Name That Idol

October 14th, 2009

Spirit Week concluded on Friday at my son’s school, with ‘Idol Day’.

We got Drew all dressed up as one of his ‘idols’ with a thin moustache, the proper amount of padding, and the right shirt when suddenly he was struck by a serious bout of self-conciousness and wanted to take it all back off and just forget it.

I told Drew that his costume was hilarious and the teachers and kids would love it, but if he didn’t want to go throught with it that was okay.

After a while he decided to go ahead and wear his costume to school.

He had a great day.

A teacher at school dressed up as the uh… other team’s coach… and Drew and Mr. S. took turns leading opposing cheers during lunch.

Can you guess who Drew’s idol was?

I’ll give you a hint… his idol is just a tad on the ‘hefty’ side.


  • Drew looks adorable! I’m glad he went through with it; shows he has hootzpa (how in the heck do you spell that anyway). I can’t guess his idol ’cause I’m not up with the times, but I’m sure when I come back here, I’ll find out.

    It’s SO nice to have you, Rechelle, since I couldn’t watch the video’s. :)

  • Kris:

    KU football coach. A little too much hair on the top.

  • Carissa:

    Coach Mangino!

    Sorry to say it but… Go Big Red!!

  • joann in tx:

    ummm…. no idea who Drew’s idol is….(esp. if its football related? … i’m like duh?) but he looks great! and it sounds like he had a great time too!

  • Melissa:

    Of course he’s Mark Mangino. I didn’t see him at school on Friday, but I did see the “other” coach!

  • jky:

    GO KU!!!! Yup figured out coach bout right away!!! Not that I am big into football but that was pretty easy to guess!! Course this household are red and blue fans!!

  • Jenny:

    The first story Dane told at dinner was Drew dressed up as Coach Mangino! The other kids did think it was hilarious!

  • Spinoff:

    Mark Mangino! Mark Mangino! Mark Mangino! My favorite joke is about that guy.

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    Hubby looked over my shoulder at the computer and had it figured out right away. Great costume!

    Next-door neighbor to the Nelson (as in Jordy) cattle,
    Purple-blooded Cheesehead Nikki

  • Martha in Kansas:

    Coach! Hah! Good costume! I wasn’t sure you got the size big enough till I saw that last picture. This is a great idea. How do you think it would fly on the campus? I’m so tempted!

  • I figured it was a KU coach, but I would never have known the name. I still don’t know what sport he coaches either. No, don’t tell me as I’ll immediately forget. I’m glad Drew enjoys his sports, though, and even more glad that he went through with wearing the costume. That’s a big risk for a kid his age to take. (Ha! Everything seems like a big risk at that age!) I hate to see kids miss out on fun because they’re afraid of what everyone will think. Confidence is the key. I think with enough confidence you can pull off just about anything.

  • CilleyGirl:

    KU has a football team?


    (from a CilleyGirl whose alma mater is in a REAL football conference — the Pac10 baybee!!)

  • Melissa:

    Wow CilleyGirl, the Big 12 has FIVE teams in the top 25 – including KU- and the Pac 10 has two. I wonder which one would be considered a “real” conference?
    From a girl who grew up in Arizona, but whose alma mater is in the Big 12.

  • Kellye:

    I know, I know. He was the infamous Coach Mangino! I am from Oklahoma and of course we think we taught Mangino everything he knows. Hee Hee.

  • Coach Mangino! GO JAYHAWKS!! We’ve watched every game that has been on TV here in TX. Last week was a good game. The Jayhawks come to Austin in November and we’d love to go. Love my Jayhawks! Good for you Drew, that was a good costume!!
    Sandy aka jayhawkertx!!!!

  • Lori Anne:

    Woo Hoo! That is priceless! Love the Coach!

  • No idea!! But I love the big stomach…

  • :) awesome!