Tales from the Exam Room

October 20th, 2009

This post originally ran in April 2007

The country doctor had the sad task today to inform a nice elderly lady that she had cancer. The lady came in with her husband and they sat together in the office while the country doctor went over the various options for her treatment.

After the lady and the doctor had talked quite a while, the country doctor turned towards the husband who had been silent throughout the entire discussion.

“Bob” asked the country doctor wanting to comfort the man, “Do you have any questions?”

Bob was silent for quite a while and then he said, “Well…I have this hole…right here in my tooth – and I can stick the end of a toothpick all the way in it. Do I have a cavity?”


  • Crunchy Chicken:

    No, but if you’re lucky and your wife is nice, you won’t have a hole through your head.

  • ~*~ Jennifer ~*~:

    REALLY? And he wonders why she doesn’t love him…So — did he recover after the country dr. knocked him upside the head with his 5″ thick medical book he has sitting on the counter?

  • Oh my goodness, I don’t think that SHOULD be funny, but it is.

  • Kait:

    Is the lady okay this year later?

  • Is this true?

    Funny – and sad!

  • What can you say after that ???Men!!! Makes you wonder if he was in shock or just didn’t give a s–t. !! If I were his wife I wouldn’t sleep too soundly!!

  • Please tell me died of an unfortunate accident where he is found with a pillow on his face. There’s no telling how that pillow got there and why he couldn’t get it off his face.

  • MisterGee:

    Interesting story. Tells me the Country Doctor explained thins so well that Bob had no questions that had not been answered and he really wanted to know about that hole in his tooth. I am not so sure I would know what to ask under these circumstances.

    I hope the wife chose the best option and she was able to defeat the cancer.

  • Nancy in AK:

    I’m hoping the Country Doctor learned a little bit himself from this story!

  • Reminds me of the time I ran a fabric store and the grumpy hubby was with the wife picking out new drapery fabric, he actually said..”don’t know why she needs new, what we have has been fine for over 25 years”