When Miz Booshay Says Bokeh, I Say How High?

September 25th, 2009

I had a surprise day off yesterday.

It’s a long story, but I thought I had to work and guess what?

I didn’t!

So when I read Miz Booshay’s throw down to get out and photograph some Fall bokeh, I immediately thought ‘old bus’.




It’s so obvious isn’t it?

Everyone thinks ‘old bus’ when they think Fall bokeh don’t they?




And there just happens to be this old bus in a field south of town that I have wanted to photograph for ages!
So I packed up my camera and I headed out.





It wasn’t easy.





There was barbwire and cowpies and tallgrass to cross.

I am honestly terrified of snakes and just positive that my foot is going to land on one whenever I am walking through a pasture.

But Miz Booshay said I had to take this dang fall bokeh photo!

So I conquered my fears and crossed into that scary old bus pasture.






I began to circle my subject – looking for good angles.

I was also trying to find something to focus the camera on rather than the bus in order to get some bokeh action going on.

But other than the cow patties and some flinty rocks poking out of the dirt, there wasn’t much foreground on which to focus.






Do you see any foreground?


You don’t.





And yes!

I see the grasses!

But grasses do not good foreground make!  They are always blowing around and giving the camera seizures as it tries to focus on a blade of grass that won’t stand still, when it really wants to focus on the ‘old bus’!





But I kept trying with the grasses…






And trying…



I got a few okay shots, figured I had done my best and turned to go.

But something made me look back one more time.

Maybe it was the rattle of a snake…

Maybe it was the moo of a distant cow…

Maybe it was the ghosty wheez of a long forgotten bus…

But I looked over my shoulder one more time…

And when I did, I noticed a small mound of yellow wild flowers that I hadn’t seen before.








I had finally found my foreground.






And I got my old bus Fall bokeh.





The end.
















And then the end again…

But in purple and pink this time.


  • really, really beautiful photos!

    thank goodness for those don’t-have-to-work-today-days!

  • Hmmm. Every time you post, it shows up twice on my blog. Started happening when you deleted that one ill-fated entry. Hmmm.

  • Nice job! Your pictures have been fabulous lately. This bus is a photographer’s dream come true.

  • What an eye! Good eye! Good eye!

    And good narrative too…I kind of wish you had stepped on a snake (not a rattlesnake! a harmless snake! but not to hurt it!) for our sakes. But it was still a good story!


  • Patricia:

    Wow !! Those are amazing pics !! I am totally impressed !! You could sell those…..

  • WOW!! What beautiful pictures Rechelle! You have such an artistic eye. I can’t help but gush over these pictures. I am a painter and love hunting for lovely subjects like this. I am in dire need to replace my cheesy, low-end digital camera, I want to bokeh! I am one of those poor saps that went out and bought a super nice Canon 35 mm months BEFORE digital camaras hit the market. I am still trying to get over that. Thank you for posting these wonderful pics and risking the elements!

  • Jen:

    Absolutely beautiful ! Thank You !

  • There are some very cool pictures here. I thought the first one in the post was a painting! Awesome!

  • Who cares about fall bokeh when you’re capturing such gorgeous ‘bus in a field’ shots. Well done. Best bus shots I’ve ever seen!

  • Oh my goodness, Rechelle! These are gorgeous! My favorites are 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 14, and 16. I know that’s a lot of favorites, but I seriously love these photos. And I love old buses.

    I’ve been having these old bus dreams lately. There is an old bus for sale down the road–not so wonderfully rusted and broken down but in good enough condition I could make it into a guest cabin. I sigh whenever I pass it and direct pleading looks at Danny, but he just groans and mutters things like, “No way in hell”. Me and that bus, ours is a forbidden love.

    Thanks so much for sharing these pictures. I’m pretty sure you have made my day with them.

    P.S. Jo is doing well. We are going to see her tomorrow. Hopefully there will be a post with photos coming.

  • jamoody:

    Wish we were close…this would be awesome for my boys senior pictures!

  • Well done Rechelle! The flowers were perfect for bus bokeh! I love Miss Booshay’s assignments, they really make me “work” my camera.

  • Rechelle, you are killing me. These are gorgeous. All of them. I even like the grass ones. I now am going to need to demand my hubby buy me a new camera for our anniversary.

  • Mimzy:

    You have doen Miz Booshay proud!

  • Cookie:

    Beautiful! Really enjoyed the pictures and the story!!!

  • Ya done good!

  • Oh! the sky!!

    I need me a new camera…

  • Barb:

    That is just too good.

  • Love them, seriously. Did you do the different colors with your photo shop..I remember when you used to use Cokin filters. My very favorite is #1. I really llike the grass ones, too. Do you have a Canon Rebel? That seems to be what most of the bloggers I know have. Guess I’ll have to break down and buy something more…you give me the itch to take some great new pixs. By the way your picture of Notre Dame looked like perfect light!!

  • Very nice, Rechelle!

    We had an old VW Bus for about 20 years while our kids were growing up. It was a fun vehicle.

  • joann in tx:

    i’m tired…but what is bokeh? i’m sure its obvious to most?


    i loved your grass, yellow flowers and bus! you do GREAT!
    i’m so glad you followed miz booshay’s suggestion! :)

    joann in TX

  • Barbara H.:

    That was fun! Thanks, Rechelle.

  • Well, these are great pictures. I’m glad you had the day off to go try the bokeh “setting” on your camera. I love surprise days off, because then you can do whatever you want since it wasn’t in your plans.

  • Cathy:

    Really nice pictures!

  • Linda:

    Wow! Fabulous work, Rechelle. What a fun photo shoot!

  • WOW!!!!!!! A few of those look like they could be album covers.

    LOVE THEM. Good job on her assignment. Wish I had a cool camera to work with.

  • Fran:

    Such cool photos! I can tell you are having a blast with your new camera. very inspiring.

  • Debra Cripps:

    Your photos are wonderful!

  • That was an awesome adventure….thanks for taking us along. I love that bus!! Great shots.

  • The end. Feel like I’m riding off into the sunset.

    Love these photos, Rechelle.

  • Those are gorgeous. Beautiful skies.

  • Excellent!!!

  • Wow, those are spectacular shots… how could you have resisted that old bus for as long as you did? A photographer’s dream, that old bus just sittin’ there in that field. :)

  • Bob:

    Great pictures, The thing that really caught my eye though is ,I’ve seen that bus photographed several times. I’ve even got a few I took myself. BUT you are the first person I’ve seen who actually walked up that hill to the bus. Hats off to you from us that only stand on the road and click the shutter.

  • Ok.. ignorant Brit here… But what on earth is a bok-eh? Bouquet? Book-eh?

    I love love lov-eh your shots! Wonderful!

  • Jill:

    Oh my gosh, the sky is so beautiful! I’m moving to Kansas.

  • A Mac and a Mug O' Joe:

    Beautiful pictures!

  • Rechelle:

    Bokeh is that ‘fuzzy background look’ that is all the rage in blog photography.

  • M.R.:

    It may not be bokeh but that first shot, with the bus in the distance and that SKY! What a sky! What a picture!

  • Oh my gosh!!! These are all so interesting and colorful.
    Guess what? My favorite is #4.
    Without any bokeh.
    That is one amazing picture!!!

  • JenniferB:

    Wow– what awesome pictures!