First Frost 2009

October 8th, 2009

Frost greeted me like a long lost friend this morning.


A long lost friend that I have been waiting for…





Because I planted a garden this year.






And that garden resulted in nine hundred and ninety nine thousand tomatoes.






They dominated my kitchen counters for months.

In buckets and tubs and every mixing bowl in the house.






Like the ancient Egyptians of Moses’ time…

I could not stop the blood red tide

Nor defend myself against the massive black swarms

of killer fruit flies…





I worked late into the night – cooking, canning, roasting and freezing


…All those stupid tomatoes.







Waiting for you, Frost 

To come and save me.


  • Beautiful photos. No frost for us yet, but it rained all night last night! Fall is definitely here!

  • Great photos! The fruit flies seem extra annoying this year. I’ve noticed them too.

  • p.j.:

    Beautiful pictures.
    Personally, I hope I get to harvest my tomatoes, peppers and eggplants for a few more weeks (lots of fruit still on the vines). But I have only a tiny city garden. Of course, the cherry tomatoes will split with the downpours we are having today: I did my best to pick the ripest ones last night, but it was pretty dark by 6:45!

  • Gorgeous photos.

    I’ll trade you your first frost for our first snow storm. (8″ on Sunday night/Monday…plus another 2″ last night. And more predicted all weekend.) Blech.

    The tomato plants have been toast for awhile now.

  • DirtyKSmama - Nikki:

    Love it.

  • WOW…our photos are stunning!!!! FROST? Yikes..better pull the tropical plants into the greenhouse.
    I also GREW 999,000,000 tomoatoes…and they got THE ROT.
    I have plans for next year….dammit.
    I can come by and take some off your hands if it would make you feel better? :-)

  • Lori Anne:

    Never a garden here. I killed three plants this year. I give up. However, I LOVE these photos. Almost makes me want to wake to a frosted morning too. Almost, but not quite.

  • Your pictures are just gorgeous! We have also begun our cold weather season out in Vancouver BC. It took us by surprise which meant a few of our greenhouses, full of poinsettias, got a little chillier than we would like :)

    Welcome to Winter!

  • Vicki M.:

    I think these pictures are beautiful! Good job.

  • p:

    I awoke today and found the frost perched on the town
    It hovered in a frozen sky, then it gobbled summer down
    When the sun turns traitor cold
    and shivering trees are standing in a naked row
    I get the urge for going but I never seem to go

    I get the urge for going
    When the meadow grass is turning brown
    Summertime is falling down and winter is closing in

    I had me a man in summertime
    He had summer-colored skin
    And not another girl in town
    My darling’s heart could win
    But when the leaves fell trembling down
    Bully winds did rub their faces in the snow
    He got the urge for going And I had to let him go

    He got the urge for going
    When the meadow grass was turning brown
    Summertime was falling down and winter was closing in

    The warriors of winter they gave a cold triumphant shout
    And all that stays is dying and all that lives is getting out
    See the geese in chevron flight flapping and racing on before the snow
    They’ve got the urge for going, they’ve got the wings to go

    They get the urge for going
    When the meadow grass is turning brown
    Summertime is falling down and winter is closing in

    I’ll ply the fire with kindling and pull the blankets to my chin
    and I’ll the vagrant winter out and bolt my wandering in
    I’d like to call back summertime and have her stay jut another month or so
    She’s got the urge for going and I guess she’ll have to go

    And she get the urge for going when meadow grass is turning brown
    All her empires are falling down
    winter’s closing in- Joni Mitchell

  • Beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing.

  • Beautiful pictures! Great post!