Trying to Remember… to Remember

September 24th, 2009

I write notes on my hands all the time to help me remember things. Yesterday at work, I wrote two abbreaviated notes on my hand. I wrote ‘SS’ to remind me to send out some e-mails regarding Sunday School and I wrote ‘FG’.

I have no idea why I wrote FG.

What was I trying to remember with this FG?

For what does the FG stand?

Football game?
Fairy godmother?
Flippin’ Groceries?
Fill Gas Tank?

I am thinking that I need to start writing out complete paragraphs on my hand to help me remember what I need to remember.

And I need to get bigger hands.

BH – Bigger hands.


  • You removed the brain-dump post?

  • If you get BH, then you’ll have more room for even more esoteric messages like FG!

    (Which could stand for ForGetful?)

  • Michelle S:

    I have a BC on my hand from yesterday… Bring Cricut (for my sister) which I didn’t have time to do this morning because I was running late. Could the FG stand for Find???_____ Did you need to find something? Sorry, Jenny but I swear to bring it to you before I leave for Myrtle Beach on Monday. Jenny introduced me to your blog so I thought it was a perfect place to tell her that I didn’t have time today. I feel better now. Jenny also writes stuff on her hands.

  • Michelle S:

    PS Jennifer HATES neing called Jenny

  • The brain dump post was making my stomach hurt… and my head also.

  • Kristina Peele:

    In this picture, you look like you’re about to punch out the CD…. :o)

  • Family Guy (no I don’t watch it)
    Fan Guests
    Farmer Gus
    Feed Gus
    File Garbage
    Fill Garbage
    Flip Gus
    Flush Gus
    Foot Gunk
    Fork Garage
    Free Gus

  • Who is this Gus person? I can’t remember him either!

  • Carol:

    Use the inside of your arm.
    Call your home phone and leave a message.

  • And the sad thing is that you’ll remember what FG stood for as soon as you run into the item or person it referred to. Murphy is in charge of this one!

  • Filet grouper
    Finish Garden
    Funny Girl
    Fat Goose

    There are so many choices for FG…good luck in discovering what you are trying to remember! Maybe if you stop thinking about it, it will come to you. Try staring at the ceiling fan!

  • Use the inside of my arm? Ha ha ha. I may have to disrobe entirely just to remember what I was supposed to remember!

  • jamoody:

    The brain dump post made my head hurt too. I really thought the survey was cool, but since I had nerve heard the term brain dump I didn’t know how to vote and just clicked through the whole thing. I felt bad, cause like I said, the survey was cool.

  • FG……Farmhouse and Garden????? I know it’s not funny but could that be it???? Just a thought!

  • Mary:

    Flower Garden

    I bet you were trying to remind yourself to clean out your summer flowers and get ready for the fall/winter flowers.

    Yep, I’m going with Flower Garden

  • Funny girl. definitely.

  • Finish Grout? We’re you tiling something?

    One of us is gonna get it right, eventually.

  • Melissa:

    I think it means Find Gum. I am always looking for gum for my kids. How do they keep losing it? I don’t know.

  • Now see you remembered you wrote something on your hand that’s a start. FG? First Grade. Fist Gone? Fish Grunge?

  • Forrest Gump!!! That’s it, right? “Jenny and me were like peas & carrots” “Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.” Seeing Tom Hanks picture on Ree’s sight recently….you were thinking I’ll serve peas & carrots with Shrimp! Thank goodness, another mystery solved!

    Nancy Drew

  • Inga:

    I think it was

    Sunday School


  • How about Feed G. whoever he is.
    You could always write on little post-it notes and stick those all over your body. I’ve been known to do this accidentally. I thought they were stuck to my purse.

  • Sandy in MI:

    Fifth of Gin?

  • YES! Fifth of GIN! That was IT! Thank you Sandy! Now WHERE DID I PUT THE GIN!!!

  • ForGive?
    Full Gospel?
    Field Goal?

  • Karen:

    I used to tease my mom because she would write abbreviations on the calendar. Then she’d be totally confused later on about what she was supposed to do, or where she was supposed to be because she couldn’t remember what her abbreviations stood for!

  • Sandy in MI:

    My guess is that you already purchased the gin and then, well…