Moby Dick… That's Your Bible Story

October 13th, 2009


  • Yeah – I think I’m just going to let Chris Lilley take over my blog.
    “Confusion on the deck! Confused! Confused! Everyone should be confused!”

  • This guy is just hysterical! I saw several of his videos on You Tube yesterday and finally had to stop watching because I was getting strange looks from co-workers for laughing so hard!

  • I scared my dogs from the chuckles!

  • Again, this guy is tooooooooo weird!! I wonder what church told him his bible stories???????

  • MisterGee:

    Rechelle, I think you have way too much time on your hands. :~)

  • I’m never disappointed :)

  • Hallie:

    That twisted Aussie humor is so over-the-top. So is this fellow on a comedy show, or is he an internet star?

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    That is talent.

    And now I’ll never be able to dance again (annoyingly for my children) without being SOOOOOO tempted to do the Tickets move or Confusion on the Deck.

    Smiling because I’m a survivor,

  • Drowners! Big Cheeks!

  • momtofive:


  • jaxfalls:

    Check out the one where he is doing the movement dances to convey thoughts!!! Ha ha!

  • jo:

    Keep them coming Rechelle!

  • Carol:

    Who is this guy and where is he from? Very silly indeed.

  • Where do you find this stuff?

  • I would encourage my kids to take his class….then they would think I was “normal”… I wonder if we can buy boxed dvd sets of his “lessons”?

  • Kristin:

    If you figure out that we CAN buy a DVD Mavis, let me know!! This guy is great & would encourage me to do kegels so I don’t wet my pants laughing.

  • Holy Crackers…. YOU CAN BUY IT ON DVD…. has it.

    I am ordering my copy today!

  • Kristin:

    Whoo hoo! Thanks!