Jack The Knife… Part II

October 24th, 2009


I have no good reason to put these photos…

of my tiny, helpless, seven year old son carving a pumpkin on my blog…

Except for….

How could I not???

In last year’s episode of Jack the Knife, I took the knife away and gave him a magic marker.

This year?…

There was no taking that knife away.


  • Erin:

    I’m impressed – I think that’s better than I could do! :-)

  • Love it! It’s hard to know when to tell a kid that he’s in over his head and rescue him and when to let him forge ahead. I’d say you definitely made the right choice, as hard as it must have been to watch his struggle. But just look at that face. Such pride!

    Good job, Mom.

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:


    Next year, he can do what Grandpa does here – use a power jigsaw.

  • The last photo is great!

  • Just see how proud he is!

  • You are a brave woman to carve pumpkins in the house! My mom always kicked us outside to slay our Jacks.

  • Whew! For a minute there I thought he was gonna bite off his tongue!

  • AWWWW!! What determination, and that last photo is precious!! :)

  • Perhaps we have a future surgeon in the making. Love the last picture I sure see his resemblance to you. Good job!

  • Aww! Awesome! That last photo says it all. Great Jack’o'Lantern you’ve got there kiddo.

  • Looks pretty intense to me!

  • Fran:

    That is one wicked jack-o-lantern!

  • Jeanne:

    You are an awesome mom! I don’t think I could watch my baby with a knife! But look at the pride on his face, I guess that makes our pain worth it!!

  • Martha in Kansas:

    Great expressions during and the final result is awesome. Very fierce. Proud artist. I’d say it was time to let him do this. I went to a birthday party today for 7-year-old twins I’d not seen for a while. Little men! 7 seems to be a turning point for responsible behavior. They obeyed parental rules, which I’d never have expected. So, time for Jack to carve his own punkin. Good job all around!

  • Lori Anne:

    Love it! Great job young man. :)

  • Stephanie:

    What a cutie!!! the boy and his pumpkin…

  • Charlene:

    Priceless! He went about the job with the utmost concentration and effort and then was very proud of a job well done! Well done, Jack! He’s adorable, BTW.

  • Carol:

    How can he be only7!? Can you even IMAGINE allowing your oldest to do that…maybe when he was 13, but not a moment sooner. Sigh, how we loosen up over the years. GREAT pictures and a fun story, and a classic pumpkin.

  • Pam:

    Love the tongue! He looks so determined! A real cutie you got there!

  • Tell your son he is a natural. He did an excellent job!

  • I love that pumpkin! It has little boy charm

  • Michelle S:

    We made the mistake of getting an albino pumpkin last year, not knowing that it is twice as hard to carve. Husband & 3 youngest boys went outside to carve them, after a while, over an hour later, I heard something coming from the back porch, it was an electric saw zaw (not sure of the spelling of that word). They had broken 2 knives and just went for the power tools!

  • Kait:

    Okay! That is darned cute. The pumpkin…and the boy. :) I love the tilt to both the eyes and mouth on that thing. It has a lot of character. Well done!

  • PRESHUS! -sorry had to spell it that way. I love both cute faces.


  • Cute pumpkin and cute kid! I love the freckles. Got one myself with a few of those.
    Earlier this month my husband declared we would have no pumpkins in our yard this year. He said he was tired of carrying the mushy stuff to the dumpster in the middle of December (as if!). Then this weekend while running errands in town, he innocently wondered aloud why we didn’t have any pumpkins around the front porch. Isn’t one of traditional Fall activities, he asked? ARRGH!!

  • awwwwwwww! love the pumpkin & the artist both! :)

  • AngAk:

    looks like a fine self portrait—even the straight line mouth. wonderful!

  • I can’t imagine it. I still put all the silverware in upside down in the dishwasher in case a kid of mine “falls on it.” How likely would that be when they’re hardly ever around it? ANyway, very brave, mom; and Jack, way to go.

  • Nanc in Ashland:

    He’s the Salvador Dali of punkin’ carvers! Thanks for sharing pictures of the process–it’s always interesting to see an artist at work.

  • Grandma Rita:

    He’s my little pumpkin!!!! Isn’t he great!!!!!