day Mini-Makeover Contest! The entries are all fabulous and I may have to call in a few reinforcements to make a decision… like my mom… and my sister… and maybe my neighbor, Jenny.  Jenny?  Are you there Jenny?  Which one do I pick?  



From Lisa –  She turned two $4.00 dull garage sale lamps into brilliant blue creations.

Total Cost – $33.00





From Judy – She rehabilitated a rocking chair she found during a recent garage clean-out.  It is going in her daughter’s room.

Total Cost – $30.00




From Chris – Hey guess what!  This is from Chris that is married to Jane that is the sister to Liz who is married to Mike with whom we went to England!  Remember? The Mike and Liz leg? Chris and Jane live in the 600 year old house that is beside the Domesday church?  Is this ringing any bells?  Anyway – Chris recently finished the little pergola that is over the bench.  

Total Cost – 60 pounds (60 POUNDS!  POUNDS!  I feel downright cosmopolitan!)





From Leila – A very glam chandelier re-do.

Total Cost $65.00




Denice  - She re-did her daughters’ room while they were visiting relatives. Beautiful!

Total Cost – $75.00




From Lorie - A nondescript blue chair is transformed to an attention grabbing animal print. Grrrrrowl!

Total Cost – $0.  (She had everything on hand).





Another one from Leila - An island gets a new top.  (Check out the new paint on all the cabinets too!)

Total Cost – $15.00 (She took the new top for the island off of an old desk.) 





From Dawn – She re-did this chair with her daughter. Whoops! Somehow – I didn’t get the second photo for this project, but it is up now. Sorry Dawn! Love the purple fabric!

Total Cost – $35.00






From Mavis  - She re-modeled her husband and her son!  She taught them how to throw away empty containers!  Look how happy her family is about the results! Especially her husband!  Har har har har ha ha ha ho ho ho hee hee hee ha!  

Total Cost – $0.00






Stephanie put a new color of paint on the walls.  When I first got this entry, I stared at these two photos for five minutes, maybe longer trying to figure out what the change was.  I don’t have an explanation for that.  I just kept looking at the shelf… it’s the shelf… she changed something on the shelf… what did she move on the shelf?

When I finally realized that she had painted the walls a pretty shade of green, I called 911 and checked myself into the local hospital for an over-nighter.  

Total Cost – $20.00





Poppy – She tricked out the living room… and confessed to spending more than $100.00, but not after she found out about the contest.  Which is the same as the calories in broken cookies right?

Total Cost – $100.00 Plus 








Liz – Re-did a wall over a rainy weekend.  Very cool.  

Total Cost – $40.00







Carol removed the old spindles, painted and bought some new curtains for a brand new look.  Wow!  Really opened up the room!

Total Cost – $85.00






Jennifer cleaned out a flower bed, hauled out the fall decorations and turned the garden debris into jelly!  Now that is a resourceful girl!

Total cost – $0.00


Here is a late entry that was actually not late, but got lost on my computer because I am a doofus.

Sarah forgot to take a before photo – but aside from re-potting the plant on her porch she also painted those bricks onto a cement porch! Those are not real bricks – they are faux! She painted them on! One of her neighbors stopped by and said, “Your porch looks really nice since you cleaned the paint off the bricks” Ha!

Total Cost – $70.00

Thanks to everyone who entered.  This was so much fun for me… and so much easier than doing my own project!  You all are inspiring!  I will post the winners on Friday morning.


  • Anonymous vote helper:

    They were all great, but there is special chandelier love from this reader. The basil jelly, trash-can reforming, room-redoing, lamp remaking, and chair transformation entries were terrific as well. Props to the perogola designer.

  • Rechelle:

    Duly noted anonymous vote helper.

  • M.R.:

    I am so impressed!!!!! They are all wonderful. But Mavis gets my vote! What a great home improvement project — retraining the men in the house.

  • I love the animal print chair! That’s a great makeover.

    Would Mavis share her tips on husband makeovers? Mine was all mad this past weekend…we went on a picnic and I packed the Dijon mustard for our sandwiches not realizing *someone* had put it back into the fridge empty. And yet he’s ticked at me. ?!?!? (Oh and hello, this thing? It’s called a knife. Open the lid and use it to scrape out what’s stuck to the side of the bottle. Remember? You used to do that all the time before squeeze bottles came along. You’re welcome.)

  • Martha in Kansas:

    I’m embarassed to admit I got none of my projects completed, despite 450,000 before pictures.

    Can the failed participants help vote? All are impressive entries! I think the coolest transformation is Denice’s room makeover. Best use of recycled item = Leila. Most difficult and impressive transform = Mavis! And wow for basil jelly (recipe???) = Jennifer.

  • Jenni did not finish painting her 1/2 bath but she will have spent under $100 when it is all said and done. She thinks. If it is ever all done. She would like you to know that she cleaned out and reorganized her desk and completely cleaned under, around, and inside (system restore) her computer. She also cleaned out and organized (mostly) her closet. These two things feel like a huge accomplishment to her. The bathroom will be done eventually. Or not. She’s beginning to like the half finished haunted forest look. She’s also talking about herself in third person and has clearly gone off the deep end.

    Favorites: First rocking chair, pergola, chandelier, third living room, and husband and son makeover

  • Hmmm…who could that chandelier loving anonymous vote helper be? I’m betting it’s a New Yorker.

  • Bah hahahaha! I need a husband/son/daughter make over too!

  • I’m all about that GORGEOUS chandelier, but I thought #9 was really funny!

  • These are all so great! What creative people you attract, Rechelle!

  • #’s 5 and 14 are winners in my book- mostly because those are projects I’d like to tackle in my own home, but #9 was more than a makeover. That’s a blooming miracle. A phenomenon. A money-making sure thing if you can teach us the process!

  • sherry:

    I heart Mavis, the “Man Whisperer”. Heh.

    Great projects, one and all. Thanks for the contest, CDW! Your readers sure are a talented lot!

  • That chandelier is pretty darn amazing.

  • Angie:

    Love the chandelier. And need to know if Mavis can “whisper” a 3-year-old male out of a temper tantrum.

  • Hehe as the mom of 4 sons… anyone who can retrain guys that well gets my vote. We may have to check back in a month and see if it holds:). I also love the chandelier.

  • I’m not sure why you only got one picture–sender error I guess. :) But the picture of entry #8 is the before picture! If you’re dying to see the finished product, go to

    My favorite is retraining the guys!

  • Tracey:

    I have to also vote chandelier. That was amazing. Truly a makeover and stunning afterward. If I saw it hanging in their house I’d think it cost hundreds of dollars.

  • b bennett:

    #9 of course who wouldn’t love to makeover their men!:)

  • Jenny:

    Well, since you asked… First of all, how do you ever decide? I think they are all prize worthy! Do you consider effort? Magnitude of the transformation? Difficulty of the project? Oh, dear! #12 was little confusing. I loved the before AND the after. Anyone able to reupholster or re-cane a chair is worthy of consideration! Judy has a valuable talent. I loved the room make-overs and cracked up at the husband/son makeover! However, you know this girl does love a light fixture with some bling, so my pick is #4 Leila. I wish I had the talent of looking at an outdated, brassy ole’ thing and turning it into a gorgeous chandelier!

    P.S. I just saw the late entry. Honorable mention!

  • Melissa:

    I also liked the light fixture but I did notice she posted that to her blog back on July 16th (way before you announced your contest in September). So my vote is going for the lady who got rid of the spindles. Her room looks much better/updated.

  • Hey Melissa! You are right — I did the chandelier in July and the island last year!

    I wondered about that, so looked over the rules again and they didn’t say when the makeover had to be, although it was super hard to tell with all that talk about litter boxes — who even knew what the rules were, other than you needed to feature litter boxes…after that my head was spinning :)

    I love all the entries and think everyone is so clever! If I could re-cane a chair I would be a marvel to myself and every one I know!

  • Mavis rocks!!!

  • Tracy:

    I really like #15. It looks like real brick. I also thought #13 was terrific.

  • CAROL S.:

    Oooh, that girls room is really sweet. Lots of cool projects here. Amazing what you can do for under $100!!

  • SayrahK:

    Tough choice, lots of interesting makeovers and not a litter box in the bunch! Next time how about a real cheapskates challenge, fitting for tough economic times – a mini-makeover costing $ 0!

  • I’m exhausted just reading all this! The make-over of the son and husband is hilarious! Plus points for originality… but minus points for putting cartons in the bin. They should be washed out and then recycled!

    Perhaps that can be step 2 of their make-over?

  • Tammy:

    The painted brick is amazing! I would love to see a tutorial on that.

  • That brick is just amazing, and I want to do that to my boring porch!

    I love the husband/sons makeover. The thing is, though, I tried that and found that it was easier to just completely renovate my daughters’ bedroom while they were gone. ;-)

    I had a great time doing that, and really was actually impressed myself when I realized that everything in the room, even their clothes in the closet, had come from second-hand stores and the thrift store here locally that operates to provide basic needs to people all around the globe. That? Priceless. :-)

  • ctdaffodil:

    #6 – Love the funky-ness the animal print added to the chair….

  • Anonymous vote helper:

    Jenni in KS you’re a psychic genius! I live 40 minutes from Manhattan (NY not KS). I do love the chandelier….

  • Barbara:

    This was fun!! Congrats everyone – you all have inspired me….. And to #13, my cousin also removed her spindles on her kitchen half wall with one additional change. She built cubby-holes into the half wall so that her cookbooks and a few antiques have a home. I thought that was the neatest idea and, hey, I’ve actually remembered it!!! :)

  • Dee from Tennessee:

    how did you paint the bricks….love that

  • Helen:

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE ~~~ a million times~~~~ I need the tutorial (step by step) on the painted brick porch! I am getting my home ready to sell. My porch has major issues and this is exactly what it needs!

    I will be so indebted to you if you can accomplish this!!!!

    • Rechelle:

      Helen – she put up some brief instructions about how she did it in the comments on the main page of this blog when I announced the winners.

      Here is the link -