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Slap the Butcher

October 12th, 2009

Beating Myself Up

October 9th, 2009

It’s school spirit week for two of my boys.






Even though this photo might indicate otherwise, the ‘spirit’ in ‘school spirit’ does not at all refer to evil spirits.






Just wanted to clarify that.  






In the meantime – I’ve been reading through all the comments and emails since the.. ahem...somewhat unusual and heated diatribe about homeschoolingthat occurred earlier in the week…







I would like to apologize for not being a bit more generous towards homeschoolers in situations where homeschooling is clearly a very sound option.  






When the dust had settled, I was terrified of reading the comments and the emails, but when I finally sat down and started working through them – I was completely shocked.  


What a bunch of thoughtful people read this blog.  

I really was amazed.  

I thought I was going to be torn limb from limb – but instead all I got was two black eyes, a fat lip, a bloody nose, and some deep lacerations on my cheeks and forehead…

And I gave those to myself!

In more ways than one!  

Still – it was the best, most insightful, most balanced, most interesting comments I have ever read on my blog… or any blog.  

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

I was properly chastised for not allowing a few big, giant, generous cracks where the homeschool option is a very good choice, I was uplifted by parents who are not giving up on schools that are struggling, but are working to make those schools better, And I was blessed to hear from teachers in tough schools who are dedicated to their students. I truly appreciated every-one’s contributions to this discussion.

Even the woman who said that God was telling me to homeschool.  



I may have to put that line up on my header sometime – but right now I am still thinking about John Muir and his deep chest cough microbe that disappeared when he slept on a glacier.  I heard about it on Ken Burn’s National Park documentary on PBS.  There’s something about a deep chest cough, a microbe and a glacier that just won’t let me go. 

Hey!  I can’t obsess about homeschooling ALL the time!